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Sat, 12 Dec '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: Preventing a second 9/11

Response: What a stupid, cruel joke.

There is no preventing another 9/11—until the completion of the police state, the creation of which was one motive for the inside job that was 9/11 to begin with. The ignorant (propagandist?) writer of this piece complains that the recommendations, save one, of the Kean Commission, have not been carried out, and there'll be no excuse 'next time.' Little does this writer know that the War on Terror is a variation on the old protection racket. It's a phony scam, in other words, made to seem real by staged attacks.

The one area where this writer is satisfied with gov't response to the Commission Report? The creation of a director of national intelligence, which position has been filled by John Negroponte--an Iran Contra criminal!

Boy, do I feel safe now--as I did when they put that big criminal Martha Stewart behind bars.

Sat, 12 Dec '05 Two articles: 1) Teachers union mulls tax hike push; 2) Need for home heating assistance on the rise

Response: Gee, where's all our money?

The money IS BEING STOLEN, folks, because of the people's lack of attention to government while they indulge the hypnosis of the mad consumer/entertainment orgy. And let's not leave out the deadly obliviousness and/or cowardly indifference and/or complicity of our local politicians who, in my opinion, are failing in their duty to the people as public servants.

Money is being stolen by banks and corporations via manipulation of our currency and financial systems which we worship in ignorance. Capitalism is based on theft, slavery and rape of Earth, and puts upon us a form of slavery welcomed as a result of crumbs tossed to the underlings in the form of consumer addiction and the Great American Dream.

Here's one small example of money stolen outright.

Thu, 8 Dec '05 Article: Gay marriage foes file petition signatures

Response: The self-righteous, self-appointed bigots aren't done yet.

Few people realize just how much of the law in this country is UN-American. It is so, because this republic is supposed to be about individual freedom, and the legislation of personal behavior to suit the opinion of the majority is tyranny.

You see, insanity sufficiently widespread and embraced becomes the 'norm' against which the hypocrites pass judgment on others and try to steal their freedom.

There is the perverse tendency in the self-righteous and severely contracted psyche to control the behavior of others and knock all the heads together so it can feel more comfortable with the state of repression where it feels safe and goody-shoes.

This petition has NO PLACE on the ballot. Well, if it does, we should be able to bring discrimination and slavery back if enough people go for them. Majority rules, right?

Thu, 8 Dec '05 Article: Restaurant chain official cites area's population density as reason for pullout

Response: We are then doubly blessed.

Blessed, of course, within the larger framework of already-existing over development and population-level damnation. And blessed for having one less national chain outlet for the poison produced by industrial agriculture and passed off as food.

"Smokey Bones" (can you imagine the awful stuff they present as 'food') wants to move to the densely packed region closer to Boston in order to maximize customer traffic. While this is a blessing for us, the Bones corporate mavens can take heart, because if our local captains of industry, economic growth and development have their way, the Nashua River Valley will all too soon become the morass of people, traffic, and pollution that is so attractive to this purveyor of dietary insult.

Wed, 7 Dec '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: The response to surprise attacks, then and now

Response: A major propaganda piece.

The intent of this pack of lies and misinfo is to convince the reader that nothing really new happened on 9/11. The world hadn't changed, but was the same dangerous place it always had been--mainly because of all those 'evil people,' implied to be elsewhere than the good ol' US, of course.

As usual with such articles, this one also perpetuates the unproven assertion of "al Qaeda 's mass murders in the Twin Towers..." yada yada. No mention of the innumerable questions suggesting that 9/11 was an inside job.

Also perpetuated here is the myth that the US was totally surprised at Pearl Harbor, whereas that was just another in a long line of elite-planned pretexts for war designed to control public opinion and generate wars.

Ultimately, we are to be convinced here that these horrendous occurrences are based on intelligence failure. To the contrary folks, 9/11 was an intelligence success.

Wed, 7 Dec '05 Syndicated editorial: Jay Ambrose: Justification for war was not false

Response: The sound of a drowning person yelling.

The master of deception is with us again. I'm surprised we haven't heard from the viperess of lying rhetoric, Ann Coulter, on this issue. But Jay's good enough, and while the lies about Iraq are blowing up in BushCo's face, even within the lapdog corporate media, the few supreme deniers are last-gasping—presumably in the attempt to rescue their reputations for having supported the lie and crime against humanity that the destruction of Iraq, from Desert Storm forward, has been.

The truly astounding thing is that any group of people could tell so many lies, commit so many horrendous crimes, and still be 'walking' in office. Someone put it into perspective with a sign about Bush that said "Will someone please give him a blow job so we can impeach him?"

And Desert Storm itself was a contrived war (Saddam, a CIA asset, virtually had been invited to invade Kuwait) brought to life with a consummate conspiracy that created the false baby/incubator story to lie us into that one.

I won't reinvent the wheel here to refute the obvious BS Ambrose offers as proof that the genocide was justified, such as 'hey, whole bunches of countries agreed with the WMD intel.' But it is important to say that it's logical to postulate that many countries might have thought WMD might be there, because they SOLD them to the Butcher of Baghdad illegally prior to Gulf 1. The US transferred $4 billion worth of chem/bio agents to Saddam, and were still doing it right up to his invasion of Kuwait.

All this stuff was stored in huge bunkers in Southern Iraq that our military then decided to blow up in place, while leaving thousands of our troops in the area to be exposed. A great lab experiment well planned--not to mention lucrative to the treaty (Geneva Convention) violators.

Tue, 6 Dec '05 Article: Democratic party files ethics complaint citing Romney's use of corporate jet

Response: Give the guy credit--he's got brass scalliones.

Mass Gov Mittster hops a $40 mil jet owned by Pharma giant Pfizer, even as he and state lawmakers ponder enactment of universal health care insurance law.

Not surprising is that Mitt was elected chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

In defense, a spokesperson said, "Travel on private aircraft for attendance at party meetings is accepted practice followed by (both parties)."

Need we say more?

Sun, 4 Dec '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard (SH) : Propaganda for profit

Response: About the War for Profit.

SH isn't sure if the story about the military paying Iraqi media to run war propaganda is "any big deal."

