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Editorial 'Dailies'-5

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Fri, 13 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard NS: The Capitol's bad scare

Response: Our brave leaders tripping over each other, running for their lives.

A big, bad Cessna 150 violated Capitol air space and sent everyone, including tourists into a running fear frenzy in which House Dem leader Nancy Pelosi lost her shoes (hey, watch out they don't come back with anthrax in 'em).

This about epitomizes the entire stupidity and craven cowardliness that characterizes America's post 9/11 mindset.

The funny thing is that the little plane could even be considered enough of a threat to evacuate the buildings. It happened because of "outdated maps and a radio turned to the wrong frequency." First, a Black Hawk helicopter and a Customs Service jet intercepted, but "couldn't convince the pilots to turn around." Is everyone insane? It then took TWO F-16 fighters (approx 1500 gallons/hour) firing flares to do it--and get this: the plane was still 3 miles from the White House!

Kids in school have better fire drills than this. Best thing, though--no charges against the pilots.

Thu, 12 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Helen Thomas: Growing danger of nuclear arms

Response: Obvious that nuke nations are simply malfeasant...

...because they're controlled by the greed-base--not to mention that the entire nuke industry is inhabited by insane people. Strangeloves, all.

The current Non-Proliferation Treaty conference is a superb opportunity to make real progress in disarming the world. Not a chance of a snowball in hell. All the nuke powers rebuffed a proposal by IAEC director ElBaradei to cease all uranium enrichment and plutonium processing while international controls are negotiated. No way, said all the bastards.

if we don't have a chance to eliminate weapons, what chance do we have to get rid of nuke power, a tremendously looming threat primarily from waste disposal of extremely deadly stuff that lasts for 4.5 billion years.

We've got 80,000 tons of that hanging around now waiting to go to Yucca Mountain in Nevada. Way to treat the earth and future generations: Here, kids, watch over this shit til the end of time please, and make sure nothing happens to it. One solution for the waste,howegver, is to amke it into depleted uranium munitions and blow it up all over hapless people in oil-rich countries...

Thu, 12 May '05 Article: 40 nabbed in sweeping drug probe

Response: BS flows in sweeping PR campaign.

Oh, the anti-drug heroes are crowing. They busted 40 pipsqueaks who will be replaced in a heartbeat. And the article doesn't even mention any drug confiscations. So, all in all as usual, the phony, misguided, politically correct war on drugs has changed nothing.

Tue, 10 May '05 Advertisement(!): May is Children's Mental Health Month

Response: Propaganda to get 'em drugged?

Two parts to this ad: 1) Recognizing eating disorders, and 2) Childhood and adolescent depression. FREE programs to come an learn about these medical problems--or how to get your kid on the medical/drug merry-go-round.

To be fair, though, the eating disorder program is being run be a registered dietician, who may well have a dietary solution. The likelihood is, however, that it would be accompanied by a visit to Doc Frank for some drug supplementation.

Part two, however, is where the real insidiousness sets in. "Even the most severe cases of depression improve once they receive the proper treatment." First, depression is diagnosed by a set of parameters into which the kid is plugged. If he fits, the next step is drug city--most likely Prozac, the drug responsible for the mad shootings, such as Columbine and Red Lake.

The very sad part is, both parts can easily be cause be environmental or dietary poisoning. And one thing we can be sure of is, Frankenstein and his drug-pushing pharma cartel will not only not be looking in that direction, but will be anxious to increase toxic load with their noxious medicaments.

Consider this quote from psychiatric family physician Gary G Kohls, MD:
...there is no such thing as ADHD (of Unknown Etiology) or Autistic Spectrum Disorders (of Unknown Etiology) or Depression (of Unknown Etiology) or even Schizophrenia (of Unknown Etiology), but rather patients have mental ill health of known (or knowable) causes and it often starts with psychological trauma (PTSD - which I don't consider a mental illness at all, but something normal people in crisis develop when exposed to severe violence), neurological insults from toxins, brain damage from neuroleptics, SSRIs, tranquilizers, anti-epileptic drugs, mood stabilizer drugs, psychostimulants, or other identifiable root causes.

Tue, 10 May '05 Article: Vatican cardinal, Vatican Radio official found guilty in environmental case

Response: Here's a spot of excellent news.

Two Vatican denizens were found guilty in Rome of threatening the people's health--with electromagnetic waves from a Vatican transmission tower, of all things! How very excellent. It's inspiring to think that any country would, first be aware of such dangers, and second--the best part--have a law that protects people.

By contrast, here in the United Snakes, it is against the law to resist, for health reasons, a microwave tower being installed near you. Just another example of profit uber alles, and the people be damned for standing in the way of the the tank.

Mon, 9 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Ann McFeatters: An even Bigger Brother to worry about?

Response: Almost beyond Orwell.

This one's about the vast, post 9/11 increase in personal-data information gatheringby corporations and the government: what toilet paper we use, books we read, websites we visit, what oue emails say, magazines and books we buy and read, you name it. Total information awareness.

This is being sold as the means to keep us safe. Since the threat it pretends to thwart is created by the same people who offer us protection from it, you can see where this game is going--police-state planning and execution.

We can blame the government and corporations. But the bottom line is, if we were not, collectively, such a gaggle of abject cowards who prefer security over freedom, we wouldn't be getting informationally raped, nor surrendering our freedom and privacy, which is leading to the final stages of being robot servants of the fascist state.

