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Editorial 'Dailies'-6

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Any health information provided herein is for educational purposes only.

Mon, 6 Jun '05 Article: Starbucks opens doors to first local customers

Response: Drug dealer sets up shop for local addicts.

These are society's cute folks--Starbucks's customers: the sugar/dairy/white-flour/chemical/caffeine-addicted sheeple. The paper even shamelessly refers to the customers as "caffeine-addicted residents." And all this poisoning in a relaxing atmosphere where the addicts can drive their blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and cortisol levels off the charts. Oh, it's all just harmless fun, after all. Chic. Upscale.

Here's an idea: Let's be consistent (for a change). Let's make all our condoned or consensus drugs illegal like the stigmatized street drugs: Take away nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and even sugar and white flour. You think the legal addicts who now look down on the illegal druggies won't be out in the alleys looking for dealers?

And to top it off, the beneficent chain pulls PR points from an ignorant public by donating day-old fungus- and toxin-laced crapfood pastries to the elderly centers, Battered Women's Resources, Inc, and Boys & Girls Club. Says the store's manager, "We're looking for other places too, because we want to be part of this community."

Well, how homespun can you get? Can't wait to get those old folks plugged into the nursing home wall, continue to batter the women's health, and poison the kids. Yup, all part of a day's work for a national crapfood chain. And one that has been widely boycotted and leafleted to boot for refusing to sell fair trade coffee.

Sat, 4 Jun '05 Syndicated editorial: Jay Ambrose: 'Non' to constitution means 'oui' to decline

Response: More Ambrose-ial idiocy.

Jay suggests that France will ultimately be worse off for rejecting the yoke of globalization and the regimentation of everything but bowel habits by the 300-page EU constitution. 300 pages! Cripes, maybe bowel habits are regulated in there.

I won't get into all the ins and outs, but the interesting thing about Jayster's ramble is the idea (used to intimidate us) that population decline, which is desperately what the planet needs, will spell disaster for France's future social security plans--not enough input by young tax slaves. This is true of all "developed" countries. It's also one of those 'true, but only if we keep doing things the wrong way' statements. Meaning, if we let the masters continue to steal everything.

There it is, folks. The system is so arranged that we need to overpopulate the planet to have "enough workers to create the wealth necessary to keep social security going." He's right about workers creating wealth, but forgets to mention they're not allowed to keep it, but must hand it over to the controllers. It's much like the logic that paying a living minimum wage causes inflation. You gotta hand it to these elite corporatist pigs, man--they've really got it all figured. And no one asks why inflated CEO and other management pays have no affect on inflation.

Mon, 30 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Bill Press: Stem cell opponents just don't get it

Response: Bill just doesn't get it.

Bill Press is usually pretty good, but he's paddling the wrong way with one oar on this one. To be fair, though, he's got a lot of company on that creek, reflecting health ignorance like most pundits and pols.

He discusses the medical realities and religious dogma surrounding the issue of whether we should have embryonic stem cell research--and it's not even the issue that should be discussed, which is, should we have stem cell research at all.

The answer is a qualified NO. The qualification is twofold;
1) Most of the diseases said to be targeted by this research are already being cured despite official criminal denial by conventional medicine (conmedicine for short).

2) The research should be strictly curtailed to areas such as birth defects, which are not diseases in the usual sense. But even then, most birth defects could eventually be avoided if the principles of wellness were in place in the mainstream instead of medical dogma, and if we just stop poisoning ourselves.

The push for this expensive and polluting technology, which has the potential to go in some Frankensteinian directions, is, like most conmedicine, driven by dollar signs. Most medical disease research of all kinds is essentially looking for cures to our auto-toxifying way of life

Sun, 29 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Ann Coulter: Left-wing PBS bias? Ask Bill Moyers

Response: The queen of sleaze rhetoric bull-rides outta the gate.

The politicomedia establishment has to be nervous to call in the political sleaze queen, Ann Coulter to defend itself against the ripping media and government criticisms by Bill Moyers. He certainly hit a nerve at the recent National Conference for Media Reform in St Louis.

Coulter, a notorious media personality lapdogging for the ruling class is extremely clever with her words in deflecting the truth. For example, she says Moyers said that flag pins are "a little metallic icon of patriotism" comparable to Mao's Little Red Book on every Communist Party official's desk in China. Taking the remark out of it's context, she counters by saying that the metallic icons Mao used to keep the masses in line were the sharp instruments the Commies used literally to stab people in the back.

True enough, but it doesn't change the point Moyers was making, that patriotism is being used to blind people to the criminal behavior of the government, that the flag pin represents a form of brainwash (questioning the government is unpatriotic), and that the media is standing by facilitating it.

The fairest criticism of Moyers--that he never really defines the nature and behavior of the elite--is even more true of Coulter and the entire mass-media press, regardless of the direction of so-called bias.

Coulter complains about Moyers's condemnations of the behavior of Condi Rice and the government about Iraq, implying it's because they're Republicans; but she fails to admit that he would have done the same if it were Democrats. And that's a major point:
After explaining that there was pressure from CPB chair Ken Tomlinson and other White House allies for NOW to 'trim it's sails,' Moyers explained, "One reason I'm in hot water is because my colleagues and I at NOW didn't play by the conventional rules of Beltway journalism. Those rules divide the world into Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, and allow journalists to pretend they have done their job if, instead of reporting the truth behind the news, they merely give each side an opportunity to spin the news."