And this wisdom" "Propaganda is a legitimate and at times even useful tool of war and diplomacy, and it's not like the US gets a fair the Arab press." Holy shit!

How about the simple truth, never mind propaganda? How about no more wars based on lies? And what kind of hypocrisy does it take to cry about 'fair shake' after committing high crimes against humanity and the planet?

But the complaint here is, not the use of propaganda (because we're "forced to play the game"), but, and in reference also to the same policy pursued by BushCo here with Armstrong Williams and others, "do we have to do it so clumsily?"

Nonsense like this from SH reassures us that the press has not yet emancipated itself.

Sun, 4 Dec '05 Op-Ed: Maggie Tomkiewicz: The health care crisis hits close to home

Response: Dumb title.

Like the health care crisis ever hit anywhere else. But Maggie means there's a lack of health coverage among small businesses. Like most people, including our clueless politicians who seem intent upon kissing medical industry butt, she's confused between insurance coverage and actual health care. Without reform in what's being delivered, increasing insurance coverage is not going to end the real health crisis

Not by a long shot. Please see Meaningful Health Care Reform.

Sun, 4 Dec '05 Article: Foreclosure rates on the rise

Response: No surprise.

At least this piece brings out the basic problem: people who have no business buying houses, or no business buying more expensive houses, are getting easy loans. One person also mentions high real-estate prices as well (but doesn't mention the phony bubble that's being created to make the economy look better).

But the funny thing about this one is that our local state rep and an economy professor at MIT say the economy's improving a little bit! What planet, please? The only thing holding up this economy of the country in receivership is the printing of more and more phony money and the increase of debt--foreign and domestic.

It's like you went out and took a huge cash advance on your credit card, and convinced yourself things are getting better :-) Oh, the crash is a'comin, yea, brother.

Sat, 3 Dec '05 Article: T-shirts stirring controversy

Response: Only among the sadly misguided.

Here's a great example of bald-faced hypocrisy, asininity, and obeisance to the coming fascist state all stirred together in one toilet bowl.

The T-shirt says "Stop Snitching." Apparently, it means don't give info to cops that could get people busted for drugs. Boston Mayor Menino is getting ready to send police into stores to remove them. Hello Gestapo! Heil Menino!

Locally, there's some concurrence with this idea, because two local stores are carrying the shirt, and the goody-shoe hypocrites around here, like Fitchburg Councilor Matthew Straight (name says it all) say oh, those dirty drug dealers put the kids in danger.

Mayor Mylott, Fitchburg Hypocrite Number Two is very concerned. "It's not good for the city." What a load. What's 'good for the city' can easily be argued to be harmful to kids and everyone else. I'll bet his main (unfounded) concern is that it might make removing street rabble more difficult, thus throwing a monkey wrench into the "upscaling" of the downtown as the mad consumer orgy moves ever onward.

Why do I say hypocrites? Because, like S&E editor Jeff McMenemy, these folks think drugs are the biggest problem in the region. But they don't hold a candle to the biggest problem: We have an entire economy and culture financially dependent upon too many things that harm people and the environment.

Because if Straight, Mayor Mylott, and Chief Dan Cronin were consistently and properly concerned about kids, and not just playing hero and kissing economic-growth butt, they would widen their concern for the kids to the numerous threats to them that are condoned and embraced by society. This includes the economic growth and the consumer orgy themselves, many aspects of which seriously threaten the health of young people. For example, many products in the retail orgy we're worshipping shower numerous chemical pollutants on kids.

But can you dig it? 'Adults' having such a contracted, parochial, paranoid overreaction to a lousy t-shirt? And this, while people are being blown to bits in our genocide of Iraq--all based on lies and myth and purportedly to protect out poisonous consumer-orgy way of life.

So as not to re-invent the wheel here, I refer the reader to what I've already written on this issue.

Meanwhile, next time I 'm up Fitchburg way, I 've gotta pick up one of those shirts.

Fri, 2 Dec '05 Article: CDC: Deadly bacterial illness may be spreading

Response: Always blame the bug and not medico/human stupidity and greed.

A deadly bacterial illness commonly seen in people on antibiotics is becoming more prevalent, even in "patients not taking such drugs..." This is happening mostly, of course, in hospitals, where people go to get fleeced and assaulted—oops, I mean to get well.

This article has so many stupids, it's hard to know where to start. But how about the simple fact that people may have taken "such drugs" in the past, or they may have been exposed to something else that has an effect similar to antibiotics, namely, blowing to hell the balance of bacteria in the human body that keep us healthy and maintain resistance to nasty bugs.

What's worse, C diff is now appearing in "healthy people who have not been admitted to hospital..." This makes one feel like screaming that maybe Dr Frankenstein doesn't really know what constitutes a healthy person or how to tell if a person is actually healthy, or just not expressing symptoms at the moment.

To its credit, this piece does address the die-off due to antibiotics of normal colon bacteria that keep Clostridium difficile at bay. But says it, 8 of 33 cases said they had not taken any antibiotics within three months of getting C diff. This is one of the biggest stupids here, because they could have killed their friendly bacteria way before that, or during that period by some other means. Not mentioned, for example, is that one source of antibiotics is the residue in dead-animal food routinely eaten by health-unaware Americans.

Thu, 1 Dec '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: Free press ensures open society

Response: Propaganda piece conveying the illusion of the Great American Press.

How about this smelly offering: "One of the many good things about the press in that it makes it a lot tougher to hide environmental disasters." The keyphrase is "a lot tougher," but not routinely impossible.

By comparison, says SH, look at the mess in China now being hidden by the state-controlled press, typified by the toxic chemical spill in late Nov '05. This piece has the gall to suggest that there have been no coverups or press failures in America. To the contrary, this has happened numerous times, and we have no 'excuse' like the Chinese. It's either government or money, but either way, the poisons flow. without notice.

Oh yes, that's why it took Rachel Carson, Erin Brockovitch, Karen Silkwood and others to expose corporate pollution of both environment and workers. And why Borden, DuPont and others got away for years exposing the world to vinyl chloride.

Where was the press after Union Carbide devastated Bhopal, India? Where was the the press when the lies that started the Vietnam war went unexposed and Agent Orange was used by the millions of gallons? Where was the press when the US poisoned Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia during Gulf 1, Kosovo, Afghanistan and now Iraq again, with 4.5 billion years-worth of depleted uranium munitions?

