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Editorial 'Dailies' - 1

General Disclaimer

Any health information provided herein is for educational purposes only.

Tue, 22 Feb '05: Article: Area towns expecting double-digit health insurance premium increases.

Response: Oh, what a big surprise.

Town officials in desperate straits trying to find money to cover these benefits.

All the analysis focuses on where-oh-where will the money come from, but no one asks where-oh-where has our money gone. The main answer is that our money is being stolen at the federal level by the big corps who have usurped the government and turned us into a military/war economy swamped in debt and poisoned by inflation.

This is not a partisan issue, because we've been getting robbed since day one, but especially since the first decade of the 20th century which saw the birth of two monsters: the Fedeal Reserve, and the IRS.

As for the cost of health care, truly the sin of it is the nonsense communities are being suckered into buying. No sense in re-inventing the wheel: see "Meaningful Health Care Reform".

Mon, 21 Feb '05: Article: Lawmakers eye R.I. move to license Canadian pharmacies

Response: Solution to the wrong problem

Massachusetts is thinking about standing up to the feds and violating the rule about sale of drugs across the Canada-to-US border. Rhode Island has passed a law, and many people think Massachusetts should as well.

Leominster Mayor Dean Mazzarella says it seems like an easy solution, but we should solve the problem here. Amen to that, except that the good mayor is right for the wrong problem. It's not drug prices that need fixing, it's the propagandized belief that drugs cure anything to begin with.

Once we get that nonsense out of our collective head and begin to foster wellness in society, demand for drugs will dramatically drop, and the pharmas will be selling for pennies.

Granted, drugs help in crises, but medical dogma underlies most health crisis (self fulfilling). George C Scott called it in the classic movie "Hospital" as the director of a large facility: "We cure... nothing! We heal... nothing!"

A truly biting irony in the story, omitted by the intrepid S&E, concerns the fed government's warning that the Canadian drugs may not be genuine or safe. At least two federal agencies are allowed to buy Canadian drugs: Department of Defense and the Veterans' Administration!

But the best thing about the whole issue is being neglected, and that is that states can and should stand up to the federal crime syndicate and re-assert states' rights. Some cities and states did this with the Patriot Act. The Constitution is a contract whereby only certain powers are surrendered to the federal government. States are now virtually indentured vassals begging for federal funds, which are the people's in the first place. It's a massive con game.

We need to get back to setting and controlling county power as the political building block of America. The county sheriff, judge and commissioner--elected individuals--form the basis of decentralizing federal power and keeping it closer to the people. No federal agent or law enforcement person should have the power to function in a state without clearing it through county officials.

Sat, 19 Feb '05: Article: Panel: Popular Vioxx, Celebrex and Bextra pose heart risks, but should stay on market

Response: Oh, absolutely. Crime will find a way.

This is the crowning touch for hypocritically drug-dependent America, being made sick by poisons, then 'treated' to poisons as a proffered solution to the previous poisoning.

The panel, a bunch of advisers to the FDA, which should be in jail for its betrayal of its trust and the American people, is saying now that we just have to adjust the PR on the risks and the target-patient profile, and we're back in business. Merck et al, and the FDA vindicated, all in one move.

The "popular" painkillers, symbols of the public's captive health ignorance, are said to be "needed" by some patients. Yes, because the unbelievable greed that controls the medical industry and its government regulators has worked tirelessly for a century to banish wellness principles from public awareness in favor of revolving illness and drug-dependency.

Politicians and the public buy into the conventional medical lie so well, they're even trying to get the poisons cheaper from Canada, and will be so relieved and happy when this is achieved. Proud, even.

Fri, 18 Feb '05: Article: Disparate delegations team up to fight proposed shipbuilding cuts

Response: Comitting suicide to survive

Shipbuilding competitors getting government contracts are working together to keep money to be cut from the defense budget, so that jobs won't be cut. You hate to see anyone lose their livelihood, but this one exemplifies how our system makes people dependent on suicidal patterns of behavior. And these folks don't seem to care whether the ships are needed or not. Just keep building them so we'll have jobs.

