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Thu, 9 Mar '06 Syndicated editorial: Kathleen Parker: US media fails to live up to challenges

Response: Oh, what a shocker, Miss Kitty!

Parker, who for all the world reminds me of the perfect Stepford Wife, once again missing the point, makes the right point for the wrong reason. Hatemongering here, she complains that American newsmedia (which she naively calls the "lead dog in the free world"--what a joke) did not widely publish the cartoons that offended the Muslim world--or part of it.

Freedom of speech and press, she says, demanded that these cartoons be shown and that American newspapers should have decried the Muslim threatened suppression of free speech. This is one of the most important stories of our age, bleats Kitty bombastically--the evil Muslim threat to the very foundation of goodie-shoes Western Civ, dude!

Guess what, though? Muslims are at least second in line for speech repression. Germany and Australia, good whitey Christo-countries, are currently persecuting people who dare question the details of the Holocaust. Even those with legitimate forensic and historical evidence, and who utter not one insult or word of disrespect. And other Euro nations have such fascist laws as well

Hey, publish a cartoon of a Palestinian taking a crap in a yarmulke and see what you get.

At least Muhammad was a holy man, supposedly close to God. By virtue of PR and political manipulation, the Holocaust has gained even greater sanctity than that.

And Kitty has the balls to say that wanting insulters of Muhammad prosecuted and punished is "the Islamic way. Not our way..." Check it out Kitty—With frequent police harassment of demonstrations, and now with increased risk to dissenters who question BushCo policy becoming an enemy combatant sans habeas corpus for being in league with, gasp! terrorists!—one can say AmeriKa is moving rapidly in the same direction. Even academicians and teachers are being threatened.

But Kitty also misses the biggest point, that the whole cartoon deal was an elite operation, a neocon 'calculated offense' to increase cultural tension and hatred.

One extremely important point. The other part of the tactical equation is the well-known elite infiltration of factions to incite reactive violence, which, admittedly, Muslims should not fall for, because that plays right into hands of the elite/neocon/Zionazis who simply wish to wage war on them.

The foregoing is a snapshot of how the elite 'create' and then demonize enemies to achieve their nefarious ends. Now, if the media were doing it's work as Kitty beseeches, this is the info we'd be seeing, perhaps along with the cartoons and a big picture of Kitty with egg on her Stepford face.

Wed, 8 Mar '06 Article: Opium cultivation on the rise, says government survey by U.N., Afghan government

Response: Output is up from high; next, we'll hear it went down to high: success!

After the contrived Afghanistan war, based on the 9/11 inside job, and after the US military and CIA took over in Afghanistan, heroin production soared. This was the plan, and a major motive for the 9/11 scam and the war to begin with.

People don't get it: international drug dealing is an elite operation controlled by "legitimate" people, big corps and major central banks, like City of London. The previous war in Kosovo was designed to establish the drug route to Europe.

After all, who do we think launders half a trillion in drug cash annually—our local credit unions? Did we learn nothing from the BCCI conspiracy? Like—for example, now—the Mossad funneled drug money through the bank to fund death squads for corporations operating in S. America. Terrorists were also funded via the bank, which was also stinky with CIA.

Halliburton subsidiary KBR is a major component of the the Bush/Cheney drug empire.

After all again, who destroyed the poppy fields before 9/11? I shouldn't even have to answer that question: The Taliban.

Why, one wonders? That question I won't answer. Finding the truth will take the seeker on a very enlightening quest.

Tue, 7 Mar '06 S&E editorial: City needs to focus on most pressing needs

Response: True, but this is in a rather myopic sense.

Like our local and state officials, the paper doesn't seem to want to admit, or consider openly, that local fiscal challenges might be tied to the enormous drain on America's wealth: the criminally usurped federal government.

Rather than become activists and address our phony currency system, criminal Federal Reserve, astronomical internal and external debt, trade deficit, budget deficit, crippling 'free trade' agreements and WTO, the purposeful instigation of war by those who profit from it, "health" care theft and waste, and our immoral tax system, we continue to squander the future on compensatory maneuvers, like "economic growth," and "outside investors."

This is drug-fix behavior based on Earth in liquidation and debt/inflation/growth economics--a system designed to make its master manipulators obscenely rich, while tossing scraps to the dogs on the leash that think they're free--and pretty smart.

The growth shot feels good; but things gradually deteriorate to the withdrawal stage: Another fix is needed (have no fear, Treasury will print it). The drug fix robs personal health; the eternal-growth fix robs societal and planetary health. Both thefts are ultimately suicidal. Worse is that these questionable policies are obliviously pursued in the face of impending energy, economic, and environmental collapse--as if all's rosy out there in debtland.

Interesting quote:"...until we change the way money works, solutions to Peak Oil, food shortages, collapse and sustainability remain unreachable from a national or cultural level because it is simply more profitable to let people die and accelerate collapse through excessive consumption than it is to behave like a species that wishes to survive." - Michael Ruppert

The article asks, "The bigger question is where any of the money is going to come from...considering the city's budget woes." "Where is the money?" is the right question; it's just being asked in the wrong way here.

Why not reject partisan politics and become activist communities working to stop the hemorrhaging of our wealth by the criminals posing as patriots that run the federal government?

Here's an interesting look at how DC works... And it'll never change, ethics reforms notwithstanding, until we get a clue and begin to take away the control mechanisms of elite manipulation underlying and driving the system.

Tue, 7 Mar '06 Syndicated editorial: Bill Press: Selling the ports makes us vulnerable

Response: Propagandistic nonsense.

First of all, it's irresponsible to say 'selling the ports.' Ports are not being sold, only the operations contracts for the ports.

Secondly, there is no increase in vulnurability based on the notion that the UAE and other Arab nations have "ties to terrorists," or "ties to al Qaida." These countries are no more tied to terror than is America, via the elite cabal that controls both governments as well as terror and security.

For sure, Dubai Ports doesn't need any more money, because that country is filthy rich based on being a jumping off point for Mid-East war supplies and personnel transfer. This 'Muslim' country is full of bars and prostitutes. So I'd quash the deal just on that basis. But isn't it a bit NAIVE to 'discern' that the Saudis/Arabs have "ties to terrorists," but think their intimate banker/BushCo/Carlyle Group billionaire counterparts don't?