Where was the press when the US illegally sold billions of dollars worth of chemical and bio weapons to Saddam Hussein, right up until he invaded Kuwait?

Where is the press when Coca Cola routinely drains watersheds to produce its crap products, while poisoning the area with toxic effluent? Where was the press when the military created thousands of environmental disasters we call military installations? Where is the press when, even as we speak, mountaintops are being dynamited off in Appalachia to get coal, and the waste is being tossed into rivers and streams?

But most of all, where was the press during the numerous times the military and government experimented on the American people with various toxic and disease-causing agents?

Thu, 1 Dec '05 Syndicated editorial: Jay Ambrose: Wal-Mart displays capitalist vitality

Response: Classic Ambrose: BS marbled with omissions and distortions.

Leave it to Ambrose to come to the defense of the Wal-Beast, whose critics are dismissed as "lefties and an occasional commentator on the right." I say if ANY commentator on the right sees fit to criticize unmitigated avarice, as opposed to justifying it as vital capitalism, we should perk up our ears.

But the Jayster says poor and unskilled folks should be darn glad to have the 1.3 million shitjobs created by the Monster. He says, "Many of those employees might be jobless if not for a relatively non-interventionist economic system that allows Wal-Mart to thrive."

Yes, Wal-Mart has thrived as a result of paying crap and supporting inhuman slave-labor pools globally. The latter Jayster praises as "free trade, a "great benefactor to people of all lands..." What crap! The international community and markets support this criminal scenario, whereas, they should be boycotting slave-labor products.

And Jay, the term is 'fair' trade, not 'free' trade, which is a boon only to corporate rapaciousness.

And it would never occur to one so enamored of corporatist greed that the masters who manipulate markets and the phony currency that comprise our system of economic slavery arrange for sufficient unemployment to make people desperate for shit-job pay, upon which the Beast then thrives.

Not to mention Wal-Mart and the slave-labor market is dangerously worsening our trade deficit, discriminating against women, and union busting.

This is, indeed, capitalist 'vitality' taken to its logical conclusion. Another "capital" idea is that to pay a living wage causes inflation. They would see to it, for sure.

Jayster justifies his position by saying that on the day after Thanksgiving consumers flocked to the discount store to start their Chrismas consumer orgy. Thus, people approve. What he fails to include is the fact that many people NEED the low prices because they're not being treated with dignity by the 'vital capitalist' system in the form of a living wage.

Also, most Americans are oblivious to the suicidal nature of the consumer addiction, and the damage caused by these big chains typified by the Wal-Monster.

With this piece, Ambrose deserves to have his rhetorical/journalistic license pulled. Thus unemployed, he ought to spend five years assembling Nike running shoes in China, then come back to the US and work behind a Wal-Mart counter for another five so that he can really appreciate first hand the benefit to people that is 'free trade.'

Thu, 1 Dec '05 Article: Legislature to keep working on health care reform

Response: It's what they call it.

Mass. lawmakers continue on the difficult and largely futile path of creating a plan to get everyone covered with 'health' insurance. I suggest that even though coverage and administrative reform are necessary, more important parts of reform aren't even on the table: maximizing effective means to wellness and reducing the extraordinary cost of medical care per se.

Current proposals address neither part, and are, in effect, primarily the appeasement of an avaricious system that has no interest in widespread wellness.

Please see Meaningful Health Care Reform.

Wed, 30 Nov '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: A goldmine for developers

Response: Another rare moment of sanity for Scripps.

Coming out against the BushCo policy of sacrificing wilderness to rapacious industry, SH notes that congress will have a chance to do away with an insane measure recently tacked onto a spending bill. As many as 20 million acres are in jeopardy. It's almost beyond belief.

Interesting is that these monstrously destructive rapers of the earth are referred to politely as 'developers.' This is like a rapist saying to the parents, "I developed your young daughter for you."

And here's a revelation: "The United States is a big country, but its lands are finite." Oh glory hallelujah! The next thing you know, SH will be asking the right question: If prosperity depends upon incessant economic growth, what are we going to do for prosperity when space and resources run out?

Tue, 29 Nov '05 Syndicated editorial: Former president stands up for principles

Response: Certain convenient principles carefully chosen.

Former President Carter is coming out hard against Dubya. Carter's post-presidential good deeds give the appearance that he is a man of values; and maybe so. But he can afford it now.

Because like all presidents, he fell in line while in office, never speaking about or protesting the ongoing clandestine horrors that have been the hallmark of the elite, especially with the advent of its handmaiden industrial/military/intelligence establishment during the early part of the 20th century.

As bad as BushCo is, if people knew all the crap that's been going on for centuries, and even at the hands of the US (usurped government) in more recent times, Bush badness would be seen as an acute phase of a very nasty, ongoing, procession of criminal events. This includes having allowed US corps to run amok all over the place, but especially in the Third World, which was/is created by the central banks for the purpose of exploitation. An oppressive economic enslavement that is nothing less than an extension of classical, thieving colonialism. It creates poverty and disease, which foment violence culminating in genocide. This is part of the elite Agenda.

In 1933, Smedley Butler told the truth. "I was a high class muscleman for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers," Butler said. "In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism." No president since has reiterated it in an attempt to put reins on it, and all have gone along with the game: we're the good guys; the evil enemy is over there. They're all de facto liars and accessories to murder and crimes against humanity.

The irony is, at one point, Carter had a rating lower than Bush's (28%), and mainly because he wasn't hawkish enough, a fact which speaks to the political ignorance of Americans, who are much more interested in sports, entertainment, and shopping.

Mon, 28 Nov '05 Syndicated editorial: Helen Thomas: Bush stunned by defection of House hawk

Response: A defection from M-O, not the ongoing, baseline agenda.

Everyone's raving about John Murtha, a decorated veteran, 37 years in Marines, a top Dem in the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, and all that jazz. Lefties and Bush-haters fairly swoon over his call for troop withdrawal within 6 months. But they don't seem to be listening, really.

