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General Description:
1977 Honda GL-1000—Owned since 1979; Stylishly customized classic, carefully maintained mechanically. Bike looks excellent! Has always been ridden (not in rain in last decade), so shows minor "battle scars." But these don't detract from the visual impact of the machine. It draws looks and compliments wherever it goes. I've even had Harley guys pull up beside me and say how nice it looks.

It's for the person who understands and wants something unique, and a custom classic. '77 is the last year of production in Honda's original Wing config. No other Wing I've seen has 400-Four sport bars, never mind the Krauser half fairing and Craven fiberglass bags - three special features.

Krauser fairing takes the blast off rider's chest, but it still feels like you're on a bike, not in the living room. At 70 - 80, it feels like a bike with no fairing at 30 - 40 mph. Perfect. Very stable in crosswinds also. Steering a bit heavy at "no" speed because of shorter bars, but the bike handles well. Runs strong. Gets 42-45 mpg highway at 70 mph.

• 62,000 total miles, but engine top and bottom ends done within the last ten thousand.

• Repainted black with custom red accents as decals under clear coat.
• Aluminum engine covers (cam belt and valve cover) painted satin black
• Valve cover Honda decal screws chromed (insane little touch)

• Sidestand extended to prevent excessive lean and therefore smoking after cool-down
• Carb top covers and intake "manifolds" removed and polished. Maintained with Nevr-Dull
• Custom chrome engine guard - one piece, crossing in front of engine
• 1980 seat with custom upholstery - gray with black trim (extra gray material comes with)
• Custom adjustable passenger back rest. Machined aluminum angle-bar frame
• Lester aluminum wheels (not tubeless)
• Honda 400-Four handle bars with custom solid aluminum set-backs
• Krauser half fairing (repainted w/bike) with (accurate) clock and voltmeter
• Craven hard saddle bags, top-loading, dzus-fastener detachable, with luggage rack
• Air-assist forks w/progressive springs
• Progressive Suspension adjustable air shocks (top line) w/gauge from previous S&Ws
• Dyna S electronic ignition w/30kv coils
• Friction throttle control (Vista-Cruise)
• Quartz headlamp - much brighter than orig
• Oil-dampened air filter (orig-type filter comes with - still clean/usable)
• Spare parts, hardware and special tools

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Side cover