Well this is just one small taste of what's coming one way or another, or all of the above. Energy crisis, global warming, massive financial crash, rampant illness...much wailing and gnashing of teeth to come in next 5 years or so.

Thu, 17 Feb '05: Syndicated editorial: A murky case for right to free speech - Jay Ambrose/Scripps Howard News Service

Response: Ambrose calls the kettle black in this one

Mr. Ambrose so frequently parades his clever but obvious nonsense in S&E, I'm thinking of creating a rebuttal page just for him. He's at it again, complaining about a Univ of Colo professor who dares to speak against oppressive and ruthless US behavior in the Middle East (Iraq in this case) and who is saying that terrorism, particularly 9/11, is retaliation for that.

This view was stated clearly back in Nov '04 by our own Defense Science Board. The media has dutifully buried that truth, and Ambrose ignores it.

According to Ambrose, Professor Churchill says the 9/11 victims were deserving "little Adolph Eichmanns." Certainly unpalatable language on the surface, but 'deserving' was not said. What was said was taken out of context by the conniving Ambrose.

Churchill refers to Eichmann because he was a bureaucrat just doing his job as a cog in a nasty wheel--the point being that, as servants of a capitalist machine that has committed atrocities all over the world under guise of justice. Twin Tower workers (but not only they) play into the same murderous game. The underlying corollary principle Chuchill holds--that we as a society are collectively responsible for the actions of our government--is quite sound as well.

If Churchill 'sinned,' it was in overestimating the intelligence and historical/political savvy of Americans with the unqualified (at the time) remark.

Ambrose says that if 9/11 was retaliation, the attackers "would have left a calling card listing what they wanted changed. They didn't." How completely asinine a remark. Like telling a bully beating the crap out of you that you're hitting back for that reason. Well, if we're to believe recent Osama tapes, he's made motive quite clear, and its precisely what Churchill says.

Sometimes the truth "outs" all by itself, however. Ambrose says "giving excuses for evil is tantamount to participating in that evil." This is Churchill's point, after all, and precisely what Ambrose is doing on behalf of corporate America--as if there has never been an evil hair on the body of the US or its controlling corporatists. We know from numerous scandals this is untrue.

The most underhanded trick is Ambrose pulling the Holocaust card and suggesting Churchill would say the Jews deserved it. That's beneath even low-brow rhetorical Ambrose tactics.

The disinfo part of the piece, on both sides of the table, is that a bunch of cave-dwelling terrorists could pull off 9/11 without any support or inside help. So the article reinforces the lie that is the official story, and is no doubt part of Ambrose's motive for contriving it.

Thu, 17 Feb '05 Article: Stem cell legislation inspires impassioned debate
Response: Lots of emotion, little reason

Stem cell debate ongoing. Should society allow the creation of human embryos in the lab to get and research stem cells? The 'pro' side invokes the great potential benefits; the 'con' side, including Governor Mitt Romney, says it's playing god. I agree with very little the Governor says or stands for, but I'm with him on this issue.

However, ethics aside, if stem cell research is allowed, there should still be stringent limitations on it such that it be aimed at physical injury or defect situations, not so-called incurable diseases. The latter is primarily an outgrowth of the medical establishment's refusal to grasp, utilize and promote the principles of wellness in favor of lucrative, patentable, half-baked, ineffective treatments.

MA Senate President Travaglini is in favor, using emotional capital and citing "...children with juvenile diabetes and crippling spinal cord injuries," and our moral obligation not to let "hope be taken hostage." High-sounding words, but smacks of rhetoric. Adults get spinal-cord injuries too. In any case, these are two different categories of challenge.