To his credit, Press does touch on the financial connections, including the malfeasant and ruthless Carlyle Group, but he then loses his grip and makes the case that Dubya is willing to increase our vulnerablity to terror in order to make his Pappy richer so he can inherit it.

Stories like this also reinforce the official fairy tale spun by the government around 9/11, an inside job from the getgo.

For those dogged flag-wavers who think "All doze evil guys is Rooskies, radical Muslim 'ragheads,' Saddam and Osama," and think there's no evil usurpation of American politics and government, no such thing as conspiracy, and no American crimes against humanity, I triple-scoop dareya to read about the extensive report on Indonesian President Suharto's US/Kissinger/Ford-assisted outright slaughter of 100,000 to 200,000 people on East Timor.

In return, a US mining company Kissinger had interests in was allowed freely to rape the environmen (it is still doing so in horrendous fashion). It serves well as a model for elite ruthlessness in murder for profit. They are doing it now in Iraq. And Milosevic was capped to prevent his revealing similar crime by Clinton/Albright/Clark in Yugoslavia (an operation that facilitated the heroin trade to Europe).

Mon, 6 Mart '06 Article: Dangerous drinking water

Response: More insidious threats may await.

This one's about a local town where some residents' well water is contaminated by an old gasoline station. The good news is that one famliy, featured in the article, has put in an extensive filtration system. The funny part is that the talk is about contamination by a gasoline additive MBTE, but there's no mention of gasoline itself, without which there would be no MBTE in the water :-) Apparently, only MBTE is bad forya--according to the EPA.

The insidious part is that there are numerous tasteless/odorless organic pollutants in water that are never tested for. Insidious also are the additives put in by municipalities that are supposed to be good. One is chlorine, an indiscriminate bacteriacide that kills good with bad, thus dangerously disrupting our inner ecology; another, somewhat less common, is fluoride, a seriously toxic industrial waste product whose use is based upon phony studies driven by corporate malfeasance.

So, even when/if the pros get the obvious threat cleaned up, the water may still not be safe to drink.

Sun, 5 Mar '06 Editorial: Jeff McMenemy: Newspaper looking for community advisors

Response: Advice, but how much consent?

The S&E is looking for "...dedicated readers who are committed to working constructively with us to make the S&E a better paper. We want people who can disagree, but can do so civilly."

You have to wonder.

There's no indication of how much 'power' the Board would have in terms of determining policy, depending on where the official line of resistance might be. Remember, this is no local independent, but a scion of a media conglomeration.

Also wanted are fresh ideas and eyes-out for news. Given that there's also no mention of any pay for the Board, could a cynic conclude that maybe the paper mainly wants an unpaid extension of the staff that it can tap, pat on the back, and overrule?

Why do I say you have to wonder? For one thing, because I've been after the paper for more than a decade to let me do a regualr column on Holistic health, which would, in part, offer some counterpoint to the many human interest stories the paper runs about familes in crisis under the conventional medical aegis.

I also took the trouble, after making proposals to the editor, to write two extensive pieces on health that were promised to be published, but were not, for one excuse or another.
1) Meaningful Health Care Reform
2) Alternative Medicine: Really?

In these endeavors, civility has availed nothing.

Also, the health articles and human-interest stories that commonly run reflect only conventional medical philosophy and practice, thereby making you wonder about the sincerity of wanting "diversity," as was expressed in a staff editorial on Feb 26.

Two recent articles serve as example, one on Sun 3/5/06 about a boy who beat brain cancer after "more than a year of excruciating cancer treatments." But there's nothing about the non-excruciating, but un-approved, safe, effective, non-toxic treatment for many types of brain tumors. This outpatient protocol of Houston's Stanislaw Burzynski is usually successful in 6-8 months, with people returning to their life in 6-8 weeks.

And I've never seen the paper even ask where all the childhood cancers, especially brain cancers, might be coming from. Might this implicate our vaunted way of life, the status quo?

The other article was an editorial also on 3/5, Tips to ensure healthy teeth, which comprised conventional ADA wisdom, including the unqualified assertion that mother's breast milk can cause tooth decay if baby falls asleep feeding. And, of course, it had the usual propaganda about the efficacy of the poison fluoride, a corporate scheme to unload industrial waste.

As I've noted on numerous occasions on this site and on my local-cable TV show, Radical Communion, and in numerous emails to the paper and political community, the paper has displayed a most unflattering hypocrisy around the drug issue. It stumps frequently about street drugs (not forgetting to preen its feathers about the award it won). Never even mentioned is a much worse threat to young brains--the officially authorized and promoted drugging of America's youth with prescription poisons. Ritalin and Prozac come to mind.

It's known that ”Antidepressants Double Children's Suicidal Thinking." They also biochemically predispose kids to cocaine abuse later on, and probably amphetamines. Many professionals also believe that the pharmadrugs lead to manic depression (bipolar 'disorder'). Then the anti-psychotics cash wagon follows. And the paper even ran a piece recently recommending Ritalin.

Of particular note is that, due to similarity of biochemical effect, stimulant use in childhood also predisposes brains to cocaine abuse later on, and probably amphetamines. Furthermore, serotonergic antidepressants may well underlie much of the shocking random violence and murder of recent years. Shooting sprees, for example. Kip Kinkel was on Prozac, as were the Columbine and Red Lake "perpetrators."

Where, one has to wonder, is the paper's corresponding concern? The paper and several of Fitchburg's political figures seem virtually obsessed with the politically correct illegal-drug issue. With 6 million American kids on Ritalin, and probably a million on antidepressants where's the ten-parter on this aspect of Drug Danger to the Kids?

In trying to explain this anomaly, plain unawareness could be cited (but there are all those emails). And we can't imagine anyone arguing that the destruction of brains by drugs is OK as long as they're legal. Nor can we imagine the paper trying not to offend medical advertisers, question medical authority, or embarrass the status-quo. So one is left pondering an agenda that might concern 'community image' for the "upscale" refurbishing of Fitchburg's downtown. It seems we can't have help centers for 'low-lifes' nor have nasty rabble on the street putting decent folk off and threatening the rentals of the 47 downtown condos built by the company of former City Councelor Matthew Straight and his father, for example.

