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Sat, 12 Nov '05 Article: Remembering a local hero

Response: One of a spate of articles on Veteran's Day.

It is widely felt that ceremonies and remembrances are the best way to honor soldiers, especially those who die in battle. There's a walkway in the local park lined with bricks that have vets names on them. People wax emotional over the courage, service, and sacrifice of vets, as well they should, and say, 'where would we be without our vets?'

"What a great way to celebrate as a community," said Leominster Councilor John Salvatelli in an article about the walkway. Indeed, celebrants then return home knowing they've done their duty and the good and right thing.

You can call me a party pooper, a commie, a traitor, or anything you want, but I suggest that the best way to honor soldiers is to pay sufficient attention to what's going on in the world, so they are not sacrificing themselves in conflicts based upon false pretenses. That's most wars.

Some people might not like to hear this, but it's not intended to, nor does it, detract from the service of the soldiers. It is really intended to remind us celebrants, who they served, that maybe we let them down by not paying attention, by being sold a bill of goods from the people who create war on purpose for "fun and profit." Of course, they bear some responsibility too, as citizens, to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies.

The best moment in the Remembering piece, which is about a Lt Colonel Albert Larson who flew bombing missions over Germany in WW II. Larson returned to Germany many years later, remembering some of the places he bombed. "He went to some of the bomb sites, and talked to the people there. And he apologized."

He apologized probably because he felt he had to do that awful thing for a good cause. Or, maybe he had realized that some of that bombing was unnecessary--Dresden comes to mind. However, what would have been his feeling if this compassionate man had come to realize that WW II was planned and executed by a relatively few bankers, financiers, and industrialists who threw Hitler at the world and turned themselves into billionaires on the blood of innocents? Or if he had learned that FDR facilitated Pearl Harbor and let it happen?

So the question is, which is better, having these ceremonies of remembrance or seeing through the deception and having loved ones alive and well to celebrate life.

Sat, 12 Nov '05 Article: FBI whistleblower runs for Congress

Response: One of the people the 9/11 Commission ignored.

Colleen Rowley testified before Congress that FBI higher-ups rewrote agents' request for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to search the home and computer of alleged 20th hijacker Zacharias Moussaoui, the Al Qaeda suspect who was detained in August 2001. The rewrite made it inevitable that a judge would have to decline their request. This was the only FISA warrant request, out of many thousands over previous years, that was ever denied!

FBI top Al Qaeda expert John O'Neill, who died in the WTC in his new job as chief of security there, resigned from the FBI for a similar reason--higher ups preventing him from following up on leads involving Saudi Arabia.

It is said that Moussaoui's computer had details of the 9/11 plot in it.

Another interesting thing about this piece is that Rowley is being criticized in her preliminary campaign for telling the truth as she sees it, instead of focusing on the issues "her constituents are concerned about," such as education. In other words, instead of being educated, they want to talk about being educated.

Saying we were lied into war and that there are ongoing deceptions is questioned as to whether it's "smart politics." Says a lot for what politics has become in the land of the free.

Fri, 11 Nov '05 Article: Congress looking at curbing some powers in Patriot Act

Response: Good, but this glimmer of sanity is unlikely to save us from our fear.

Fear, a wonderful thing that the elite know how to manipulate by planning and executing 9/11 and creating the phony war on terror. We ask our soldiers to go and die in contrived wars to save us from fear, and we're now surrendering freedom to save us from it. The Patriot Act should instead be called Ye Olde Protection Racket.

Certainly this article, and apparently most Americans, don't even consider that the terror threat, like most wars, was created by those who purport to protect us from it and is being used to advance the elite Agenda of total control of every aspect of our lives and behavior.

This article speaks of shaving off some of the worst aspects, such as allowing the FBI to spy on everyone without having any evidence. But most of the fascist provisions are about to become 'permanent.'

Though civil libertarians warn, the Justice Dept contends that no abuses have occurred. Not only is this a lie, but it's not the point. Naturally, the pigs are not going to widely abuse before they get all the provisions they want, and before the law becomes permanent.

The point is, the potential for egregious abuse is there. The point is, it's UN-American to give up what the country stands for out of fear. And these oppressive provisions for allowing FBI to know when you take a dump, are for the purpose of indexing citizens whose profiles show they might have an independent thought, and therefore be a threat to authority.

And as the police state emerges in America while the middle class is being destroyed, we frogs in the kettle are just cozying up to that hot water of total slavery.

Fri, 11 Nov '05 Article: US trade deficit hits all-time high

Response: Hey, we're Americans, we ain't gonna let that slow us down--build another shopping mall!

It just jumped to 66.1 $billion. Some of this was due to rising oil prices. But few people realize that our Conehead-consumer obsession, when combined with importing the slave-sourced 'bargains' we love to buy at the criminal chain stores who thrive on slavery, threatens to do in the economy. In fact, it would already be done in if it were not being held up artificially.

Yes more shopping, that's what we need--more, wait...more UPSCALE retail, as we hear the local paper parroting ad nauseam. They even did a whole page on just how UPSCALE a new downtown lounge/restaraunt is going to be, and whether Fitchburg is ready for UPSCALE.

Hey, didn't you get it? Leominster has gone UPSCALE, and Fitchburg is soon to follow.

But first they have to hire more gendarmes to shoo the rabble off the street and even arrest them for yelling, so the good and decent UPSCALE folk can come downtown in their 315 horsepower UPSCALE Infinitis and disembark unimpeded by the sight of society's failures to all the new UPSCALE establishments, such as boutiques and new SPORTS bars so desperately needed for Fitchburg's IMAGE.

And then everyone can sit around and be so, oh, I don't know... UPSCALE.

Fri, 11 Nov '05 Article: Emergency crews contain chemical spill

Response: But the scam underlying the crisis continues.

