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Note: Power Elite
If you are new to the idea of the "Power Elite," the
Elite Symptoms series discusses events that reflect its agenda. Most of the world's major chaos is symptomatic of elite influence and control.

For a fairly short overview/summary, see Elite Agenda and M-O.

Here is a much deeper analysis [off-site link, new window]. Though not as deep as things get, this one has some good documentation (but flaws as well). Even with flaws, however, it serves well as an overview for people breaking into the conspiratorial view of history, and as a 'working hypothesis' for those who wish to explore an aspect or two on their own.

Be aware that there are varying views on the nature and scope of the Elite. For example, the preceding link says they've been active for about a hundred years, whereas others say centuries, even thousands of years. I hold the latter view.

THE ULTIMATE ATROCITIES - The Slow-Genocide Agenda
Chemtrail sprays from aircraft have been and are being dispensed into the Earth's atmosphere for a number of horrific reasons, including using the Earth itself as a weapon.

BEYOND TREASON a stupendous video documentation of US government and military abuse and experimentation on men and women in uniform. Not to mention egregious poisoning of civilians and the entire planet with depleted uranium and numerous chemicals.
Deep gratitude to William Lewis, the director (and to Power Hour) for permission to use the video on the show beginning in Jan '06 and running for six episodes.

ALL wireless technology is health, life, and planet negative. Everything from cell phones to WiFi networks and games. Technofascination and addiction with deadly consequences. Most critics talk about the phones themselves, but the towers are a bigger threat, because they run 24/7 and saturate the entire environment. The only known safe dose of microwave radiation is ZERO. Don't be fooled by "power limits."

Genetically Modified Organisms, or plants and animals grown using genes foreign to them and ending up in the food chain. A truly satanic conspiracy to generate illness and destroy independent agriculture.

**Radical Communion is now in reruns only. But it's still highly relevant, and the need to put society's chaos into the perspective of "Elite manipulation" has never been more critical. There are 62 shows in all—three "seasons" and one special series about vaccines.

Show Overview

I produce a TV show on LATV, the local access station of my home town, Leominster, Mass. It's 'syndicated' on sister-city Fitchburg's local station, FATV. It's called Radical Communion, employing the correct definition of "radical," not its corrupted, popular usage.

The purpose of the show is to present, in a Holistic format, information about health, business, politics, history, and philosophy. Information is presented that people are not likely to get unless they actively seek it, because most of it rarely appears in the mainstream media, and some never does. Even that which is presented is not put into proper perspective. Also, important info fades quickly from our attention span under the steamroller of daily news.

Part of the Holistic view in human health is that so-called 'diseases' are symptoms of underlying imbalances (which remain neglected by conventional medicine). The show's premise is that a comparable scenario exists in society/politics, wherein almost all the chaos, threats and challenges encountered by humanity on this plane are direct or indirect symptoms of a major imbalance: the mostly covert (neglected by the media and the people) manipulation and control of society by an international cabal of obscenely wealthy, ruthless, power-wielding elitists, or internationalists.

Two areas of special interest for the show are the inherent antithesis between widespread wellness and conventional medicine, and the inside job that was 9/11.

There is an overall elite agenda of global control, supported by the tactics, or M-O for advancing it. Major elite operatives are usually public figures holding legitimate occupations, political office, citizenships, and religious affiliation, while the real power remains mostly out of sight.

RC is a look at history and current events not generally offered in school or on the news. The elite's effect is perhaps sensed or even partially understood by many, but not seen in sufficient detail to understand the 'model' and recognize major deceptions—such as 9-11/War on Terror, for example. Some revelations can be disruptive to cherished beliefs and even rather frightening (such as orchestrated infectious epidemics), and so are often simply denied by people in favor of the more comfortable illusion. It's not my intention to frighten, however, but to raise awareness and concern. Fear is a tool of the Elite.

However, the situation now is such that the longer we continue with the status quo and remain distracted by comfort, convenience, sports, entertainment, and shopping, the more devastating will be the moment of truth.

The overall scenario of 9/11, then Patriot/Homeland, then war, so closely resembles Hitler's burning of the Reichstag and blaming it on terrorists, then Enabling Act, then war, it's almost like the same people planned both. In fact, it's the same elite M-O, and certainly some of the same bloodlines. Other scams along this line include the Battleship Maine, Gulf of Tonkin incident, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11.

The Dept. of Homeland Security, headed by Israeli-US joint citizen Michael Chertoff, is accountable to the President only (which way the power goes is also in question). Its entire dealings are secret. It operates with impunity. And it has the power to control local police and authorities, who, in their ignorance, may defend the corrupt system before the people.

When the National Identity Card act (NICA) is passed, the Posse Comitatus Act is overturned, and other forms of repressive legislation are approved, the White House will have acquired greater control over the American people than the Kremlin could exert when Stalin was alive. In addition, a military system of internal spying is being installed.

An additional step may be to microchip the population, which is beginning now with pets and kids, but will, if not resisted, expand to everyone and everything. It's what David Icke calls "tiptoe totalitarianism." And if you ask me, microchipping people is the first step to making cyborgs of us.

The volume of criminal operations and funds stolen have exceeded mind boggling numbers. One small example: At least two $trillion is simply missing from DOD and HUD--and no one's even looking for it. Many more trillions have been stolen by creating 'crises' that need to be met by military spending (20 $trillion since 1945).

Awareness is the key. Sufficiently widespread, awareness takes on a 'mind of its own' and can facilitate sweeping changes via the collective mind. The Elite, who depend upon popular ignorance and entrained behavior, fear exposure greatly, which is why they control the media and re-write mainstream history.

