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Mon, 11 Jul '05
Article: Local lawmakers advocate for press freedom

Response: The BS surrounding this issue is 'impressive.'

The story revolves around reporters Matt Cooper and Judith Miller, who have refused to say who leaked the info about the undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame. All along, however, it was Robert Novak who released the story. For this, Novak should have been immediately collared, a clamp placed on his nuts and tightened. He should have been told, no matter your source, we're going to crush you for this treasonous act.

This would have helped solve the problem up front by demonstrating that a reporter, or anyone, wreckless and idiotic enough to release such a story, regardless of source or purported 'journalistic right,' will be dealt with properly. As it is, however, the court and all the circling pundits are debating the freedom-of-press issue ad nauseam. The next thing will be to try to sell the idea that the source was merely inept, and not intentional.

Judith Miller, of course, is the NY Times reporter who servilely savored BushCo butt prior to the Iraq Attack, sucked up to elite operative Ahmed Chalabi, and parroted all the lies perpetrated to get us into a crime against humanity. She shouldn't even be allowed to call herself a journalist. And for her unprincipled abandonment of journalism, as a consequent accessory to murder, she should be in jail anyway--and for a lot longer than the piddling 120 days she'll serve for defying the court.

Those who have defended Cooper and Miller based on the press-freedom issue, including Massachusetts Reps Marty Meehan and Bernie Sanders, take a very questionable position. Meehan says the case should have focused on government officials instead of the journalists, who he says, did not violate the law (Intelligece Identities Protection Act). Partly true (even if just a bit naive, if not clever, on Meehan's part--no small part of the problem, which Meehan fails to mention, is that the prosecutor went after the wrong journalist); but such an investigation could have been futile and much more costly in the present environment, almost guaranteed under the present Administration, which is even now stonewalling. Really, we can't even get 9/11 properly investigated.

It would be the height of ridiculous if the law did not apply to citizens as well as officials. Thus, the reporter who broke the story is de facto culpable in this case, and should be required to spill for that reason.

Source anonymity is indeed important, but in this case, the source should be hung as well (certainly not just fired, as some critics are saying). Cases such as this are very rare, and should be subject to "extraordinary exception." It would be one thing if the outing of Plame revolved around some serious criminal behavior, for example, or there was whistleblowing, as Meehan argues in his plea for press freedom. I'm not a great fan of spy agencies, regardless of national origin, and see them as elite tools (Wall Street 'owns' the CIA, which serves it); but this juvenile, petty insult served no mitigating purpose whatsoever, violated an important law, rendered ineffective an agent difficult to replace, and could have cost lives. An extraordinary exception law would reduce or eliminate such irresponsible behavior, and put in place the means to deal with it.

Sources releasing info on legitimate matters would still be guaranteed anonymity. If Americans would remove the red, white, and blue blindfold and see fit not to tolerate corporate criminals in the presidency and lapdogs in Congress, we'd have a court system, or/and a congressional committee, that could be trusted with that call, and sources would continue to feel safe.

And given the enormous amount of criminality being served upon America with virtual impunity by the Administration and Congress, due in large part to press corruption and failure, Miller's plaintive cry for a free press elicits a belly laugh.

Meanwhile, the ultimate bullshit is that Novak's name rarely even comes up in reports on this issue, as it did not in this one--!?!?!?

Mon, 11 Jul '05
Article: Fueling up: Consumers feel pinch as gas prices soar

Response: This I love to hear--the cries of obliviously selfish, self-pitying Conehead American consumers.

We who have, by our oblivious, selfish inattention to government and what goes on in the world, brought upon ourselves an impending crisis of major proportion, are once again wailing about the horrible inconvenience of high fuel prices.

We, that is, who at 6% of world population are consuming 25% of world energy are now wailing. Can there be greater, more pathetic self-centered hypocrisy? Like the idiot furniture advertiser on TV says, "I doubt it."

One person says he doesn't care--whatever, he just bites the bullet, fills his tank and drives around. Another has actually slightly curtailed his thoughtless use of fuel for entertainment--just driving around. A noble pursuit mercilessly cut off. Oh cruel world!. Others simply "hate it" thinking nothing, apparently, of those oppressed and dying for it, and of the looming struggle, possibly violent, for remaining supplies on the planet.

The good news is, that, as one station operator said, "when prices go up, business goes down." This means that some people, if not behaving responsibly voluntarily, are being forcefull restricted in their thoughtless consumerism by the only thing most of them seem to understand--money.

Perhaps another couple of dollars per gallon rise will be just about right to slap the sleepwalking American sheeple awake--in time, one can only hope, to save wilderness areas from the final insult of OilCo rape in the desperate attempt to squeeze the last drop out before either sanity or utter chaos set in.