Murtha is fully pro-military. He doesn't speak of the lies and manipulations behind all wars. Only that Iraq is 'unwinnable' and based on lies. His main concern is for the condition of the military, which, he says, "must be rebuilt." Further, he's suggesting we just hunker down in Kuwait "in case we have to go back in."

Nor does he mention what an enormous scam is the War on Terror, following the inside job that was 9/11. To the contrary, "terrorism is real," says he, and the Iraq war is not defeating it. Well, he is correct on that point, but fails to note who the real terrorists are: the elite operating through the governments of the US, GB and Zionaziville (Israel). Not that terrorism could ever be defeated if it existed according to the official line.

Interesting is that the current situation--the culmination of false pretexts for wars and multiple impeachable offenses, genocidal effects in Iraq for the last 14 years including using WMD on Fallujah and poisoning the region forever with depleted uranium munitions--unspeakable horror and crime against humanity and Nature, in other words--is politely called a "course." Murtha says he's offering BushCo a chance to "start a dialogue about how we change course." What crap!

Somebody had it right--they put up a sign that says, "Will someone please give him blowjob so we can impeach him?"

Here's the "course change": Immediately nail the Bush Admin to the doors of the White House, impeach them while they hang there, put them in jail for the rest of their lives, and move out of Iraq immediately.

Mon, 28 Nov '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: Overpriced, overrated pills

Response: And yet, the sheeple bend over and the beating goes on.

This piece complains, and rightly so, about one specific Pharma scam: bloated prices for drugs "aimed at controlling schizophrenia." Oh, if only that were the only instance of bloated prices. In its criticism of the processes of testing and marketing shizo drugs, this piece is a perfect model for how Pharma/AMA operate in general.

And it would be another thing if most medicines actually cured anything. But where wellness is concerned, conventional medicine (conmedicine for short) is basically a shell game wherein the real disease is moved around and kept out of sight, while the sleight of hand artists run the show.

Not mentioned, as usual, is that a main underlying cause for most so-called mental illness is a poisoned brain and body, and that thorough detox and top notch nutrition should be utilized before, or along with, any drug.

Mon, 28 Nov '05 Article: Twice as tasty; Local bakery opens its second location in Leominster

Response: Great for business, not so good for health.

The difficult truth that few wish to face is that white flour (stored, mature grains in general--refined or not) and sugar are health-robbing foods. Some people can withstand them better than others, but they are a stress on the system. This truth would be least well received by the purveyors of these substances, of course.

In effect, sugar is as much a drug as a food. White flour and other processed carbofood also threaten metabolic balance and can lead to food addiction. Bakeries and other outlets for these products, such as donut shops, are essentially drug stores serving America's condoned, but health threatening addictions. To this array of contraindicated ingestibles is added the poison, coffee. This elevates cortisol, the fight-or-flight hormone, which leads to all sorts of health problems.

Since all this is legal, there is nothing but blushing pride and newspaper admiration for, the growing business. How fuzzy-warm, cute-community stuff it all is.

This is a major component of the grand hypocrisy that is the politically correct war on drugs, which, presumably, is to protect kids, for one thing. We then turn around and feed them devitalized ingestibles (not to be called 'food'). To top it off, when kids become sufficiently unbalanced to affect their behavior, we drug them with Ritalin and other Frankenstein medicaments proffered as respectability, and pat ourselves on the back for being such upstanding, responsible, law-abiding adults.

Goes to show the important difference between 'legal' and 'sane' or 'just.'

As I've said many times, however, we, as adult humans have the right to poison ourselves. We're going to eat these things because they taste good and feed the addiction). That's fine if we know the risks and decide to take them. Where I draw the line, however, is the thoughtless and irresponsible habit of feeding this stuff to kids--especially infants and toddlers. For me, this amounts to criminal behavior.

A picture accompanies this article, showing a woman with her 1-year-old seated atop the display case staring innocently at the potential life of allergy, adrenal stress, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer that fills the cabinet.

But here's the real kicker. There's such a thing at Roma's called Senator Bob's Pizza, meaning our distinguished state senator, Robert Antonioni. This is the same person suffering from depression of unknown origin, and he who sponsors pig roasts and fundraisers for disease research. Duuuhhh! It's also the same person who, as state representative in 1991, refused to pursue, and failed to discover, how the wording of my proposed law change for MA health care, submitted through his office, was sabotaged during the submission process.

Hey, kids! This is how adults behave. Cool, eh?d

Fri, 25 Nov '05 Article: Holiday offers plenty of treats for games

Response: A computer game is a terrible way to waste a mind.

The horror, gore and war in video games makes one's skin crawl. They have the effect of desensitizing young people to violence. Furthermore, young people will spend large amounts of time huddled around technotoys, being irradiated with electromagnetic fields, rather than being nurtured in natural environments.

Games are a major brainwash, too--reinforcing the official line on terrorism, for example. Hilited in this story are games that will tickle the fancy of "war buffs." The big sell of war and heroism. Hey, man, I'm a 'war buff'--hot stuff or what?

Accompanying picture shows an 11-year-old hugging his Xbox. He may one day be hugging some real shrapnel.

Fri, 25 Nov '05 Article: Cancer radiation can increase women's risk for hip fractures

Response: They're just getting around to this "study."

How hard can the money-makers be laughing that they're getting away with using an energy that causes cancer to treat it? And it's not even a cure. Here's the enraging asininity: "It is well known that radiation treatment can damage bone, but the fracture risks have not been well studied."

I'd bet they want a better feel for the Therapeutic Index in these cases. The Index matches up the threat or deadliness of the treatment with that of the so-called disease. The deadlier the latter is, the more outrageous (and expensive) can be the former.

Thu, 24 Nov '05 S&E Editorial: Remember the troops on Thanksgiving

Response: Worthy idea, crucial context forgotten.

The editorial begins with a summary of why it's so great to live in our bustling, growing region, with a glowing account of some of its features and distractions, like the traditional football rivalries. True to S&E form, the opportunity is taken to grandstand on the growth and crime issues. Yes to one, no to the other--even though they're related.