Political party is nearly irrelevant, because at the end of the day, it comes down to lying, cheating, stealing and killing, which have continued apace for the last century, across all party lines.

The dividing tactic is exactly the game Coulter plays. Another tactic is misstating the other's argument. For example, she uses the high price of gas to refute the suggestion that we "invaded Iraq for oil." Well, two things: no oil company is going to bitch about high prices. Big Oil loves them in the captive market, and the people who manipulate the war profit immensely from them. Secondly, the purpose was not to steal the oil, but to control its market destination. You can't get this through the skulls of the ruling class servants like Coulter--who actually are soulless enough to think it a noble motive. American selfishness über alles.

Coulter accuses Moyers of being 'on the take' at PBS for taking a cut of video sales, and for having 'family members' on the payroll. "Let's just hope he never took a free golfing trip to Scotland!" says Annie, alluding to Tom DeLay's illegal tripping. And that's the point she leaves out. Moyers's actions were not illegal.

For pointing out the failures of media and government, Moyers is adorned with the usual name-calling that has made the Sleaze Queen famous: Conspiracy nut, crazy megalomaniac, insufferable jerk--all the measured ad hominems of journalistic protocol.

Well, it goes on and on--line after line of clever BS, which only proves that Moyers hit the nails on the heads and made the establishment nervous enough to call in Sleazy for an unprecedented column rebuttal that reached even to local papers.

Sat, 28 May '05 Article: Crocker elementary School celebrates Memorial Day

Response: Military recruitment in disguise?

Nice to honor soldiers, but this effectively amounts to pro-military brainwashing for kids and setting them up for enlistment. They've got the kids "adopting veterans," a cute idea that pushes the mindset toward war-as-acceptable-solution. Kids get to hear about the glory but don't really see the gory. This program should include battlefield and MASH unit photographs of blasted bodies to give a sense of the real thing.

Sat, 28 May '05 Article: CDC raising red flag over obesity

Response: Typical medical flapdoodle

It's the fat that's dagerous to health, they say, but don't mention the inner ecological condition leading to the fatness. Same for the increasing teen Type II diabetes (they can't call it 'adult onset' any more). So, we've got to watch our BMI, or body mass index (proportion of height to weight--pretty stupid, where as total body fat measurements might be better, or at least added).

Here's the funny bone in this article--the best weight control programs are hospital-based, which offer "expert advice" from dieticians, exercise physiologists and psychologists!

And there are local programs forming to help area children learn healthy eating habits "bit by bit." Well, not if they use the government food pyramid and eat the school lunch program.

Hey, doc, try thinking outside the box. There might be more to it than just controlling dietary choices and exercising. We might want to consider brain toxicity as an underlyng imbalance that throws the whole system off. We might also want to consider that the goal is wellness, not weight control. Fit and skinny people get sick too!

Fri, 27 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Dale McFeatters: Washington's ballet in the sky

Response: Ballet--cute word for insane nonsense.

Dale's talking about air traffic and security around the capital. There was a recent scare which sent our courageous politicians running for their lives, and causing House Dem leader Nancy Pelosi to lose her shoes. It turned about to be 'two goobers in a toy airplane.'

But what about a serious threat, asks Dale, wherein they actually shoot down an aircraft? What's it going to land on? Well, obviously, anything or anyone but our courageous politicians and criminal administration would be preferable.

Says Dale, "I work three blocks from the White House, and have to get in the habit of looking up when I leave the office to see what might be coming down." Well, wait til the mongers of perpetual war get their wishlist for weaponizing space:

"The Pentagon is working to develop a suborbital space capsule within the next five years that would be launched from the United States and could deliver conventional weapons anywhere in the world within two hours, defense officials said.

"This year, the Falcon program will test a launcher for its Common Aero Vehicle (CAV), an unmanned maneuverable spacecraft that would travel at five times the speed of sound and could carry 1,000 pounds of munitions, intelligence sensors or other payloads..."

Just what we want, tons of explosives flying overhead waiting for that computer glitch or hack job to bring them down by mistake. Full article here.

Fri, 27 May '05 Article: Health officials urge students to get the new meningitis shot.

Response: Lot's of BS in this one.

Meningococcal meningitis is said to have struck a young girl "out of the blue" and almost killed her. The resulting advice: "Children who are 11 to 12, students entering high school, and college freshmen headed for dorm life should be vaccinated." Now there's an epidemiological spread for you.

Here's a disease that affects only about 3000 people a year, and kills 20 percent of adolescents. The biggest age group is 5-24, which amounts to 32.5% of 3000. Yet, the kids must all run out and get Dr. Frankenstein's poison needle.

Has this vaccine been long-term tested to be safe and effective? Do you need the answer to that question?

Also, there's no such thing as "out of the blue" disease. People weaken themselves over a period of time until the straw breaks the camel's back. The best way to prevent infectious disease is to mantain a balanced inner ecology--which discourages germs.