Interesting in this piece is the mention of the new "Multi-State Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange--aka Matrix. I suggest two movies: Manchurian Candidate and The Matrix. BigBro is here BigTime. And once they get everyone microchipped, either with implants or nanotechnology hidden in vaccines, we might find ourselves being stopped by the thought police.

Sun, 8 May '05 "Newsmakers" Op-Ed: Alternative medicine: Is it for you?

Response: Loaded question, deceptively answered.

Internist Robert Lebow, MD, FACP holds forth on the ins and outs of "alternative medicine," demonstrating either a lack of knowledge or cool slickability.

Reluctantly, the doctor relates how strongly people are turning to alternatives, spending a huge collective sum--$27 billion annually (somehow he neglects to mention that most of that is out-of-pocket, because the voodoo isn't covered by most insurance).

Then he makes a point about "a striking part of the report was the admission of how much we don't know." Meaning such things as how does a patient decide? How does it interact with conventional medicine? And the biggie: do patients understand the risks and benefits of such treatment? You have to give these conmeds credit for their rhetorical skill anyway.

The biggie might well be asked of conventional medicine--even more so, considering that MDs kill about 130,000 people a year with drugs. Imagine the uproar if an acupuncturist, herbalist or naturopath killed even one person annually.

So, says Lebow, we must realize that "such methods or products don't undergo the rigid testing of clinical trials." Three points:
1) That's a bald-faced lie
2) The main reason trials are not done is that those with the money to pay for them (pharma) fear being shown up by natural methods, which are already curing the incurable.
3) Numerous conmedical treatments have never been proven in "rigid clinical trials." Can you say chemotherapy, heart bypass, vaccination?

We learn that FDA has ordered more than 100 companies to stop making "illegal claims." Yes, this is the FDA function, so well described by former commissioner Herbert Ley at the 1965 Edward Long senate hearings: the FDA uses the police powers of the government to harass or destroy free-market competitors of the drug cartel.

We are then warned about the placebo effect (suggestion). A study is mentioned showing acupuncture is no more effective than sham acupuncture in reducing migraine headaches. Two points:
1) if the power of thought works, what's wrong with that? But, you see, the conmeds have this arrogant notion that only they can tell you if you're well.

2) Acupuncture has been proven in "clinical trials" for 5,000 years. But it's still voodoo until conmedicine blesses it.

A rhetorical technique is to make a true statement that sounds negative because th reason for it is not revealed: The IOM 'discovered' that more than 60 percent of patients dong alternatives don't tell their 'real' doctor. Omitted is the fact that this frequently results in being reviled, belittled, brow-beaten and threatened by individuals who have not transcended the brainwash of their medical education.

The final belittling spin: "Groups like the AMA and Mass Medical Society, while encouraging physicians to learn more about CAM, believe little evidence confirm the safety or effectiveness of most alternative therapies and urge that more research be done." These groups, of course, are entirely controlled by big pharma and a medical industry whose financial vitality depends upon people being sick.

All in all a misleading, perhaps cleverly contrived, exposition on alternative health practice.

Sun, 8 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard News: The future of energy

Response: Idiotic speculation.

It speculates on the cruel joke that is hydrogen power, then proceeds to wax romantic over nuclear powerm, saying we need about 900 more plants to meet our "demands." Well, first, there's never any talk about reducing that--how dare we even think about asking Americans to be less than selfish energy hogs?

The editorial pauses for a moment of sanity to reckon upon the problem of nuke waste. It is a question that has to be answered, says SH, but damn the torpedoes, the new technology of pebble-bed reactors is safer and cheaper, and this should be encouraging.

The nuke industry, whether power or weapons, is populated with insane people. Those who pander to them are also insane. We now have 80,000 tons of the deadliest stuff known to man, which remains so for billions of years, waiting to find a home in some "safe" storage area. Such a legacy we hand down to the future: watch over this shit forever, please.

Each nuke plant should be decommissioned now as the fuel is spent.

Sat, 7 May '05 Article: Team of local women walking to help save lives

Response: More of the same sad story.

This one's for breast cancer. Good hearted people being taken for a ride by the corporate greedwagon--see below.

On the same front page of the S&E was a story that is exemplary of why we are so used and abused in America. People are all aflutter about the asinine show called The Apprentice, and the two finalists left vying for a job with The Donald." Could there be any more waste of attention span than this.

While the world is coming apart at the seams, people's attention is focused on superficial nonsense. Such distractions, including sports, entertainment, and Conehead consumerism, are contribute to our enslavement to the system and destruction by drawing attention away from major issues. This is a trick of the media.

Another example is how the consciousness of the media and country were caught up in the runaway bride story. Bullshit.

Fri, 6 May '05 Article: Fire chief, city councilor ask state to tighten chemical regulations

Response: Several of things wrong with this picture

The first thing that's wrong is that the community has to ask the state anything. It is good to have statewide support, but our own fire prevention officials should be able to put such regulations in place without going begging.

Secondly, what the flock has taken so long? This is typical of the chemical industry in general, which not only runs dangerous operations, but madly pollutes the planet in an essentially unregulated, or self-regulated (un-regulated) situation.

Thirdly, Leominster Mayor (Big-Cheese) Mozzarella says it's a good idea to get people from the industry involved. Oh yes, we can count on their candor--the folks who blow us up and poison us in the first place.