Oh boy, we're going to get a bigger parking garage at the commuter rail. This way, our region will becomes just like the places people are fleeing to come here. Live out here, take the supertrain to work. Money from those good-paying jobs is destined for all the "upscale" businesses bubbling up in the conventionally short-sighted imagination that is driving the local retail orgy and the 'renewal' of downtown Fitchburg.

"Housing market getting stronger." This is obliviousness to the coming crash.

So, with all these blessings, says the writer, it's important to remember the troops who are "battling our enemies" so we can munch the bird in safety: "There's (sic) few better ways to spend Thanksgiving..." than watching football and stuffing face. If you're going to sling BS, at least use correct grammar.

Overall this piece sounds like Bush after 9/11: "Don't worry, go shopping."

Now here's the pitch: "North Central Massaschusetts has a long and proud tradition of sending its men and women overseas to battle our enemies so we can be safe at home." So the message is, 'don't question anything, just watch football and eat. In this way, you are a good American--as long as you thank the troops we're proud to send to their death.'

?!Overseas enemies?! If we put even 25% of the attention and energy lavished on sports, entertainment, face-stuffing, upscaling, and "being safe" into keeping an eye on the federal government, we'd have a much clearer picture of who America's enemies really are. And instead of the troops having their honor abused by leaders who see them only as fodder, they could be home doing their sworn duty--protecting the country from domestic enemies by arresting most of the pseudo-patriot self-servers who repeatedly lie us into war.

It never ceases to amaze me how well the same old pitch keeps selling.

Another grammatical jewel: "Regardless of how you feel about whether we should have went to war in Iraq..." Should have went. Great. Regardless, however, we must 'cherish' the sacrifice being made for us. On one level that's true, but not really the point. History shows that the major wars are contrived; so just for whom are the sacrifices really being made?

If you buy without question the PC propaganda of this S&E outing, are you a much greater threat to our soldiers than the so-called enemy? Does this official brainwash serve to help us cover guilt and shame with ceremony and gratitude? Is the best way to thank the troops not to send them to wars designed and instigated by the profiteers?

Wed, 23 Nov '05 Article: Possible habitat for turtles blocks earth removal permit

Response: One that does the heart good; and: Cops become drug dealers.

It's nice to see the interests of animals put ahead of the selfish interests of humans.

But the best part about this article is a section of it on "other business" (of the Townsend Board of Selectmen).

There's concern over child safety on bicycles, so there's a bicycle safety helmet program. Whenever the cops see a kid wearing his helmet, they give him "a coupon for ice cream." Save the skull, ruin the pancreas. Cops have become drug dealers now, due to ignorance about health.

Tue, 22 Nov "05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: Deciding how to win the war in Iraq

Response: SH at its best--disinforming us.

How's this for a load of stink: "the nation's leadership should be focused on winning the war, not arguing about how we got into it." In other words, just sweep up the ten-car pile-up, and never mind about the drunken speeder who jumped the meridian.

In real terms, it means we should not discuss the issue of impeachable offenses against humanity that have comprised, in two Gulf wars, what can rightly be called a genocide in Iraq.

Recently, the lefties and Dems have jumped on the John Murtha 'bring 'em home now' bandwagon, while the Repubs desperately try to cover ass by demeaning Murtha and justify the Iraq travesty.

But the lefties are buying into a guy who spouts the official line about terror, and whose primary motive for his suggestion is to prevent the further weakening of our military--which "must be rebuilt." Furhter, Murtha wants only to pull out into neighboring Kuwait and regroup "in case we have to go back in."

In other words, his ostensible 'nobility' stinks. Where was his voice during all the many decades of atrocities committed in phony wars contrived by elite profiteers? Iraq, like Vietnam, has gone bad. But the ones they got away with, like Afganistan and Kosovo, nary a peep is uttered.

Mon, 21 Nov '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: Chicken Littles creating a flu pandemic panic

Response: SH has a rare fit of common sense, but then goes in the dumper.

This is a pretty good piece deconstructing the load of nonsense over the bird-flu panic. The profiteers must be rolling on the floor laughing that people can fall for this crap. One important revelation: "It's almost a state secret that H5N1 wasn't discovered in Hong Kong in 1997, but rather in Scottish chickens in 1959."

Meaning the greatly hyped mutation ain't happened yet.

Apart from not mentioning the huge profits that result from panic, and the fact that Donald Rumsfeld's old company holds the license for Tamiflu (a dangerously poisonous number), the flaws in this piece surface in the discussion of our response should that mutation occur.

Says SH "...medicine has advanced a bit in 87 years." Oh yes, and this is why disease is so rampant. See, back when the Spanish flu wiped out 30 million, "...there were no antibiotics." Now we've got antibiotics, antiviral drugs, and even pneumonia vaccine that protects agains 23 types of bacterial pneumonia.

Antibiotics are not effective against viruses, but do kill our friendly internal bacteria, thereby weaken the body's defense against the collateral bacterial symptoms they're designed to kill--not to mention, creating resistant strains. Antiviral drugs are nasty chemotherapy types--highly poisonous. Vaccines have never been proven safe and effective. To the contrary, there is serious evidence of harm from them--especially long-term harm that is not being properly tracked, which tends to work in favor of the pro-vax profiteering set.

Finally, a "top virologist" from U VA told the writer that Spanish flu would have been susceptible to antibiotics--thereby flying in the face of what is known about biomedicine.

Sun, 19 Nov '05 Article; Drug shows promise against cervical cancer

Response: Word from the Devil Himself.

Dr. Frank is about to unleash on the world a new miracle vaccine that is said to stop several strains of the HPV virus that are said to cause 70% of cervical cancers (isn't that interesting--a virus causes cancer).

It's a strange fact of pharmaceutical life that the FDA and AMA take the word of drug-makers on the safety and effectiveness of their products. But of course, to imply that this is a potential problem is simple paranoia, because never has a member of big Pharma misrepresented a product by skewing data or outright lying.

As with just about every such medical article in the mainstream media, the headline here sounds brighter than the 'real life' revealed in the body of the piece. The catch is "... the vaccine deals only with common strains and is not a panacea for HPV." You have to wonder why they don't do the uncommon strains as well. Too much to handle, maybe?