A vat of fluorosilicic acid leaked 750 gallons. This is an industrial waste that the chemical industry has convinced people, via the Amercian Dental Ass'n, protects teeth.

But the real beauty of this piece is the revelation that the leak was caused by a worker who "tripped on the pipe leading from the storage tank." Nice to know such solid equipment is in place to protect workers from a substance that can cause "burns and respiratory problems."

Fortunately, it as contained in a cement area, and poses no public threat.

No threat, that is, until deluded public officials put it in the drinking water. It really is a challenge to pick the absolutely dumbest thing society embraces. But putting industrial waste in the water has to be right up there (along with putting mercury in people's teeth). What's worse, this is backed by so-called science (see below Sat, 5 Nov '05 Article: Kerry says 'science under attack').

As we should well know, science has been bought by vested interest before, and industries have been shown on repeated occasions knowingly to poison people. The science underlying fluoridation is suspect. The list of side effects from fluoride has been falsely minimized or completely concealed in the mainstream by fluoride promoters. But the side effects are well documented.

The health effects of fluorine compounds have been so severe that previously approved medications containing high-grade Fluorine compounds have been removed from the market by the FDA. That says a lot. FDA has also required that all toothpaste manufacturers print a warning on the label that if more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste is swallowed, the local Poison Control Center should be notified.

Really, how much longer will people buy into this crap? We just sit around like a bunch of moron sheeple while criminals stick it to us and laugh all the way to the bank.

Fri, 11 Nov '05 Headline: Open space plan facing hurdles

Response: The Heart of Stupidness.

Something called 'a fairly new recreational task force' is hoping to change land designated as open space into sports fields. Nothing against sports per se here, but could anything be less brilliant and more American--in the sense of suicide for fun?

This 'task force' was "given the duty of looking for land to place more athletic fields..." (but the article doesn't say given by whom).

If Americans overcame, even by 25%, their obsession with sports, and turned that attention to what's going on in the world, we might be able to hand a decent future down to the very kids these sports facilities are supposed to benefit.

The wisest remark in this piece comes from Matt Marro, a Conservation Agent and engineer in the Leominster Water Dept: "...these special areas were put in place for a reason, because they need protection, and we can't ignore that all of a sudden because we're inconvenienced."

I'd add that a good part of the inconvenience comes from being already overdeveloped in the area, and from not controlling population growth. If we don't get these things under control, how many sports fields are we going to need in another couple of decades?

Hey, here's an idea. Why don't we put the sports field on the deeply poisoned former junk-yard land where the Wal-Mart was going to be built? Oh gasp! This would consume precious commercial/industrial land for a relatively silly thing like sports! Can't do that.

Nope, much better to turn as yet unraped land into places to kick and bat balls around. Keeps the kids out of trouble. Teaches 'em teamwork and all that. Makes heroes out of some, too. Brings the bear, deer, and moose into town as well.

Wait, though, how about looking around instead for land to turn into big community farms, including permaculture, and set the kids doing that instead? Naaahhh! Where's the beer and pretzels in that?

When the day comes that we see that fields of food are much more important to create that fields of sports, we will have learned.

Thu, 10 Nov '05 Article: Principal wounded in deadly school shooting praised as hero

Response: No question there, but the question is...

The question that should be immediately asked in the face of this and any other "inexplicable" act of violence: Was the kid on, or had he been on, any of Dr. Frankenstein's psychotropic drugs, such as Prozac, Zoloft, or even Ritalin?

Thu, 10 Nov '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: Dodging the bird-flu bullet

Response: More phony bird-flu paranoia.

This mind-bending "potential pandemic" is BS on several levels. First, there is every likelihood the virus is a lab job released to generate mania. Second, the mania becomes a cash cow for the pharma industry. Third, the government can use this excuse to do a practice run of martial law. Fourth the vaccine and Tamiflu (at around $100/box) are poisonous and useless against the flu.

The best way to defend against the flu is to maintain health. But in order to do that, we have to reject 90% of what we embrace as the great and wonderful society--laced with chemical poisons, awash with the output of poison industrial agriculture and hotpocket crapfood from the food processing industry, and threatened to its core by conventional, Frankensteinian, pharma-controlled medicine.

As often happens, this piece also takes advantage of the opportunity to convey propaganda in passing: "Vaccines can be dangerous for a small percentage of patients, and that means potential law suits." Small percentage, you say? Well, yes, if you restrict the definition sufficiently to make it look that way. But some anti-vax activists will tell you many more people are damaged than is revealed.

This is because the people with the money will not do the long-term research needed to demonstrate safety or not.

Wed, 9 Nov '05 Syndicated editorial: Bill Press: Heading in the wrong direction

Response: If he only knew, or would say, just how wrong.

This is a good piece by Press, and an effective counterpoint to the BS tsunami offered up by Scripps Howard's Jay Ambrose last Sun, 6 Nov. In dealing with the details of White House lies and the Senate Intelligence Committee's tepid response to them, Press explains clearly why Minority Leader Reid did the right thing invoking Rule 21, forcing the Senate into closed session.

Press calls the panderers after power who referred to Reid's move as a "stunt," a bunch of crybabies, and this is another right thing to do.

Of course, one can wonder, without being accused of paranoia, whether some bargaining was going on about what would be exposed and who would be taking the rap. Which brings us to the part about "just how wrong" our direction is. Press is referring to going beyond intelligence hearings, saying it's time to impeach BushCo.

Bill doesn't seem to see that Bush is not the problem, rather the elite are; so that even though getting rid of this cabal is necessary, unless we perceive and understand the wider theater in which such criminality infiltrates the government, we'll continue to experience varying degrees of the same old same old.