Mon, 11 Jul '05
Article: Despite promise, energy-beam weapons still MIA

Response: Bemoaning the delay in the implementation of yet another wave of clever weaponry.

This time it's beams of electromagnetic energy, or "Directed Energy" pulses that can be set to 'stun' or kill. How gee-whiz exciting, you know? Now afoot is the propaganda machine that will attempt to "assure the international community that [these weapopns] set to stun rather than kill will not harm non-combatants." Swallow that one, and I've got something for you.

As we move into the era of Star Trek weapons, we're told that these better mousetraps are limited only by the supply of electricity. And they don't involve chemicals of projectiles that can be inaccurate, accidentally cause injury or violate international treaties." Oh, does this mean such lovely ideas as depleted-uranium munitions?

The nuke power industry, looking to dispose of its waste profitably, has found an outlet in armor-piercing DU munitions. They might oppose the new weapons, which conceivably can melt a tank or heat it up enough to roast the occupants.

Speaking of nuke, I'll wager a lot that the more portable types of electro weapons will utilze power supplies dependent on plutonium batteries or technology, meaning we're in for a whole new wave of nuke waste to sit on for billions of years.

Another 'benefit' of E-weapons is that they can "sabotage the electonics of land mines, shoulder-fired missiles, or automobiles." This is of great interest to police as well as military.

What's not said is--what if, just as with all other kinds of weapons, the 'other side' gets these things? Will our planes and helos be dropping out of the sky like so many dead birds? Let's hope so, because it might give the insane people who promote this shit second thoughts---NOT!

By the way, devices already exist that can use the earth itself as a weapon, as in tsunamis, earthquakes and weather phenomena. How exciting! How promising! Can you just wait, really?

Fri, 8 Jul '05, and Sat 9 Jul Two editorials: (1) S&E on Fri: The fight against terrorism continues; and (2) syndicated editorial on Sat: Dale McFeatters: Another battle in the ongoing war against terrorism

Response: After the recent London attacks, terror propaganda waxes thick.

Battleship Maine, Reichstag fire, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin: all are known 'setups.' In other words, staged or allowed in order to advance an agenda, namely war. But boy did we believe them at the time!

That this happens repeatedly is not surprising. However, that We the Sheeple, via the lapdog media, are still suckered by this game is pathetic, not to mention alarming.

Consider also Iran-Contra, wherein US 'patriots' stabbed an ally (Saddam) in the back to finance South American death squads, contributing significantly to the 100,000 or so innocents slaughtered during 'The Gipper's presidency. The BCCI scandal showed 'legit' people funneling drug money to 'terrorists.'

It's complete naiveté, or shameful denial, to consider these as isolated incidents and not revealing models of how the power elite operate and ongoingly manipulate the sheeple. To the above list of setups can be added 9/11. One has to be bending over pretty far to fall for the official rap about 9/11 and terror.

The proven historic pattern sampled above strongly suggests that, in general, terrorism is an elite tool for maintaining chaos and creating the 'need' for their fascist, police-state, protection-racket. At the very least, terrorism is purposely provoked via imperial corporate policy, and those who orchestrate that are never touched by terroist acts, except to increase their money, control and power, and display their politically correct posture.

It's a very simple equation: secretly create the chaos, blame the scape-goat group or person, and advance the agenda by cashing in on the popular reaction. The awful irony is that any 'genuine' terrorism there might be would play right into elite hands.

Each editorial displays its special form of unawareness on this subject. The S&E, while faulting Bush for a poorly waged war on terror, regurgitates the macho, chest-thumping BS that the mightiest army in the world should take the lead in stamping out terror, when, in fact, this tactic can never work, even if terrorism is autonomous.

McFeatters, who has written some decent material in the past, assures us that British authorities, spurred on by "the always-eloquent" Tony Blair (i.e., smooth-talking liar), along with their US and European counterparts, will find out who did this. Even if they claim to find out, it will be for show, reinforcing the official line on terror.

With elite incitement and support, there is a never-ending supply of thugs, murderers, mind-altered insane people, not to mention trained agents, to keep up the "threat."

Put into this perspective, the words of BlairBush following the London attack reveal the capital gain. Essentially: 'See how good we Good Guys are? Solving the world's problems at G8, while the Bad Guys run around killing. Yes, you sheeple, we must forge ahead in the never-ending War on Terror, and we brave, GoodGuy leaders will wage it for you. Just sacrifice your young men and women, and surrender your $billions and your liberties.'

Yes. Then go Wally shopping with your National ID Card and microchip implant. "You WILL be assimilated; resistance is futile!"