Diabetes is already curable holistically, not medically. Spinal injuries are another matter. Mr T. might have been referring to spinal birth defects, such as spina bifida that could be virtually eliminated in our society if the medical paradigm were supplanted by holistic principles. How many years did babies suffer from SB until medical "science" discovered the folate connection?

In a society following wellness principles, perhaps 95% of current so-called diseases would disappear. This, of course, threatens corporate medicine, and is why it has worked consistently over the decades to discredit, oppress, and persecute those who have succeeded outside convention.

Thu, 17 Feb '05 Article: Local officials worry about Bush's plan to cut CDBG

Response: Light dawning for Fitchburg, MA Mayor Dan Mylott?

There is a god! Republican Mayor Mylott, who approved of the re-selection and obscene $40 million inauguration of his leader, is now beginning to see how little BushCo cares about America. Proposed cuts to the Community Development Block Grant "will be a terrible blow to us," lamented the mayor.

What surprises is that it takes something this blatant to wake people up as to what's going on in Washington (it's called the No-Lobbyist-Left-Behind Act). The country, the wealth of the country, the health of the country, and the freedom, dignity, respect and very future of the country is being stolen right under our noses.

Few people around here, least of all our local politicians, seem to see it. There seems to be a rash of people suffering from what investigative journalist Jon Rappoport calls "consensus reality."

When you have consensus on your side, it's easy to argue that point of view. Just go along with the system. This is basically the way of the major media. We need a concerted attempt to challenge consensus, which usually is based on popular misconception, lack of facts, and propaganda spread by those whom consensus reality benefits most.

When you're backed up by official-seeming opinion, you've got confidence. Most people operate with the comfort of sharing a widely held belief. That's what we've got in local politics with growth policy, fiscal policy, drug policy, health policy, municipal policy, and so on.

A question might be, how do people break the addiction to plugging into consensus reality?

People encounter information that convinces them the consensus point of view is wrong, phony, staged, misleading (they then need the integrity to act and speak). And/or people imagine something beyond traditional consensus (they then need the integrity to act and speak). Maybe Bush has served Mayor Mylott in the first way, and it'll lead him to the second way.

Welcome to a glimpse of my world, Dan!

Thu, 17 Feb '05 Article: 'Fields of Dreams' in Lancaster?

Response: Fields of vegetables would be wiser.

Plans are being cooked up to build 16 soccer fields off Rte 2 in Lancaster. Touted as "the largest soccer facility north of Montgomery County, MD," Fields of Dreams "could host tournaments that would bring as many as 2,000 cars, thousands of families and much needed revenue to the region."

Here we go again with the same old tired, unenlightened tune. We really need more cars and traffic in the region, more pollution, more demand on resources, more junk-food vendors, ad nauseam. More of the kind of development that's worshipped in conventional in-the-box terms (needed revenue), yet under present global ecological, energy, financial and market circumstances is suicidal in the long term.

It's not easy to see that the revenue crisis is created by the very system fed with conventional debt/inflation/growth mentality. Nor that our revenue is being massively stolen via the federal government by the corporatists that have usurped the system. We, the sheeple, pat ourselves on the back as we follow the nose ring. This development, like virtually all other development around here, is just as surely futile and just as surely an addiction as shooting drugs.

To help ward off the media-unspoken, yet quite imminent potential crash that will make the Depression seem like a picnic, and to help create future regional self-sufficiency in the coming era of skyrocketing prices based on global oil depletion, we'd be much better off with a field of vegetables.

Wed, 16 Feb '05 Article: Councilors support anti-drug proposal

Response: Fascism comes to the former All-American City

Fitchburg city councilors voted for petitions that would allow police to impound and attach a fine to cars connected to drug or prostitution arrests. Welcome to the fascist police state, where the Gestapo convict people and mete out punishment on the spot. Why don't the cops just drag arrestees right off to prison, avoiding all the messy legal proceedings and that pesky notion about presuming innocence until guilt is proven.