I really do hope that the S&E is sincere about improving its value to the community in crucial ways by expanding its horizons.

You have to wonder, though.

Mon, 27 Feb '06 Syndicated editorial: Clarence Page: Tear down China's walls

Response: While America's are coming up

This one's about China's internet censorhsip and the cooperation in that effort coming from such as MSN, IBM, Google, and other internet companies. Page wants the companies to stand up to China, all the while they're planning their own kind of Internet meddling with plans to set email fees.

But the interesting part of this one is the mention of IBM's assistance to the Nazis in WW II. It's put into the framework of aiding the questionable Holocaust, and really misses the point about just what many American companies did with both the Nazis and the USSR, and what they're still doing now: namely, building the enemy to reap the profits from the ensuing political tensions that lead to more and more weapons and technology.

For example, in 2005, the attempt was made to make a $5 billion taxpayer-funded loan by the Export-Import Bank to Westinghouse (a subsidiary of British Nuclear Fuels) to build four nuclear power plants in China. Fortunately, Rep Bernie Sanders scored a stunning victory on June 28 when the House voted 313-114 to approve his amendment to block this.

But it's a very old game, and one that has cost Americans, and the world at large, very very dearly.

Sun, 26 Feb '06 Two columns:
1) Jeff McMenemy: Striving to produce a great daily newspaper
2) Bruce J Mann, MD: Effective treatment is available for ADHD

Response: Hypocrisy meets big Pharma malfeasance

This is at least the second, maybe the third time the paper has seen fit to report on itself and tell everyone how great it is because of the award it won from the NE Press Association for a ten-part series on street drugs. The irony is that such an award can be won for blowing out of proportion the lesser fraction of a truly nasty scenario--the poisoning of America's kids.

But there is a newspaper god. On the same day a worse fraction of the nasty scenario pokes its ugly head into the S&E pages: a presentation on the characteristics of ADHD and its 'treatment,' culminating with info about the wonder drugs used to bring the kiddies back into line.

The entire 'officio medico' process is, first diagnosis, then the masterful "treatment plan," which consists of "...behavior therapy, outcome management, education, counseling, and POSSIBLY medication" [my emphasis]. Not a whisper there amid the psychospeak about any biological assessments or protocols, such as toxicity and nutritional status.

Indeed, the plan is usually to increase any existing toxicity with a poison drug or three. And with about 6 million kids on Ritalin in America, with probably 2 mil more on the brain-altering drugs like Zoloft, Prozac, and Paxil, one can suggest that "possibly medication" is a bit tongue in pharmacheek.

Since there's no real money in the natural or biological approach comparatively speaking, the establishment has gathered its robes to denounce anyone who dares question the status quo, and will even mount phony science and hire PR specialists to reinforce its pronouncements.

One courageous pioneer in this field is Peter Breggin, MD, who wrote Your Drug May Be Your Problem, and who has testified before Congress on the real drug danger.

BREGGIN'S testimony before Congress September 29, 2000:
It is important to note that the Drug Enforcement Administration, and all other drug enforcement agencies worldwide, classify methylphenidate (Ritalin) and amphetamine (Dexedrine and Adderall) in the same Schedule II category as methamphetamine, cocaine, and the most potent opiates and barbiturates. Schedule II includes only those drugs with the very highest potential for addiction and abuse.

Animals and humans cross-addict to methylphenidate, amphetamine and cocaine. These drugs affect the same three neurotransmitter systems and the same parts of the brain. It should have been no surprise when Nadine Lambert presented data at the Consensus Development Conference (attached) indicating that prescribed stimulant use in childhood predisposes the individual to cocaine abuse in young adulthood (emphasis added - PT).

Furthermore, their addiction and abuse potential is based on the capacity of these drugs to drastically and permanently change brain chemistry. Studies of amphetamine show that short-term clinical doses produce brain cell death. Similar studies of methylphenidate show long-lasting and sometimes permanent changes in the biochemistry of the brain.

All stimulants impair growth not only by suppressing appetite but also by disrupting growth hormone production. This poses a threat to every organ of the body, including the brain, during the child's growth. The disruption of neurotransmitter systems adds to this threat.

These drugs also endanger the cardiovascular system and commonly produce many adverse mental effects, including depression.

Too often stimulants become gateway drugs to illicit drugs. As noted, the use of prescription stimulants predisposes children to cocaine and nicotine abuse in young adulthood.

There are also studies which show that antipsychotic drugs cause obesity.

In addition to preening its feathers with its 'anti-drug' posture, the paper is also fond of running heartwarming stories of families struggling with very difficult health problems. But here's one they might do an in-depth on:

Kurt Danysh was 18 and on Prozac when he killed his father with a shotgun.  He is now behind prison bars, and writes letters, hoping to reach anyone who will listen to him.  He has a warning for the world…. SSRI drugs can kill…. You….. or someone else.

Since the S&E has consistently refused and failed to publish stories about the far worse drug problem in America--prescription drugs, which kill around 110 thousand people annually--and the even wider threat of chemical poisoning of the kids via industrial-ag 'food' and our mad consumer orgy, which the paper cheerleads, we'd have to say the award it deserves is the Fickle Finger of Denial Award.

Thu, 23 Feb '06 Article: Outdoor water bylaw would restrict usage

Response: One community has been given a clear warning.

Lancaster, MA officials are trying to avoid disaster by limiting the amount of water drawn from town wells. It's really too bad they've taken it for granted and have been drawing so much over the years to get to the impending crisis point. The current draw rate threatens to produce shortage.

Lancaster, MA officials are trying to avoid disaster by limiting the amount of water drawn from town wells. It's really too bad they've taken it for granted for so long and have been drawing more and more over the years to get to the impending crisis point. The current draw rate threatens to cause shortage--under ideal conditions of supply.

The issue is the increased demand caused by growth and building development. The conservation move is an attempt to save water for development, as these folks are no different than growth addicts everywhere, operating faithfully within the rigged, phony-currency and debt-based economic system.

Highly instructive: Selectman David Dunn said that a building moratorium will "severely damage any new growth we may have," and that without growth the town could expect greater deficits every year.

What will it take for these bureaucrats to see the nonsense and built-in suicidality of status-quo growth economics and fiscal policy? Hasn't it dawned on even one of them that this can't go on forever, and that they're just delaying and worsening the day of reckoning?

