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Editorial 'Dailies'-4

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Tue, 12 Apr '05 Syndicated editorial, Dan Thomasson: Second thoughts on Patriot Act

Response: Patriot Act after 9/11 = Enabling Act after Reichstag fire in Weimar Republic.

We now know the Reichstag event was staged by Hitler. Similarly, 9/11 was staged, and both were designed to consolidate hate for 'enemies' and to remove civil rights and freedoms based on fear. Hitler was granted dictatorial powers because of that "terrorist attack." Hitler demanded expanded powers to "deal with this threat." The Weimar Republic constitution was suspended and the government was empowered to arrest anyone they wanted to for any reason--especially for dissent.

Thomasson says that in the US a similar attempt to abridge freedom was considered by the Nixon Admin, but didn't go forward because of the threat to basic liberties: "Now the same reasons, and they are good ones, are being cited by a growing number of citizens legitimately worried about how far the American system can be bent in the name of saving it, without doing more damage than the terrorists it is designed to foil."

Thomasson makes a good case. The only thing he leaves out is that terrorism is an elite protection racket.

People, get a clue! We are in the hands of evil deal-makers, not authentic American leaders. We must fiercely lobby Congress to stop this juggernaut and preserve this nation. We must also fearlessly examine the strong evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. Above all, we must not be afraid to PAY THE PRICE OF FREEDOM.

Tue, 12 Apr '05 Article: Meehan targets Bush's budget for veterans

Response: Good, but where have the pols been on this issue?

Yes, my son, go and get maimed for your country, then come home and be homeless, be unable to get medical help, be thrown aside like a used rag. It happens all too often, and it should never happen. There's billions for new machines of death and destruction, billions for the latest war, yet vets have to go begging to the public with charity drives. They lose homes, loved ones, and suffer extreme emotional strain.

We didn't have many fatal casualties in Gulf One. Yet, since the boys came home, we've lost close to 20,000. They're poisoned by vaccines; they're poisoned by chemical weapons we sold to Saddam; they're poisoned by the artificial sweetener aspartame in pallets of diet soda sitting in the heat; but most of all, they, and Iraq, are poisoned by nuclear warfare in the form of depleted uranium munitions.

Use of DU munitions is excused by the military as necessary--it's armor piercing. Yet, they didn't even tell the soldiers to avoid areas and destroyed enemy equipment because of the radiation. DU was used in Kosovo and Afghanistan as well. Areas of the earth will be poison for 500,000 years.

Tue, 12 Apr '05 Article: Ice jams pose flood threat in northern Maine.

Response: It's always Mother Nature and the planet causing trouble for Whitey.

There isn't much to say about this, except to note the massive ignorance of putting permanent structures on or near the flood plains of rivers. Anything there deserves exactly what it gets--and more, because the water has to absorb all the man-made pollution contained in the structures.

This arises largely from the white man's alienation from Nature.

Mon, 11 Apr '05 Article: Big-box stores bringing big business

Response: Propaganda and pandering--little boys posturing and playing with the big kids.

Here's the story of the worst human addiction by far, but one condoned, encouraged and programmed by greedmongers with a near-constant media assault: licentious consumerism.

"More and more shoppers from outside area spending at local large-scale retailers." Such a whoop-de-do. This is a PR campaign by the paper, which looks forward to advertising revenue. "Wal-Mart and Target are on the way," says S&E with bulging eyes.

Whether this Conehead consumerism is good for anything but compensation for a psychospiritual void is beside the point. Whether such frivolous distraction and misplaced priority reflect or drive any psychological problems is also beside the point. It's money, money, money. More , more, more. Talk about a deadly addiction, and one underpinned by debt (credit).

Aside from some infrastructure and taxes, these chains drain wealth from wherever they sit and give back menial jobs at minimum wage, along with miserable traffic congestion.

No matter that most of the crap being sold is coming from China et al, wreaking havoc with the trade deficit--a situation bound to cause misery. No matter that the resulting waste stream is now a tsunami and growing.

Mentioned is Cheryl Baumgarten, a Conehead that comes all the way from Rindge, NH to get here and shopshopshop--oh boyeee! "We don't have any shopping," she says of the local "retail scene" (cool lingo).

The droolers are in on this story. Mr Myopia, John Souza, Leominster's Planning Board Chairman, postures in with the stat that what the big boys look for is a population of 250,000, known as a "primary market" to target. We're not quite there yet, but "It's getting there. We're not far off," says Mr. M with anticipatory glee. Can't wait to be turned into the messes around Nashua, NH, beyond 495 and 128, and Rte 9 in Framingham.