Sun, 6 Nov '05 Special Feature: Sound Off: Question of the week: Do you think there has been too much retail development in Leominster? Why or why not?

Response: Even those smart enough to say yes don't seem to understand.

Of course, the Conehead Americans who live for drop-shopping think it's just grand--and give us more. After all, landfills are filling up too slowly, and we need to generate methane from them.

The folks who correctly say yes, we've gone overboard, do have good reasons. But the biggies are left out. Common reasons are mostly of the 'selfish' category, such as long-term costs to the city, crummy-type jobs, big traffic increases, quality of life going down, consumption of potential industrial land, and strain on resources and infrastructure.

The latter two items are of the less-selfish category, because they touch on the worst aspects of this kind of development. The major one is the energy-intensiveness of them, from the first machine to break ground, to the lighting, heating, and plowing of these facilities--all this in the face of impending energy crisis is suicidal stupidity.

Secondly, we're doing business with ruthless corporatists who exploit slave-labor pools and facilitate countries sucking jobs out of America (this is also energy-stupid because of the enormous shipping that must happen for importation). Thirdly, we are worsening the trade deficit by orders of magnitude, which is one of several situations threatening to collapse the economy. Fourth, a great deal of the crap being bought is not payed for, but is acquired on credit, which adds to the mound of debt--something in the vicinity of 35 trillion--threatening to bury us.

Last, but not least, a huge percentage of these products are toxic, both in their composition and the chemicals they 'breathe off.'

Here's an excellent piece on this issue.

Sun, 6 Nov '05 Syndicated editorial: Jay Ambrose: Sen. Reid lets country down

Response: Prime example of how the indefensible can be defended with clever rhetoric (aka blatant lies).

This is perhaps elite butt-kisser Ambrose's most shameful outing ever. Here, he tries to discredit Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid for poking the Senate Intelligence Committee, which has been dragging its heels in the investigation of the WMD lies about Iraq. The investigation was authorized 20 months ago, and came to a screeching halt in July 2004, after delay tactics prior to the election.

The Jayster blames Reid for being "ultra dramatic in furthering the theory that the Bush admin lied us into war." Quite a wild theory, that. And not significant enough to be concerned about, really--just be laid back as the blood and billions spill.

Maybe if Ambrose had a kid blown apart over there on false pretenses he wouldn't be so smug. And he has shown repeatedly that he has no inkling of the sneaky intrigue behind the 15-year ongoing devastation of that country by the elite, via its DC operatives and clandestine handservants.

I can't waste much more time on this asshole. But here's a great example of his clever and misleading manipulation of facts: He says, "Reid cannot be so stupid as not to know that many Democrats have stated publicly there were WMD in Iraq."

1) Those comments come in two categories: a) comments long ago, before the UNSCOM inspection that virtually eliminated them all (then followed by the el Baradei inspection that found nothing), as reported loudly before the war by Scott Ritter, who led the team; and b) comments also based upon the phony data that was being spun by the Bush white house, the OSP and WHIG prior to the '03 aggression.

2) It doesn't matter what was thought or said anyway, the point was that the inspection process was truncated by the coming attack, which plan was in the can even before Bush took office. Inspections could have solved the whole problem, without the bloody mess and destruction of the land and cities.

When we face the fact that the plan was to destroy Iraq, not democratize it, we will have grown up.

See also: Mon, 31 Oct '05 Article: Saddam accepted secret exile offer

Sun, 6 Nov '05 Article: 'Smart growth' for Lunenburg

Response: Just trying to feed the retail beast?

Smart growth is a state "initiative" (plot) to "encourage" (bribe) communities to build "affordable" housing.

Nowhere in this piece is the term affordable housing defined. Nor is the possibility mentioned that since we're already overgrown, there can be no such thing as smart growth. There might be less stupid, or even minimally stupid, growth, but not smart.

The ultimate goal behind this development is to feed the retail beast that's targeting this area as a relief valve for the supreme congestion that's been created just to the east by the same policies pursued by local officials and businesspeople here. This is based upon the rigged economic system of debt/inflation/growth, manipulated markets (not free), and fiat currency that is designed to steal the people's wealth, and that depends upon Earth in liquidation.

The smart thing to do would be to stop this process, control population, and learn how to prosper without growth. Because what are we going to do for prosperity when space and resources run out?

Sun, 6 Nov '05 Op Ed: Michael Fumento: Breast cancer and false hope over Herceptin

Response: So let's have another walk for the cure.

Fumento says he'd have to write three columns a day to keep up with drug hypes, so he was going to let this one pass. It was a report in NEJM that said breast cancer had been cured with the advent of Herceptin (or was that Deceptin?)

But then he realized it's "horribly cruel to the 215,000 women who will contract breast cancer this year.

Apparently, he's not aware that this is just the tip of the iceberg of cruelty to women (and everyone) perpetrated by the medical establishment, including Pharma and the medical-supply industry. All together, these boys kill from 250,000 to over 780,000 people annually.

The unsullied truth is, NO drug will ever cure cancer. The simple reason is, no drug can remove the cause of cancer. Yes, things may come along that will shrink tumors or arrest growth, but these will not improve the inner 'terrain' condition that facilitates the onset of cancer. In general terms, terrain condition underlies most other so-called diseases as well.

Another interesting bit of cruelty in this piece: An "angry" Barbara Brenner of Breast Cancer Action in San Fran says, "Now the public is going to think the breast cancer problem is solved." Instead of pouring more $millions and $billions into the sinkhole of conventional research, Barbara, all we have to do to make cure a reality is to move from Frankenstein medicine to the Holistic venue, wherein cancer is being cured every day.

The best part? Herceptin costs $48,000/year!

Sat, 5 Nov '05 Article: Kerry says 'science under attack'

Response: True enough, but 'science' is also attacking us.