The vote is a perfect example of our culturally prevalent self-righteous hypocritical asininity getting out of hand in real time. It's an example of the extent of unreason to which people will go to get on the goody two shoes and put a face on for the citizens. Maybe the two co-sponsors had good intentions, but it comes off as playing god.

Fitchburg's city solicitor "deems" the petitions legal. The article doesn't say by what set of laws, but it sounds like the laws need changing, as it's doubtful they'd stand up against the Constitution (providing that were not being dismantled by the fascist, anti-American Patriot Act/Homeland Security fiasco/scam).

These petitions were roundly rejected by most people who responded to an S&E poll, They are a violation of civil rights and should be withdrawn.

Tues, 15 Feb '05 Article: Study shows flu shots don't save lives in elderly

Response: Science catching up with a century of its own error

A study led by National Institutes of Health researchers suggests the fluvax has not saved any elderly lives. All well and good, although anyone familiar with vaccine truth could have told you that already. The long-missing study, however, is how many have been hurt in both the short and long term by vaccines, which in this case are given to the two groups least able to withstand the toxic load and neurological insult: elderly and kids.

But fear not, Dr. Frankenstein has a bright idea now--take all the vax that was going to poison the elderly and poison more kids with it. But wait, says CDC; no way, we're going to continue to do our best to poison both age groups.

Echoing the former sentiment is Ira Longini, a biostatistics professor at Emory University, and a proponent of a strategy that emphasizes the poison needle for kids. In an apparently twisted bit of logic, the article says that Longini's statistical models show that vaccinating kids 5 to 18 "could save more elderly Americans from hospital visits and death." WTF?

Is it me, or does that say he thinks the vax is making the elderly sick and sending them to the hospital? Hospital--well, now you're talking about a threat to health and life.

Tues, 15 Feb '05 letter to editor implies Bush infallibility in foreign policy.

Response: Demonstrating the power of propaganda and media control

Yet another citizen has swallowed whole the BushCo propaganda on Iraq. He prefers the neo-con spin and the "importance of freedom in the hands of ordinary citizens" to US Rep Marty Meehan's report on his investigative trip there.

This guy sits at home spouting banal politikspeak: Meehan's eyewitness report is called "elitist liberal prattle." I call that definition a well washed brain demonstrating the power of media mind control.

Tues, 15 Feb '05 article: Computers helping kids with "speech, language delays"

Response: Nice to see kids getting help, but what's hurting them

This is one of those ostensibly warm and fuzzy stories. It's nice to see the kids getting help, but, as is typical in local news, the causes for these problems cited in the article leave much to be desired.

Among the "biological" factors cited are "genetic diseases," such as cerebral palsy, down (sic) syndrome, visual and hearing impairments. Nothing is offered as to the cause of these causes. What can it be?

Among the "environmental" factors are substance abuse and home violence. No doubt such things can damage children. However, in substance abuse, which is essentially poisoning, lies a key to a more fundamental cause of these tragedies: our poisonous way of life that we hold so dear, including the insufficiently questioned policy of routine vaccination.

But vaccines are only one source in the sea of poisons we embrace as the good American life. One example is the seemingly innocuous process of washing our hair. Popular shampoos contain toxic chemicals linked to nerve damage. Research at the National Institutes of Health has shown a correlation between a shampoo ingredient and nervous system damage. Contact with methylisothiazoline, or MIT, causes neurological damage in rats (I hate animal experiments, especially when they "prove" what is simple common sense).

Products containing MIT are Head and Shoulders, Suave, Clairol products, and Pantene Hair Conditioner. Researchers are concerned that exposure to this chemical by pregnant women could put their fetus at risk for abnormal brain development. In adults, exposure could be a factor in the development of Alzheimer's and other nervous system disorders.

Another major source of damage are substances called excitotoxins, which come to us in our (purposely) chemicalized ingestables supply (meaning food supply, but not really being food, just things eaten).