Mr. Business, David McKeehan, antedeluvian president of the local Chamber, who once told me we can never overrun our water supply, is also most pleased. All the greed-mongers are pleased, developers and retailers alike, especially Verizon Wireless, whose store in Circuit City is booming. Yes, that brain-burning microwave tech is hot stuff. No matter that the electronics industry is highly polluting and poisonous.

Years ago it struck me as very odd that the Best Western Conference Center was built in essentially the middle of nowhere. Why would they want it there, I wondered. Well, it's quite clear now. Also quite clear is just how long-range the plans are to suck the wealth out of a targeted area, or just how much outside orchestration of local development is happening.

"We are being targeted," one Planning Board member told me.

But here's the kicker: the article notes several times that people are coming to this area because it's too congested to go to Nashua or toward Boston. In other words, the same madness that has driven things to critical mass elsewhere is in the process of doing it to us. Once we're done in ("we're not far off"), you can bet the tide will move further west--to the next "primary market."

Any wonder corporate-kissing BushCo opposes birth control and abortion? Any wonder no one's talking about population control? Gotta build those markets. Perhaps the most ironic part of all this is that all the box-thinkers and players are mind-controlled enough to believe this is good and a healthy economics, whereas, it's the path to destruction.

With constant growth as god, it's inevitable, isn't it, that the kind of congestion now shunned by the Coneheads coming here will spread itself so far and wide that even the coyotes will have to shop at Wal-Mart.

And in all of this rose-colored titillation, not a whisper about the impending energy crisis. Not a syllable about the crumbling environment. Not a word about the enormous debt bubble about to bring the house down. This is how plain stupid we are.

Mon, 11 Apr '05 Letter to editor: Woman: More agencies like shelter in Leominster are needed in the area

Response: She's right.

The squawking about homeless people, drug rehab centers and shelters in Fitchburg sullying the area and dragging down property values is hopefully not indicative of the majority. The mood of selfish snobbery so visible in the paper, especially during the drug series Decades of Addiction, is a disgrace.

It is true that most people won't pay much attention to anything other than their little circle of needs, desires and influence--until their comfort zone is jostled. But let's hope that most are capable of the compassion that arises from "There, but for Grace, go I."

Mon, 11 Apr '05 Article: Final bill on stem cell research due today

Response: All that deliberation without even asking the right question

Now that the bill is drafted, the big question arises: How much taxpayer money is going to go down this sinkhole into corporate coffers.

California has wasted $3 billion on it, but we don't have to go that far says Sen Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester). Apparently, no legislator sees what stem cell research is--yet another way for elite corporatists to fleece the public. Most of the so-called "diseases" said to be targeted by this kind of research are already being cured, and/or could be prevented by applying Holistic principles--the main one being, that we just have to stop poisoning ourselves with our way of life.

But Beacon Hill seems quite hypnotized by the scientific "authority" that lies to them about the nature of health and illness.

Sun, 10 Apr '05 Article: Thousands protest in Baghdad

Response: Iraqis showing savvy?

Tens of thousands of supporters of militant Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr protested the British/American occupation of Iraq on Sat 9 Apr '05.

A picture accompanying the article shows protesters showing great savvy carrying cutouts of Bush and Blair. First, the symbolism of the cutout--cardboard men of little substance who are elite servants. Second, each cutout sported a 'slogan.' Bush's says "Bush and Saddam two faces to one coin." Blair's says "International terrorism."

Do the Iraqis have a better understanding of the elite than most Americans? Do they understand that Saddam and BushCo were playing roles on the same team? Do they understand that the elite support terrorism, as the BCCI scandal so clearly demonstrated? Probably; they aren't suffering under a controlled-media cloud as is America, and since they're being blasted to bits as opposed to sitting on their butts drinking beer and watching the big game, they have incentive to get the facts.

Sun, 10 Apr '05 S&E editorial: Citizens, make your voice heard

Response: A nice idea

Mayor Mazzarella, in a smooth political move after being election-challenged in the paper, scheduled a public meeting including all city department heads and prominent employees to let people express themselves on important issues. An equitable and accomodating arrangement.

I couldn't make the meeting, but I take the trouble to write extensively about things--in letters to the paper and on my website--and even go on local TV to make my voice heard. I mention this editorlal because it's the one where the paper misspells the Mayor's name: "Mozzarella" Twice (got it right once, though). I've thought up the variant Mazzalini, but this one never hit me. Pretty good: Mozzarella--Leominster's Big Cheese (hope you can take a little rib, Dino :-)

An interesting note is that "Mozzarella" has converted the people from sovereign citizens into "customers," according to the paper, which applauds the venue, saying it "shows that the Leominster mayor understands who he's working for." "We want our customers, who are the taxpayers, to see who's new," says Dino. In other words, the Mayor et al have something they're trying to sell us.