Thu, 7 Jul '05 Article: New England residents rally to save military bases

Response: Just what we need to keep America safe--NOT

Another example of our dependence for economic survival upon suicidal, life-negative, and environmentally insane pursuits. Folks in Maine are battling to build ships no one needs in order to have jobs. This story's mainly about Otis AFB at the Cape. You know the place--where they've dumped jet fuel on the ground to consume their quota so it won't be cut next year.

You know the place--the one that couldn't get jets in the air fast enough to intercept whatever it was that hit the WTC.

To be fair, it does seem as if NE has been hit harder than other areas with closings. But perhaps the stupidest reason to keep unnecessary facilities open is to save jobs. This is the suicidal part of it. I'm glad to see these fuel-sucking, polluting, earth-negative facilities close down. If we'd stop throwing $billions away annually, they could be used to retrain/relocate workers.

If only it meant that the military were coming to its senses, but, alas, that's not the case. No doubt, they intend to pour the funds into other ares of military insanity and war games, such as having devices flying around in orbital patterns carrying tons of explosives that can be brought down anywhere on earth within 45 minutes. It's called the "CAV," or Common Aero Vehicle. I call it the Crazy Assholes' Venture.
See also ... Weapons in Space.

Mon, 4 Jul '05 Article: Woman to take on 50-mile MS Challenge

Response: More good intentions go into the abyss of disease research.

Barbara Carter, diagnosed with MS, vigorously raises money for the National MS Society, a group that has done precious little in understanding and curing this so-called disease (see Premise), and in fact, like most disease-research organizations, has stood in the way of progress. Two areas completely ignored by NMSS are allergy and the body's toxic load, especially mercury.

In the article, Carter repeats the NMSS lie that no one's disease has not progressed. Not only have people stopped the progress, but some have been completely cured of this symptomology when doing thorough detox (including getting rid of mercury fillings) and altering diet.

My motto is: Do not walk, run, ride, hop, skip or jump one inch for medical disease research. NMSS does provide physical help for people, like wheelchairs, and this is needed. The trouble is, you can't earmark your donation, so THEY decide where the money goes. Research money is wasted on science based upon phony medical dogma.

Carter is taking an unspecified drug (weekly shot) she's been told has prevented "significant progress." Who knows what deleterious side effects that may be having.

Sun, 3 Jul '05 Syndicated editorial: Michael Fumento: The misguided case against childhood vaccinations

Response: Dangerously clever, half-truth rhetoric

It is amazing that the spinmeisters of Pasteurian Frankenstein medicine have got people, including scientists, so bamboozled with the half-truth that is the Germ Theory of Disease, and its devil-spawn vaccination, that people are now standing around with straight faces trying to settle a question that shouldn't even exist: should we inject a neurotoxin into the blood of infants?

That we can even be debating such patently obvious stupidity is testimony to the power of phony science and mind control. The medical corporatists must be having a grand giggle as they limp to the bank under weight of the money they're making.

Fumento's first bit of nonsense is that claims of danger from mercury in vaccines (vax) are "hysterical" and to "ignore them." Too many physicians hold to this view to even begin to call it hysterical. What might be unfortunate are (1) that the vax controversy could turn on the mercury issue, when mercury is not the only dangerous substance in vax; and (2) that the fundamental theory behind vaccination is not brought into question. And we must also not forget that mercury may not be the only cause of autism.

Here in Leominster, Mass. we had a spate of autism among families living near a former Foster Grant plastics factory, suggesting that other poisons can contribute to the syndrome. In fact, toxins play a supreme role in most disease, a fact generally ignored by the avaricious medical corporations getting fat looking for magic 'cures' (usually toxic themselves) to 'diseases' of 'unknown cause.'

Ignore the hysteria, we must, says Fumento, because "The life you save may be your child's--or somebody else's." This, of course, is not hysteria, but wisdom. Fumento has no clue that if the dangers of childhood diseases are as great as claimed, it's due in no small measure to the influence of conventional medical thinking on health in the first place. Indeed, health ignorance is rampant in Western culture, and has been so for centuries. Rather than promote wellness, which vaccines cannot confer, the solution is to inject substances of varying degress of offensiveness into kids' blood, with not one study ever having been done to prove safety, effectiveness and no dire consequences.

Fumento then pulls the most worn-out ploy of disinformers out of his flea-bitten bag of rhetorical tricks: People who question vax are 'conspiracy theorists.' Also "fear mongers". Of course! Why didn't I think of that? Interesting also, that to question the wisdom of a neurotoxin in vaccines is 'fear mongering,' whereas "the life you save..." is, once again, wisdom.

Says Fumento, thimerosal in vax cannot cause autism, because production of childhood vaccines with it ended several years ago. Well, two points: why did it end if the stuff is safe? Also, thimerosal was still around until last year (2004), because the companies were selling off stockpiles. And he doesn't tell us, for example, that Iowa's 700 percent increase in autism began in the 1990s, right after more and more vaccines were added to the children's vaccine schedules. Nor does he answer the question of why, when mercury is chelated out of the body, autistic children recover.