They can't see that debt/inflation/growth-addiction is the perfect analog to a drug addiction!

The best part of this one is one official saying he doubts that people will go along with a water ban, and that this can be enforced: "People say, 'Who cares? I'll water all night long.'"

They will until they have to carry the stuff they're full of out the back door and bury it.

Wed, 22 Feb '06 Article: Olver wants a probe for impeachment

Response: Not that impeachment (or even the probe) is going to succeed, but he seems finally to have grown a testicle.

Nice to see Congressman Olver, who is a decent-enough guy but standing up on a major point (now if we could only get him to grow one more and stand up on 9/11, the real reason to impeach BushCo--as long as we proceed on the premise that BushCo is but a symptom of the problem.

This probe relates to the phony intelligence on Iraq. Olver is asking for an examination of the obvious, while warmongers and Bush worshippers like Fitchburg's Mayor Dan Mylott spout spinsense such as, "The facts are that members of Congress had access to the same intelligence that we had before going into Iraq."

Sorry, even that lie is not the point. The point is, was that intelligence that "everyone" had access to, manipulated, as opposed to being assembled by a bunch of incompetent idiots? The Downing Street Memo, among several other things (such as the heavy 'pre-war' bombing) strongly 'suggests' that indeed it was.

The Office of Special Plans was set up to manipulate the system, and observers have blown the whistle on that, including a military whistleblower working close by.

The brightest comment in this piece comes from 'Republicrat' Mayor Dan, a staunch supporter of the White House Criminals: "There's more imortant things that we have to do than embarass other people."

Boy, I bet he stood up for Tricky Dick too, not to mention blow-job Bill (naaahhh! he's a Democan). Perfect example of a partisan politician preferring to defend crime than admit he's been wrong and that his party's leader has deceived the country.

Wed, 22 Feb '06 Article: Firm won't reveal tenants

Response: Firm is not concerned about anything but its selfish ends

In re the highly ill-advised, Pavlovian, nonsensical, monster developement catering to the consumer orgy addiction planned for Leominster's Rte 117, Vinny the slick CampoBasso, the developer's "counsel" says they can't reveal who the interested tenants might be until all approvals are set.

What? In other words, no matter who or what wants to set up shop, there's no say about it. See, the captains of greed were foiled in their last attempt when the tenant was the Wal-Monster. This time, they got "smart" and now refuse to say who the bloodsuckers are this time until it's too late to stop them.

Local planning board members echo status-quo, in-the-box concerns about traffic, infrastructure, and yada yada. But none, especially the particularly short-sighted Planning Board Chairman, can see the wider implications of this folly.

I've already written of this numerous times, but here goes once more: These developments are addictions, not really different from drug addictions, that pretend to be fisccally sound and fun, but which contribute to worsening toxic, environmental, energy, and economic conditions globally (including maintaining a state of war), nationally (including exacerbating a ship-sinking trade deficit and mounting debt), and locally (strain on natural resources). They are serious threats to our future well being and ability to survive.

Tue, 21 Feb '06 Syndicated editorial: Providence Journal: A culture war worth fighting

Response: The ultimate in self-righteous, overbearing ignorance.

Most of the popular flap about the violent "overreaction" of Muslims to insulting cartoons is self-righteous hypocrisy. And with the propaganda spewing out of its editorial pen lately, Providence Journal seems to be making a bid to outdo establishment apologist mouthpiece and sewer pipe Jay Ambrose.

Oh those nasty Muslim extremists. How dare they overreact with violence and threats to a clever insult to their god? Just goes to show how culturally inferior they really are to the Great West, which values tolerance and "freedom of speech".

Why, those crazy fundamentalists have actually killed some people. They must be insane, and we must wage a culture war against them to demonstrate our superiority.

Just under a millenium ago, was a Christian-derived holocaust called the Crusades. Arab/Muslim children, women, and men were systematically slaughtered for being, well, Not-Christian. But that was way back then--we're cultured now.

More recent was the creation of, and support by, Christo-Americans of a contrived war in SE Asia, where they mercilessly slaughtered millions of non-combatants and poisoned an entire ecosystem. That was back then, we're cultured now.

Even more recent was the purposeful creation of Desert Storm by virtually inviting Saddam to invade Kuwait. After lying about incubator babies, the JudeoChristo-Americans bombed the daylights out of gigantic bunkers containing the $4 billion of WMD they had previously sold illegally to Saddam--destroying evidence and contaminating our own troops.

They then unnecessarily bombed civilian infrastructure.

Unsatisfied, the JudeoChristo-Americans pushed through economic sanctions that consequently killed a million Iraqis, half of them children. Ahhh, the kiss of contemporary culture.

Based on the inside job that was 9/11, the good JudeoChristians unleashed tons of Depleted Uranium upon Central Asia and the Middle East, thereby poisoning land, food, and water til the end of time. A righteous blow for the "culture war."

Guess what. All those people are just as dead as "extremists" wish for Denmark and France. And, not long ago, ignorant Freedom-Fry munchers would have seconded the latter emotion.

"For us there are two sorts of people in the world: there are those who are Christians and support free enterprise and there are the others." - John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State 1953–59.

Regarding freedom of speech: Try questioning The Holocaust.

Careful on that prancing high-horse, judgmental stonethrower. A fall from that high would break every bone in your body.

Sun, 19 Feb '06 Article: Some Leominster High students shunning healthier snack options

Response: Society's little 'drug' addicts speak out.

"Kids crave things," says one young shunner. People will be "annoyed" that their drugfood is not available. "Junk food is good," said another young pundit, then told how she ate a Pop Tart this AM. Other kids said that if the junk isn't there, they'll bring their own.

Where are the parents?

Wait, that's a dumb question, because many parents have little clue about the effects of processed junk. Many are junkies themselves. Many even think obesity is the worst thing caused by this stupidity.

Because it's a free country, I'd say the kids should bring anything they want to school (or that parents allow), but that the school should not provide harmful products (there goes the school lunch program). Being provided with this crap by 'responsible' adults (most of whom fret in highly hypocritical fashion about Johhny smoking pot) is how they became "cravers" in the first place

Thus it is, our upstanding society has self-righteously and hypocritically turned many of our young people into junkies. Following this metabolic insult, when the kids get out of control, they're drugged by Dr. Frankenstein. And all the while we hear such proud lip service about our concern for their well being.