My concern is that the product is a peculiar bent-over position the city takes to any outside enslaving chain-monster, such as Target and Wal-Mart, that want to "service" the area.

Sun, 10 Apr '05 Letter to editor: Reader says people should ask lawmakers to take action on landfill issues.

Response: Amen to that.

Robert C. Mitchell says it well: "We cannot allow our state government to bury us in trash because they will not fund real recycling initiatives or enforce environmental protection laws."

More and more land is being targeted to accomodate the huge flow of trash defecating from the American Dreamhole.

Unfortunately, we can and do allow this, because so many people are so selfish, oblivious and lazy, they won't even dispose of waste "properly" according to the minimal guidelines already in effect.

Here's the law that would fix the corporatist greedmongers: no major product, not evn a stinking disposable razor or camera (WTF?!!) can be produced without a clear plan for it's complete recycling, and the facility to handle it. In other words, folks, the real price of Conehead consumer goods is Earth liquidation. Wait'll we have to pay that bill--or realize how we're already paying it, and the profitmakers are not.

By the way, if anyone says there's no money to properly handle trash, it's because it's being stolen by the trillions by the elite via huge corporations via IRS/Federal Reserve.

Thu, 7 Apr '05 Article: Romney unveils 'Commonwealth Care' health care plan

Response: Was there ever a greater misnomer?

This is not health care by any stretch but merely a plan to cover more people under the colorful tent of the medical-merry-go-round.

They're even debating and offering counter-plans, such as Senate President Bob Travaglini's, which is focused on boosting Medicaid payments to hospitals--that place that kills 90,000 people a year with infections alone.

The Mitt-ster has a "three-pronged" plan, and purveys much rhetoric without ever saying in what orifice those three prongs will end up.

Thu, 7 Apr '05 Article: Starbucks opening creates buzz

Response: Yes, the kind of drug buzz hypocrites endorse
This must be poison-the-people-with-nonfood month. First the PBS story, then the Historical Society story just below.

Hip and hooray says Mayor Mozzarella (Leominster's Big Cheese), the Twin Cities' first standalone Starbucks Coffee store, aka a legal-drug haven, will proudly open its doors at 14 Commercial Road. The drooling developer, Bob Muscaro, VP of "The Growth Companies" (name says a mouthfull by itself) "can't wait for it to be open." No doubt--much profit to be had from this drug-fest obliging sugar/caffeine addicts.

The Sentinel & Enterprise just ran a series on street drugs, in which a picture shwoing a forearm getting a heroin fix was used as an icon. The maudlin tale was told--isn't it horrible that this is how the poor addict starts his day. Tell me if you will, what is the fundamental difference between this and the bleary-eyed, adrenal-shocked addict that can't function without his sugar- and dairy-laden caffeine buzzfix every morning?

Don't even try to raise the heroin-is-so-much-worse argument. Only health ignorance "supports" that. Another monster example of hypocrisy. I'm not saying take away the consenus drugs (what wailing and crime would arise from that!), but say let's not sicken and kill ourselves with what the majority will allow, then stigmatize the rest and fill up prisons with them.

To top it off, Starbucks has come under "green-fire" and been widely boycotted for using recombinant DNA dairy products (rGBH, or Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone--cancer), known to be even unhealthier than standard cow juice and for selling products from slave markets such as sugar, chocolate/cocoa-bean, and coffee plantations.

Starbucks is refusing to serve Fair Trade coffee in its cafes on a weekly basis. Wages and working conditions for small coffee producers and plantation workers who supply the company with its primary product are horrible.

It's just another planet-negative, people negative drug operation, which Mayor Mozzarella and other "officials" can't, or refuse, to see, because they see this as progress. The article celebrates "at least four other" enslaving chain behemoths coming in, including Mattress Giant, SuperCuts, and the Bear Rock Cafe, a North Carolina food franchiser (please note that the word "food" is quite loosely employed, and that this joint will be one more outlet for America's monstrously cruel, environmentally insane, disease-producing industrial-ag, dead-animal nonfood supply.

Can anyone see how this process and other "economic growth" projects, such as Target and Wal-Mart link with the plot to eliminate the Rte 2 rotary in the overall plan to facilitate the urban overrun of our area?

Thu, 7 Apr '05 Article: Cookin' up some memories

Response: Ain't it cute, people? Tying culture and unhealthy food in a pretty ribbon.