However, even once all mercury is removed, vax will still contain:
• aluminum (associated with Alzheimer's disease and seizures)
• formaldehyde (ebalming fluid, a carcinogenic disinfectant labeled as hazardous waste in the building industry)
• ethylene glycol (antifreeze)
• phenol (a disinfectant dye)
• benzethonium chloride (an antiseptic)
• ethylparaben (an antifungal preservative).

To add insult to injury, Fumento quotes the recent "comprehensive" review by the Institute of Medicine that 'proved' no connection between thimerosal and autism. That report has been shown to be a statistical mill. Fumento also notes a Sept 2004 conclusion in Pediatrics that clears thimerosal. But the journal has published junk. For example, Verstraeten Study - Pediatrics, November 2003:
This study has been the subject of considerable criticism. It was released with much fanfare and public relations "spin." Much has been written exposing the study's methodological problems, findings, and conclusions. Most importantly however, the study did not compare children who got thimerosal to those who did not. Instead, its CDC-employed authors focused primarily on a dose response gradient. Neat trick that has been pulled in other vax studies.

Also, the World Health Organization has given mercury "a clean bill of health." Fumento doesn't mention that WHO is essentially a wholly-owned subsidiary of big pharma. This, of course, is one source of his 'conspiracy' assertion, that anyone could even think that multi billions of dollars could cause anyone to skew data or issue false reports.

Let's put it this way, folks: The only reason vax are still sold is because the corporations who make them can't be sued when damage occurs. Our wonderful government has seen to that.

Finally, no one, including Fumento, has explained how mercury became included in vax years ago in the first place, with apparently no studies having been done on its safety?
See the vaccine page
See my post on autism/mercury/vax on Huffington Post (scroll down--it begins with: "Please, let this debate not begin and end with mercury/autism...").

Wed, 29 Jun '05 Article and followup editorial: Alleged drug dealer robs his customers; and Learning a lesson about fear

Response: Learning a lesson from two-shoes about PC propaganda.

A couple of 20-year-olds got robbed trying to buy "drugs" (unspecified). The paper now gets all told-you-so and self-righteous, and see what can happen if you do drugs. Oh, and these guys were lucky just to have been robbed, when "They could have easily woke up dead in a back alley..." Yada, yada.

If you took the precentage of people getting robbed this way out of all the drug deals that go on, not only would it be infinitesimal, but you stand a better chance of dying just driving around, of enlisting in the military to fight wars on false pretenses, and of getting poisoned from the drugjunkfood sold at the Food Court and the Whitney Field Mall.

And certainly, while no one's paying any attention, we're all constantly getting much more seriously ripped off by the war mongers who control of the federal government and who rob us blind via the military budget, crooked political deals and corporate welfare.

So, as usual around the drug issue, this is a poorly focused piece trying to make cases. It also begs the question of whether the problem is drugs, per se, or the problems attendant to their illegality, which is an open 'invite' for unsavory types to volunteer their services.

Wed, 29 Jun '05 Food page: Good taste: Barbecue is America's quintessential food; and (2) Sweet summer fruit brushcetta and peach recipes

Response: Good taste, recipes for weakening bodies and destroying health

No one wants to be a stick in the mud. But yes, it is truly an American tradition to sicken and kill ourselves with food. This sort of orgy is smiled upon and encouraged, but is in fact quite harmful; whereas a real orgy would be good fun and exercise, but is, of course, verboten.

The number and scope of such food orgies annually across the country is staggering. Everything from beer fests to spaghetti feeds. Few people give it a second thought. But this is a form of addiction and irresponsible behavior not recognized as such. Then, after sufficienlty poisoning themselves, folks dig deeply into their pockets to donate money to disease research to find the cure for the symptoms of their health ignorance.

The fiberless, acdiforming, mucoidforming, gut clogging barbecue dead-animal orgy includes pork shoulder, pork butt, beef brisket, pig snout, spareribs, baby backs and whole hog. Of course, everything is burned to carcinogenic perfection and mopped with sauces to heighten the deleterious effect. If you get a gander at the "chefs" they're usually obese pictures of ill health with big smiles on their faces.

The bruschetta is the quintessentially indigestible combination of bread, butter, sugar, nuts and fruit. It says this an idea for how to use ripe, juicy picks from the summer harvest. How about just eating fruit alone as it is and allowing the body to glean the benefit?

It would be one thing if these orgies and recipes were interspersed in an otherwise healthy eating pattern in America. But when you add them to the ongoing Standard American Diet (SAD), a recipe itself for numerous trips to Dr. Frankenstein for poison drugs and flu shots, it's just insult to injury.