That is, with its offspring, technology, and with the rate technology is leaping forward, and with the greedmongers behind it pushing things onto the market, science has become integral with the suicidal direction of our culture.

Senator Kerry was speaking at a new brain research center at MIT.

Some would say that science and technology will save us, though. But I would say that's a remote possibility, unless the first premise of science becomes Earth first. As it is, a huge portion of today's science, and including especially such worshipped venues as biotech and stem cell research, are highly polluting adventures.

This is particularly unfortunate, since much of both venues is redundant, and seems necessary only because paths to genuine health care and wellness are being stonewalled and co-opted by vested interest.

Even the new brain research center should be measured against the pollution, natural resources, and energy it took to build the place, and will take to operate it--a $350 million, 410,000 square-foot facility, the largest neuroscience center in the world, housing 40 faculty members and their research groups. (You have to wonder how many innocent animals are slated for torture, injury and death in this place.)

Also at the ceremony was TV personality Jane Pauley, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2001. What has 'science' come up with so far to treat people diagnosed as 'mentally ill'? Electroshock 'therapy' and/or psychiatric drugs, both of which can severely and permanently damage people. Jane probably just needs some essential fatty acids.

My guess is $billions will be spent looking for the cure for 'mysterious' brain and neuro diseases, most of which are caused by nutritional insufficiencies and/or brain toxicity, which is almost entirely the price of science and technology.

It's interesting also that 'science' has 'discovered' so many things that were already known. Like acupuncture, in use for thousands of years, could not be embraced until 'science' said it works. This kind of nonsense we can do without.

Fri, 4 Nov '05 Article: House poised to OK sweeping health care bill

Response: Broken-record time

The headline's a bit misleading, because this is just "a step forward," says the article, which discusses a plan to cover 95% of the estimated 500,000 residents without health insurance. But, "This is far from over," says Jennifer Flanagan, Leominster, MA state rep, who says she supports the bill, because it will help the uninsured get preventative health care, instead of waiting until an illness "gets really bad."

This is a genuinely motivated sentiment. Unfortunately, because genuine health care reform is not in the offing, but rather a plan to deliver conventional disease management more widely, for many people thereby sucked into the pharma-controlled medical merry-go-round, the results could very well ultimately be the same--worse even.

It might buy some folks a little time, which is a good thing on one level. For others, it could accelerate a downward spiral of ill health, due to the negative side effects of the conventional policy of using the dangerous methods of crisis intervention routinely. Drugs, for example, are killing around 110,000 people a year in the US.

Although I don't have it, the statistic for non-fatal adverse drug reaction I would imagine is much greater than that. Reactions which can be, and are, identified as such, that is, because many go unrecognized, or doctors cover their butt.

Caveat emptor on this approach to 'health care' reform.

Thu, 3 Nov '05 Article: Rioting spreads across Ethiopian capital, at least 23 reported killed

Response: Ah yes, as Israel does, returning rocks with grenades.

Recent 'elections' there have been criticized for fraud, violence and intimidation. "Riot police" have been deployed to "quell a second day of protests..." Police, with armored personnel carriers and special forces troops were just running around killing civilians and arresting young people.

PM Meles Zenawi had been touted by Bush as an exemplary African leader, and a "key partner" in the noble War on Terror. It fits so nicely, doesn't it?

And don't you just have to wonder how it is, that in countries with so much poverty, starvation even, that there always seems to be enough money for a large, fully-equipped riot police force? Yes, to quell those naughty terrorist critics of the great and good government.

A testimony, no doubt, to efficient fiscal policy.

Thu, 3 Nov '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: UN gets resolute on Syria

Response: Oh, the courage!

The world is focused on the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, an outspoken opponent of Syria's occupation of his country. The UN SC voted unanimously that Syria must cooperate with the investigation, because almost certainly, the crime was done with approval of (unnamed) senior Syrian officials.

Too bad there was no one to force a clean investigation when JFK was assassinated. And too bad, there isn't equal disdain for another occupation ongoing in the Middle East right now.

Wed, 2 Nov '05 Article: Jury starts deliberating Vioxx case in New Jersey

Response: Will the criminals squirm out of this one?

It's amazing to me that this kind of murderous malfeasance by DrugCo has been, in effect overall, shrugged off by Americans. What're ya gonna do? That's the way it is. Where's the beef? No, we bitch and moan about the nasty illegal drug dealers. Hey, at least with them, there's no authority figure standing over you going, "Take this, it's good for you," through a razor-blade smile.

But the jury better hurry up, too, because if BushCo has its way, it won't be long before Big Pharma cannot be sued by anyone. And they'll find a way to make it retroactive. Even suits for damages caused by mandatory drugs thrust upon Americans by their friendly government in time of 'medical emergency' will be disallowed if the Draconian Senate Bill 1873, the Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act of 2005 passes.

Can you feel that jackboot on your neck?

Tue, 1 Nov '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: White House needs extreme makeover

Response: Thanks, Dick Tracy!

People of rational discernment knew this shortly after Bush seized power the first time. But someone should tell SH, not only does the White House need the makeover, but the Republicrat and Democan sub-parties of the elite-controlled Corporate A party that runs the show.

SH still panders to BushCo, saying that Dubya needs to learn from "his mistakes" (as if puppet-boy were running the show, or had a thread of moral fiber to begin with). And saying that with more than 3 years to go (yikes!) he's got time to "right his off-course presidency." This is like telling the Mafia to straighten up and run a clean crime operation.

SH says even Bush haters should want to see the president succeed, because of the disaster for America that is a failed presidency. Well, I ask you, have we had any successful presidents? If so, how did we lied into every stinking war from the Spanish/American forward, get infiltrated by a criminal banking cartel represented by the Fed, and be blessed with the most rapacious 'health care' system in the world, to name a few major insults?