The Fitchburg Historical Society invites people to bring a sweet treat - and a story - to 50 Grove St. It's "Sweet Sunday," wherein people will gather to share family recipes that indulge our culturally condoned sugar addiction. This is the grand hypocrisy perfectly exemplified: this health-destroying drugfood combo of sugar/white flour will be celebrated with an "aren't-we-cute" flair. No doubt, kids wiould be encouraged to indulge in a habit that can destroy joints, but would be condemned if they smoked a joint.

This theme is virtually identical to that of the PBS drugfood propaganda show below.

Wed, 6 Apr '05 Article: Vt. town defeats size cap for chains like Wal-Mart.

Response: "Chains" is the right word.

The unaware, brainwashed folk of Bennington succumbed to a massive PR campaign to rescind a bylaw that limits the ball-and-chain retail enslavement arena to 75,000 square feet. Wally can now douse 112,000 square feet with its landfill-bound, Conehead consumerism. Note that the developer that owns the land, and which drove the campaign to get residents to hang themselves is Ohio-based.

As usual, outside interests who care nothing about local impact of quality of life get the wealth-drainer operating. Special interests interfering with what's best for the community. It's how they getcha.

Wed. 6 Apr '05 Article: Massive development being proposed for Maine's Mooshead Lake region

Response: Greed-mongers conspire to further insult Mother.

Two "resorts" and 1,000 camp sites are proposed in Thoreau's North Woods, the largest contiguous area of wilderness east of the Mississip. The "excuse" for the greed-fest, which "balances conservation and economic development," so the rhetoric goes, is to bring jobs to an area "where job opportunities have lagged." Same old sh't, different place and time.

Wed, 6 Apr '05 Article: Authorities say Conn. terror response plans passing test.

Response: Gee, reminds you of the old siren and bomb-shelter days...

The big "threat" engineered now by the elite is, obviously, a terrorist attack. They call this TBMC, or trauma-based mind control.

This "largest-ever terrorism drill" is passing the test established by the Homeland Security bureaucratic boondoggle. The sheeple of New London are volunteering to participate in the official terror-attack games of "federal authorities."

I just read somewhere of an experiment showing that people will severly electroshock a fellow human being, even to death, if told that it's for a good reason by an authority figure.

All well and good--it's nice to know we've got procedures down pat in case of an emergency. What most Americans don't understand, is that the system will also be used to corral, detain, and control restive and/or "disobedient" citizens should the power structure feel it necessary for any other reason--for example, in case you don't want to shot up with Dr. Frankenstein's latest vaccine and must be "quarantined' in the "event" of a "flu outbreak."

Another scenario would be another staged terrorist attack, like OK City or 9/11, should the power structure feel that exposure of their criminality has reached critical mass, wherein martial law would be declared. Constitution suspended.

Wed, 6 Apr '05 Article: PBS series tells you what pizza really means

Response: An enormous plug for America's favorite: health-destroying foods (nonfoods).

"The Meaning of Food" is a three-hour PBS parade of poison-promotion that explores the significance and psychosocial influences and of food, such as the ties between food, love and culture. All very warm and fuzzy.

But even this article states that the people involved "are so beguiling, it seems peevish to point out that much of this is the equivalent of empty calories. It's not just that everyone knows that food is wrapped up in love, culture, and family. There are serious issues involving food, and they are ignored or winked at during these three hours," AMEN to that--and just what the doctor ordered.

Wed, 6 Apr '05 Article: State plotting Route 2 rotary's demise.

Response: Also plotting the "demise" of the Montachusett region in passing.

Here's the revealing statement in this bit of sorry prognostication: Senator Pamela Resor (D-Acton) responded to the fact that, as housing costs continue to rise, more and more residents are moving west. Says Resor, "[Senator Robert Antonioni and I would] like to see if there are things we can do to hasten the process."

In other words, now that we humans have made an untenable mess of the east, we're going to see what we can do to repeat the process in the west. These folks may mean well, but have a serious deficiency in their willingness or ability to question the status quo--that is, the way things have always been done within the consensus-reality system that has been rigged to benefit its controllers the most, and the people and planet the least. In-the-box thinking at its best.

To top it off, the coming energy crisis, about which these folks seem oblivious, makes such a monstrous project ill-advised, to use the weakest polite expression.

Wed, 6 Apr '05 Article: Board mulls granting mixed-use authority

Response: A valid consideration, but doesn't go far enough with zoning law change.

Should the City Council have the ultimate say on mixed-use projects built on industrial land.? We can debate this, but another, more important consideration lies unmentioned: zoning laws should allow for a decision to "just say no" to further excessive development and/or development that will host unsavory businesses. Wal-Mart comes to mind. Starbucks is another. Both companies have a lot to answer for. But I would include almost any big-box chain, because they all create a net drain of wealth out of the community.