Excitotoxins are usually amino acids, such as glutamate and aspartate. These special amino acids cause particular brain cells to become excessively excited, to the point they will quickly die. Excitotoxins can also cause a loss of brain synapses and connecting fibers. Food-borne excitotoxins include such additives as MSG, aspartame, hydrolyzed protein and soy protein extract.

When you consider the myriad ways we are being poisoned (average exposure estimated to be 500 chemicals per day), the really surprising thing is that anyone is still walking around. Fear not, however, we are beginning to drop like flies.

Mon, 14 Feb '05 article: Boston Sciomeds (doctors) fret over "drug resistant" HIV

Response: Might be a problem if HIV caused AIDS

No scientific paper exists that proves HIV/AIDS. This is a theory more akin to religious dogma than science. In fact, people who question the dogma are persecuted.

IF HIV were the cause of AIDS, the doctors might have cause for concern, IF their poison drugs really worked against HIV in the first place. Nowhere is the extreme toxicity of medical drugs more apparent than in AIDS. As in cancer, the 'logic' is to poison you to the maximum extent that won't kill you in the hope of poisoning the 'disease' into submission (re-mission, actually).

Since toxins are involved in almost all illness, the logic of using more toxins (drugs) to "cure" the effects of toxins seems slippery at best. And, since toxins cause disease symptoms, it would seem we can define the use of conmedical drugs as the swapping of one set of symptoms for another.

The real mystery not addressed is, since there is no cure for AIDS officially, what do the four approved "treatments" do anyway, and how can there be "resistance" to something that doesn't cure anything?

Fri, 11 Feb '05 article: Mass. Gov Romney opposes cloning for stem cell research

Response: Ethically, he's got a point, but...

I was prompted to write to my state Rep Jennifer Flanagan because of the news about stem cell research. Governor Romney has concerns about a method of cloning embryos from patients. In other words, they get the stem cells from human embryos cloned from the sick person. If that sounds a bit like Dr. Frankenstein to you, I'm with you.

Romney's resistance to the idea is based on the ethical question of playing God. I think he's got a point. But there's even more to it, as the letter to Rep Flanagan suggests:

"In this debate, it would be nice to get the suggestion out there that maybe most of such research is redundant anyway, because 'cures' and/or prevention already exist for what they're researching. It's mostly a money racket. This industry is being pushed, not by the drive for wellness, but by vested interests hungering for patents and expensive treatments. The irony is in this case Romney is right for the wrong reason.

"If you've had a chance to see the Premise, or even the piece on health care reform I sent on 2/4, it should be at least a consideration that something like stem cell 'cures,' even if they work, do not engender wellness, but only alter symptoms.

"By not addressing wellness, widespread use of stem cell cures could create a wave of illness such as that following the antibiotic/vaccine era (even tho a good job has been done so far of obscuring that truth), even producing heretofore unseen phenomena. Because--you can't fool Mother Nature. However, it is the arrogance of scientific medicine, symbolized in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, that thinks it can fly in the face of the Creation. The monster created thereby (which is actually a tragic figure) returns to wreak havoc.

"If they cure my MS (much of which may well be caused by mercury poisoning) with stem cell, and I then have a fatal heart attack, whose responsible? See, two different 'diseases,' so it can't be the docs. That's just how it works."

Fri, 4 Feb '05: Two 'unrelated' articles

Response: News reveals hypocrisy and unawareness

Two articles today exemplify hypocrisy and dangerous unawareness regarding threats to community well being and health.

'Battle against drugs focus of ward meeting' recounts citizens' concern about neighborhood drug dealers. 'Children's Place will open soon' gushes about changes in the Mall at Whitney Field.

Citizens say the drug trade steals freedom, but don't see that illegality itself causes the worst problems. This infringement on a matter of personal choice invites criminals and brings desperation, higher prices, and dangerous adulterants.

Illegality also creates "forbiddeness," a mystique that begs defiance. The drug war is a contrived, self-perpetuating game that will never be won. Drugs are kept illegal so that 'legitimate' folk in high places can make huge profits.