SH also leaves out one other major alternative: impeach Bush and his entire cabinet and let the chips fall where they may.

Mon, 31 Oct '05 Article: Saddam accepted secret exile offer from United Arab Emirates before US invasion

Response: What, and spoil the elite/BushCo plan for genocide in Iraq?

Reporting from Dubai (where the CIA visited Osama in the hospital while he was a wanted man, then walked away) "officials" say Arab League officials scuttled the plan, which would have averted the attack, because the plan had not been presented and accepted as League protocol required.

Gee, maybe the desperation of the moment had something to do with that? Why stand on ceremony with so much at stake?

But the article says, despite the title, that it hasn't been possible to verify the Emirates' claim that Saddam accepted the proposal, which would have shielded him from prosecution in exchange for putting Arab League and UN experts in charge until elections could have been held.

Not a bad deal if the world and the Iraqi people could have gotten it.

So, we're in the dark, except for one thing. Discovery of such a plan would no doubt have caused great concern among those 'legitimate' people and governments who supported Saddam's reign and crimes against humanity, that he would remain a serious threat of potential exposure of their criminal hypocrisy.

Mon, 31 Oct '05 Article: DNA vaccines may offer defense against flu pandemic

Response: A new, hi-tech, incorrect response to the problem

Vaccination is based upon the flawed medical dogma adopted and worshipped as science from the time of Louis Pasteur to date. Germ theory is a dangerous half truth that does not recognize the greater importance of terrain than the germ, and behave accordingly.

Now the geneticists, most of whom cross the border of Frankenstein mentality (we are smarter than Nature or God), have a plan to rescue us from that to which only stupidity and health ignorance make us overly susceptible.

Here's the key in this pieceL: " The old and new vaccine-making techniques all rely, of course, on the same principle: tricking the body to create natural defenses against diseases." "Tricking" is the operative word into the Frankenstein mind. "Diseases" is the grand deceptive concept that greases the gears of the medical merry-go-round of perpetuating illness for profit. See Symptoms Vaccines.

Not to mention that the big flu scare is either yet another elite operation, or a situation the pharma operatives are exploiting to promote fear and spending.

Mon, 31 Oct '05 Article: Locals see no need for rush on drug Tamiflu, yet

Response: But there may come a time when they plead for the useless poison.

There are two fake things in this story--the bird flu and Tamiflu. These massive-outbreak scares have been happening for years--ebola, SARS, west Nile, and so on. Evidence suggests most of them are lab creations set upon the people to generate fear and big drug sales to governments.

Here's an article suggesting that the Bird Flu hype is a hoax.
Yet here's one that suggests the bugs are nasty and 'homemade (I disagree with Dr. Horowitz's apparent view, included in that page, that HIV causes AIDS. Here's a link on that.

Another purpose is to run experiments on how these things progress, possibly in preparation for a big one. Many bio-experiments have been perpetrated on the unknowing public by the military and the government. If anyone thinks they wouldn't do such a thing, he has to look no further than the 40-year Tuskegee study wherein 400 poor black sharecroppers were allowed to suffer and die with syphilis while the docs took notes.

In any case, Holistic kinds of prevention and care are much better approaches to flu than vaccines. Drugs are nasty, since almost all antivirals are chemotherapy-type drugs--heavily toxic. Tamiflu’s effectiveness is minimal. And safety and effectiveness has not been determined in people with other chronic medical conditions--a significant percentage of the U.S. population-- and common side effects of this drug include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bronchitis, stomach pain, dizziness, headaches, and more.

One really nasty side effect--it retails for $100/dose (you can probably find it cheaper on the Web--but caveat emptor on that one.

Sat, 29 Oct '05 Article: Exxon-Mobil employees got fake flu shots, authorities say

Response: They're the lucky ones.

People took flu shots at an Exxon-Mobil "health fair" held at the company's complex of refineries and chemical plants. Ahh, the health ambience would be hard to beat.

Anyway, the shots were a fraud by a company called Comfort and Caring (can you stand it? :-) They were nothing but purified water. The irony is, of course, that folks were much better off with that than the raft of toxins they would have got with the real thing. Not understanding this, they complain, of course.

But you gotta give the CC boys credit for purifying the water. Heck, any toxic reactions would have been no giveaway.

But the 'authorities' missed the boat too. What they should have done is monitor the flu rates of those who got the water against those who got the toxic brew. We would then have had a measure of the uselessness of fluvax.

Fri, 28 Oct '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: Miller is a problem for the New York Times

Response: Duck! Huge chunks of BS flying out of this one.

Everyone has heard about the Judith Miller story by now. Even the mainstream press has covered it pretty well, so I won't repeat details. But Scripps Howard takes the opportunity here to let fly some disinfo beauts.

BS-101: "It is too easy to transform this relatively narrow problem with a New York Times reporter in the Iraq war into a broad indictment of journalism." This is an example of pure rhetorical technique. After all, what mainstream paper challenged the government in any significant way? Sin of omission, just as deadly as the cheerleading NYT did. The Miller case is one of the worst ones that can be added to the ongoing, well-established indictment, not of journalism per se, but of the corporately controlled purveyors of what is called journalism.

One example. The press allowed Daddy Bush and Co to get away with the lies about the incubator babies being thrown out to die by Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait. This was a total fabrication that launched Desert Storm (after, as the press also failed to note, Saddam was virtually invited to attack the country that was stealing his oil with slant drilling). Anyone see a pattern here? Gulf of Tonkin? So, please, spare us any flap implying the noble American press.