Interesting is that this one is going to be targeted at young people. Upward of 80% of under-20 sexually active people have HPV (no suggestion as to why kids seem to be the 'pool' for this). But. "Most of the time the body clears it within three years" (you have to wonder what takes it so long). Apparently then, it isn't the threat they seem to be making it.

Unmentioned are the health risks involved with vaccines--especially the live-virus types. If this vax is used, that should bring to 49 the number of poison shots kids get by age 18.

And what if we actually nurtured healthy teens, instead of assaulting them with the health threats inherent in our way of life? Would the 'clearing' time improve on its own? Would susceptibility be greatly reduced? Might we be able to eliminate the additional health threat of Dr Frank's snake oil?

Sun, 19 Nov '05 Article: Drug shows promise against cervical cancer

Response: Horse is outta the barnSat, 19 Nov '05

Headline: Police lock down Garder High

Response: This is how life's going to be--police-state bullshit.

A female student claimed she overheard an "unknown guest" threaten the school. So the gendarmes come, lock everyone out, and search/inspect the building. Now, even though this was allegedly an "unknown guest," the opportunity was taken to search "all students for dangerous items" and require all students to have 'adult' accompaniment to travel anywhere but class. Yikes a'mighty, the fascist state is coming fast.

No intruder or source of the threat was found. No mention is made about the student's truthfulness. Does this mean that any kid with an attitude can say a word and the whole nonsense starts over again?

You have to wonder if this wasn't a ploy by officials to get an excuse to search everyone. Although, another local town, Ashburnham, made no bones about it recently. They just brought in the dogs and cops without warning and shook everyone down in an unprovoked drug search. Talk about Gestapo tactics. This is being programmed into society in preparation for the police state.

Fri, 18 Nov '05 Article: Locals concerned about runoff

Response: Don't worry--all local and state regulations have been met...

In the general area we have a huge new condo complex, a massive retail development, and a huge new auto dealership. However, none of this can account for filthy water running into Little Spec pond. It must be from "all the rain."

This reminds me of the incident where the silt from the retail construction flowed into the other local pond, Fort Pond--twice. That was also blamed on "all the rain," and not construction procedures, or even the earth-insulting construction itself. Just too much rain, and, after all, the project was timed for the spring, when no one could have expected a lot of rain anyway. So there was no sense in putting off the greed til summer.

Fri, 18 Nov '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: 'Trust us' no longer good enough

Response: Never should have been.

This is about the hugely stinking Iraq war debacle and all the lies attendant to it, and current debate over a defense policy bill (interesting how naked aggression comes under 'defense,' isn't it?)

Disgustingly, SH says the Senate rightly rejected a Dem proposal for a withdrawal date: "This would only give insurgents a timetable for how long they have to hold on." Can you see the chicanery in that remark? First, the insurgents are mostly Iraqis fighting an illegal occupation. Secondly, 'holding on' should be applied to the occupation forces, not the insurgents, who can hardly be said to be holding on.

But if you don't set a withdrawal date, you're right back with the ramifications of the lies that got us in there, and that have devastated a beautiful nation.

But SH has the gall, after supporting BushCo lies from day one, to say "Finally" in regard to senate resolve to be "more aggressive in demanding an accounting of Iraq policy." What shit, man.

The way it's going now, the entire 2006 is now lost to more of the same--death destruction and billions wasted into special-interest coffers. How utterly corrupt and morally lost is our federal government. But, by the way, it is a great shame upon local politicians that they haven't taken a stand publicly and helped to force the issue in DC.

Fri, 18 Nov '05 Article: Officials mull fees for large-scale building projects

Response: And therein lies the key to the sell-out.

City fathers are apparently drooling over money they can get for police stations, school repairs, or city services, by cutting the area's jugular and letting the vampire big-boys come in and feed--as long as they come up with the cake that is otherwise being stolen at the federal level, while the same city fathers pay no attention.

Interesting in this piece is where it says Mayor Mazzarella wasn't sure last May about the upfront fees, saying he "works behind the scenes to get street lights or road improvements." Gee, the mayor works behind the scenes? What's up with that? Apparently, that's all over now--no strings attached any more.

And yet we're still being overrun, and the mayor has wheeled and dealed on taking people's homes to widen Rte 12 to accomodate being overrun.

Thu, 17 Nov '05 Two articles: Newspaper garners national award for drug series; and: Cops find no drugs during school lockdown

Response: Still not addressing the larger issue, while facilitating the fascist state.

The S&E won an award given specifically for reportage on drug abuse--illegal street drug abuse, that is. Within that limited framework of concern and subject focus, the 10-part series did have merit. However, in the larger picture, the project was a travesty of omission, and therefore a detriment to the community.

I've suggested this repeatedly in the past, even sending letters to the paper, mayors, police chiefs, city councilors, and so on. No one seems to care enough to answer the questions, so forgive my exasperated tone here: The thing is, the politically correct bandwagon issue is obscuring (being used to obscure?) a much worse overall syndrome of which it is a part, the particulars of which are both politically incorrect and downright embarassing for bandwagoneers in revealing a three-scoop hypocrisy sundae with a dollop of sweet self-righteousness.

Why are street drugs so reviled? Why, indeed, are they illegal? Because they're dangerous? Because they cause addiction? Because they are threats to physical and/or mental health? Because the stigma associated with them sullies the "image" of an otherwise self-styled upstanding community? Because the presence of street people casts a pall on the marginalizing and snobbish 'upscale' ambience planned by money-makers for the downtown? Because they give people something to look down their noses at?

Obviously, answers to the above questions vary depending on one's priorities. For this writer, there are two main aspects of the overall syndrome mentioned above: 1) Health and safety (mainly for kids); and 2) the popular, but UN-American, legislation of morality and personal behavior. Health will be the main topic here. For the second aspect, I'll just note that the enactment and enforcement of discriminatory and prejudiced laws provides a means of ignoring societal failures that underlie the much-stigmatized and despised behavior.

I suggest that the overarching issue is health. Drugs harm health. They're dangerous to kids. The hypocrisy enters immediately however, because there is no proportionate concern for the condoned and embraced aspects of society that are equally, and more, harmful. Some are even suicidal.

An example of more harmful would be the marketing of medical drugs, especially psychotropic drugs, to kids. This is worse than street drugs because here you have an authority figure Dr. Frankenstein telling you it's good for you (but NOT that it can permanently damage brains and induce suicide and murder sprees).