Tue, 28 Jun '05 S&E editorial: Prescription for disaster

Response: Missing the real disaster

This discusses the dangers of mistakes that have come to light recently with drug prescriptions, but begs the question of whether our reliance on drugs is wise to begin with. That's the issue no one raises. Drugs are a given. Does a cultural mindset like this set the stage for people to turn to their drug of choice, whatever it might be?

Sun, 26 Jun '05 Article: Family turns tragedy into fighting chance for others

Response: Interesting twist from the usual fundraising nonsense

I've spoken many times about the uselessness of most medical research and treatment. The Premise covers most of the principles. In this case, however, a family is raising "private funding" for research led by a doctor at Dana-Farber (which has long stood in the way of a "cure" for cancer). This research is aimed at methods "other than toxic chemotherapy."

The interesting thing is that a spokesperson for the Jimmy Fund says," get [federal money] they must prove they are going in the right direction." This is a euphemism for "towing the official line of uselessness." Whereas, private funding allows them to pursue different avenues. Then once they prove something, federal money would be forthcoming (apparently, this hasn't happened yet). And the article doesn't say what, or who, the guinea pigs are for this research.

Odd, isn't it, that the feds won't allow them to get to the unorthodox proving stage with "their" money? Also, it's a very safe bet that whatever might be discovered in the unorthodox line is NOT allowed to be used in treatment, because, of course, it's not approved by the FDA. Catch-22 anyone? It's a scenario very carefully controlled in order not to threaten the pharmas and med supply industries.

It's like world class retrovirologist Peter Duesberg said of AIDS research: To get any money, " practically have to write, 'I believe in HIV' across the top of the application."

Sun, 26 Jun '05 Article: Local newspaper, colleges form anti-drug alliance

Response: Noble--if they'd only see/admit what the worst drug problem is

The S&E, Fitchburg State, and Mt Wachusett Community College have formed an alliance of "community leaders" and officials to help fight the area's problem with drug abuse and trafficking. As one might expect, they refer to the nasty, low-down, criminal, illegal-drug dealers, who, to a person, they utterly revile with all the lily-white sheen they can muster.

But nothing is [ever] said of the nasty, low-down, criminal, legal-drug dealers, who are honored community members (more on this below). Nor is anything said about the societally condoned, unstigmatized, 'passel' of drugs and drug-like substances that, considered with legal drugs, constitute a threat of much greater proportion than the politically correct cause these leaders are getting so much mileage out of. Indeed, aspects of that 'passel' frequently appear in the paper as admirable or cute or socially engaging facts of community life.

As I've said before, the hypocrisy stinks to heaven. However, to be fair, we have to say it could be just a deadly lack of awareness. But it's this writer's intention to make the case publicly and privately as often as possible until the facts are on the table. Then, either something really good will happen, or it will become apparent how deep the hypocrisy runs (and it just may run like a weed deep into the community, not just among official folk). Please see for full article.

Sat, 25 Jun '05 Article: New Dunkin' Donuts has plenty of support in town

Response: Yep, plenty of drug addicts and junkies to keep up demand.

Oh boy, kids! Townsend, which already has one DD (Druggin' Dispensary), might get two drug outlets. "I think it'd be awesome," says one obliviated addict. "I live at Dunkin' Donuts." Another addict is glad he'd be able to get a coffee "as soon as I get out the door" in the morning. Drug poisoning is such great way to start the day.

This is all cute stuff, you see. Legal drug addiction, self-poisoning on a widespread scale. That's OK, though--people have the right--just like they do any other drug or habit. What stinks to heaven is the grande, politically correct hypocrisy of the goody-two-shoe war on illegal drugs, which is nothing more than the legal-drug-using majority stigmatizing and abridging the freedoms of the illegal-drug-using minority.

In the case of hemp, of course, the propaganda built up around that has been established by corporate industries, such as paper and cotton, who are threatened by hemp as a valuable crop.

And the most significant difference between the two categories of drugs?


Maybe things can be set up so folks can stop fooling around and just mainline the sugar, cowpus, and caffeine conglomeration. Of course, they won't be able to do that with the intestinal-clogging, nutrient depleting, liver stressing, adrenal annoying, pancreas shocking agglomeration of white flour, sugar, trans fat and fungus/toxins called a donut. Those will still have to be shoved into mouths as always.

This behavior, though, along with a lot of similar American dietary stupidity, has an upside. The money raised from all the walks, runs, rides, hops, skips and jumps for research on all the diseases caused by this behavior--especially the two major killers, heart disease and cancer--really fattens up the wallets of doctors and CEOs in the pharma and medical supply industries. So, disease creates good economic growth.

Sat, 25 Jun '05 Headline: Animals putting the 'wild' in wildlife.

Response: Animals are smarter than humans, but humans 'more' arrogant.