Then they say you need only one shot of this magic potion if you get one in the age group noted. One shot, how great. The next line is, this "is expected" to protect you for "up to" 10 years. Two questions: How the hell do you know when it runs out, and why is it that natural immunity lasts a lifetime, but phony immunity runs out?

Fri, 27 May '05 Article: High school students grieve after death of fellow classmate

Response: Awful, but one question should be asked.

A 17-year-old boy "apparently" committed suicide. The question is, was he ever on one or more psychiatric drugs?

Thu, 26 May '05 Article: Walking the path of heroes

Response: Or, how to turn brave and honorable people into bricks in the ground.

Dedication ceremony where the names of dead soldiers are memorialized in bricks laid beside the walkway in Carter Park. What can one say? It seems we prefer comorting ourselves with memorials to making sure they don't go to war on false pretenses--upon which most wars are based.

When the hell are people going to wake up? Instead, we've got the Mayor spouting platitudes about "freedom doesn't come for free..." Yada, yada, yada.

Instead of a display of masochistically obedient flag-waving, how great it would be to hear a politician say he's going to do everything in his power to get a clue about history and the machinations of the corporatist war mongers. And how great to know that our political entities, such as cities and towns and counties would stand up against the trade of blood, heartbreak, and planetary desecration for money and power.

I know--it's too much to hope for sanity. Why, it even threatens jobs. And we can't have that.

Thu, 26 May '05 Article: Crestor side effects spark concern

Response: Yet another FDA-approved menace to society.

This story's about the danger of a particularly bad cholesterol drug (all of which are poisonous nonsense). The funny part is the statement by Fitchburg internist Dr Sven Bruun: "Happily, it's not a unique drug, (meaning) you have to take the risk because you have nothing else to give them." WOW! Is that a great example of how screwed up a medically brainwashed mind can be.

Note he says "you" have to take the risk--meaning the doctor! The doctor is taking the risk! Hidden in that 'logic' is the medical concept of the Therapeutic Index, which is a craps game played by medicine with your health and life: The deadliness of the drug used can 'justifiably' increase with the deemed deadliness of the disease. Thus, if they say you have a fatal illness, they can kill you with a drug and get away with it. This ws done with AZT/AIDS, for example.

Because "you have nothing else to give them." How true, the doctors have to give drugs or nothing at all. And they have precious little to give even in that regard, since drugs cure nothing.

Not even to mention that such propaganda perptuates the myth that cholesterol causes heart disease, a medical boondoggle.

Thu, 26 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: Anonymous means unaccountable

Response: Convenient opportunity to play self-righteous

Wailing about the Newsweek "glitch" on the Koran flushing as example of a flaw in the practice of journalism, the writer complains about too many anonymous sources for news, saying, for example, it's a way of "shooting from behind the bushes"--drawing blood without personal risk. Perhaps true, but the writer forgets that a source may easily have his own blood drawn by elite operatives (CIA and such) for speaking up. Secondly, it's not so much the sources that we need to worry about, as how they're handled by the press, and how far a journalist goes in verifying things.

The Koran story was a question of correctness in principle with a mixup in time/place. And it certainly was not the first example of such a story. See below Tue, 24 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Bill Press: Arab world hates us: Blame Newsweek?

But the really stinking funny passage in this one: "Might it have occurred to the magazine that Muslims around the world would grant far more validity to a Pentagon investigation of desecration than stories told by men whose revenge against the Western infidels hardly excludes lies?" A perfect example of spin rhetoric. First, it implies that this incident is the first and only source of Muslim hatred for the 'infidels.'

Secondly, the well-entrenched, century-old, (and well deserved) hatred of the West has much to do with an already-lying Pentagon--the same Pentagon that has poisoned Afghanistan's ground water with radioactive poison, that blew the hell out of Iraq's municipal infrastructures, and that leveled a city of 300,000 people as a lesson in obedience and accession to occupation and puppet government.

Thu, 26 May '05 Article: Statehouse marks first Missing Children's Day

Response: A multifactorial problem, and much hypocrisy remains on what endangers kids.

Two aspects not even considered in this lament about missing kids: 1) the elite [[link this]] twist the minds of individuals and put predators out there to maintain fear in the society. 2) The kids that aren't abducted and considered safe are being mercilessly poisoned by our way of life and Dr. Frankenstein (aka corporate medical establishment).

Lt Governor Healy, spouted her best politically correct platitude that "our society has such a solemn obligation to protect every child from exploitation and danger." OK LG Kerry, I've got three quick suggestions: make vaccination a matter of choice for schools, completely revamp the school lunchcrap program, and keep military recruiters the hell away from kids (talk about exploitation).

Thu, 26 May '05 Article: Amnesty takes aim at Unites States

Response: Yes, the United Snakes--the biggest hypocrites on the planet when it comes to human rights.

Among the snakes is White House spokesman Scott McClellan who oozes lies through his teeth about holding people responsible when there's abuse. Read: scapegoats might be held responsible for the sake of appearance.