Equally important: The article mentions a proposal to allow small businesses to re-use older industrial buildings for a wide range of residential, commercial or other non-industrial functions. Some of that may be helpful, but conceptually it's going in the same direction as current development policy: wrong.

Older buildings would serve much better as part of a concerted effort to create cottage industries that employ local people and retain local wealth. Such industries should focus on essentials such as clothing, food, and energy. Products grown and processed locally (HEMP, for example) could be used as a hedge against the coming devastation of economic collapse and energy crisis.

When I say "local" it includes the region, and the "region" can be based, in part, upon the cost-impact of "importing" needed or desired goods.

If anyone says there's no money for this, it's because it's being stolen by the trillions by the elite via huge corporations via IRS/Federal Reserve.

Wed, 6 Apr '05 Article: Dumping ground

Response: This one reveals how that which we take for granted as normal is also a form of selfish insanity.

Leominster residents are driving out and dumping trash by the wayside in Lancaster. The penalty for this ought to be bamboo shoots under the fingernails. But so should it for what we call "proper disposal" of waste. This is because there really is no "away" to throw anything, and the entire concept is unsustainable.

Proponents of our disposable way of life say there's plenty of room to despoil Earth by creating running sores known as landfills in Her side forever. The truth is, it's how we liquidate our source of life for convenience.

"I'll tell you this... No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn." - Jim Morrison

Tue, 5 Apr '05 Article: Coyote activity concerns residents

Response: Yes, let's blame the coyotes, not human tresspass.

This is typical human arrogance and species prejudice (we and our little pets are more important than any other species). One person, Gail Plante asserts: "They're ugly animals, and I don't like to say that because I Iike dogs. But they're not pretty." Well Gail, one has to wonder how pretty they, or anyone else, think you are as well.

Another person said, in effect, "Hey, this isn't Wyoming or something." What can you say to that bit of oblivion?

We've got bears, moose and other animals living among us--even here in "civilization." The main reason for this is our ignorant, ongoing expansion into their territories. One city, Corvallis, OR, has instituted a policy of keeping people in more concentrated living areas close to the city center, and returning outlying areas to farming and the wild. This is sane.

What we're doing here--building homes out in the woods and cutting new roads, is insane, selfish, stupid--and even self-destructive, because we're assaulting our source of life--Planet Earth.

Tue, 5 Apr '05 Article: Goguen aims to protect kids from predators

Response: If he only knew what the worst child predation is.

Fitchburg's reactionary state rep Emile Goguen is almost always soapboxing about something. This time he wants to protect kids from Internet solicitors. All well and good.

But the worst threat to kids is the diet they're fed and the poison assault from Dr. Frankenstein (with vaccines, Ritalin and antidepressants, for example), and from the -chemical fallout of the American Dream.

Mon, 4 Apr '05 Two Articles:
1) Mixed reaction over FCC proposal to expand indecency regulations
2) Fitchburg High cheer squad wins national competition

Response: Is cheerleading "indecent exposure?"

1) Mother Linda Matson wants stricter rules. She outraged that a 6-year-old is exposed to a Victoria's Secret TV ad that just "shows too much cleavage." I'm trying not to scream over this uptight, narrow-minded, misplaced concern. It's also interesting that in the rating, sex is equated with violence and foul language.

The article makes clear that plenty of regulation is in place, while noting that a "censorship obsession" has set in since the Janet Jackson incident at the Superbowl. Yikes-a-mighty, folks, if the country's reaction to that incident doesn't exemplify American hypocrisy, what does?

2) Well, let's not even get into the well-worn question of the religious guilt-trip and shame of the body that has made a complete mess of people's psyches, but has fattened the purse of teen, adult, sex and relationship counselors everywhere. And let's not get into the discussion that too repression incites rebellion and may even underlie sexual deviance.

But let's do talk about three things: First, in terms of that Mother Linda's parochial agony over the sight of a human body, why are female cheerleading costumes acceptable? Granted, it's not always cleavage, but it IS always legs, especially spread legs, and crotches. Shouldn't we worry over the suggestiveness of a spread crotch? The boys wear trousers. Same thing with figure skating. What's up with that?

Secondly, we have to suppose that Mom will never take her 6-year-old to the beach or park to swim, because much more cleavage than revealed by the VS bra ad will be hanging out there.

Third, what can you say about the psyche of a country that is devastated by the sight of a female nipple on national TV, but apparently thinks little to nothing about allowing our military to blast the nipples (and many other body parts) right off the people in Iraq (oh, I forgot--that's in the name of peace, justice and democracy). In fairness, though, we have to say the media always censors and sanitizes the face of war so as not to threaten the conditioned mindset that a nipple is obscene but war is brave and honorable and true and patriotic.