Citizens hypocritically agree with the abridgement of others' freedoms to impose their will. Do they want a free society, or a cops-and-robbers game with oppression by BigBro according to their opinion? Let's forbid America's favorite drugs: caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and sugar. Would the citizens chase away dealers sure to appear then?

Ballyhooed mall additions are purveyors of what I call drugfoods. Pushers of questionable food choices, especially sugar, yeast-laden white flour, and processed dairy products to kids. They are drug dealers like any other--except legal. Hypocrisy. Dangerous unawareness: little Johnny's safely at the mall, slamming down drugfood to shock his pancreas, and cause tooth decay, flu attacks, eye problems, even ADD, and more.

All drugs should be legalized, and the resources now squandered on crime fighting funneled into outreach/education, and rehab. I'm a holistic wellness consultant and do not recommend or promote drug use, especially the most-dangerous medical ones. But I vigorously advocate the freedom of informed choice.

Now we'll hear from someone who thinks drugfoods, the citizen favorites, and the legal poisons pushed by pharmacies, are safer overall than illegal drugs.

Fri, 4 Feb '05: Social Security Reform in the News

Response: More Bush lies

Much ongoing palaver in the news about Social Security. Anyone who supports the Bush proposal, which is based upon more of his lies, is either careless, ignorant or malfeasant.

Thurs, 3 Feb '05: Two pompous editorials today

Response: Snow tonigt follows snow-job editorials

We get more snow tonight two snow jobs in today's S&E, both pompous editorials.

The first is one by and indignant S&E concerning a vote by Fitchburg City Council to return two petitions on drug dealing and prostitution to the Legislative Affairs committee so that the police union could have a say about them.

Gee, sounds reasonable to me. But there is apparently such great urgency at the paper to show these nasty criminals who's boss and to curb these reprehensible behaviors, no more thought should be given to the means.

One petition allows police to impound a vehicle used by a "john" for 48 hours (ostensibly to cause embarassment and inconvenience to the perp). The other is a $300 "fee" for any drug or prostitution arrest. Note that word: arrest. These preconviction punishments are just what thrills the fascist mind, which also loves to inject its arbitrary will into matters of personal choice and behavior.

These kind of people will crow about freedom, but despise it when it offends a stunk-up, self-righteousness sprayed over with sicky-sweet political correctness. Also gotta love that new revenue source for the city.

The paper puts down one councilor who expressed concerns about becoming a police state. This is a typical tactic of clever rhetoric: say the truth as if it's untrue. Jay Ambrose uses that tactic all the time, which brings me to the second snow job.

The irrepressible Ambrose from Scripps Howard News Service is a notorious cheerleader for the White House cheerleader. He's now castigating anyone who dares raise a question about Iraq, thereby throwing a damper on the happiness of the Iraqis over their election, which he compares to kids opening Christmas presents.

Using the tired old "partisanship" canard, Ambrose bemoans the spoil-sports who dare speak truth about the horrific travesty which has led to this hollow ceremony of a vote. Let the Iraqis revel in their cruel delusions, says he. Don't spoil the fantasy with any facts. And, soon as the constitution's writ and the second and third elections are held, we'll pick up our 14 permanent military bases and skedaddle on outta there.

Ambrose also has the dishonorable gaul to repeat the psy-op of tying Iraq to 9/11 by saying a college professor maintains that it was justified retaliation for the deaths caused by a decade of UN/US sanctions in Iraq. He mentions 500,000 children. True enough, but the total was a million people dead. The claimed perp of 9/11 has never even mentioned that as a motive.

But no misery can be blamed on the sanctions, which made infrastructure recovery nearly impossible after the completely unnecessary blasting of Baghdad during Gulf 1, giving many Iraqis feces-laden water to drink. No, of course, we blame all that on Saddam's corruption of the oil-for-food progam.