But Amnesty has now gone further, saying that if BushCo does not face up to this, US administration and military officials should be prosecuted by an international court based on the torture convention signed at Geneva:

"Among those officials, [Amnesty US chapter head] Schulz named Bush, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Undersecretary of Defence for Policy Douglas Feith, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director George Tenet, and senior officers at U.S. detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and Abu Ghraib, Iraq.

"'If the U.S. government continues to shirk its responsibility, Amnesty International calls on foreign governments to uphold their obligations under international law by investigating all senior U.S. officials involved in the torture scandal,'' said Schulz, who added that violations of the torture convention, which has been ratified by the United States and some 138 other countries, can be prosecuted in any jurisdiction..."

It's not likely that the Snakes (too good a word for them) will be convicted internationally, much less 'nabbed' when visiting foreign states, as Amnesty calls for. But it is good to have this 'out there' for public conssumption. See full story.

Wed 25 May '05 Article: Rain making people feel blue?

Response: The poor, oblivious, comatose, self-sorry sleepwalkers.

The cool, rainy weather over the past month is cause for complaints and psychoanalysis. Will the unbearable stresses of inconvenience on us poor, harried Americans never let up? One fellow is just so depressed because he can't get out and do his gardening.

If this is all it takes to frustrate people, I suggest a trip to Iraq for these idiots, where they might get rained on by several tons of high explosives from American aircraft, like the people of Qa'im did recently.

Then these self-centered pansy asses might have something to bitch about.

People can't see, won't see, won't admit the connection between our licentious self-indulgence and rapacious capitalism, and war and oppression elsewhere--because they believe the media that tells them we're fighting bad guys, when what we're really sacrificing lives and the planet for is to fatten up the fat cats who engineer the wars.

We even created a holiday to wallow in self-indulgent memories about heroes and lost ones, whereas, it we put half that energy into opposing the criminals who create the wars, we might have less to "celebrate."

Tue, 24 May '05 Article: Cheaper gas a welcome sight

Response: Pure idiocy does seem to be an American favorite.

The ever intrepid S&E talks to motorists who are gushing about the recent dip in gasoline prices. But the article unintentionally explains why higher prices are a good thing: People had actually begun to adjust their selfish habits.

With lower prices, there is no rein whatsoever on the gluttonous consumption of fossil fuel by Americans ignorant of their suicidal addiction to driving, and of the overall effect of our obscene consumer habits on the world--namely, deadly pollution, environmental destruction, heavy oppression of poor countries for the theft of their resources, and much sickness and murder.

Perfect example: a man fills his gas guzzling Toyota 4 Runner with fuel for $45. "The majority of my paycheck goes to paying for gas." It's like a man banging his head on a brick wall and going, "Gee, my head hurts." Another oblivious 18-year-old idiot says she looks for the low-price stations to fill up her Chevy Blazer.

Art Kinsman, an idiot spokesman for AAA So NE, says, "The trend is moving in the right direction now for motorists." The idiot goes on to say that the spike earlier this year was due to fears about short supply and terrorism--"not actual reasons, but speculative ones. These high prices can only last for so long with no economic reason holding them up." How do you like that for glass-navel analysis?

Apparently, this man has never heard of the impending energy crunch, or given any thought to the idea that humanity can't afford to burn this stuff at the rate we're doing without killing ourselves. And here we Americans are, at 6% of world population consuming 25% of the world's energy while giving back 40% of its pollution. But Newsweek's mistake about the Koran is the reason America is universally hated.

Get a clue, people--the price drop is a temporary fluctuation in an irreversible upward trend, which is based on a dwindling supply. Whether that's real or orchestrated, same result.

But, oh boy hey, now we can drive all over the place for the holiday and get stuck in traffic jams. Well, I pray for holiday rain and $3-4 dollars a gallon.

Tue, 24 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Bill Press: Arab world hates us: Blame Newsweek?

Response: He's almost got it right.

Press points out all the flaws in the conservatives' and BushCo's pathetic finger-pointing at Newsweek's story about Koran desecration as the motive for anti-Americanism around the world.

Among real motives for hate, he mentions AG Alberto Gonzales's "anything goes" policy on prision torture (which is rampant), Cheney/Wolfowitz/Rice/Tenet who cooked up the intelligence to fit the war policy (as proved beyond doubt by the recent memo released in England), and Dubya himself, who took the nation to an astronomically expensive and cruel war based on lies.

But all the claws are out on the reichwing extremist pussies, who insist that no insult to Koran ever happened, and that, even if it did, Newsweek shouldn't have reported it. In other words, no compunction about censoring news about crime.

Press points out also that the top military commander in Afghanistan Gen Karl Eichenberry, and Richard Meyers, Chief Joint of the Staff denied any Newsweek connection, that the riots were caused by economic conditions and the continued presence of troops there, who are brutalizing the people. In fact, nobody blamed Newsweek until the White House jumped in TEN days later.

Typically, the Pentagon has refused to release a report that would settle the question. Of course, they could fix that anyway. In any case, as good a job as Press does dispatching the crap floating around, he fails to mention that several similar stories have been reported beginning a year ago. Check out these two stories:
It's All Newsweek's Fault
Don't Blame Newsweek

The best thing, though, is right above this editorial is a cartoon: Big Dick is standing at the podium and a press person says: You've chastised Newsweek for
1) rushing to act without havong all the facts
2) relying on faulty information
3) damaging the image of the US
4) getting people killed
Does that remind you of anyone?
Cheney: Hmmm...No, doesn't ring a bell...