I pity that 6-year-old.

Sun, 3 Apr '05 Editorial letter: Fitchburg teens say more activities are needed to keep youth drug-free

Response: Holy roller, here we go again.

It also implies, that as long as kids don't violate any conventions of external behavior, they're all OK and everything's right with the world. Reminds of that 'quiet man' that one day picks up an axe and wipes out the family.

Activities are nice, but the idea that lack of it is the driving force to drugs seems a bit platitudinous--and a comfortable explanation for what's happening. It's saying we can't trust what family and society has made of the kids' psyches and biochemistries, but have to keep them distracted so that failure won't show--as drug experimentation or abuse, for example.

Much better if they go down to the mall and walk around in a sea of electromagnetic pollution, eat sweet junk and pizza, swizzle a variety of crapdrinks, and spend the day playing war-, violence-, and horror-based video games. Of course, all along we abuse kids with the legal drugs that Mother and Dr. Frankenstein give them. All this is OK, but don't let 'em touch that EVIL WEED.

No one stops to think that marijuana is a safer drug than aspirin, although it's not recommended for immature systems. Aspirin is freely sold, but shouldn't be recommended for ANY system.

Sat, 2 Apr '05 Syndicated Editorial: Dead wrong doesn't cut it

Response: Scripps Howard almost tells the truth

This is a mixed-message piece whose premise is a belief in the official line of "the way the world is." It bemoans that insufficient cooperation among intelligence agencies has developed, and concludes that [Iran-Contra criminal] John Negroponte must be given the authority to hammer it all together.

Earlier in the piece, though, is a telling statement, saying the intelligence community, not knowing what was going on, decided to tell the administration what it wanted to hear, and "...this supported the Bush administration's predetermined policy positions..." Yes, in other words, it didn't matter to BushCo whether the info was accurate or not, but allowed them to say they proceeded on the "best information" they had, whereas they had already decided to attack Iraq again--but not for any reasons publicly stated. See below.

Fri, 1 Apr '05 Article: Soybean disease, lower prices lead farmers to switch crops

Response: Seems like bad news, but is great

If there's one food crop that should be abandoned by agriculture it's soybeans. In the first place, most soybean plantings are genetically modified. Such creations are called GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, a practice that is fraught with dangers to environmment and health, and whose main objective is to give big corporations such as Aventis and Monsanto patented, monopolistic control of agriculture. For detail on this, see Symptoms7.

Although soy contains some valuable components, overall it is an ill-advised food--especially the hydrolized, isolated, and processed products derived from it, with few exceptions, one being miso, a ferment (but it MUST be organic, not GMO). These health-negative products and ingredients are everywhere these days, including, to its great detriment, the health food venue.

Apart from their inherent negative biochemistry, soy products have zero fiber. Also, products such as tofu putrefy easily in the gut. This is worsened by the fact that many people eat starchy products, such as bread or rice with the protein soy--a recipe for digestive stress. Also, soy is highly "mucoidforming." Mucoid is the sticky, gooey stuff that started out as the slippery, thin, watery mucus--the body's defense against the unwanted--which has become converted to 'glue' by absorbing . It comes out in droves during cold and flu. It also gums up the lower intestines and the body's tissues.

Soy products also are very estrogenic, like many environmental toxins, meaning they disrupt our hormone balance. Yes, a popularized notion is that soy isolates are helpful for hormone balance. That subject is beyond this discussion.

If all that seems bad enough, there's much more. I've included an excellent letter from Neurosurgeon Russel Blaylock, MD, to fill you in on what's even worse about soy.

Fri, 1 Apr '05 Article: Intelligence agencies called 'dead wrong' on prewar Iraq intelligence

Response: Smokescreen to deflect responsibility from the Administration.

Let's be real, folks; this was a presidential commission, much like the 9/11 one, designed to look good, but say nothing—except by what it doesn't say. The story calls the report "unsparing." LOL! Unsparing of the scapegoats. And if intelligence is so bad, just think of the money we've wasted on CIA, which gets something like $30 billion annual, plus what it makes from any of its 50 various front companies, crooked deals like looting the S&L banks with the Bush boys and the Mafia, not to mention its decades-old drug-dealing business.

Truly the kind of bargain Americans are used to from the government, which they allow to sacrifice our young people, and commit murder, genocide and planetary destruction globally.

Two Administration puppets on the panel, retired judge Laurance Silberman and former Sen Charles Robb, co-chairs, made it a point to say they found "no evidence that senior administration officials had sought to change prewar intelligence in Iraq." Note how clever that is. They didn't change the intelligence, but only set an atmosphere were it would come out as desired--and they certainly didn't do that IN Iraq.