BS-102: "Few people in or out of government publicly argued Saddam's regime was free of WMD. In hindsight, it is clear now that he wanted the believe otherwise. He fooled everyone." Crapola! Scott Ritter and the UNSCOM inspection team reduced Iraqi weapons to zilch before they were withdrawn (NOT thrown out as the PRESS told us) in the late 90's. This is virtually proven by the lack of any finds by el Baradei's team before the attack, and by thorough sweeps after the attack. It was all hogwash, with journalism's lips pressed firmly in BushCo butt. Ritter (who is still a gatekeeper in his own right) toured the country telling his story. He was marginalized by the press.

BS-103: "...the Times has raised questions about whether Miller may have been working too closely with Libby to promote the administration's point of view." Pure drivel! The Times has raised questions? A little bit after the horse left, no? The administration's 'point of view'? Nice term for 'out and out lies to commit egregious war crimes.'

And in general, we can mention the innumerable failures of American journalism demonstrated by the numerous books that have been published revealing scandals the press wouldn't touch or went right over its head.

This is pure "Crapps" Howard--back in form.

Fri, 28 Oct '05 Article: Shaken Baby Syndrome bill proposed

Response: Incredible UNawareness being promoted as awareness.

There is no doubt infants are delicate and shouldn't be shaken. The trouble is, there are numerous influences that can mimick and duplicate the signs perfunctorily deemed to be pathognomic for SBS. These other influences include various imbalances already existing in the infant that may be exacerbated by something, including the negative effects of vaccination and medical treatment.

These other causative influences, that is, differential diagnosis, is routinely ignored in legal proceedings. Thus, many innocent parents and caretakers are falsely accused and convicted. [See links in the email below to my state rep.]

a website I managed on a volunteer basis for over two years to help a man falsely convicted of SBS (vaccines and medical treatment killed the baby) get released from prison.

One interesting bit in this piece of disinfo is the implication that parents shake babies because the babies won't stop crying. Often enough, this is the high-pitched screaming that can follow inoculation. So, to increase 'awareness,' the docs say oh, it's just normal, don't worry about it. That's what happened to the Yurko baby. He was killed by vaccines and doctors, who can often hide behind the phony SBS diagnostic to cover up vaccine damage (just call it something else), and avoid exposure and malpractice suits.

Email to MA State Rep Jennifer Flanagan & the Public Health Committee

2 Nov '05
Dear Jennifer,

I saw the piece in the paper about the SBS bill. I think it's good to inform people about SBS. However, here's something to consider: The three 'signs' that are deemed to be pathognomic for SBS--retinal hemmorrhage, diffuse axonal injury, and subdural hematoma--can all be caused by a variety of other things. This is routinely ignored in medicine and in legal proceedings, partly because these symptoms are sometimes medically induced.

I know this sounds unbelievable, but it is the truth.

I volunteer-managed a website for over two years for a family, the Yurkos, to help get the father out of prison and a life sentence for SBS. A combination of vaccine damage and poor medical treatment killed the baby. But all the doctors had to do was pick up the phone, call the police, and say SBS. Then the nightmare began for this innocent couple, who not only lost a son, but who were charged with killing him. Medical professionals testified in court based upon a theory, without examining contrary evidence, which abounds in the medical literature.

Many innocent people are in jail. Some of their stories are also on the website (link below).

But Alan and Francine Yurko turned out to be quite resourceful, and through extraordinary work and perseverance, surrounded themselves with a large number of medical experts and vaccine safety advocates who agreed that the baby was killed by an adverse reaction to vaccination and by subsequent iatrogenic complications in the hospital.

The differential diagnosis is not a method of 'beating a rap.' It is a method of determining which cases are SBS and which are not. Loving parents deserve this consideration. Justice demands it. It is mostly missing information, and perhaps a summary should be included with information hospitals hand out.

There is now a pool of 'counter-science' that says the current theory of shaken baby syndrome--that shaking alone without impact can cause brain hemorrhages--is an assumption not supported by scientific evidence. Also, as anyone who has been taught to handle an infant knows, the neck is vulnurable. It is impossible to shake a baby hard enough to cause brain and eye injury without also causing significant neck/spinal injury. Or else the head and body would have to be held so firmly at once, obvious signs of gripping would exist. This is just the common sense part of a whole range of evidence.

In other words, it's an erroneous definition as formulated. Myths have been accepted as medical truth before. We have all heard, "Doctors once believed...but now..."

I personally know a doctor, Archie Kalokerinos, MD from Australia who proved that vaccines were aggravating the deaths of Aborigine infants, when no one would believe him. Kalokerinos and his research partner, microbiologist Glen Dettman, PhD, who was originally sent to prove Kalokerinos wrong, were awarded the Australian Medal of Merit in 1978 for their work in proving this. Some of the same mechanisms at work in the Aborigine deaths apply to SBS. Even after the award, however, the medical establishment ignored these important issues.

Of twenty-two alleged SBS cases Dr K has reviewed, all but one show clear evidence of defendant innocence.

Here's one place to begin looking at this.
A bit more technical
Dr. Kalokerinos's tome on the Yurko case
Here is a technical piece about screening for SBS.
Website with many sources and resources


Fri, 28 Oct '05 Article: Voters seek health care reform

Response: Exercise in futility.

MassACT, a coalition of medical and business professionals, clergy and health care advocates, have gotten the signatures needed to get a question on the ballot, saying that both the Romney (gov) and Travaglini (Senate Pres) proposals "do not run deep enough." Unfortunately, much depth is missing from ACT's proposal as well.

That is, that they seem to have no idea what genuine health care is--even those "health care advocates," whoever they are--and are just looking for better coverage for diseases management. They want to buy into the perpetuation of illness that is the flawed, Pharma-controlled conventional medical approach to disease. Here's a suggestion for genuine health care reform.

But the worst part of the proposal is the suggestion to raise the cigarette tax by 60 cents. Yikes! Pretty stupid to have your health care premium based on people continuing to destroy their health.