Speaking of poisoning, explosions are the least of our worries when it comes to the chemical industry, one of the more Satanic on the planet. PG&E knowingly poisoned an entire community with hexavalent chromium (Erin Brockovich story); DuPont has knowingly poisoned the world with perfluoroctanoic acid from its Teflon plant on the Ohio River in Parkersburg, W VA; Bill Moyers did the special Trade Secrets, which revealed that companies conspired to withhold information on the toxicity of vinyl chloride from workers and the public; Monsanto poisoned an entire community by simply dumping tons of PCBs on it.

So, right, Mozzo, the industry folk are bound to help.

Fri, 6 May '05 Article: Family organizes benefit for cancer research

Response: Good intentions, wasted money.

Of what interest is widespread wellness (finding a cure) to an industry whose financial vitality depends upon people being sick? Cancer research has squandered billions of dollars, yet cancer is epidemic. The most likely main cause for this is the horrendous poisoning of the environment with tens of thousands of unregulated chemicals. Add to this an insane diet, general ignorance of the principles of wellness, a fatally flawed medical philosophy, and you have the recipe for disaster.

Cancer research continues mainly along the line of poisoning the cancer cells, which are NOT the disease. There is no toxic miracle cure for the effects of toxins: people who recover from cancer with conventional treatment do so inspite of that treatment, not because of it.

Peggy Cravedi, and others like her who have lost loved ones, feel the need to do something, and so organize these drives. It is one of the sadder realities we face that these well-intentioned people are being suckered and are sending their effort down a dark sinkhole of research designed primarily to fatten corporate coffers.

Fri, 6 May '05 Article; Pam Anderson calling for boycott of KFC

Response: Good for her!

The way food animals are treated in America is positively ghoulish. KFC, of course, denies that chickens are ill treated, but the fact is, they are, and are also probably the most unhealthy things people eat, having the most cancer.

Chickens are routinely crippled and drugged. Their beaks are hot-wired off so they won't peck each other to death, and are stacked in cages such that the birds below are defacated on by the ones above.

Pam narrates a five-minute video on PETA's website that shows the mistreatment.

Pigs are the next-worst treated animals, with beef cows closely following. Both are also drugged. Pigs that get sick and are close to dying are eaten alive by the other pigs. Meat packing plants have been known to begin cutting and processing animals still alive on the assembly line.

People who eat this crap are eating that 'energy.' As Pam says, "If KFC treated dogs or cats as abusively as it treats chickens," it would be prosecuted for cruelty to animals.

Fri, 6 May '05 Article: House easily OKs $82 billion for Iraq, Afghanistan

Response: Oh yes, the 'troops' deserve "full support in the battles they wage for liberty."

The rhetoric about the troops demonstrates how the elite steal our money: they create the crises, put our boys in harm's way and simply loot the treasury. See Wed, 4 May below.

Interesting is that immigration reforms were tied to the bill, which was shoved down our throats by the GOP. Rep Louise Slaughter, D-NY, said, "Our brave men and women are being used as a tool for the underhanded attempt to create a national ID card."

Oh, how true that is, but unfortunately, it's not the worst way they're being used as tools.

Wed, 4 May '05 Article: Schools facing layoffs

Response: Naturally, our money is being stolen by the $trillions, while we shop and barbecue and SUV around and fret over Wal-Mart not coming and watch the big game...

All local fiscal crunches have one thing in common: via our usurped and corrupted federal system, our financial resources are being stolen by corporatists/bankers, as wealth is being concentrated among the few.

Not that there isn't criminality and misguided waste at the state and local levels. But the big drain is federal.

Our local politicians, not seeming to have a clue about this, worsen the situation by playing into it instead of getting some spine and standing up to the feds.

But they're not solely to blame, because the people are too distracted (as above) and apathetic to exercise their civic duty to keep an eye on the pols and stimulate their butts with an electric prod.

The article does mention a few officials taking note, such as Fitchburg School Committee VC David Clark, and Mayor Mylott (a Bush worshipper who went to the $40m inauguration), who may be just beginning to get a glimpse of the con game.

Until sheeple wake up, get pissed off, resolve to resist federal crime, including the phony war on terror/Fazzerland..oops, Homeland Security and military obscenity--even if it means a massive tax revolt--the ship will continue to sink.

Wed, 4 May '05 Article: Many upset Wal-Mart's not coming.

Response: Oh yes, the Beast will be sorely missed by its victims.

You can't blame these folks--they just have no idea what's going on, and so, by brainwash conditioning, crave that which destroys them.

Letter to editor, "The Wal-Mart Syndrome":
The Wal-Mart/development discussion has missed some general ideas maybe worth considering. Consumerism is a sacred cow, capitalism God. But how many understand their true nature?

Consider money: basically an entitlement against labor. But is monetary value based and standardized upon labor? No, it's a crooked, sliding-scale confidence game, created and manipulated by banks, designed to enslave people and steal wealth via debt-inflation-growth.

Consider capital--the earth's abundance, freely given for all by our beautiful Mother, who the capitalists have foreclosed, raped and despoiled (developed) by controlling money, brainwashing the consumer congregation, and standing on the backs of labor.

Capitalism is predicated on subjugation, theft, waste, and pollution. It has never functioned, nor can it, without external, non-capitalist input. The British empire happened by colonization: exploitation of more "primitive" economies and their resources, and by military plunder. American capitalism was built using slave labor and military expansion into indigenous land, murdering at least 7 million Natives (an unpoliticized Holocaust). Land (of the) free, indeed.

Today, we comfort ourselves that our SUV-infested roads, malls crammed with seductive commodities, and warehouses bursting with food are natural features of a superior social system.