Mon, 23 May '05 Article: As television season ends, residents lament loss of top-rated shows

Response: What better example of American obliviousness?

It might be one thing to be paying so much attention to TV when disaster is being inflicted on the planet and many people, and even coming down the pike right at us, if the shows had any merit. But most are monstrous brain-deadeners: Apprentice, Bachelor, Gilmore Girls (only one of a slew of crap on "The WB"), CSI, ER, American Idol (holy crap!), Grey's Anatomy (holier crap!), The Contender--could there be a more unimportant bunch of silliness? Hey, anything to shield the mind from crucial political issues. Talk about complete loss of perspective on life.

I'll give you Smallville and Desperate Housewives, both cleverly conceived. The former is interesting because of the underlying connection of Native culture and extra-terrestrial beings, the latter, because it does expose aspects of the middle-class nightmare so worshipped in America. Yet, included among endless hours of TV obession, they melt into the miasm of extraneous bullshit.

While I'm at it, I'd like to suggest how ashamed ABC should be for replacing the insightful and superbly written and acted Boston Legal with that piece of prurient sleaze, Grey's Anatomy, little more than a series of sexual adventures among hospital workers. A TV downhill if there ever was one. Same for the loss of Boston Public. But such quality is lost on the vapid American psyche that opts for titillation almost every time over substance.

One woman is quoted, and pictured in the paper holding her infant: "I hate season finales because then there's nothing on for the rest of the summer." Well, I have a suggestion ma'am: Try getting off your bon-bon TV butt and getting involved in something worthwhile during your period of withdrawal, like learning something about how to protect your little baby from the rampant poisoning she faces in life, or about how the corporate powers that control your government are oppressing and mercilessly killing people all over the planet so that we can have our obscene consumer/waste lifestyle.

Mon, 23 May '05 Article: Base closures throw New England economic forecasters for a loop

Response: We deserve evrything we get in this regard.

Sleepwalking, superficially fascinated, Dream-chasing Americans nursing their beer bellies and barbecue grills have allowed a criminal cabal to usurp the government and make our economy dependent upon crime, disease, sex hang-ups and war. Why, we have to create wars, if for nothing else, just to use up materiel that has become obsolete, to make way for the new stuff.

Twenty trillion dollars on the machines of death since WW II. Five trillion on nukes alone. Not much more needs be said about that country.

Mon, 23 May '05 Headline: More local drug dealers getting guns

Response: More PR BS from a paper that refuses to discuss this issue honestly.

Many criminals steal guns or have someone else buy them. Gee whiz, what a revelation. Also mentioned is the danger to our heroic police who chase the evil dealers around.

Overall, the drug scene is an elite creation, and we have evidence of targeting 'undesirable' or 'expedable' segments of the population, such as blacks and Hispanics. However, the grand design, as always with the elite, is to control with fear-based mind control. This story plays right into that scenario.

But the bottom line is, if you make matters of personal choice illegal, you invite criminals in to fill the demand. Thus, if the money's good enough, there will be no hesitation by the criminals to use weapons.

The current approach to street drugs, itself a clear symptom of underlying physical health issues and psychosocial failures, will bring only street war. But, hey, maybe that's what the macho chest-thumpers, and the politically correct goody-shoes want. That way, they always have something to lament, and a reason for more of the police state.

Sun, 22 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Dan Thomasson: Another blow to media credibility

Response: Newsweek and Koran: no one in the mainstream has got this completely right.

But Dan's one of the worst. The blow to media credibility in this case is Dan's job here. He insists that claims of Koran abuse have never been verified, and that "conservatives" are now justified in slamming the media for baseless slander against the White House. He asserts that the media is always quick "to think the worst of our own institutions." What nonsense propaganda.

Except for the media of totalitarian states, no government institutions get more slack from a lapdog media than ours. Under the watchful eye of the US media, in the last 16 years, we've had four wicked wars which were contrived and which used Depleted Uranium munitions, including 2 in Iraq. We've also got Patriot Act, Homeland Security, and the un-investigated 9/11 scam. So Dan, spare us your BS, please.

Not only that, but If we had a real media, BushCo would have been impeached by now, especially if we can do it for a little fellatio. But Dan's self-righteous clucking about "sacred duty of the press" and all that is barf city.

Newsweek's writer was given the information by a previously reliable inside source,and verified by another. Only after the story was published did he change his tune. Any chance he was coerced? Nonetheless, the height of unfairness and sleazy PR is the suggestion that this story, which is true in principle and fact if not in exact detail, underlies Muslim hate for CorporAmerica. It was simply a straw in a long line of abuses.

Sat, 21 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Jay Ambrose: Blix was all wrong about nuclear threats

Response: Jay continues to regale with his cleverly contrived bullshit--he's good at it, give him that.

I've repeatedly said that Ambrose writes the worst crap of almost any syndicated columnist in my newspaper. Once again he proves me right.