People are looking for money, as usual. But you never hear anyone mention the trillions being stolen at the federal level. Here is one example.

Fri, 28 Oct '05 Article: U.N. probe finds 2200 companies made illicit payments to Iraq

Response: Imagine setting this up so Saddam could choose the buyers...

This concerns a huge and scathing report (623 pages) on the mess that was the UN oil-for-food program for Iraq during the sanction years. It's one of those hard-to-figure jobs, because the leader of the investigation was Paul Volcker, former chairman of the Federal Reserve (see below), and, ipso facto, an internationalist criminal himself. Maybe he's had an ephiphany.

Anyway, he says that Saddam's corruption of it would not have been so pervasive if the program had been 'diligently managed' by the UN. But he doesn't say why they would put such temptation before Saddam in the first place. Really, what did they think he'd do.

It's like inviting him, as was essentially done, to annex Iraq's former oil fields from Kuwait by force, and then acting surprised when he took the whole enchilada (did not use WMD). We then blasted the hell out of the Iraq, setting the stage for the sanctions and the food program. It's funny, though to hear Volcker say, "There's a lot of corruption in the world." Kettle black and all that. But the depth of corruption is something to behold.

Can anyone be this naive, or was the whole scenario planned?

The article says that "...the extensive involvement of US firms would be embarrasing to the US government." That's made worse, of course, because we hypocritically ranted about UN mismanagement and heaped derision on Kofi Annan. Several specific companies are cited, mostly foreign, such as Daewoo International (S Korea) and Siemens of Germany. But it does mention two American ones, Bayoil and Coastal Corp.

Thu, 27 Oct '05 Syndicated editorial: Succeeding Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve

Response: A new criminal to run the unconstitutional Fed.

It's the utmost irony that most people look with awe and admiration upon the Fed, a criminal tentacle of the international banking system, that creates funny money and manipulates the economy into booms and busts to help transfer wealth from wherever it is to the filthy rich. It is an organ of the elite for financial slavery; the hub of the debt/inflation/growth madness so worshipped as the holy grail of economics.

The privately held Fed cartel buys currency from Treasury for the cost of ink and paper. It then sells that back to the people at face value plus interest, at a rate set by the cartel. Quite a nice setup if you can get it.

It is a corporation owned by private individuals who profit from ownership of shares.

So now the inscrutable Greenspan is about to be replaced by another corporatist, who will continue the grand tradition of fleecing America and causing booms and busts at the whims of the elite. He even promised to do so by saying he will follow the Greenspan tradition.

Bernanke believes in the ability--and duty--of an omnipotent Fed to print money whenever it feels it needs to. He's from the camp that's dreadfully afraid of deflation and prefers inflation at virtually any cost.

For the important background on this huge scam on the American people, click here.

Thu, 27 Oct '05 Article: Legislation aims to make school sex ed an elective course

Response: In the most sexually dysfunctional country in the world, the kids suffer.

Sex ed is needed by America's adults more than the kids. We're still suffering irremediably from the Puritan, Judeo/Christian flesh-hating, guilt-building tradition, wherein a bunch of religious bureaucrats threaten everyone with hell if they "misbehave." There is hardly a more sexually unhealthy way of doing things.

Somehow, the Europeans don't seem to have these difficulties, but are much more emancipated; yet Europe is the original source of the Judeo/Christian religious cruelty of the spirit to the flesh. Go figure.

The bugaboo here is that the uptight folks are worried that the kids might be taught something about homosexuality or gay marriage--as if this will suddenly turn them. How little these worriers understand. Our local Rep Emile Goguen, one of the most reactionary of local political figures, seems to be in this group.

But the fact that the school is charged with the responsibility of sex ed is a strong indication of how screwed up adults are to begin with to pass it off. Yet parents want to decide what the kids learn. If so, why not teach it themselves. This is a perfect example of how this culture has turned over human responsibilities to institutions (health is another).

But the funny part is, the uptight parent, worrying about what the kid is learning, is scrutinizing the curriculum, and can opt to take the kid out, thus apparently 'saving' him from learning too much, or the 'wrong' thing.' This assumes, of course, that kids never talk among themselves, and would never share with their friends who've been pulled from class.

Thu, 27 Oct '05 Article: Natural gas cars coming soon to more showrooms

Response: Exercise in futility.

These cars are 'less polluting and don't rely on foreign oil.' Except that much of this industry is of the LNG variety, an evironmentally nasty technology and energy intensive to operate. Not to mention that there is already talk about shortages of natural gas as well.

This amounts to a tease--a bit of bullshit to calm people down, without really accomplishing anything.

Wed, 26 Oct '05 Article: Region's cup is running over

Response: Lessons seem never learned.

'Heavy rain has caused a flood problem' is the usual comment. No one ever mentions that it isn't the rain, but our inadequately desgined infrastructure that is the real problem. I'm reminded of the story 6 or 8 months ago about the heavy spring rains washing construction silt into the local lake--twice. That was blamed on the weather too, and not the stupidity of what was being done to the land, which, if left alone and not "developed" by the human geniuses, has no trouble handling rain.

Wed, 26 Oct '05 Article: Mayor wants tax exemptions for elderly, disabled

Response: Exemption is what it should be.

These are not tax exemptions, it seems, but tax cuts. Big difference. But exemption it should be, not cuts. If you're a vet, you should never have to pay another tax as long as you live. Once you're retired, that should be the end of taxes--on homes, and income.

Too expensive you say? Not if people and politicians were paying attention, because literally trillions of dollars have been stolen from the people by a usurped federal government and its corporate controllers. Billions are being wasted. In fact, a new Leader of Thieves was just named to head the Federal Reserve, which is not only not federal, but private, and which is also unconstitutional.