Another example of harm is the enormous wave of crapfood with its attendant vat of chemicals constantly being pushed and sold to kids. "Johnny's safe because he's not smoking pot, but is down at Whitney Field ingesting poison sold as food and yapping on his brain-burning microwave phone." And this is after he came home from eating the disgrace we call the school lunch program. And Johnny's safe because he's down at the church fair eating chemicalized drugfood made with sugar and white-flour. And this is after mommy drugged him up with Dr Frank's OTC cold medicine so he won't cough and spread germs.

Another example is the vast array of environmental chemicals from the products, byproducts, and waste stream comprising the much ballyhooed, yaya Conehead-consumer way of life. Love that plastic, man. Never mind that there's PVC in breast milk, let's swim in vinyl products. Never mind that plastics all ooze poisonous chemicals, let's infuse our lives with these convenient, miracle products. Hey, it's great for local business.

Never mind that 287 chemicals have been found in infant cord blood, let's indulge in more and more hi-tech toys. Never mind that researchers found an average of 200 industrial compounds, pollutants and other chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of newborns. Included were seven dangerous pesticides, some banned in the US more than 30 years ago.

The report, Body Burden--The Pollution in Newborns, by the D.C.-based Environmental Working Group, noted that of the 287 chemicals, 76 are known to cause cancer in humans.

And let's get some polluting, upscale hi-biotech industry in here with the good jobs, right after we sweep the rabble off the street so the new upscale consumer community supported by hi-tech pollution can drift into town in their Infinitis and attend the planned upscale bars, boutiques, and ristorantes. How upscale we shall be, indulging our condoned addictions to alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, sugar, white flour, and food chemicals, n'est-ce pas?

Oh, and here's a great idea--human compassion can be displayed as we walk, run, ride, hop, skip and jump for phony medical research into "cures" for the diseases that result from our very way of life. And the award-winning paper can run stories about devastated families and pat itself on the back, and maybe even win another award for that.

But the best one is that while the bandwagoneers look down their noses at druggies and nasty dealers, they can't see their own most deadly, most truly believed-in and worshipped addiction of all: economic growth and development. This is merely predicated upon earth in liquidation, an enormous waste and pollution stream, numerous inhuman slave-labor pools and global oppression, enormous national debt, a phony currency system, the theft of Americans' wealth, and, best of all, the wanton consumption of fossil energy that may result in a crash that could kill millions of people, billions maybe. Enter the suicidality of in-the-box growth policy.

But the lemmings proceed apace with exciting plans for the "upscale" future of the community. It's a sight to behold.

Meanwhile, get the dogs and SWAT teams into school, "lock down" the place, and violate everyone's rights and privacy, because the ends, which is the rooting out of those horrible illegal drugs, justifies any means deemed necessary by the hypocrite bandwagoneers.

Wed, 16 Nov '05 Article: Family hoping Thanksgiving will include son's leukemia treatment

Response: Yet another sad story of society's health failure.

With all due respect to the family involved, here goes the S&E again with one of its 'human-interest' stories recounting the courage and fortitude of another family in the face of serious illness. This would be fine, except that all the while, the paper refuses to publish any information about health, other than conventional medical dogma.

A young man--15 years old--from Lunenburg has leukemia. He's also been under treatment for pneumonia, and the family's hoping he'll be "healthy enough' to withstand the chemotherapy they believe will cure him--even though it failed previously, and, I'm guessing, predisposed the boy to infection, namely pneumonia.

It could also have worsened, or predisposed him to, a concomitant fungal infestation, which frequently accompanies leukemia, and in fact can be misdiagnosed as leukemia. Antifungal medications have been known to 'cure' leukemia (this is not to say they confer wellness).

Well, if the poor kid comes through the physical insult of all the misguided medical aggressions, it will be in spite of them, not because of them.

He has acute lymphocytic leukemia, the most common type. "He was in remission, but relapsed..." Not a big surprise, considering that conventional treatment does not address the underlying condition of which leukemia is the symptom. Usually, some form of toxicity is a major component of that condition--something as 'simple' as vapors from a gas station, for example, or any number of other chemicals in food and environment.

So, keep it up, S&E, you look so good running these stories, like the hypocritically deficient, award-winning drug series (see below).

Wed, 16 Nov '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard News Service: Patriot Act rolls over our rights

Response: Yathink?

If there ever was a definition of 'waffle' it's Scripps Howard. Never questioned the official 9/11 lies, or the shoddy Commission Report, big stumpers for the war on terror, big stumpers for Patriot 1, big stumpers for the Iraq debacle--when it was fashionable to be so.

Expressing deep concern now over the invasion, and potential invasion of our lives, privacy, and First Amendment rights with FBI national security letters under Patriot, SH seems finally to be getting a glimpse of the picture of the emerging fascist state--although they'd never put it in those terms.

I guess we have to be grateful for small things.

Wed, 16 Nov '05 Article: Iraqi leader says dozens of malnourished detainees appear to have been tortured

Response: Ahhh, from Saddam to Abu Ghraib, to...democracy.

More than 170 malnourished detainees, all Sunnis, have been discovered at an Interior Ministry detention center. I submit that the Iraq 'government,' as represented by a Shiite-controlled Interior Ministry is showing evidence of having been properly trained by the US, and has turned the torture tables.

Tue, 15 Nov '05 Article: Police: 18-year-old wanted in PA slayings captured

Response: Always ask the same question, just in case.

This is a horrible situation where the young man killed the parents of a 14-year-old girl after about an hour-long argument with them, and then abducted the girl, who was apparently the young man's girlfriend. Not hard to figure out what the argument was about.

But the question that must ALWAYS be asked when such horrifically violent behavior surfaces is, was the boy on, or had he been on, any psychotropic drugs? These substances, especially the serotonin oriented ones, can cause such violent episodes.

Sun, 13 Nov '05 Two Op-Eds: Common sense for parents: Be the boss; and: Taking responsibility for personal, and public, health before panic hits

Response: The pundits always leave stuff out and put "stuff" in.