Everybody seems to have forgotten the secret committee set up by defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld in 2001. Known as the Office of Special Plans (OSP), it was set up to second-guess CIA intelligence, and operated under the patronage of hardline conservatives at the top of the administration, the Pentagon and at the White House, including Vice-President Dick Cheney. It was headed by Paul Wolfowitz, Abrum Shulsky and Douglas Feith, all Zionazis with connections to the Sharon government and Zionist lobby groups in Washington, like Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (Jinsa) and AIPAC, or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — is now the preeminent power in Washington lobbying.

In 1997, the Jinsa declared: "Jinsa has been working closely with Iraqi National Council leader Dr Ahmad Chalabi to promote Saddam Hussein's removal from office..." Chalabi is the CIA-backed stooge and convicted embezzler at present organising the next "democratic" government in Baghdad. Paul Wolfowitz put the famous "16 words" on the Niger uranium scam into Bush's address.

Another connection: Distrusting Ahmad Chalabi, the CIA helped foil plans to coronate the neocon favorite as Iraq's puppet leader immediately following the fall of Baghdad. CIA agents, in consternation at neocon influence, appear to have repeatedly leaked information about warmongering disinformation to the press. That's why some folks vented on the agency by outing Joseph Wilson's CIA wife. This latest report is the final kick in the pants--but only for overt purposes. The inner covert core of CIA continues to serve Wall Street and the elite, especially with assassinations and drug dealing.

The commission's most stinking recommendation is the one to back John Negroponte, the Iran-Contra criminal slime-bag who helped Reagan & Co, kill 30,000 in Nicaragua, as ambassador to Honduras. Instead of telling Congress what was going on in Central America, the Reagan administration employed the State Department human rights reports, falsified by Negroponte, as instruments to advance policy objectives.

Negroponte was rewarded in 2004 for his bloodlust with an appointment to the Baghdad embassy, where he could oversee more abuse. Now he's been passed as head of national intelligence.

More Iran-Contra history, including info on Otto Reich and Elliot Abrams, with recent cohorts Jesse Helms and Colin Powell.

Easy to see how this story is media-designed to sell more of the same BS to America. Nice summary of neocon future plans.

Fri, 1 Apr '05 Article: Officials say judges set bail too low

Response: Judges have too much power.

Not often I find myself in agreement with Fitchburg Mayor Mylott—or Ward 4 Councilor Straight (gotta love that name), for that matter. It would seem, though, that bail amounts should be commensurate with the charges, perhaps mandated by law in most cases. I'm sure it's a complex issue (involving, for example, the presumption of innocence--something Mylott and Straight seem to despise). But even that's not the real heart of this story.

The fact is, judges have too much power, and many seem to have forgotten they're public servants, not gods. Maybe they get swelled heads when everyone has to rise when they walk into court. What IS up with that, anyway? This man serves me--he should rise when I walk into court, not vice-versa. The whole show is an exercise in elitism, a power game reminiscent of royalty, not the people's venue.

Another issue is that jurors don't seem to understand their power in court. A jury, which IS the people--the ones the judge SERVES--actually has authority over a judge, who is supposed to keep the jury informed on matters of law and control the proceedings--but NOT tell the jury what to think or do otherwise. And a jury, if it feels circumstances require it, can even decide in opposition to the law and what the judge says.

Furthermore, judges get away with all kinds of illegal maneuvers because no one questions or challenges them--much like doctors in hospitals. You come up against a crooked judge, it's a rare situation when another judge is going to come down on him. They protect each other--like doctors do.

Thu, 31 Mar '05 Article: Some Orchard Street residents oppose new homeless shelter

Response: These snob-ass, selfish, not-in-my-back-yard people really take the cake.

Here's a woman, a black woman, even (who has apparently never felt the sting of discrimination), standing in her middle-class neighborhood worrying that a homeless shelter might devalue her precious property and/or bring in those undesirable types that have no place to live, and who might threaten the "safety of the...children."

These are unfortunates--homeless people, not escaped axe murderers. 'scuse me while I vomit.

Thu, 31 Mar '05 Syndicated editorial, Helen Thomas: Recruiters trying to 'sell' parents

Response: BigBro wants to get the arms and legs blown off your kid too.

It would be one thing if wars were fought around some issue of justice, freedom, and so on. But these are just 'fronts' to get people to go along with elite bloodlust and tactics: ongoing war, genocide, power manipulations and unimaginable profits to the "blow-it-up/fix-it-up" cabal: General Dynamics, GE, Lockheed-Martin, Bechtel, Halliburton, Dyncorp, and so on, all of which is underpinned by the biggest criminals of all, the international bankers, mainly the House of Rothschild and its filthy spawn the Rockefeller banking empire--controllers of the CIA.