Now he's mad a Hans Blix for allegedly saying that nukes are not the threat, in terms of terrorists building them, that global warming is to the planet. In a perfect example of misdirection, Jay says, "Blix, of course, was the atomic energy official who did not notice when Saddam was developing nuclear weapons in the 1980s..."

What Jay apparently didn't notice was who had helped Saddam with arms development. US exports were knowingly assisting Iraq's nuke development, and two of his top scientists from the Al Qaqaa facility were invited to Portland, Oregon for a September 1989 US Energy Dept symposium on nuclear detonations.

Ambrose's dishonesty prevents us from knowing exactly what Blix said at the recent Stanford U conference on international affairs, but he accuses Blix of "yawning" about the threat of future nuke blasts from terrorists. Jay mentions that Pakistan's nuke scientist A.Q. Khan smuggled nuke technology into some pretty scary hands, but fails to mention that Pakistan is our close ally, and that this was done virtually under US auspices or at least was never intervened upon by the US.

It also implies that the US is not a 'scary hand,' when it threatens to use nukes, and is the only nation ever to have done so (despite the fact that Japan had virtually surrendered and that they rushed to drop the bombs before that became public). And, we've dispersed the equivalent atomicity of 400,000 Nagasaki bombs in four de facto 'nuke' wars with DU munitions from Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq (2).

It should be mentioned, as example of Ambrose's technique, that he refers to criticism of BushCo as "anti-Bush hysteria." If anything's hysterical, it's Ambie's pro-Bushiosity in the face of our 300 billion-dollar genocide in Iraq.

Ambrose-ia proceeds to debunk global warming with various rhetorical tricks and by quoting industry-servant "scientists" who say there is no threatening rate of warming, or any immediate threat by "so-called greenhouse gases." So-called! Jay should take a trip to Alaska and try to sell his bullshit to the indigenous natives, who are literally watching the ice pack melt, and who are seeing species of plants and animals for which they have no words in their language.

And he should take a look at this article about fish migration.

Above all, however, with what's at stake, even though there is "more than a tiny fraction of climatologists" whose consensus Jay prefers to believe over the rest of the world (Jay!--is it a conspiracy, you think?), because "science is not about consensus," it would behoove us to err, if we're going to, on the side of caution, as opposed to barreling arrogantly ahead as Ambrose suggests, and burn every drop of oil we can get our gluttonous hands on.

To finish up with his hypocrisy and politically motivated dissembling, the Jayster, admitting that there is "long-term" global warming, says that one answer is nuke power--thus completing his circle of stupidity. Nuke power tech, as we know from US bitching hypocritically about Iran, is only a skip away from weapons tech.

The waste problem, which proponents of nuke insanity conveniently skip over, or whitewash by saying we must solve it, so it will be solved (is is insoluble) threatens us daily. There are 80,000 tons of waste now sitting around awaiting a terrorist attack and awaiting dangerous transport to Yucca Mountain in Nevada, where we will hand it off to our kids and say, "Here's a load of really deadly stuff to watch closely and keep safe for the next 4.5 billion years. Don't screw up, now!" Because we just love creating security problems for ourselves.

This is preferable, apparently, to curbing our selfish and voracious consumption of power until sustainable ways can be made practical. Sacrifice nothing, in other words, except the processes of Nature and human reproduction. Instead, build more malls, big-box retail stores and anything else we can think of to suck more power off the grid. And hey, gotta have those obscene displays of Christmas lights, too, and all those lights that shine on the White House (which you wouldn't mind if they lit up the criminality within, to which Ambrose frequently panders).

Jay, bite me.

Fri, 20 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Helen Thomas: Growing danger of nuclear arms

Response: Revealing yet more US hypocrisy and nuke insanity

The question, "Should we have nuclear weapons and power?" is almost the equivalent of, "Why don't we just commit suicide and get it over with?"

Helen points out BushCo's hypocrisy about nukes by not sending high-end diplomats to the UN NPT conference, and by rebuffing the proposal by IAEC Director Mohammed ElBaradei for a moratorium on all uranium enrichment and plutonium processing until a set of standards is agreed upon.

Not only did the nuke lapdog diplomat Rademaker rebuff that logical and fair proposal, but said he approved an outright ban on uranium enrichment--except in the US and other nations that already have enrichment capability. Almost nothing more need be said.

Except that the non-proliferation treaty is entirely a scam, because, while it has put the effort on stopping new systems development it has not enforced the other half of the equation: disarmament of extant nuke arsenals. Thus, the powers that be continue to threaten the planet, under the assumption that those powers are the world's Good Guys: US, Russia, GB, France, and China (and, of course, the 'little guys,' India, Pakistan, and Zionaziville, aka Israel.

Israel has been, as is its wont, particularly sleazy in its development of nukes, simply refusing to join the NPT. If it weren't a bastion of criminal elite power, it would not have gotten away with such development. But, of course, poor little tiny Israel must defend itself from its evil Arab neighbors, to whom it has been ever so pleasant over the years.

As noted in an earlier response, in the week of 9 May '05, the Rumster, our reptilian defense secretary, renewed a Pentagon request for funding for studies of new nuke weapons, especially bunker-busters and battlefield warheads.