The subhead on this story nicely shows the arrogance: "Deer entering store is latest animal incursion into local populated area." Not that humans are 'incurring' on animal populated areas at all! No, the animals are the ones. Our incessant expansion into wild areas and disruption of natural rhythms is just the price animals have to pay to get such wonderful neighbors. And they should be grateful.

Fri, 24 Jun "05 Picture feature: Summer reading

Kids are given books to read for the summer. Excellent. But the picture shows a 7-year-old already wearing thick glasses. Yes, folks, eye degradation, along with crooked and rotting teeth, turned-over ankles, and dark circles and bags under the eyes, are par for the course in this autotoxifying, health-ignorant environment the politicians and business community point to with such pride.

Tue, 21 Jun '05 Article: Needle-exchange program hits snag
and: S&E editorial: Keep program out of Fitchburg

Response: Selfish, self-righteous, politically correct hypocrisy hits the fan--again.

Ya, we can't have those dirty heroin addicts around here. Fitchburg city councilors Ralph Romano, Matthew Straight (gotta love the name), and Stephen DiNatale, along with Mayor Mylott, S&E editor Jeff McMenemy, and Sen Robert Antonioni are all hiding behind the phony outrage that the state is over-running local authority by establishing needle exchange programs where it sees fit. Communities must have the choice, they say.

Really? Then where, do we imagine, in the maelstrom of hypocrisy, would the program be "allowed?" Not in my back yard! Acceding to local authority is a death knell. They know it, but won't say it.

Lepers must not threaten our upstanding appearances, but must be "incarcerated," says Straight, in order to be cured. Now, hospitalization might help. Heck, it might even help the brainwashed Conehead consumer sheeple out there, but where's that dough coming from? And in his desperate attempt to make cases, Straight says over-the-counter needles are "the same thing" as exchange. Only if a needle has to be turned in to buy one.

Mr. Antonioni says clean needles work but that over-the-counter needles may encourage more drug use. Nonsense! They'll use whatever needle is available--full of another's blood, rusty, whatever, to get the fix. He also seems to prefer HIV/AIDS over drug addiction. And, he, like most politicians, doesn't seem to have a clue that HIV might not be the cause of AIDS.

One likely undercurrent is the potential the unsightly might have for disturbing the burgeoning Conehead consumer addictions so many worship by making the area unattractive to upscale Coneheads and their avaricious big-box and chain dealers. Of course, the hypocrites in comfort-zone with their legal-drug addictions, including nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, white flour, food chemicals, and dead pigs and other animals. Addictions certainly are central to our communities, as we plummet headlong into our autotoxifying and self-devouring growth and development policies.

And, especially, we can't behave compassionately, even to prevent the spread of infection. The S&E says needle-exchange and methadone are "failed social experiments." Admittedly, methadone is not the best approach, but there's no doubt that clean needles, while not the ideal solution, cannot help but ameliorate.

The hypocrisy of all this stinks to heaven: a majority of addicts stigmatizing and shunning a minority of addicts to project a 'proper' self-image and avoid responsibility for their fellows. Heaven forbid that the city, or area, should become known for its compassion--not if such a thing presents a threat to business.

Mon, 20 Jun '05 Syndicated editorial: Ann Coulter: Losing their heads over Guantanamo

Response: The acrid, dissembling bitchwich is back.

Ann Coulter is the poster girl for media defense of the ruthless elite. This time complaining about the calls to close the "gulag" at Guantanamo. Basically she says that uncharged and unconvicted prisoners (savages, she calls them), clapped in at the apparent whim of the military or CIA, deserve to be tortured (and killed) because they are suspects, and to frighten other "terrorists" into re-thinking their plans.

With her usual rhetorical twisting and clever turns of phrase, she argues that Sen Joe Biden's assertion that Gitmo puts Americans in jeopardy due to the image it projects is backwards, implying that jihadists will not be more angry, but will think twice before trying to "kill Americans" because they might "go to a bad, scary place." As if they're not already in that situation, being occupied and hammered by America's military--not to mention that Saddam was CIA's gift to Iraq over wo decades ago.

Even worse, she tries to paint "Muslim extremists" as media-ignorant, having no access to news, or, at best, al-Jazeera, which, she implies, lies more than American media. Extremists are all murderers just "dying to slaughter Americans." Her preferred method of dealing with "extremists" is to kill them, but complains that prison/Gitmo "is useless" for that. Yet, thirty prisoners have died in US custody.

Later, she flatly contradicts herself by saying the prisoners eat better than our soldiers, with "Orange-glazed chicken, fresh fruit crepe, steamed peas and mushrooms, and rice pilaf." As if anyone could believe that. But, if they are treated like that, what better incentive to get caught?