We don't readily see the connection to the subjugated places--the exhausted legions, many living in pre-industrial, pre-capitalist societies, and the besieged land (enormous unpaid debt to Earth)--which underwrite our licentiousness. America is the worst, but obviously not alone.

Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, Lowe's, developers--all earth-rapers standing on the backs of labor. The degree of theft depends on labor conditions (why greedmongers outsource), and environmental license, or impact. So when we unthinkingly indulge our conditioned consumer addiction and lust for "cheap" prices, some poor bastard somewhere pays the price of his life and land. He often appears to us as an immigrant.

Attention, shoppers! The blue-light special is on...

Mon, 2 May '05 Article: Cities coming up with a 'smart' plan

Response: A smart plan for a misguided thing: growth.

New idea: growth mongers, those deluded addicts, say smart growth is to "concentrate homes, jobs and shopping near transit centers, town cores or on already-developed sites known as brownfields." This is to conserve open space.

The growth addict, Leominster's Mayor Mozzarella (the big cheese), wants to use this plan to "drive more growth in Leominster's core." In case you didn't recognize that, it's BigBizSpeak, a popular jargon among blinded community leaders.

The fact notwithstanding that society should be doing everything to stop eternal growth, or even reverse that direction, concentrating population and housing centrally has some merit--within limits. This has been done in Corvallis, Oregon, for example, a fairly progressive community.

But unlike Corvallis, here the other side of the equation is missing entirely, which is to put outlying lands to use providing food and energy to be used locally. Another good idea is to 'restore' wilderness wherever possible--to give it back to nature, so to speak.

But, you'll find the real motive behind this move, by these people, is to provide customers for the insane retail orgy being planned and created in our area, without creating the appearance of threatening the environment--too much. 'Too much,' because humans are the most important species on the planet.

Sun, 1 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Helen Thomas: Higher-ups held blameless for prison abuse

Repsonse: Yep, they're blameless for everything--continual war, outright genocide, environmental destruction including poisoining large areas with DU munitions, outrageous theft of the people's wealth, rampant illness, skyrocketing 'health' care costs. You name it.

Same day in the paper is an article saying the Army has cleared soldiers of any wrongdoing in the killing of Italian intelligence agent accompanying a journalist released by Iraqi militants. The Pentagon has allowed no independent investigation into this. The released report on this case has huge sections blacked out. It's so typically fox/henhouse. Like the government investigating itself and not releasing documents for 'national security.'

Recently, the BushCo has made it clear that our soldiers will not be answerable to the international commmunity. This means that crimes like prison torture or intimidating, even killing, journalists, can be ordered/condoned, a few scapegoats picked out if need be, and 'internal investigations' can whitewash cases.

Sat, 30 Apr '05 S&E editorial: Restaurant chain needs to do more

Response: Right, and the S&E needs to do less...politically correct yammering.

Once again on its soapbox, the S&E reacts to a recent altercation inside a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant at a photo booth, where some teenage girls attacked a mother who had been waiting for 30 minutes to get a picture taken, and was asking to be allowed to take a quick picture.

S&E says not only should the place provide a security team inside, it should also keep a "better eye on escalating disputes between patrons and forbid older teenagers from coming inside, unless they're with a small child." Where in creation do they come up with this fascist-state nonsense.

Are "escalating disputes between patrons" a daily affair at Cheese? What is the basis for discrimination against older teenagers? Is the place not a restaurant? What 'right of passage' does being with a young child confer?

Of course, S&E doesn't even consider the worst threat by far to patrons of Cheeseville: the health-threatening, chemicalized, uncontrolled substances passed off as food. Enough of that could also set off the kind of violence the paper is wagging its self-righteous tongue over. Oblivion rules.

Fri, 29 Apr '05 Article: Heroin addicts clamor for hard-to-get medicine

Response: If only they were kids with toxic-brain syndrome under the watchful eye of Dr. PsychoFrankenstein, the drug would be flowing like wine.

Congress has restricted the availability of a new drug called buprenorphine that blocks heroin cravings (side effects not mentioned). They've done this, so the story goes, to prevent abuse of the medical drug--by DOCTORS trying to make a fast buck with indiscriminate prescribing! What a world, eh?

But I say forget that BS. Just help the addicts first, and worry about crooked doctors later.

Fri, 29 Apr '05 Article: Medical miracle: Instant contact

Response: Misleading title in the first place

A new communications system is being put in place in hospitals so that staff can instantly contact a needed colleague. These are communicators hanging on a lanyard around the neck, or clipped to clothing.

The article doesn't say, but there little doubt the $500-apiece units are microwave technology and are emitting frequencies that haven't been proven safe. The picture shows the device right at the xyphoid process, very close to the thymus gland. Well, at least when the dedicated hospital staff, 80% of whom wouldn't be needed if conmedicine and society had a clue about wellness, begin to get ill from these things, they'll be in the wrong place--a hospital--to do the right thing about it.

Fri, 29 Apr '05 Article: Enzyme linked to clogged arteries

Response: A medical fallacy (lie) perpetuated.

The notion that cholesterol causes heart disease or "clogged arteries" has been thoroughly debunked. First of all, the major component of arterial plaque is calcium (hardening of the arteries). They just want to keep selling statins and covering up the real causes to prevent poking big holes in corporate profits derived from lucrative procedures and drugs used as treatments for cardiovasucular symptomologies.

This article says that Dr. Frankenstein has discovered an enzyme that "appears to play a key role in turning the cholesterol we eat into the artery-clogging form, suggesting a new target for drugs to reduce the risk..." Yikes! What bullshit--on so many levels.