Iranian foreign minister Kamal Kharrazi notes that it's "unacceptable" that some nations want to limit nukes "to an exclusive club." He's more than correct. But then he says he wants legally binding assurances from nuke states to non-nuke states that they will not be attacked. Yikes! Talk about naive--a lot of good that will do when the insane ones vaporize him and stand in defiance of the world. After all, they've already mounted four 'nuke' wars with DU munitions, poisoning large areas for the next 4.5 billion years.

Of course, all of this yammering omits the central point: the global elite cabal controls the nuke industry and keeps the threat alive to maintain chaos. Did I mention insanity? Oh, yes.

Thu, 19 May '05 Article: US wants to consolidate bomb materials to reduce risk of terrorist attack

Response: The nutcakes of nukes are thinking sharp.

To guard against terrorists "storming a US weapons lab and setting of a crude nuclear device..." yada, yada, yada. They're going to move all this stuff from where it is to a few highly secure sites, including concrete bunkers in Idaho. Seemingly, they neglect to consider how unsecure it'll be traipsing all over the countryside.

Here's the good part: "The US no longer manufactures or tests nuke weapons, but scientists still use small amounts for research, including studying how existing warheads age and how weapons might be built by terrorists or rogue nations." What crap.

In the week of 9 May '05, Donny Rumsfeld renewed a Pentagon request for funding for studies of new nuke weapons, especially bunker-busters and battlefield warheads.

Gee, good thing no "rogue nation" other than America is pushing for tactical-nuke bunker-busting bombs, eh? And why do we need to discover ways the naughty folks can make weapons? It's already all out there. What they'll do is dream up new ways, and that will eventually get out there.

Time to DITCH this useless, insane technology that promises only to poison the entire world--more than it already has, I mean.

Thu, 19 May '05 Article: Residents, businesses may assist with Lake Shirley pollution cleanup

Response: Relocating pollution--what a sane way to live.

They hope to install drain system to reduce sediment. Hey, no doubt sediment screws up the lake, but where does the drain send it, and does it do any good there? It's "road runoff." Solution: build a new car dealership, a new mall and restaraunts, more condos and a gaggle of soccer fields in the area. Where, oh where does the sediment go.

Thu, 19 May '05 Article: Top US military official says al-Qaida leaders in Syria are planning more suicide bombings

Response: Oh, it can't be that the Iraqi people are resisting an evil occupation and takeover.

Such BS in the news is also preparation for building hate against Syria, another Mid-East domino that must fall before the Israeli Zionazi elite operatives and the Elite Axis of Evil (US/GB/Israel) on the path to global domination.

Give the AP credit, though, this piece does report a statement by a Syrian official to the effect that this is another PR campaign against his country. See Sat, 14 May '05 for similar propaganda and an inside report on the US attack on the border town of Qaim.

Thu, 19 May '05 Article: Parent charged with beating coach with a bat

Response: This characterizes American society on so many levels

Can you say, too obsessed with sports? Can you say, brain short-circuit from any number of toxins and Dr Frankenstein's drugs? Can you say, is there any wonder we don't object to militarily kicking ass without investigation as long as our criminal leaders and military psychopaths can sufficiently demonize the target (see example above on Syria)?

Wed 18 May '05 Article: Gov. backs expansion of No Child Left Behind

Response: Yes, the Mittster is a pig in the BushCo mold.

Mass Gov Mitt Romney puts down widespread complaints among teachers and educators that NCLB is underfunded, saying that testing costs virtually nothing. The point is, though, the fed oversteps its authority imposing mandates on states and communities, then fails to fund them. No matter what the amount, it amounts to bullying that states shouldn't put up with. But the RepubGovMittster doesn't mind.

The best part of this piece, though is the Mittster's reasoning for a top-notch educational system: National security depends on it. He goes on, "If the US fails to produce a more innovatice and science-based workforce, we'll become a tier-two economy, and a tier-two economy can't have a tier-one military." Yikes!

Well, first of all, not to worry, we'll just outsource the workforce as we're doing now. Secondly, how "tiered" can you get spending $440 billion or so on military? It's already beyond obscene. There isn't a tier near it anywhere in the next 20 nations combined. And now it wants to weaponize space with high explosives circling around up there just wiating to be brought down anywhere in the world in 45 minutes. Can you wait for the first computer or techno-glitch?

Here's something folks might not be aware of about NCLB:
Buried within the No Child Left Behind Act is a provision that requires public high schools to hand over the private contact information of students in public high schools to military recruiters. If a school does not comply, it risks losing vital federal education funds.

The Student Privacy Protection Act of 2005 amends section 9528 of No Child Left Behind to prohibit military recruiters from contacting students unless these minors and their parents specifically "opt in" and consent to receive such communications.

Click here to help protect children from military recruiters.

And can you hear the sucking sounds of a sleaze-bag pol aiming for political support that will aim him at the White House?

Wed, 18 May '05 Article: British lawmaker lashes out at US senators in oil-for-food investigation

Response: Should be front-page news.