How's this for honest journalism: ..."what Amnesty International means by 'the gulag of our time' is No Twinkie rewards for detainees!" Here are a couple of good reports:
Eliminate Them
We Are All Complicit

Finally, for general insight, which also includes evidence of the elitist genocide the Iraq operation is, read the two accounts in this article by renowned Iraq reporter Dahr Jamail: World Tribunal for Iraq, Culminating Session Testimony

Sun, 19 Jun '05 Article: High schools, students' body clocks not in sync

Response: Here you have the demon-spawn of health oblivion.

The kids--teens--have to get up too early in the morning to get to school, because their 'body clocks' don't allow them to wake up. Some people are buying into this. But it doesn't seem that all factors are in the equation.

The doc (Millman from Brown Medical School) thinks kids should sleep an hour later. The reasoning is they need more sleep than adults. He thinks there's a "Natural shift" in "the" teen's clock that "makes them want to stay up later and later." Wow, I'm not sure it's not some other influence, like all the crap on TV, the life-negative fields generated by our wondrous artificial environment, or body chemistries whacked out by our poisonous way of life. Wonder what would happen if he tried that logic on the Pennsylvania Dutch, whose kids I'd bet, without checking into it, are up pretty early.

No mention of whether EVERY teen experiences this, and if not, why some kids' body clocks may be out of sync with early rising and function. No mention, either that adults also experience morning drag. The solution, of course, is to drink coffee--and that's just what a bunch of Lunenburg kids do every AM--"plunk down $2 for coffee, Coolattas, donuts." This is sure to put them into endocrine and metabolic balance!

The ill effects of these dietary habits don't just wear off during the day, but linger. Combine that with all the other crapfood kids eat, including school lunch, supermarket packaged foods, and add in the vaccine, drug and environmental chemicals. That the doctor can say there's a "natural shift" in the mass of biochemically assaulted kids is questionable at best. I don't remember these problems in my high school years. And we walked to school much more too.

But let's consider only the schedule and not whether they're continuing down the path of ill health. There's one kid that doesn't "wake up until lunchtime" (!) Well, that settles it--let's start school after lunch.

Sat, 18 Jun '05 Syndicated editorial: Jay Ambrose: Downing Street memo proves nothing

Response: The big bleeding hemorroid Jay is at it once more.

Trying desperately to save the sinking BushCo oiltanker in whose slimy backwater he has swum since 2000, Jay says the idea that Bush lied us into the Iraq war is a "fantasy" and that "stacks and stacks' of evidence refute it. He offers not one stack, however. Further, his rhetorical bullshit, goes the DSM is an "itsy, bitsy thing" that is even being misinterpreted.

Can you say SPIN? Can you say LIE? Like the one Jay perpetuates about Saddam's association with (gasp!) terrorists. He is also disingenuous enough to make the sly implication that Saddam was connected to 9/11 (of course, anyone with the least savvy knows that BushCo had the closest connection to that of any terrorist organization).

This IS NOT as important as breaking 9/11 truth, but for an in-depth analysis of the DSM, go to

As a by-the-way, here's a photo of an unfortunate woman standing in the hole made by a plane in one of the WTC towers. The point is, the official 9/11 story says that a raging fuel inferno weakened the support steel causing the building collapse. Quite inferno-proof isn't she?

Wed, 15 Jun '05 Syndicated editorial: Dan Thomasson: Bush gives intelligence czar real power

Response: Real power to play the elite's game

This article focuses on the contrived 'need' to correct the 'intelligence failure' that led to 9/11, as opposed to correcting the intelligence success that was 9/11, and the elite power and influence that planned and orchestrated 9/11, and that uses terror the same way the Mafia use the protection racket.

Syndicated editorial: Providence Journal: We need CAFTA

Response: The avaricious corporate earth-rapers need it, not the people.

This bit of propaganda is full of holes. For one thing, it rebukes labor criticism of CAFTA by "questioning" how much of the job hemorrhage overseas can be blamed on NAFTA. It says this was plummeting well before NAFTA came in, so it can't be to blame. Well, we know what is: corporate greed--the same force behind NAFTA that now drives CAFTA.

The argument is we just can't compete with Third World labor where "workers earn pennies an hour." Has NAFTA helped this? Absolutely not, because the central banks create and maintain the Third World for that purpose, among others. Did NAFTA stop the job hemorrhage here? Not a whit. The only jobs it has created are sweatshop jobs, and the only interests helped by these "free" trade agreements are corporate ones.

The logic is that CAFTA is a way to "protect our Latin neighbors" from the ravages of "the Chinese juggernaut." When really, it's designed to protect corporate greed from same, to the detriment of labor, environment and human rights.