A few experiments on animals has prompted this premature ("appears to play...") news item, which simultaneously serves to perpetuate the cholesterol myth and the myth that drugs can cure the problem.

That the body produces this enzyme is seen by Dr F. as some kind of mistake. Then, the assumption is that it has no other function. Then the implication is that in suppressing this enzyme, no other imbalance will be created. This is profound ignorance based in the conceptual flaws of conmedicine and its greed-driven controlling elitists.

The subject is complex, but area where Frankenstein is missing the boat is arterial inflammations induced by irritating substances in the blood, such as homocysteine (a breakdown product from eating animal protein), cortisol (the fight-or-flight horomone) and fungal toxins--one of the most common body pollutants. Our own white blood cells can damage the arterial wall by shooting free radicals at fungal toxins in a 'shotgun' effect, in response to an alarming situation. Cholesterol becomes part of the patch the body tries to put over the damaged wall so that blood will not coagulate by coming in contact with the surface below.

Thu 28 Apr '05 Article: Antonioni presented with award

Response: Needed help for people with autism, but what about prevention?

Dear Senator Antonioni,

Congratulations on the award for your advocacy to help families afflicted with autism.

No doubt that help is needed; but I respectfully suggest that the amount of help needed in this area is due to severe neglect in another. That would be prevention, which in turn implies an understanding of cause.

Research purports to determine this, but has often found itself mired in politics and vested-interest control. And you and I know well how deep those tentacles go.

If we simply apply the Holistic model to autism, one strong possibility arises immediately: brain toxicity. I believe you and your colleagues in State government could do even more good, much more--if you will take the time to look into the situation--by publicly questioning a major source of brain toxicity, which is routine childhood vaccination.

You may be aware of the federal investigation into this matter led by Rep Dan Burton. Mercury in vaccines has been heavily implicated in autism, and progress is being made there, with mercury being removed from many products.

In the minds of many physicians and vaccine activists, there is no doubt about the dangers of mercury. The problem, however, is much more complex, because, autism, like many other symptomologies, is multifactorial. However, the principle is the same: toxicity. And there is more than one toxin in vaccines, including embalming fluid.
Vaccine Ingredients PDF (right-click or Option-click (Mac) to download

One in six children now has a developmental or behavioral disorder, and one in 166 is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Vaccines are also implicated in seizure disorders. You probably know Jack Celli, my co-host on my Local Access TV show "Radical Communion." His infant daughter was poisoned by a vaccine, and has been having life-threatening seizures for 11 years.

Depression, especially the 'unexplained' variety can easily be related to brain toxicity/inflammation. Drugs are a poor, even harmful, response to this.

The dramatic increase in autism over the last decade or so corresponds exactly with the drastic increase in the number of vaccines recommended for kids by the CDC, an agency crawling with, and influenced by, corporate interests, as are the FDA, NIH, and so on. I believe the vaccine number is now 58. Fifty-eight vaccines, up from 42 in a short period of time.

Through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), more than $1 billion has been paid out to families who have proven that their child suffers permanent disabilities or has died from a vaccine reaction. More tragic is the fact that less than 10 percent of families who apply through VICP ever get compensated. Worse, many reactions are never even recognized by physicians for what they are, or are simply denied. This was the case with Jack's daughter.

In the late '80s I believe, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was set up as a national database where doctors and healthcare providers can report adverse reactions to vaccines. It is estimated that less than 10 percent of doctors report adverse reactions to vaccines to VAERS. Even so, the VAERS database speaks volumes to the relatively hidden epidemic of serious vaccine reactions, including mental disabilities, shaken baby syndrome and sudden infant death.

There will be no magic cure, except learning how to detoxify the brain and CNS, providing there has been no permanent damage, and, of course ending the assault. I wrote to Flutie years ago about this, but to no avail--no response, anyway. I suspect that is, in part, because he was under the influence of conventional medical thinking, which is quite heavily controlled by Pharma, which doesn't want any threats to its multibillion-dollar baby. Among many others, the Vioxx scandal speaks to their ruthlessness.

Please recall the spate of autism we had in Leominster in families living near the old Foster Grant. Quite likely that toxins were involved there.

Toxins can give rise to almost any 'disease' you wish to name, but here's the Holistic point: people react differently, so that the same imbalance in two people can have different results. Conversely, two different influences can have the same result. Thus, plastic chemicals, and mercury, and other vaccine toxins can result in autism. Playing into this scenario are the 75,000 largely unregulated chemicals sold and used by industry.

The real problem with vaccines is the theft of freedom: government trying to force citizens to submit to medical experimentation. This is what we have to stand up against if we want to save the kids. Soldiers are especially vulnurable to this.

Two recent books address soldiers and autism.
Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers and Why GI's Are Only the First Victims by Gary Matsumoto

Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic-A Medical Controversy by David Kirby
The books are important for clear revelations by these two award-winning investigative journalists:
1) they shine a bright light on collusion and graft between the CDC, the Institutes of Medicine (IOM), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and pharmaceutical companies.
2) clear, and well-documented is the lack of basic long-term safety studies performed on vaccines that are considered vital for public health and mandated in all 50 states.
3) expose the outrageous vaccine policy dictated by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) at the CDC.