The "political capital" gained subsequent to 9/11, but before the IraqAttack lies were exposed, has begun to dissolve. So the bloodsuckers are having to step up recruitment as more people balk at this. Recruiters are playing the heavy cards: "duty" and "what it means to be a soldier."

A major recruting offensive is planned for the heartland--a grassroots campaign for young bodies, using luncheon speeches at Rotary and Kiwanis clubs, both rife with members brainwashed by America-the-Great psyop PR.

Army Secretary Francis Harvey says the "D" word is farthest from his mind. But you can rest assured we already have a draft based on economic desperation, a situation manipulated into being by the elite. And, if needed, the hard draft won't be far behind.

Perhaps the most spin-revealing statement in this piece was that of Lt. Col Joe Richard, a DOD spokesperson, who said that the big reason for the drop in recruiting is the improving domestic job picture...

Thu, 31 Mar '05 Article: Americans' nuclear fears remain; most say no one should have them--not even US

Response: Apart from the grammar error in the title--holy crap!

Not EVEN the holy, righteous, land of the free, which is the only government ever to have used them? The government that continues to develop new nuke weapons? The government that feels justified in using "tactical nukes" against "terrorist bunkers"? How long will people continue to knuckle under this imperial BS psyop?

What folks don't seem to understand about nukes is that the elite has seen to the spread of these things from the outset, and manipulate people with the fear. Remember the bomb shelters of the '50s? Listening for that siren?

I believe it was elite-servant Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld who greatly exaggerated USSR's nuke capacity so we'd build more--big money maker. Since WW II, US has spent $20 trillion on machines of death, and 5 trillion of that on nukes alone.

In the largest military buildup since the Vietnam War, the Bush administration has a five-year plan to increase military spending until the 2007 military budget becomes an astounding $451 billion.

This colossal amount does not include the enormous budget of the Central Intelligence Agency allocated from both "official" and undisclosed sources to finance its covert operations. According to Jane's Defense Weekly, the total FY 2003 intelligence budget was "an estimated $38 billion" (13 percent of Russia's GDP). This amount excludes the multibillion dollar earnings from narcotics accruing to CIA shell companies and front organizations.

Welcome to your sleepwalking, propaganda-fed nightmare.

Thu, 31 Mar '05 Feature: Annie's Mailbox--advice column: Diabetic husband's eating worries wife.

Response: Excellent demo of health ignorance.

Woman married to "wonderful man" who's diabetic but won't tow the dietary line, and "guzzles soft drinks" (misnomer--nothing soft about these poisons). Wife wants him to drink diet sodas with artificial sweeteners. Yikes! These substances, such as aspartame (Nutra Sweet) and sucralose (Splenda) cause all kinds of trouble, including diabetes. The real sin--doctors go along with this crap.

Wed, 30 Mar '05 Article: Silt runs into Lake Shirley

Response: The gods have provided us with the epitome of official doublespeak.

"Rain causes problem, not Target developers," says the subhead to the story of how silt from a massive retail development project has tainted the local lake--for the second time. Our local environmental inspector, Matthew Marro says it was Mother Nature, and not developers, to blame for this runoff into a feeder brook (the previous time, drainage basins "malfunctioned." This time "There was just too much water," Marro declares, what with snow melting and a big rainstorm--both surprising weather conditions in New England.

Damn! Our pesky Mother has dared to interfere in another human-stupidity project by raining too hard on the pile of crap created by "even the best engineering." This is a lesson in "begging the question." That question being whether this project should even happen. If we weren't exploiting and raping the land in the first place for greed and "upscale shopping," would the silt have overcome the silt fences put there by silt creators?

And, had the argument been made against the stupid project that it was too close to the brook and lake in the first place, developer Gregg Lisciotti (who "truly feels bad," as he wipes his tears with $100 dollar bills) would have argued, and convinced the butt-kissing Planning Board with pretty plan drawings that proper precautions would be taken to prevent runoff. See, the greedmongers couldn't even wait til after the snow melted to start this insanity.

Wed, 30 Mar '05 Article: Study: Teens commit fewer crimes

Response: Interesting contrast to the official lament about young drug abuse.

The ways in which kids "are doing better than their parents did," according to the Foundation for Child Decelopment and the Child Well Being Index: They take fewer drugs, commit fewer crimes, and have fewer babies. Surprising. Current news gives nearly the opposite impression.

The type of "drugs" is not given (i.e., street or 'the kind that Mother gives you'). And the only things holding back even more sterling statistics are "huge increases in obesity, and an increase in young people living in poverty and in single-parent homes.

There seems to be some propaganda on one side of this fence.

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