There's enough of our fast-dwindling system left to work in our favor, but not without our close attention. The erosion of the Bill of Rights could soon reach the point of no return. But even with it, the system is rigged to cover Elite crime—witness the phony Kean Commission 9/11 Report. Like the Warren and Tower Commissions—pure varnish.

The main reason for covert control is that when people think they're free and conforming to healthy normality they go along like lemmings--sheeple. This is why we've been sold the "American Dream." Overt control tends to breed resistance. As we speak, though, America's constitution is being gutted, and infrastructure is being put into place to manage by force and detention if need be. We need to get under that wire—for the kids' sake.

Control mechanisms preserve the immunity of high-level perpetrators—to exposure, arrest, indictment or worse. But these tactics work because most Americans have been too 'sheltered' and distracted by their comfort zones, even mind-controlled, to stand up in large numbers, resist the fascism, and force the system to work.

Some control mechanisms are even 'alternative' news operations themselves — 'controlled opposition' — who purport to expose the truth. They deal with the daily drama, or symptoms of elite influence, but never get to the fundamentals, preferring instead to focus on operatives such as BushCo.

Examples of control groups are, in my opinion, TruthOut, MoveOn, and True Majority. All Bush-bashers and generally Democrat huggers, they give the false impression that the Democrats, even Progressive Democrats, will save us; whereas elite manipulation has proceeded for centuries no matter who is in power or what the form of government.

There is well-considered 'speculation' among researchers that a huge energy crisis (real or orchestrated), probably accompanied by a great war, will be the means of propulsion to the final stages of global domination. World War may be preceded by a breakdown in the global financial system prompted by criminal financial excesses and the crash of the dollar.

This will precipitate such a survival crisis and consequent chaos, that detention of large numbers of people (concentration camps) may be deemed necessary. Such facilities are being readied under guise of emergency needs. This is one reason why they want to take away the people's guns, even though they're no match, should the circumstance arise, for full armed, vehicle supported, miltary assault groups.

In re guns: here is a perfect example of an elite misdirection. Columbine and other recent mad shootings are blamed on guns, whereas, in every case the shooters were on Prozac, which, like other drugs of it's type (SSRI), short circuits brain function, resulting in random violence. Yes, the guns played a role, but Doctor Frankenstein's drug was the director — this is omited from the politically correct knee-jerk reaction. Based on such incidents, there's a move to remove guns from the hands of responsible citizens. While I don't favor violence, should an overtly oppressive fascist situation arise in America, people need the right to protect themselves from the federal government - one purpose of state militias.

So, if we do nothing, it's like not moving out of the way of an oncoming bus. And it's closer than you might think. The American Dream is, if not over, listening to the fat lady warm up.

If we don't 'cut our losses' now, make the necessary sacrifices of convenience, comfort, and consumer 'niceties' (the means of enslavement) in order to conserve energy and curb pollution, we could easily wake up to America the Third World, with many people getting a taste of what has been inflicted on other countries — poverty, disease, starvation and death. During the '70's gas crisis, people were ready to shoot each another for a gallon of gas. Wait 'til it's also food, water, and heating fuel. Even wealth - even gold - could turn out to be useless in a nasty scenario.

If there's one thing I've learned we can be sure of, it's that the elite will not bat an eyelash if a few billion people die.

On Radical Communion, I attempt to show how elite manipulation gives rise to common concerns. For example, people are on a merry-go-round of revolving illness, facing soaring health care costs and local fiscal crises. Also, international peace seems always out of reach. Both disturbances are caused and aggravated by the same influence, just as heart disease and endometriosis arise from the same imbalances in the body. Another example is that the people who profit most from war and weaponry, conspire to create the conflicts. I call it the 'blow-it-up, fix-it-up syndrome.'

For many people, however, there is no fixing up. Here are two examples of the birth defects happening in Iraq due to depleted uranium munitions (the waste output of nuke power plants), which have been used in Kosovo and Afghanistan as well. Most Americans have no idea of the extent of misery being inflicted--the news will just not carry it.

From 1991, US has waged four nuke wars with DU munitions, poisoning not only our own troops, but a major portion of the world--where much of the oil is (and heroin route). The U.S. has used more DU since 1991 than the atomicity equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki bombs. These monstrous birth defects are happening in the Middle East and in American families poisoned by their own government. The final insult is that many vets have to go begging. Around 20,000 have died very unpleasantly since coming home from Desert Storm.

Meanwhile at home, the kids are being poisoned mercilessly by our way of life: our despoiled environment, our food system, by medicine, vaccinations, and so on. Many parents don't see this out of conditioned unawareness. My co-host, Jack Celli's daughter was poisoned at two months of age by a vaccine, and has been having seizures for 11 years.

I just can't sit in silence and simply go on with daily life. Letters to the editor, etc are useful, but not enough. There's so much mental inertia. So I decided on the show; but I can't do what really needs to be done without support from somewhere.

With the show now (8/17/05) in summer re-runs (13 half-hour episodes), feedback has been strongly positive. I realize I'm not going to save the world with my little show, but that's no reason not to do it. But who knows. You never know who's listening. Some of you may feel it's already too late, that this is futile, and so on.

But certainly, if we sit back and do nothing except run our daily lives and continue our consumer addictions, or even merely fight the lesser dramas and "causes" designed to keep us preoccupied, we will deserve what we get. The elite count on us to fold, to go along, to remain as fodder for the ongoing slow genocide, while our young are sacrificed to fill coffers lurking behind waving flags and patriotic platitudes.



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