Looks like the S&E is getting desperate for Op-Ed submissions and topics. The first piece, from the usually head-wedged Jay Ambrose, proffers advice to parents from Betsy Hart's book, "It Takes a Parent," against being anything but a stern boss with kids--their outlook, feelings and opinions be damned. Decried is the suggestion of some experts to offer kids choices, "forgetting that they are nowhere near competent to make those choices, not until they have had some years with adult guidance..."

Pray tell, in this society that is more afraid of sex than terrorism (and doesn't even know THAT's a scam), and which is awash with hypocrisy, adult lies and crime, corrupted politics, lying journalists like Ambrose himself; and which, collectively, literally poisons kids in order to create the ya-ya Conehead consumer American way of life, what can adults pretend to tell kids?

And, if the deficient level of the kids' wisdom is forgotten, as Ambrose argues, also forgotten is the fact that there's nothing stopping parents from being freaking idiots and psycho cases themselves. So who are they to tell anyone what to do? Oh yes, they have the right, because it takes more knowledge of the subject to get a driver's license than a marriage license, and virtually no intelligence or maturity to procreate.

Here's the funny part: In disparagement of the "drumbeat about self-esteem," Jay says that if kids don't learn to "disesteem" certain bad traits, they will happily adopt them and quite possibly become arrogant, self-centered jerks." In that case, we have to wonder about Jay's upbringing.

Finally, Jay doesn't see that the more progressive approach is designed to help parents incorporate more respectful and effective forms of communication as well, thereby evolving themselves. Jay's and Betsy's way opens the door wider to massive whip-cracking hypocrisy--'do what I say, not what I do or show you.' It also fails to enhance a pattern of reasoning through and looking at one's feelings about situations.

The second Op-Ed comes from Besty herself, and deals with health and the impending bird flu scam. This is a mixture of good sense and conventional propaganda. For example, she might get some Tamiflu, "the flu minimizing drug," for her kids and her. Whereas, Tamiflu is an expensive and toxic substance of highly questionable value.

Hart mixes some genuine health sense, such as the general ill health of Americans from our crapfood eating habits, with conventional pap such as getting regular flu shots and mammograms (a major cause of breast cancer).

The real skinny on the bird flu hype and scam, and insight into Tamiflu and vax nonsense.

My (mental) health advice: don't listen to anything Jay Ambrose says.

Sun, 13 Nov '05 S&E editorial: Story compels us to take stock of life

Response: And one more thing--if you edit a newspaper.

S&E editor Jeff McMenemy refers to the courageous and inspiring local man Greg Croteau, who succumbed recently to cancer. Jeff is correct about the sense of sadness, yet inspiration this man and his family showed.

The question in my mind is whether those people have been robbed by a medical system that jealously guards the gate to treatment options that my have saved Greg's life and kept a great family together. I'm speculating, of course, because I don't know if the Croteaus were made aware of alternatives by their doctors.

The likelihood of that, however, is slim at best.

So the one more thing for Jeff McM to do as he takes stock of life is to take stock of his editorial policy at the paper, which has resulted on numerous occasions in the failure to publish alternative information that might have at least given people some more options, if not saved lives in the past. S&E reports of two cases of so-called terminal brain cancer come to mind, whereas this is being cured daily by Stanislaw Burzynski in Houston.

Jeff has steadfastly refused to allow a regular column on health featuring the Holistic view. And here are two pieces which he promised to run, but reneged on. The first one--on health care reform--was turned down at the last minute based on "policy," after months of ongoing approval of subject and length; the second--on alternative medicine--was stonewalled with a series of weak-sounding excuses and failures to return phone calls as promised.

One can't avoid the suspicion that the S&E policy and excuses are covers for a desire not to offend advertisers in the medical venue. The only piece on alternative health I've seen during Jeff's tenure was a carefully worded op-ed by an MD, that was laced with misleading statements amid some truth. The alternative medicine op-ed I wrote was a counterpoint to it.

The great irony is a photo story on the same page with Jeff's editorial showing a 3-year-old toddler hungrily sifting through lollipops at the local church fair. So that's it--the monstrous hypocrisy of society and the paper, exemplified by the 'cuteness' of kids indulging in the metabolic poison sugar and accompanying chemicals, setting themselves up for physical imbalances that could easily lead to cancer. And the paper gets an award for its 10-part street-drug series.

Tell me where is sanity.

Sun, 13 Nov '05 Headline and article: H: To shoot or not to shoot; and A: Local doctors lacking flu shots

Response: Headline title asks right question--for both articles.

The headline question involves the justification for deadly force by police, particularly in a recent case in Fitchburg, MA. Below this headline sits the picture on an elderly woman obediently taking her seasonal flu shot. The irony is, that police are more frequently justified in shooting than are the purveyors of Dr Frankenstein's noxious vaccine medicaments. See vaccine NONsense.

It seems likely that most people who take the vax shot ahve not been given sufficient info for them to ask the question, "To shoot or not to shoot."

In re cops shooting people/suspects, there seems to be logical restraint on this in police departments. While there is no doubt "prison-guard' mentality involved in the motives of some who join the police, that usually results in excess physical violence, as was seen recently with several officers mercilessly beating a person on the street in post-Katrina New Orleans.

I'd say most officers, especially smaller municipalities and state police are decidedly not trigger happy.

But this is not to say that the police are the universal good guys suffering deep psycho-trauma after shootings, as they are portrayed in this piece.

There is a history of use of excess and deadly force by police, not to mention stories of racial profiling. In 2001 President Bush selected Lawrence Greenfeld to head the Bureau of Justice Statistics, which tracks crime patterns and police tactics, among other things. But the NY Times reported in a front-page article on Wed 24 Aug '05 that Greenfeld was being demoted because, according to Representative John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI), he complained that senior political officials were seeking to play down newly compiled data about the aggressive treatment of black and Hispanic drivers by police officers.

In April 1998 there was an incident on the New Jersey Turnpike in in which four young men in a van were pulled over by state troopers. Three were black, one was Hispanic. They were neither drunk nor abusive, but their van rolled slowly backward, accidentally bumping the leg of one of the troopers and striking the police vehicle.

The troopers drew their weapons and opened fire, and three of the young men were seriously wounded.

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