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Brief Bio of Peter G. Tocci, BA, MT
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I can't remember a time when I didn't like to write, and since receiving a BA in English Lit. (honors) at Lehigh University, I've had equal or greater enjoyment working with the output of other scribes.

In college, prior to my foray into the field of English literature, I was a student of science (chemistry was a boyhood hobby) and international relations.

Holistic Health

With the exception of an honors certificate in massage therapy (MT), my education in health is 'self-inflicted,' though inspired initially by one or two savvy mavericks. Fortune put me in the way of people and information which collectively opened vistas never previously imagined. My apparently innate interest was awakened way back in the 70's with the MOR health mag Prevention magazine; but it has seemed as though an invisible hand was guiding me away from convention along my course.

For example, one day a friend wanted some company on a day trip to a book distributor. There, one was allowed to wander the stacks, and in this huge place I found myself in a row which contained one of the best books on the AIDS scam (see Holistic Health Information below) I've ever seen. The publisher was obscure to me, as was the author, but after scanning a few pages, I bought all the copies they had - three or four, I think. The book was a great source of further reading, as well as an informational loom which began to tie in many loose threads in my developing tapestry of health consciousness - especially, of course, with regard to AIDSyndrome.

Politics and Business

I was for a long time apolitical and not especially fond of business (profit/money as God--business people fretting over money seemed a bit pathetic to me). I always voted, but never studied politics in detail. My interest and study in health soon changed that in both cases, because it became apparent that medicine was not serving people's interest, because it's controlled by vested interest manipulating business, politics and law.

Graphic & Page Design

I'm mostly retired now from this pursuit. But the graphic and page design experience began humbly in the early '90's when I decided to publish a radical, and yea, somewhat angry, newsletter called Common ground (yes, no cap in the second word). Subjects covered were health, education, philosophy and politics. I was to write, while another was to do the desktop publishing. When that other suddenly backed out, I was left with little choice. Got myself a mighty Mac Classic, a 300 dpi laser printer, a 4-bit scanner - and thus was history born.

I was fortunate to have a computer guru who had been an Apple developer for ten years. Through his knowledge, skill and generosity, I was given the opportunity to acquire whatever level of computer ability I now have. Without him, I'd probably still be at the word-processing stage.


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Editing & Writing

I can streamline and powerize your existing communications, or create copy based on your notes and/or concepts and guidelines. I've worked with everything from advertising material, such as flyers and brochures, to books. More info.

Politics and Business

Information gathered and interpreted about the nature and scope of societal control and manipulation. Increasing our understanding of this helps us to make better choices in life, for life. More info.

Holistic Health Information

This information provides ways to get and stay well with little or no reliance upon traditional Western allopathic medicine, i.e., drugs, surgery, radiation. Emphasis is on the natural ability of the bodymind to heal itself.

Know anything about the lost chapter in the history of biology and medicine?

Do you believe that AIDSyndrome is caused by a virus and is incurable and usually fatal, as promulgated by medical authorities? Click here for more on Holistic Health.

Graphic & Page Design

As noted above, I'm retired from this work.The representative samples here are just an archive. Design Samples

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