Tue, 14 Feb '06

Article: Legislative panel supports bill to decriminalize marijuana possession

Response: By gor! A flicker of sanity appearing in the darkness!?

"A priority of our committee is to develop programs of prevention, education, and treatment, and shift away from...the criminal justice system," says House chairwoman Ruth Balser. Very ballsy.

Now, if the flicker of sanity can only be fanned into a flame, the process may continue with all drugs.

Crazy, you say? That's because it's the best way to defuse the situation. There might be a temporary upsurge in drug use, but this will subside, because for the most part, whoever wants them can get them now. Trouble is, the biz feeds the criminal types who fill the demand. Take that away, and you get a big reduction in that influence.

There are law enforcement professionals who hold this view.

Tue, 14 Feb '06 Article: Little change in city's crime rate

Response: You ain't seen nothin' yet.

With crime statistics in different categories showing mixed results, "we need more cops," says one Fitchburg city councilor. But the mayor points proudly to drug arrests and seizures as proof that the "war on crime" is proceeding apace. War on crime--is there any more self-righteous sounding flap?

But hey, the cops got over half a mil in cocaine last year. No one mentions that they could get five times that without making a dent in the trade. That's how profitable the stuff is. Of course, no one mentions, either, the amount of cash and other items that are never reported in drug busts, and disappear into the 'ether.'

Nor is there ever mention of the high-level creation of, and participation in, the international trade by the rich and powerful 'legitimate' people and their central banks.

There is no mention of other ways to reduce crime--just get more cops to deal with it. It's sad, really. The pundits cannot see that status quo economics and currency, and the related consumer orgy, are driving forces behind a lot of crime--are crime, actually, and much greater by orders of magnitude.

And as the economy worsens or even collpases, and more and more people become desperate, nothing short of a battalion of armed patrols crawling all streets is going to stem the tide, especially when it comes to robberies and burglaries by people trying to survive.

But don't give up hope, this scenario could be on the way.

The present direction of Homeland Security and domestic spying and data mining is taking us to the police-state reality. People who see themselves as upstanding, law-abiding citizens may relish this evolution. But they don't realize the extent of crime on the 'official' side of things, because: Who's watching the watchers? Their money and lives will be (are being) stolen, but in a way they often embrace.

But, back to the crime rate. Police would be in much better shape at current staff levels if they didn't have to waste their time and resources chasing street drugs. There is already talk about decriminalizing marijuana. When sanity comes to the minds of the 'crats, they will see that this is best for all drugs, which are a matter of personal choice. Let the law fall hard on crimes related to personal choice, not the choice itself.

Fri, 10 Feb '06 Syndicated editorial: Providence Journal: Iranian crisis should concern the West

Response: More and more bullshit.

Reflecting the deep ignorance of the mainstream press on what's going on in the world, PJ regurgitates the 'official' US/European 'complaint' about Iran--that it is developing nuclear weapons and can't wait to unleash them on Israel. Also tossed into the mix is the story that Iran is a major supporter of terrorism.

If so, it must be in cahoots with such as BushCo, Carlyle Group, Saudi financers and the central banks--the real creators of terror.

Iran's biggest threat is to those who enslave the world with phony currency called the oil dollar, and to those who support and profit from this crime. The nuke issue is smokscreen. Can you say WMD?

Even if Iran were developig nuke weapons, intelligence says it would be a decade at least before they'd get even one weapon. Of course, the oil-dollar criminals must paint the Iranian president as a madman, because they want to convince everyone that once that single nuke is made, Iran will immediately shoot it at some neighbor, inviting annihilation upon itself.

The main proponents of this nonsense are the murderous Zionazis who control Israel, that intentional burr under the Middle Eastern saddle. These anti-Semites (in the correct sense of the oft-misused term) don't want any strong, viable Arab nations in the region. They want military and economic hegemony.

This agenda is a primary driving force behind the total devastation of Iraq--on false pretenses. Most likely a similar fate is being planned for Iran. After Iraq, anyone who can't see through this crap, ought not to be calling himself a journalist.

But these lapdog journo-pundits will continue their obedient parrot-job until we have WW III.

Wed, 8 Feb '06 Article: Romney proposes $36.5 million to prepare for a potential flu outbreak

Response: The biggest boondoggle nonsense mania--or maybe not.

One thing's for sure, special interests will realize huge profits from the bird-flu "threat," which some scientists question as hype.

However, since a laboratory recently re-created the virus that supposedly caused the Spanish Flu epidemic nearly a century ago, it's not hard to imagine a clandestine biolab creating "mysterious new" viruses that apparently materialize from nowhere. The avian virus could well be such an item.

One question would be, who is more likely to have this sophisticated capability—cave-dwelling Muslims and the like, or those who profit from the global "preparedness" response. The elephant in our room is the willingness, demonstrated repeatedly in the past, of ruthless homeland corporations to sacrifice lives for profit.

In any case, as the material linked below attempts to show, there is a certain level of hype out there, playing on fear. Fear comes from widespread misunderstanding about health and ways to avoid getting sick. This lack of awareness results in the belief of most people that they need a poison needle or toxic drugs to keep them healthy. But the healthiest thing produced by these methods will be the coffers of corporations and major pharma shareholders--like Donald Rumsfeld.

If you are concerned about this potential 'epidemic,' you are strongly encouraged to visit the few sites and articles linked here--for a bit different perspective.

By the way, one very 'interesting' response to the crisis: I read that a company in England got the brilliant idea of GMO chickens--genetically engineering chickens to be H5N1 resistant! Imagine that potential boondoggle, just from the question of viral strains and mutations. And what to do about the next new virus that emerges, not to mention the fact that GMOs themselves are unhealthy.

You can find a lot of info on GMOs here.

Should the Frankenfood proponents get their way, we may have repeated cycles of genetic engineering and global chicken burnings :-)

Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu
Defense Secretary, ex-chairman of flu treatment rights holder, sees portfolio value growing.
October 31, 2005: 10:55 AM EST
By Nelson D. Schwartz, Fortune senior writer

A level-headed examination of 10 important facts shows that the prevailing alarmist point of view is inaccurate, irresponsible and self-serving.