The truth is that the sanctions compelled the people to become more dependent on Saddam for survival, whereas otherwise they may have overthrown him.

Lest we not forget: Saddam had been a CIA asset and servant of the power brokers. But BushCo stuck it to him after fairly goading him into Kuwait, wherein, by the way, he never used WMD he must have had at that time. Couldn't let that happen to our Kuwaiti pals.

It must also be recalled that when an overthrow attempt was made by the Kurds long ago, the US, via the auspices of Henry the Reptile Kissinger, turned its back on them and allowed Saddam to mow them down. Saddam had not yet fulfilled the role written for him in the bigger imperial drama of the region. But this elite coup added to "the case" being built against the Evil One.

Thurs, 27 Jan '05

Response: Thought for the Day

News of the confirmation of Condi and probably Gonzo leaves me with this impression: The elite juggernaut steamrolls on. What appears to be exposures of criminality by Congress and even the mainstream media, seem just a show put on to give the impression of opposition or that there's two sides. It's like they've fixed the game beforehand, so the opposition can speak and make it look good.

Fri, 21 Jan '05, S&E headline: Bush takes oath

Response: Hollow words from a cheerleader

Bush takes the oath--something that means nothing to him, but does to those who can't, or refuse to, see through the deception and self-serving criminality that is BushCo. The headline subtitle: "vows to confront tyranny." This is a great laugh--exactly how the elite operate, i.e., attributing their nature and behavior to others. The perfect distraction.

"Practically all of the problems in our country can be attributed to the continuing subjugation of the U.S. Constitution. Had the remedies for such actions, which are provided in the text of the Constitution, been applied, many of our former, (as well as current), leaders would have been prosecuted and removed from public office. One of the main reasons that the American people have allowed the wholesale dismantling of their freedoms and liberties stems from the effectiveness of the all pervasive misinformation campaign that has been waged for over 100 years.

"Most of us believe that we live in the land of the free. A place where every child has the opportunity to grow up and be President of the United States. This belief is, in the best-case scenario, a stretch. In the worst case, a bald faced lie. Our political leaders are increasingly sourced from a pool of self-perpetuating elitists whose main concern is to distance themselves from the masses. When Constitutional law stands in their way, they ignore it. We are not being shepherded by altruistic wise men, but, rather, herded by megalomaniacal desperadoes." - Johnny Silver Bear

Thurs, 20 Jan '05, S&E headline: Boston alerted to terror threat

Response: Terrorists are evil AND stupid

G.W. BushCo would like everyone to think that terrorists are not only evil, but stupid. Real stupid. BushCo wants us to believe that terrorists think they can stop, or "pay back" the elite, criminal, oppressive corporate juggernaut by using bombs against structures, and the deaths of uninvolved/innocent people.

BushCo would like us to understand the terrorist credo: In the face of terror, the corporatists (who routinely lie, cheat, steal, and murder indiscriminately for a living) will have their feelings hurt or suddenly become compassionate or guilt-ridden, and cease their lying, cheating, stealing, and killing. What a tragic laugh.

Also know, good citizens, that major terrorist activity is always spontaneous, and never an elite clandestine operation. It's not a variation of what, in the old days, was called a Protection Racket. That is, "We shall do our very best to protect you (from the threat we create). All we have to do is condense your entire life, including that pimple on your butt, into a barcode in our elite total information and surveillance system."

Shivering citizens dutifully expressed their fears of a horrific terror strike, along with gratitude for, and confidence in, the security measures of our wonderful government and BushCo itself.

What monstrously pathetic capitulation to what the terrorists are said to want. One person said, "I have to have faith in our government." Yes, because even a glimpse of the truth would seriously disrupt that person's comfort zone by orders of magnitude more than terrorism.

What's that strange, staccato noise I hear? Oh, yes, the snickering of confidence men who have herded their marks into strike position (that's bent over, in case you're wondering). Fear-driven citizens give thanks for their beyond-Orwellian lives of safety via BigBro. And on we go to the next fascist, genocidal act in the brave-new-war on terror.

