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The power elite's deep manipulation and control of human societies.


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People sometimes ask, when hearing about the elite and its MO how could any group develop such control and have such ruthlessness. The view you are about to read here has been offered by only one person I'm aware of: David Icke. At least, he seems to be the first, and others have followed.

The hypothesis is simply this: A large amount of evidence suggests that the Earth has been visited for ages by beings of highly advanced technology. They might be called extra-terrestrials. Evidence for visitations/habitation by such beings exists in many places in the form of structures and designs well beyond the capacities of humans to achieve at the time. One such example is a place in Lebanon called Baalbek, northeast of Beirut.

There, three massive chinks of stone weighing 800 tons each were moved at least a third of a mile and placed high in a wall, and this was done thousands of years BC. Another block nearby weighs 1,000 tons—as much as three jumbo jets. Such weight could not even be moved today with conventional technology. There are many more examples.

In addition to the extra-terrestrial idea, there is also the idea that some 'aliens' might be interdimensional, i.e., not just from another place, but another dimension of existence that we have no way to sense. Icke says that this kind of being has been visiting here for eons, and that they have formed the basis of the Elite brotherhood and some interbreeding with humans.

...more to come. Meanwhile, see recommended reading for some Icke books to read.


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