Bird Flu Epidemic is a Hoax
"But I nearly fell out of my seat in the airplane as I was flying back from a conference in Ft. Lauderdale when I read that in the BEST-case scenario, only 200,000 people might die." [Doctors kill 100,000 minimum annually with chemical drugs. - PT]

Another Example Of the Bird Flu Hoax
Jon Rappoport | January 6 2006
Today, press reports from various agencies around the world are headlined, DEATH FROM BIRD FLU.

Bird Flu: A Corporate Bonanza for the Biotech Industry, Tamiflu, Vistide and the Pentagon Agenda
November 6, 2005
Despite the admission of absence of a clear and present danger to the American public, the President called on Congress to immediately pass a new $7.1 billion in emergency funding to prepare for that not-imminent, not-pandemic, possible-in-the-future danger. The speech was an exercise in the Administration’s now-famous ‘pre-emptive war,’ this one against Avian Flu. As with the other pre-emptive wars, there is a multiple agenda—one might say, killing two birds with one stone, were it not so tasteless...

Mon, 6 Feb '06 Sentinel & Enterprise (S&E) editorial: Meehan's priorities focused on the wrong place

Response: This looks like petty muckraking.

And if there were ever a case of pot calling kettle black, this would be it.

The apparently "ReichWing"-leaning S&E has seen fit lately to take pot shots at Democratic US Rep Marty Meehan. His biggest booboo: having doctored an online bio to delete a promise to serve just 8 years. He's been there 14 now.

What horrible crime! Right up there with lying us into war crimes and torture. I'm not justifying what Meehan did, but his overall record has been relatively good.

However, given the crime going on in Washington, which cost the lives of well over a million Iraqi people, devastated the environment in the Middle East and Central Asia with depleted uranium, sold $4 billion of chem/bio WMD illegally to Saddam then blew it up in place, poisoned hundreds of thousands of our own troops and is abandoning most, promotes vast debt as prosperity, is crushing America's economy, is turning America into a fascist police state based on lies and the inside job that was 9/11 is allowing children to starve while finding $billions for death toys and genocide, secretly supports international drug dealing and money laundering, and allows a rapacious pharma industry to sicken and kill people (at least 100,000 annually) for profit, one could argue that the S&E might take pause for a mo' before the mirror of poorly focused priorities.

Mon, 6 Feb '06 Two pieces:
1) Letter to editor: Bob Richards: Solutions to problem of speeding readily available but mostly ignore
Article: Bush 2007 budget heavy on defense and homeland security

Response: What could these two possibly have in common?

They represent misguided priorities and gross hypocrisy. Why? We sputter in politically correct spasms about the horrible injuries and loss of life caused by speeders (not to mention all the crowing about seat-belt enforcement), while spending billions (over $20 trillion, actually, since WW II) creating bigger and better ways to send our young to kill and die while beaming with chauvinistic pride.

One could argue that it's necessary to protect ourselves, which has some validity. Still, even that's hard to justify some 700 US military bases strewn all over the planet.

The main problem is, however, that 'American' elite types and others work hard behind the scenes to 1) create mutual enemies and 2) create wars on false pretenses.

No better examples:
the USSR for (1) and (obviously) Vietnam for (2).
The Third Reich also serves as excellent example of (1),
as does the "War on Terror" for (2). See also 9/11 resources.

We're willing to create unspeakable carnage and destruction to "protect freedom," then tell people they have to wear a seat belt and slow down or there might be a comparatively miniscule amount of carnage and destruction.

Particularly egregious is the cutting of working programs that help people to save money for the obscene military waste. But hey, it creates jobs, right?

Icing on the cake is that, out of fear propagated by the same criminals who foment war, we're sacrificing our freedom and civil liberties that we ask our soldiers to die protecting. Cherry on the icing is that we then pat ourselves on the back for all this wisdom.

Sun, 5 Feb '06 Article: City's south side final frontier for development

Response: The day of reckoning approaches.

The Planning Board (aka the suicide-growth gang) has approved 736 new "residential units" with a probable 94 more in the pipeline.

There is not a peep in the article about the impact of this and other development on natural resources. One nearby town is already experiencing a water pinch. But we have an infinite supply here (just like we do of open space). How is it then, that a mere month or so without rain results in water bans?

The growth-mongers must have an in with the rain gods.

Not mentioned either is the potential, imminent, nasty energy crisis, to which local pundits, especially suicide-board Chairman Souza, also seem oblivious.

But not to worry, all the accompanying roads are the new kind that plow and sand themselves, so no more fossil energy will be needed there, nor money in the funds that ran tight and short with one of the mildest winters on record. And no fossil energy will be required in the building process or to run and heat the homes.

It's just BAU in the conventional economic growth and development box.

And how's this one: "Pressures on traffic will be minimized because of the type of project it is," says Councilor Freda. That's rhetoric--there's already too much traffic. So she's saying we agree to make it worse, but we could have made it even more worse--pat, pat, pat us on the back.

But the "big question" say the local pundits is: How fast will it happen? In other words, will we kill ourselves slowly or quickly. And you watch--the mongers will still put some more big-box chainstores in the area, just to put the fine edge on the hara-kiri sword.

Thu, 2 Feb "06 Article: Oscars getting socially aware?

Response: Perhaps to the distracted, superficially fascinated American psyche.

Of all the things going on in the world that include major threats to the survival of the human race, the emphasis in this article is a movie about a couple of gay cowboys that's gotten eight nods from the Oscars.

Now, I'm not anti-gay, but just anti-misguided priorities in the easily led and misled lemming psyche of America.

Thu, 2 Feb "06 Article: Water woes prompt officials to mull building moratorium

Response: Just the leading edge of the approaching, self-inflicted disaster.

Nearby Lancaster, MA is running out of water to support its current/old building policy. Wisely, the town fathers consider putting on the brakes.

What is Holy Grail: Bow to Worship: Unquestionable Wisdom of the Ages? Why, that would be economic growth and development, of course! Resources be damned, until it literally comes up in your face

The fathers of all the local communities, like most who have bought the Big Sell of American-Dream debt/inflation/growth economics, cannot see that they are being conned, and that their fiscal and growth policies are precise analogs to a heroin addiction: The fix feels good when you get it, but the crash will come.

