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Ways to support the innate ability of the bodymind to heal itself. Supporting the wellness of Earth is necessary as well, since human and planetary health are interdependent.


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The information provided here is for educational purposes only.

While Peter G. Tocci, aka Gemini Press, would not knowingly publish false information or exaggerated claims, I cannot vouch for the reliability, integrity or safety of any product, service or other information utilized by others. You are advised to consult a health care professional before putting any procedure or regimen to practice, or any product to use, which you intend as remedy for, or prevention of, any illness.

Holistic Health Literature

Writings dealing with a Holistic view of health. providing practical information, theory, and interesting facts. Among other things, this view suggests and supports the idea that conventional medical theory (what I call sciomedicine) and the common cultural beliefs it has created, perpetuate and worsen illness (even some "alternative" approaches have this effect). Perhaps the main reason for the general impotence of the sciomeds in helping people achieve wellness is its focus on the effects of disease - its symptoms - rather than on underlying causes.

My aversion to the medical orthodoxy has arisen in the fertile soil of study, not mere opinion. I'm a living medical experiment and would be dead without sciomedical crisis intervention. However, therein lies what I feel is the only demonstrated value of sciomedicine - crisis intervention itself. Here, it is brilliant.

However, a major problem is the means of crisis intervention (drugs/surgery, etc.) are being applied routinely as attempted cures in instances where wellness protocols would better serve. Such abuse frequently leads, sooner or later, to new symptomologies which then require more lucrative crisis intervention—not to mention research. There is far more money in research and ineffective treatment than in any cure which might be found.

Also, the flaws inherent in conventional medical philosophy—the specific disease doctrine, for example—underlie many of society's habitual assumptions about health, and thus our behavior. This in itself gives rise to medical/health crises, because it undermines health awareness, thus wellness. It is, as author Ivan Illich puts it, a "Medical Nemesis." And I conclude, as he does, that sciomedicine is not only useless for restoring and maintaining wellness, but is a serious threat to well being.

Holistic Health Literature

Articles on Health Care Reform and Vaccination

Know anything about the lost chapter in the history of biology?
Convinced that AIDS is caused by a virus, incurable or universally fatal?
Brief Summaries:

  • The Dark Closet of Medical Biology
  • HIV/AIDS - A Preposterous Theory

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