Meanwhile, here are some immediate resources:
Jock Doubleday's $20,000 Offer to ConMeds: Drink One
Rebecca Carley, MD Opposes AMA, CDC et al.  Inoculations: True WMD. Great overview Vaccine Package Inserts
Vaccines and Immune Suppression (technical, but useful)
Vaccine/Flu Information
More on FluMist

United Press International investigates: The Vaccine Conflict

Examples of Flawed Vaccine Safety Studies:
MMR-Autism Debate - Danish Study by F Edward Yazbak, MD
MMR Studies that Count, Studies that Don't
MMR-Danish Study-a critical analysis---Ulf Branell

Yours in health,
Peter Tocci
When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies. - US Representative Ron Paul

Tue, 26 Apr '05 Article: Democrats call proposed tax cuts 'reckless'

Response: Same old, same old mouse-on-the-wheel. See 'shortage of cash' below (25 Apr '05).

Mon, 25 Apr '05
Article: Municipal officials predict shortage of cash

Response: What prognostication!

The total blind spot these folk seem to have is that local fiscal problems don't arise locally, and can't be truly solved that way. But, they keep trying.

All that can be accomplished locally is desperate compensation, patching up, scurrying and so on. Local solutions/budget gymnastics serve only to postpone the final pain, even worsen it, as we slide further into financial and environmental debt. Often, we fall back for survival upon the old-box suicide of "growth" and "economic development"--the unimpeachable holy grails of capitalistic life--and succumb to the siren-songs of greedy mega-corporations.

Bottom line reason we don't have the money: it's being stolen by an elite cabal via the federal system, which is usurped and corrupted by same--greedmonger dynasties of astronomical wealth. I know this might be a difficult sell to Republicans, especially given a Republican administration. But the fact is, both parties have allowed the people's money to be stolen egregiously for about the last century--since the introduction of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank and its Gestapo arm, the IRS. Wealth has been accumulating in massive disproportion within elite circles.

"Downturn" is spoken of as a natural phenom, but is a manipulation. Wealth is transferred excessively from human labor to corporate coffers via phony currency, market/inflation manipulation, and the government--especially via military expenditure and corporate welfare.

So much wealth exists that every person could be given a million dollars at birth as a life stake. A decent-life potential. There are several caviats to it, such as ending our wasteful, selfish, and poisonous way of life. But that's the truth.

We've spent $20 trillion dollars on weapons of destruction since WW II. See below the amount of fuel this obscenity wastes. That's where the money is. Now we're being fleeced for Patriot/Homeland Security in the wake of 9/11, a staged elite operation, like Hitler's burning of the Reichstag and the Enabling Act.

Local pols don't seem to have a clue, because not one speaks about standing up to the federal criminals; but everyone seems to be happy to show how good they are by bending over the big one. It's almost like, "C'mon BigBro, show us how much you can make us suffer while destroying the planet. We can take it."

Sun, 24 Apr '05
Editorial, Jeff McMenemy: Fuel costs hurting all of us

Response: Cry-baby piece

A sad lament claiming that those evil Saudis and a failed US energy policy is making it tough for good folk to "fill their gas tanks and heat their homes"--in other words, continue our obliviously selfish and suicidal American way of life. He left out his favorite American preoccupation; "upscale" shopping. It makes no matter to the celebrated Mr M that America has been consuming 25/% of the world's energy at 6% of the population (and giving back 40% of the pollution).

Another problem is that JM also has no clue whatsoever about deep politics, the elite agenda and the war economy. He laments that we're "beholden to our Arab friends in the Middle East, most of whom hate us." He laments about gas prices rising and falling "at the whim of people who despise us." And he's tired of "presidents sending American men and women to fight and die there to protect our interests." What a load of standardized, politically correct nonsense. The war is a parcel of the elite global-domination agenda.

The nonsense topping is, "The reason we have to do this..." HAVE to do this? Yikes. We have to do this rather than give up our selfish, hogging, bully way of licentious life.

Let's look at fuel consumption a bit more:

No enterprise or entity uses more oil than war or the military. You think an SUV gets lousy gas mileage? These are some stats I ran across during Gulf War 1. An M-1 Abrams tank gets 252 gallons per hour. An aircraft carrier gets 5,628 gallons per hour, while a B-52 uses only 3,612 GPH. The F-4 fighter-bomber averages 1,640 GPH, but the F-15 sips along at 1500...until the afterburner cuts in, when it goes to 14,400 GPH. More than 300 F-16's (1,052 GPH) were stationed in the Gulf with four carrier groups during that war; an additional 725 assorted jets were in Saudi Arabia. Even during "peacetime," the military uses enough fuel in one year (not including it's space program) to run the entire U.S. mass transit system for at least a decade.

What McMenemy also doesn't understand is that the market is not controlled simply by Saudi whim. The elites who created and controlled the oil industry from the outset have never let go of it.

Another McMenemy error in judgment is the recommendation of nuclear power. With 70,000 tons of 500,000-year hot stuff hanging around with nowhere to go, the situation can only worsen. Soon they'll be looking to dump it in your back yard. already they've been trying to get us to 'eat' it with food irradiation, and have been poisoning the world with depleted uranium (nuke power waste) munitions. Nukes should be shut down as they run down, if not before.

Sat, 23 Apr '05
Article: Mysterious breed of sea squirt spreading on both coasts

Response: Mystery is: humans unbalancing the ecology.

As in human ill health, unbalanced ecology results in 'mysterious diseases' that 'baffle' scientists. Of course, the big worry is that the squirts might "overwhelm valuable shellfish beds, yada, yada," and then humans can't continue to rape the sea as much and selfishly gluttonize the shellfishly.

But those gluttons tend to get what they deserve, because shellfish are loaded with toxins, especially mercury.