Front page S&E, Fri 8 Oct '04: Flu vaccine in short supply

Response: Just Say NO to the Flu Vaccine

During October and November, numerous reports will say we're about to have one of the worst flu epidemics in history. There will be reports of possible school closings, restricted air travel, and many. All of these messages are fed to the mass media to scare you into believing you need to get a flu shot.

Every year, flu vaccine manufacturers earn a hefty profit on the some 80-100 million vaccines they manufacture. The entire industry has become a cash cow for vaccine manufacturers such as Chiron. The average cost per dose is $10ˇ$15. This means Chiron could stand to add 1.5 billion dollars to their bottom line every year by scaring the public into mass inoculations.

Moreover, the CDC and various government health agencies help to perpetuate this dangerous lie to the American public, mainly because they are populated with industry people and/or those in the pharmas' pockets.

This year, Chiron already reported in a CNN story on September 29, 2004 that they have concerns about the safety of their vaccine because some batches were contaminated. This could be good or bad news depending on one's perspective. Since pharmas police themselves, I worry about contamination not caught--not that an "uncontaminated" vaccine isn't still poisonous enough.

The good news is, Chiron has lost up to 4 million doses for this season, meaning many will escape the toxic blast. The irony is, they say they'll give what's left to those most at risk, such as infants and the elderly—who also happen to be the most susceptible to the harmful effects of the vaccine.

There are many reasons to not get a flu shot. For one, let's check out the ingredients, taken from the inserts that come with the vaccines. They contain two extremely dangerous chemicals: formaldehyde and mercury. Formaldehyde (embalming fluid) is a known carcinogen, and mercury is a known brain and neurological poison. These chemicals can cause a strong damaging reaction and may lead to the development of autoimmune disorders such as Guillain-Barre syndrome, a disease that resembles Multiple Sclerosis.

The second reasonn to avoid flu vaccine is because it will not protect you from the flu. Every year the CDC recommends flu vaccine manufacturers put in 3 viral strains they guess might be the most common infections for the flu season. However, there are thousands of flu virus possibilities every winter. Taking a flu vaccine is basically a crap shoot. Also, officials frighten people with flu-death statistics, but never tell you how many of those got the vaccine.

Last year, health officials at the CDC stated they had made a mistake in determining the viral ingredients for the 2003-2004 vaccine, and it would offer no protection for the flu virus that most people were contracting. However, they still pushed people to get a flu shot. This made no sense (except financial)!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says babies under 2 who get the flu are more likely to be hospitalized for flu complications than older children. Last year's flu season hit children hard; 152 died, most of them under 5 years old. How many dead got the vaccine? They never say.

And the final reason you donÝt want a flu shot is probably the most important reason. If people pay attention to simple health principles, such as internal cleansing and good nutirtion, they won't be susceptible to flu or be levelled by it if they get it. Not only that, but the flu symptoms themselves are the body's way of cleaning itself out. All that guck coming out is good to get rid of, and most susceptibility is due to being clogged up.

We have a dynamic immune function with white blood cells that can attack and fight off the flu virus, so either you donÝt get the flu or you fight it off. If you do get the flu, immune function becomes stronger and you are the benefactor. Various studies have shown that when we fight off infections using our natural immunity, we are better protected from other life-threatening scenarios such as cancer.

In order to keep immunity strong, we need the friendly bacteria in our digestive tract and mucous membranes. This crucial  internal population is assaulted constantly in our society. Thus, a much better protection is a probiotic regimen and high-quality diet, proper sleep, and good exercise, along with lots of water—up to a gallon a day.

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There is still another side to this story. Spin. Most of the people who are said to have died from the flu actually contracted the flu secondarily to another symptomology they were battling. The flu was acting in an opportunistic way, and was not the sole reason for their death. Statistics can be misleading!

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