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Editing and Writing

(Other terms may be negotiated if appropriate)

These services include editing existing material and writing new material using your notes and guidelines. This means making textual adjustments and creating text for readability, flow, consistency, cohesiveness, and other essential aspects of written communication, including spelling and grammar.

Material can be tailored for a target audience (for example a general audience or one with background in the subject) and for different levels of reading and comprehension skills. There is a flat fee of $40 to assess material for acceptance. This may be waived if the situation warrants. After the job has begun, time spent conferring about details is charged at the normal rate. Rates may be discounted for large jobs.

Ordinary Material

Rate = $35/hr.

Advanced, Highly Specialized or Technical Material

Rate = $50/hr


Holistic Health Information
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A collection of practical and philosphical health information. The philosphical emphasis is intended to balance unhelpful mental habits created by the influence of orthodox medical information in education and the mass media.

Package consists of 3 booklets and several letter-size sheets. It is included with the consultation fee for clients who begin the Regimen.

Contact Peter for information on how to obtain.

FREE SAMPLE: Premise For Discussion of Health Issues
[PDF Download] [Mac - 42k] [PC - 30k]



1) Holism and Your Health - 20 pages
An introduction to a Holistic perspective on wellness. It contains the following:

  • Premise For Discussion of Health Issues
    Brief argument that publicized assessments of health care reform are dangerous to health.

  • Introduction to Holistic Health
    A conceptual view of Holism and Holistic health

  • Health in a Nutshell
    Summary of the essence of wellbeing

  • The Liver
    Info on this miraculous organ and its role in wellness

  • Outline: Positive Community Potentials for Holistic Health
    How the adoption of the Holistic approach will benefit many areas of society

  • A Note of Emphasis
    Brief statement of opposition to animal experimentation in health research

2) Wellness Protocol - 24 pages
Nuts and bolts instructions for cleansing and dietary regimen, and for making transitions comfortably from old habits to new. Also contains:

  • Liver/Gallbladder Flush
    How to clean these two vital organs as a major step in healing and prevention

  • Summary Guideline for a Low-Stress Diet
    Capsule guide to eating for life

3) Earth Medicine - 16 pages
Native American healing wisdom, which forms the basis of my wellness practice. Describes the philosophy and use of clay, water, grass juice, and probiotic bacteria.


  • Outline of Holistic Health
    Introduction to Holistic Health in outline form (2 pp)

  • Food Combination Chart
    How to banish digestive stress caused by food itself (1 p)

  • Liver/Gallbladder Flush
    How to clean these two vital organs as a major step in healing and prevention (1 p)

  • Summary Guideline for a Low-Stress Diet
    Capsule guide to eating for life (1 p)

  • Reflections on Immunization
    Brief statement about why this practice is useless and dangerous (1 p)

Other Writings
Letter-size, Bound or Stapled

  • The Dark Closet of Medical Biology
    A major missing chapter in the history of biology (2 pp)

  • A Finger on the Magic: Antoine Béchamp, Genius of the 19th Century
    Major essay on the discoveries and historical "assassination" of one of the greats of biology and medicine (21 pp)

  • Surrender to Well Being
    More detailed essay on Holism and Holistic Health (20 pp)

  • Reference Reading List for Surrender to Well Being
    What it says (free with essay).

  • Summary of Alternative Views on AIDSyndrome
    The major facts, in outline form, disputing HIV as cause (2 pp.)

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Holistic Health Information

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