QUESTION: If prosperity depends upon everlasting economic growth, but we live in a finite space with finite resources, what are we going to do for prosperity when space adn resources literally run out?

Could the growth mongers be paying forward to the coming generations problems to which there may be no solution?

If you have time, it's WELL worth the 45 minutes it takes to listen to John Rubino on where the Fed and the Masters of Money and Wall St are taking the lemmings.

Wed, 1 Feb '06 Syndicated editorial: Jay Ambrose: Extremists on both left and right

Response: Another disingenuous setup from the Jayster.

Two "extremists" are contrasted: Harry Belafonte and Pat Robertson. While it is true that you'd be hard pressed to find two characters more opposite in their views, this does not form a solid basis for Ambrose's conclusions.

The difference being that to tell the truth about Bush and America's corporate malfeasance (Harry) simply sounds extreme because what's being done is indeed outrageous. Jay apparently thinks going to war on false pretenses and using the military to protect the dollar's value is OK stuff. Thus it is, that when insanity has gone mainstream, truthseekers and speakers become marginal 'extremists.'

Robertson, another rich religioso, who has used his talents to promote cultist propaganda, has taken the extreme positions that Venezuelan President Chavez ought to be assassinated, and that Ariel Sharon's stroke was God's retribution for having given up land to Palestinians (!) That isn't even true, in effect, but that's another story, as is Robertson's likely motive for being upset: it delays the Rapture.

One thing Jayster taks Harry tosk for is saying that Condi and Colin Powell are "house slaves" to Bush. First of all, Bush has no autonomy--he himself is an elite puppet. But, like Bush, the two slaves have been caught in some serious lies. How about Colin appearing at the UN waving a bag of white powder purportedly being one of Saddam's WMD? (What no elite apologist such as Powell, Rice, or Jayster will tell you is that the US sold biochem WMD to Saddam illegally right up to Gulf War 1.)

Or how about old Colin saying that satellite photos showed Saddam amassing tanks on the Saudi border ready to attack? And lest we forget, Powell was the officer who tried to cover up the My Lai massacre.

Condosleeza (and Powell) stated before 9/11 that Saddam was contained and not a threat.

Once the policy was firming up to attack Iraq no matter what, the tune changed to the WMD refrain. And right after 9/11, Anacondi said the Admin had all evidence in hand that al Qaeda planned and staged the attacks, and 'we will make it all available to you' (so just let us go blast Afghanistan). We're still waiting for a shred of credible evidence.

In other words, folks, Harry was right, and the Jayster is, as usual, sucking wind.

The funniest part is his fork-tongued description of the two slaves: "...two people every inch as honorable as Belafonte and many times as knowledgeable and blessed with analytical capacity." Gag me, JayBoy.

I've broken precedent here in Editorial Dailies to include a picture of the Sleazy one that says a thousand words:

Download and view full size to appreciate.

The most important part is Jay's assertion that if Americans support the "dictatorial, human-rights-violating, economy-crushing" revolution of Chavez, they support the undermining of their own nation, because Hugo has "aligned himself with America's worst enemies while seeking a unified, anti-US Latin America."

Jay's talent for sure is the ability to pack a huge amount of untruth and misdirection in a short amount of language. To be fair, however, there is a good amount if resistance to Chavez among Venezuelans, but there is also a lot of appreciation and support.

The opposition seems greatly concerned with Chavez's association with the Castro regime, but this is not a direct detriment to them, so motivation is in question. It sounds almost like US propaganda, because the Castro regime has not been that repressive over the years. Yet, for more than forty years, Castro has been targeted numerous times by United States- and CIA-sponsored assassins. S American countries should sympathize with this kind of cirminal interference. So one is at a loss to say what the Venezuelans' objections are. Since Cuba has stood up against the central banks, this presents motive for black-ops removal.

And given the above-mentioned history of US interference to create regimes that comply with the policies and wishes bankers and corporate elites, it's highly likely that the opposition movement is, if not a creation of intelligence ops, getting outside help and encouragement.

It seems significant too, that under "dictator" Chavez's regime, a big protest against him goes on unmolested. You can't even get that in the US these days.

Knowing how the elite operate, it still remains within the realm of possibility that Chavez is a player. But on the surface at least, he has shown himself thus far to be a man of the people. And there are free food programs in almost every community.

And when Jay says "economy crushing," he could be talking about threats to the central bankers who like to enslave nations by saddling them with huge debt--their idea of 'sound economic policy.'

And our so-called "worst enemies" are very often nations who won't bow to the bankers and question their enslavement by phony oil-dollars. See the evil: Saddam, Chavez, and now Iran's Ahmadinejad, all determined to switch their oil values to the Euro. This is simply a cardinal sin, boys and girls, and is quite likely to get you bombed.

Finally, a "unified, anti-US Latin America," might well be understood in the light of Iran-Contra, Augusto Pinochet, numerous coups and CIA/School of the Americas assassinations and death squads, all put in place by the US to support corporate rape of the region.

So when you stand up against such atrocity, as Chavez has done, and as Belafonte has supported, it's as deserving of reproach as a slave refusing to turn his back for the lashing, or, indeed, Sleazy and Colon telling Dubya dey ain't servin' da Massa no mo.'

Sun, 29 Jan '06 Article: How big will the Mormon factor be in Romney's potential '08 presidential bid?

Response: Typo there?

Where the Mittster is concerned, it's not so much the Mormon factor as it is the Moron factor. For example, he recently decided to drop out of the New England regional program to cap power plant global warming pollution.

He's practicing to be a good little BushCowboy.

Fri, 27 Jan '06 Syndicated editorial: Jay Ambrose: Special prosecutor can go too far

Response: You mean like establishment lapdog journalists?

In his typical self-satisfled and sarcastic tone, clever rhetorician Ambrose uses the checkered history of special prosecution in general and of one David Barrett in particular to take a cheap shot at Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, who is now investigating the outing of Valerie Plame.

One problem is, Ambrose paints all the prosecutors as relatively incompetent, wild-eyed zealots out of control with no-limit budgets. And it doesn't cross his mind that maybe in some cases, their goal is to obfuscate and cover up worse crime.