Fri, 22 Apr '05
Letter to editor, Colin McCauley: Leominster man urges people to explore FairTax proposal.

Response: Makes some sense--within the tax mindset.

FairTax would eliminate income tax, and create a national sales tax. It would also eliminate the IRS and the notorious 16th Amendment. There's a website dealing with this issue: Americans for Fair Taxation.

Thu, 21 Apr '05
Article: N.E. political clout threatened as population growth slows

Response: The system is set up so oblivious overpopulation "pays."

This will affect many aspects, such as loss of seats in Congress, and getting regional transportation and home heating costs onto the national agenda. An aging population also compounds the issue, because they're so expensive to care for (especially in a society sickened by ignorance about health due to the dominance of conventional medical dogma.

But the real thrust of this piece is what really sucks about the political system. It implies that the people of NE are going to be taken care of because they're fewer in number. Geez--shouldn't we at least get 'Endangered Species' consideration?

Not explained is why, if there are more elderly people, we won't get more help for them than states with less elderly. By losing 'political representation' here, those that have it will simply screw us--that's the message of this piece.

Wed, 20 Apr '05 Article: Nation remembers Oklahoma bombing

Response: Typical major-media disinfo non-report.

The investigation of the bombing of the Murrah building was stonewalled by the FBI. Several researchers have uncovered this story, and discovered that OK City is connected to 9/11.

Good example of disinfo: "The bomber, Timothy McVeigh..." Old Tim wasn't the only one involved. Yes, he had a sidekick everyone knows about, but there was at least one more, probably two: a former Iraqi soldier, and a Palestinian expatriate. In other words, a Middle-East operative connection.

The important thrust of the story is FBI stonewalling of discoveries after the fact, and the connection between 4/19 and 9/11. And one thing you have to watch out for is stuff like: "The unprecedented attack on the World Trade center last fall thrust the United States into an unconventional war against an adversary living within our borders." In other words, the 'adversary' is someone other than elements of the US. That the war was begun to combat 'sleeper cells' that planned and executed the 9/11 hit without inside help, or that were not 'hired' by 'the good guys' in the first place to do so.

Wed, 20 Apr '05 Article: Canada unveils new foreign and defense plan, pledging to double overseas defense effort

Response: Pigs on the march.

"Pig" is actually too good a word for these 'leaders,' as pigs are highly intelligent and helpful animals, whereas the animals that beef up war machines in the name of peace are the most threatening species on Earth.

Tue, 19 Apr '05 Article: Lawmakers proffer 1300 amendments to budget

Response: Nice show (where's the money coming from?)

One of the more expensive proposals is the one by Rep Jennifer Flanagan, co-sponsored by Emile Goguen and Brian Knuuttila of Gardner. It's a program to help school districts pay for school nurses and support "school-based health centers."

It's a worthy intent, but will they be "health centers" or medical centers, i.e., drug dispensaries? Rep Flanagan says poorer kids can benefit from preventive care so they won't need costlier care later. However, unless this program is informed with Holistic principles and practitioners, it will work out to be just another way to inflict conventional medicine on the kids, who are already being drugged to death by Mom and Dr. Frankenstein.

Tue, 19 Apr '05 Article: New cafe bringing 'fast-casual' dining

Response: Another S&E 'upscale' orgy

What is it with the S&E and its fav buzzword 'upscale'? Oh boy! We're getting more and upscale businesses to accomodate the upscale people flocking to our upscale community to pursue their oblivious upscale activities.

This new industry (fast-casual dining) is being driven by the "influx of white-collar workers who work in Greater Boston but live in North Central Mass." They are "fueling the growth of the region's increasingly upscale customer base." Snobby crap.

But, easy to see why the S&E and other area snobs want the dirty homeless and drug-addicted people to go anywhere else but NC Mass: they might offend the upscale folk. It's easy to see why we've been targeted for the last 15 years as the relief valve for urban sprawl and being swamped with retail development and condos.

Anyway, the Bear Rock Cafe is touted to relieve the crowd (or at least the inherently upscale portion of it) that is now victimized by the fast-food chains, which, according to 'franchisee' Daniel Adams, is making people sick. This story is making me sick.

In the usual, downscale level of business-kiss-ass reporting, the S&E story doesn't reveal the fact that almost all chain formula-restaurants--such as Denny's, Applebee's, and so on ad nauseam, all make people sick--at varying rates of speed, maybe. This is mostly because they are conduits for the Standard American Diet (SAD) comprised of America's pesticide-grown and chemical-laced genetically modified (all corn and soy derivatives) industrial-ag output, especially the dead-animal side of things.

Maybe the downscale fast-food eaters are better off. At least they get sick quickly, letting them know they shouldn't do that. In the fast-casual phase/craze, the sickness will be more insidious.

Bear Rock meals are said to be "fresher" and "healthier" because things are "fresh-made." This smacks of Subway PR. Items like sandwiches and salads. Sandwiches made with yeast-risen breads from stored grains and often with poor food combinations (any meat and bread) are not healthy. The salads usually don't contain the better greens to eat, such as kales and collard greens, but feature iceberg lettuce, shipping tomatoes, etc, and are topped with all manner of chemicalized dressings.

Also, you can "freshly-make" something with inferior or old ingredients. You can have fresh items full of poison as well. This company began as a sandwich shop and deli. Delis provide some of the most effective health-robbing foods there are, especially the meats. This is just another wolf in a new dress.

Hey, watch for the next phase of American Conehead consumer madness: fast-formal dining.

Mon, 18 Apr '05 Article: Renting may be a better bargain than buying

Response: They don't know how true that is.