Not only should this piece about MP George Galloway's scorching and powerful flagellation of the government's lies and criminality be on the front page, but the best parts of his speech are left out of this report. For a nice summary of American dissembling and hypocrisy, check out this article.

Here is CNN link with video of the hearing segment.

That this article leaves out the big stuff is typical media downplay of truth.

Tue, 17 May '05 Article: Report: Oil spill funds will be empty by '09

Response: Yet another corporate scam afoot

The cleanup fund can't stay balanced because cleanups cost more than authorities collect from responsible parties (the oil/cabal criminals). Oh yea, brother, but just let you not pay a goddam parking ticket...

Mon, 16 May '05 Syndicated editorial: Helen Thomas: Leaders' credibility no longer counts

Response: Counts less now, she means: seeing the effects of mind control on society.

Helen laments that her illusion about UK and US citizen concern for credibility and accountability of their leaders as been shattered. She bases this on the now indisputable falsehoods of the motives for devastating Iraq, which folks just seem to ingore, going about their daily biz--particularly the recent re-election of Tony Blair. And there has been no public outcry over the evaporation of the rationale for the "war."

She notes that in the last election here, the war did not become an issue because the Dems didn't challenge it and says that Kerry said he basically would have done the same thing. This is not what I got from Kerry's words, which were that he voted for the war, as a last resort, but base upon Bush deceptions. That's a bit different. Helen says Kerry blew it big-time--but she's not aware of the elite M-O. It was 'blown' on purpose.

Helen doesn't understand that BushCo is not directing the show, but serves the international elite cabal underpinned by the Rothschild/Rockefeller central banking system whose agenda is global domination.

In her comments about the run-up to the war and the drumbeating by Cheney and AnaCondi, Helen neglects to mention that Condi and Powell made specific statements that Saddam was contained.

What has finally brought on this piece from Helen is the recent release of a secret British memo revealing that Blair knew Bush had Iraq in his sights, and that "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

In the dark mire that is the American mainstream media and collective psyche, this news has all but disappeared as we go on waving flags and slaughtering innocent people.

Sun, 15 May '05 Several artices: Gay marriage or nay?

Response: Gaggle of non sequiturs and gum flapping, sprinkled with sanity.

Some opponents of gay marriage keep going back to the Bible, completely ignoring that not everyone is Judeo/Christian, or even religious, and that America is about not imposing one's religious beliefs on others, despite what the majority might be doing.

Some opponents of gay marriage say their objection is not religious, but sociocultural, ignoring the fact that homosexuality is as old as Man, and has not yet destroyed civilization. To the contrary, that is in the greatest danger of being destroyed by patriarchal heteros, who are apparently in the mainstream.

Some opponents of gay marriage proffer the preposterous illogic that hetero marriage is the only logical barrier to incest and multiple-partner marriage. First of all, most incest takes place in hetero situations between parents and offspring, or between siblings--something unlikely to occur in gay unions. There is an unspoken implication that gays are automatically perverts, whereas what these narrow-minds would define as perversion is clearly a hetero mainstay.

One opponent of gay marriage says it isn't a religious matter, but that it should be ruled unconstitutional, because that's not the world we live in. Was there ever a better example of the state of denial? Of COURSE it is the world we live in, we've only to acknowledge and respect people's rights. This argument smacks of the logic the vaccine pushers use--everyone's got to be shot up to protect the shot up from the un-shot up.

Multiple-partner union is not blocked by hetero marriage, since we already have forms of it. For the most part, insecurity and pathetic jealousy will take care of that one anyway. However, it might not be the worst idea, since households can now barely make it on two incomes. Several adults and fewer children might make an ideal arrangement going into the future. This threatens only the paranoid patriarchists.

Some opponents seem to think that allowing gay marriage threatens human survival, presumably that it will cause converts of otherwise heteros, and everyone will succumb and civilization will fade away. On the other hand, what if we do really have too many--way too many--people on the planet--especially given the stupid way we abuse it? And, what if homosexuality is not only not a 'perversion,' but Nature's safety valve as a hedge against worse human infestation?

Some proponents of gay marriage say it must be called marriage. What, really, is in a name? There is an emotional, or social-status aspect to having equal access to the nomenclature, but as long as all the same rights are involved, who cares what you call it. I favor gay marriage as an unalienable right, but would focus more on what rights are attached to what ever the union is officially called.

Other proponents seem to have the humanist, live and let live, do unto others, respectful posture that all opposers would wish for if they were in the shoes of those they wish to deprive.

But, the last thing that should happen is for this to come to a public vote, because that can easily lead to oppression of a minority by the majority--a decidedly un-republic-an development. The rights of the individual and minorities are unassailable in a true republic. Majority rule is mob rule is democracy.

Sat, 14 May '05 Article: Fighters remain in bomb-blasted Syrian border town, preparing to do battle

Response: Just another slaughter, more PR to demonize Syria.

US military spokesman Capt. Jeffrey Pool tells story to reinforce idea of 'foreign insurgents' in Iraq.

Even the mainstream story told of a blasted mosque at Qa'im, American air power pounding the area, and that the remaining fighters say they are all Iraqis and there were never any foreigners among them.

For a insder view, please see this report.

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