The Fed is a tentacle of the criminal international central banking cartel. It is responsible for pumping funny money in and out of the system (while their insider pals manipulate the markets) to create booms and busts and to thereby pull off great transfers of wealth--from middle class and poor to the stinking rich.

With those stolen trillions, we could take care of every vet, and every elderly and disabled person, with enough left over to feed all the hungry as well.

Mon, 24 Oct '05 Article: Council hopefuls making a stand

Response: They mean well...

Much talk about traffic, roads, potholes, schools and so on, with differing opinions on what to do. It's natural to be focused on the local matters, but just once it would be nice to hear a local official say we need to begin to see ourselves as members of the global community, and that out behaviors do impact the larger picture. We can't just be selfish at this point in the game.

Interestingly, traffic and infrastructure are the constituents' number one concern. It would also be nice to see a shift in perspective there as well, instead of, in effect, 'as long as I can fill the tank, drive on a smooth road to Target and buy stuff, all's right with the world.'

Of course, the subject of money always comes up, but no one mentions the trillions being stolen at the federal level. The usual mention of the feds, is figuring out how we're going to get the pork.

Sun, 23 Oct '05 Article: A city's developing problem

Response: City and pols in a vacuum.

Some city officials say that by overly emphasizing retail, we may get an economic boost now, but will pay the price when hi-tech seeks to locate here. This is how one thought can contain multiple miscalculations.

First of all, there is little benefit 'now' to the retail orgy. It's all chainstores, and the lion's share of the money that goes in is sucked out of the community. All the projects are huge energy sinks also, in the face of an impending severe energy crisis. Not to mention that Conehead consumerism is a major source of the pollutants making everyone ill.

But the solution to illness, of course, is hi-tech--biotech to be precise, which our leaders drool over to get in here, which may provide some good-paying jobs, but which is also highly polluting and not the answer, from a health standpoint, to our yaya way of life. Once we're ill, we'll walk, run, ride, hop, skip, and jump to raise money to send down the medical research sink-hole of false promise.

We're all fascinated with technology. But it goes too fast, and is too tied up with greed-driven motive. It is no exaggeration to say technology, or the overzealous, unthinking, selfish application/use of it, is killing us--at least making us very sick.
(Millennium Ecosystem Assessment)

We have an entire economy and culture financially dependent upon too many things that harm people and the environment. For example, many products in the retail orgy we've been creating shower numerous chemical pollutants on kids. Hypocritically, the concern expressed most often is about street drugs.

Whereas, the Food Court at the Mall (junk food nation), chemicalized supermarket products, and especially medical drugs are also culpable (medical drugs are even moreso, because persons of 'authority' are saying, "Take this, it's good for you"). These super-retail economic growth and development projects, and the policy itself, which can be seen as addictions themselves, play heavily into this toxification. This includes even restaurant chains, who are mainly outlets for poisoned, nutrient-depleted industrial ag products.

I'm in agreement with local Councilors Rosa and Rowlands about the destructive effect of the revised, mixed-use zoning laws in 2000, and about the effect of big-box chain retail outlets on the community. It seems that many Coneheads who get off on the shopping addiction/orgy have no awareness or concern about this, but just bug their eyes out at the glitz.

But no one is emphasizing the negative effect of this obsession and these businesses on the larger picture: we worsen the trade deficit and support sweatshop labor and repressive governments (like China).

The pollution aspect was mentioned above. Here are two examples:
Chemical assault from trade
Hundreds of toxins found in infant cord blood

But here's a funny one: In another article the same day about too much sex in the media, a mother shopping at Wal-Mart says, "I don't turn the TV on. It's garbage." Of course, there's no 'garbage' to buy and expose the kids to at the greatest garbage outlet of them All-Mart, right?

Fri, 21 Oct '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard (SH): A dictator on trial in Iraq

Response: SH sounding more like its old self - BS sticking to the wall.

This one begins with a deception--that "critics" of the trial say it will be a "show trial." This can't be true, says SH because of the amateurish video and other things.

But some critics of the trial have expressed the concern that it will controlled so that Saddam will not be able to spill the beans about how many people and nations helped him, cheered him on, sold him weapons, made huge loans, etc, while he was at his worst.

A complaint follows that, given 300,000 dead Iraqis at Saddam's hand, it seems odd to start the trial with the massacre of 143 Shiites 23 years ago in Dujail. That's an interesting point, because shortly after that, Donald Rumsfeld was sent to Iraq to shake Saddam's hand and virtually establish US/Iraq as allies, which SH fails to mention.

It's important, says SH, that "the Iraqis come to terms with their own history," and that they "lay out, especially for the Arab world, the real evil of Saddam's rule. And, of course, that the guilty be punished in a way that is widely seen to be fair." Such a load of gatekeeping crap, folks.

First, it's very difficult for anyone to identify Iraq's "own history," because for centuries Western governments have been interfering with it. The British virtually created the oil-rich Kuwait, cutting off Iraq from the sea, except for river access. More to the point, though, Saddam was a CIA asset assisted to power by them to run the Iran/Iraq war.

Two other incidents mentioned are the death of 5000 Kurds "in a gas attack" in 1988, and the "bloody suppression of a Shiite revolt in 1991." The gas was 'aimed' at Iranians in the war Saddam was hired to execute, but 'blew back' on the Kurds. But where did Saddam get the treaty-banned WMD gas to begin with? And who shook Saddam's hand prior to that? The Shiites were essentially abandoned by the 'good guys' of the world, who passed up a chance to depose Saddam by supporting their revolt.

As for the part about the guilty being punished, were justice done, and not just hypocritical finger-pointing, several countries and many non-Iraqi human accessories to Saddam's atrocities would be punished right along with him.

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