One of the most important ignored stories in the media is the impending bust of the real estate bubble/debt bubble. Exacerbating this is the impending energy crisis. Going into debt now, especially in big-ticket items is like playing Russian Roulette--with at least two bullets in the gun:
Check out The Most important Thing You Don't Know About Peak Oil, by Steven Lagavulin, March 16, 2005, in which he discusses the geopolitics of oil and war, and the nasty scenario that could arise from fuel shortage.

The GlobalCorp article mentioned in Lagavulin's piece is a bit long, but strongly recommended--especially for anyone who's sure that conventional economics will win the day, and that traditional/current planning, growth and business policies are not suicidal. It's author has researched and written extensively on global and domestic politics and energy issues.

There is a theory that Peak Oil is a huge scam, and that the planet regenerates oil. It's moot, though, because the planet can't afford to keep burning it, and because events are being orchestrated around the shortage, whether real or contrived.

Also listen to this excellent audio by conservatve analyst John Rubino about finance, debt/real estate bubbles/dollar crash and so on. Contains 'practical' info for saving your butt if you believe in markets.

Sun, 17 Apr '05 Article: Americans buy much more medicine than people in any other country.

Response: And S&E editor McMenemy insists our biggest problem is street drugs.

The S&E's self-righteous political correctness on drugs is brought clearly into focus with this rather surprisingly revealing article on the drugging of America--to the tune of $250 billion dollars last year. The article opens with the story of an elderly couple who slam 29 pills each day. If this is not malfeasant crime, what is it? Some say greed, but it goes beyond that to evil.

The article contains some nonsense as well, such as the notion that "many pharmaceuticals improve American health." Extremely rare, because almost all drugs are poisons that force the body to relinquish one set of symptoms, only to potentiate or directly produce others. They don't confer wellness.

Another bit of propaganda in the piece is that the relentless rise of prescription sales in the last five years is "partly the 'fault' of the aging population, with it's attendant ailments like cancer, heart attacks, stroke, and Alzheimer's." Oh yes, except that drugs cure none of these symptomologies, and, except for Alzheimer's, they occur in a wide age range.

Following that nonsense is this: "Other conditions have mysteriously proliferated, including asthma, diabetes, and obesity." These are 'mysterious' only to the brainwashed conmedical mind warped into a meticulous system of commercial superstition. See Meaningful Health Care Reform.

Ironically, right next door tto this piece on the page is an article about the Red Lake shootings. It deals with some potentially offensive cartoons speculation on what Dubya might have to say to the survivors. What it doesn't say is that Jeffrey Weise, the 16-year-old shooter, was on Prozac.

Sun, 17 Apr '05 Article: Fuel problem stalls NASA robotic test craft mission

Reponse: $110 million later...

The technomasturbators have created DART - Demonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous Technology, a craft that was supposed to maneuver itself around a Pentagon satellite with no help from "Houston." Some kind of problem caused the 800-pound craft to abort itself. Even if the mission had been successful , however, the craft would meet the same end--burning up in the atmosphere.

Even if the mission were successful, in other words, we just spent $110 million (which they consider a 'cheap' mission) on what amounts to a flare. This would not be so obscene were there not so many struggles for needed funds here on the ground. But there are rationalizers who attemt to justify blowing billions on space technology while people starve and we lack funds for schools, etc.

Just another example of elite/corporate theft of the people's wealth.

Sun, 17 Apr '05 Headline: Home Depot neighbors getting earful

Response: That's not all they should be getting

People complain that when the huge trucks come to collect trash from the dumpsters, a horrendous din occurs. No one complains, apparently, about the insult that is the mound of trash with which we create enormous sores in the body of Mother Earth. That's OK, as long as its out of sight/mind.

One thing that might wake people up to the selfishness and deep imbalance of our way of life would be to have the week's trash from one of those dumpsters dumped in their front yard.

Sat, 16 Apr '05 Article: Young adults searching spiritually, but in new ways.

Response: Nice to know some kids are getting past dogmatic brainwashing.

With all due respect for religious folk, religions don't recommend, providing a choice to the young, but essentially 'brainwash' them from the outset. What to believe is foisted onto kids, not openly offered.

Thu, 14 Apr '05 Article: Planning Board discusses smart growth areas

Response: Smart growth: euphemism for not-as-dumb-as possible growth.

Housing developers putting the pressure on. The pressure is to grow--after all, we have to feed the big-box retailers coming in. Citizens, looking for ways to minimize the impact on Lunenburg, are looking for "eyesore" areas or existing structures that would be suitable for new housing projects. You gotta give 'em credit for rattling the box, if not thinking outside it.

Strictly speaking, however, at this point there's no such thing as smart growth. All there is is growth sufficiently considered to slow down our rate of planetary and self-destruction. If we imagine that space and resources are infinite, and that pollution cannot harm us or the planet, then all's well. But if space and resources are not infinite, if pollution is dangerous and growing, and if prosperity depends upon eternal economic growth, what are we going to do for prosperity when space and resources run out?

Better to turn the eyesore areas into community food gardens.

Thu, 14 Apr '05 Article: Boston lawyers sue government over alleged abuse at Guantanamo

Response: Amazing that BushCo has gotten away with this so far, by blaming small fry.

Six men of Algerian descent claim severe abuse. Whether it's true or not is important. More important, however, is that requests for information under FOIA that would allegedly prove the torture are simply being ignored bythe federal government. Where's the official intent to seek truth and stop injustice?

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