Although the venue is different, when we think of three major 'commissions' charged with getting to the bottom of things, this becomes crystal clear:
Warren, Tower and Kean (9/11) Commissions--all whitewashes.

In re the case of Barrett vs Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros, Ambrose rambles on, noting that Barrett was investigating him for possibly lying to the FBI about how much money he'd given to a mistress while Mayor of San Antonio, prior to his Cabinet appointment.

Jay dismisses this by saying, what, everyone knew he had a mistress, and it kept him out of the TX governorship, maybe even the presidentship. Apparently, however, it didn't cause any problem for a Cabinetship.

But I would have preferred an investigation into the many billions of dollars missing from HUD (and over a trillion from DoD).

Did Cisneros have any info about that, or maybe have something to do with it? Is that what's being covered up? Who got the billions?

Among the Stupidities of Ambrose here is his complaint that Fitzgerald indicted Libby "for supposed lies" instead of the real issue of breaking a law "some experts say LIbby could not conceivably have violated." This puts Fitzgerald in the class of wild-eyed, power-drunk prosecutors. You see how clever Ambrose is with his words: "supposed lies."

Ambrose would have the brass to argue that, although Plame was outed, in Jay's eyes no one did it—at least no one in BushCo Boyscout Camp, whose jackboots he licks. He acts as if lying is trivial and legal, and that there's nothing suspicious about Libby 'supposedly' having done it. But I wouldn't go by "some experts" and just drop the case, because these BushCo bastards know how to cover their tracks so well.

And I'll bet Ambrose would argue it would have been better to let Al Capone go than get him for supposedly lying to the IRS.

Fri, 27 Jan '06 S&E editorial: Random drug testing sends a negative message

Response: Impressive posture for the hard-line, tough-on-crime paper.

The S&E has 'made a living' ranting about the street/illegal drug problem, even going so far as to say it's the worst problem in the region (just a slight overstatement there, coming from either unawareness or political correctness).

Here the message is that although drugs are just terrible, random testing in schools conveys the message that we well-balanced, emotionally stable, and all-wise adults think all kids are not to be trusted. This would fail to support the 'good' kids who "spurn" drugs.

That's a sound assessment.

Ignored, however, is the real issue, which is the 'simple' violation of people's privacy and lives. But you get the sense, given the paper's obsession with drugs, that if testing could be done without the trust factor being threatened, the paper would be in favor, rights be damned.

This may be why the real issue isn't even mentioned.

There's another possiblity for the paper's more liberal posture. The problem in school doesn't reflect directly on the town like the visible rabble in the streets that business people like former city councilor Matthew Straight fret snobbishly about. Straight and his father own a company planning on developing an old downtown building for residence. They want police out there sweeping the streets clean of low-lifes so that decent folk can inhabit their building and float around in their Infinitis and proceed unruffled to the various condoned addictions provided by "Upscale" establishments comprising their wet dream of profit-motivated downtown consumer-orgy "renewal."

Thu, 26 Jan '06 Syndicated editorial: Dan Thomasson: Congress pretends to reform

Response: Right, but not for the main reason.

Dan says the problem is an ongoing loophole in the system. He says that the reforms center around ethical behavior rather than fundraising law per se.

Of course there is a need for outside input into legislation, but it should be informational only, not money.

Dan says the system has gotten out of hand because of the high cost of campaigning and the large amounts of ready cash available of favors. But imagine this scenario--stop wasting billions upon billions blowing up the planet, and put everyone on a level playing field with equal federal money grants for media and internet campaigns, while requiring the media to minimize costs to candidates in the interests of America.

But for a much better analysis of the problem, check out Congressman Ron Paul, who sees it from a much more fundamental perspective.

Thu, 26 Jan '06 S&E editorial: Enforcing the rules of the road

Response: Squeaky shoes.

Twisted logic attempts to excuse abridgement of liberty regarding the seat belt law.

I addressed this gneral subject before at
Fri, 20 Jan '06 Article: Bill passes allowing seat belt enforcement

But here, the writer misses the point made by State Rep Lewis Evangelidis about the right to do foolish things in this country, even to your own detriment. "Maybe we should start banning Big Macs and Whoppers," he said. Valid point (no ban for sure, but maybe a blackbox warning label? :-)

The paper rejoins, "But there's a big difference: State law already requires all drivers or wear a safety belt..." Well, gee, we already know this. That's the problem Evangelidis is talking about, not just the new bill allowing police to stop people solely for that.

How about this oxymoron: "We're firmly against governmental encroachment on our personal freedoms," followed by, "But you're supposed to wear a seat belt by law." What part of governmental encroachment does the writer not get?

Next comes the logic that the belts save lives and money on insurance claims and medical bills. One suspects this is editor "Christian" McMenemy talking, because he promotes killing people in jail (the death penalty) to save taxpayer money.
Sun, 15 Jan '06 S&E editorial: Another reason to implement the death penalty

And speaking of personal freedoms and oxymorons, what’s the logic for the paper’s obsession with street drugs. I mean, decent folk can have their caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and sugar, but others cannot have thier pot, cocaine, etc. They're the BAD GUYS. The law and Editor McMenemy tell us so. Self-righteous hyprocrisy.

I for one am willing to pay a little more to maintain my freedom. But if the paper's so concerned about saving lives and relatively small dollars, why do we never hear a peep from it about sending our sons and daughters to die, and to kill sons and daughters, on false pretenses, a war crime that's likely to cost a couple trillion dollars (borrowed, of course)?

Answer: In status quo logic, that money and carnage are being spent on... freedom.

Once again, the two goody shoes of the S&E are squeaking.

Thu, 26 Jan '06 Article: Hundreds mourn teen driver

Response: If only we could turn this into a better lesson than safe driving.

On top of this story comes another story of mourning over the kids lost in a Florida bus/car accident.

My suggestion is that people really focus on the pain of these losses, 'senseless' losses. Really GET what it is to lose a child in this way. Multiply that by a million, and realize that this is what we the people, due to unquestioning trust of our federal government, have inflicted upon Iraq ever since our own CIA helped to put Saddam in power.

We have been bombing that country nonstop now for about 16 years...on false pretenses. We've killed well over a million people. Maybe we're all guilty of negligent homicide—accessories to murder?

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