Not mentioned in the piece is the environmental devastation potentiated by these treaties. If a country opposes some business venture that is destructive or polluting, under NAFTA it can face huge fines for obstructing trade. Nothing will change with CAFTA, under which huge "infrastructure developments" are planned for Panama. There are also important family, gender and way-of-life issues.

For more very good info, see Central America Up in Arms over CAFTA
and What You Need to Know About CAFTA (PDF file)

Mon, 13 Jun '05 Article: Cancer walk extra special for local family

Response: Even faith in the useless is sometimes comforting.

The family of a girl who got a brain tumor at 18 months. Fortunately, it was an operable kind and surgery removed the cerebellar mass. Of course, part of the brain goes with it.

The girl goes regularly for MRIs, which say she's cancer free--in the brain, that is, but what about the rest of her? This exemplifies the misunderstanding of cancer that it's usually a systemic condition that localizes, and that the tumor is not the disease, but a symptom of it.

Still, one has to wonder how such a young person got a brain tumor. One likelihood is that she was exposed to some kind of negative energy influence, such as electrical or electromagnetic fields. Or maybe her brain got poisoned.

One thing is almost certain however; with a walk done by family and friends in Boston,the money raised for cancer research based on surgery, chemo and radiation will end up in a sinkhole of uselessness that will never ascertain the cause, or any cure other than brutalization.

The need for Departments of Pediatric Neurosurgery at hospitals is also indicative of our society's rampant ignorance about health and way of life that results in poisoned and damaged children.

Mon, 13 Jun '05 Article: Raising men's health awareness

Response: This one raises awareness a notch above deadly complete ignorance.

There's so much nonsense here, it would take a day to deal with it all. But "men's health" in this piece centers mostly around cancer, and also addresses STD and HIV/AIDS. Generally, without giving much in the way of wellness principles, other than the age-old "diet and exercise" yada, yada, the biggest advice is to keep going to the doctor, who can tell you if you have any problems. It fails to remind that people walk out of the doc's office with a clean bill of health, and proceed to drop dead.

This is because docs look for "diseases," neglecting the all-important wellness principle that, just because you don't show symptoms, doesn't mean you're well. For example, the language is revealing: "Older men are also prey to colon cancer, which strikes both sexes." You see, we are victims, we are prey, and disease (suddenly) STRIKES.

This is patent BS, folks. Symptoms appear usually after a period of time, and usually as the result of ongoing toxification and other fundamental imbalances. By the time you get to Doctor Frankenstein for early detection, you're way past the onset of illness. See Premise For Discussion of Health Issues.

Sun, 12 Jun '05 Article: G8 finance ministers forgive debt for world's poorest nations

Response: Beware finance ministers bearing gifts.

This "generous" move is a cruel hoax. The first thing to remember is that the Third World is already a creation of the central banks for the purpose of exploitation, But rather than reinvent the wheel here, I refer you to this excellent analysis by George Monbiot. But first this preamble:
Bob Geldof and Bono have, as Monbiot says, done a great deal of good on behalf of the world's poor. However, it has still been 'compensation' as opposed to 'solution' (much like veterans' groups who compensate for government failing our troops). And, as Monbiot reinforces, we all need to understand, and speak out about the fact, that the Third World is no accident, but a creation of the central banks to begin with. Nothing has changed.

No matter how much 'good' anyone does, it buys no excuse for not being on point when the chips are down or at the moment of crisis. Geldof and Bono are seriously missing the boat. I question whether they're innocently ignorant, but Monbiot is a bit more forgiving:
Far from challenging the G8’s role in Africa’s poverty, Geldof and Bono are legitimising its power.

Bards of the Powerful
by George Monbiot
Published in the Guardian 21 June 2005

Sun, 12 Jun '05 Article: Heart association's first diet book offers options for the weak

Response: Meaning, to make people weak.

The ignorance of most doctors, and even dieticians, about food and nutrition is no accident. They're taught some nonsense in school, with a lot of important stuff omitted. This is because wellness is not a goal of the medical establishment, but only a half dead condition they can ongoingly manipulate with their noxious medicaments and invasive procedures.

The 'weakness' they speak of is the mental kind, usually lack of discipline, but sometimes literally addiction/allergy. Two examples from this in-the-box calorie plan for weight loss will do: If you can't give up pizza, the wisdom goes, "try eating two slices instead of your regular three." Also, instead of a cinnamon roll, eat a cinnamon-raisin English muffin with 2 tsp light margarine. From a calorie standpoint, it sounds reasonable. Biochemically, however, it's major nonsense, because calories are only one factor of many that influence weight.

For example, it makes no difference to these pundits if the person has a brain inflammation that knocks the hell out of regulatory processes, such as the satiety pathway. It makes no difference if the foods over acidify the person, setting them up for all kinds of problems.

It's usually the same problem with "diets" targeted for a specific symptoms, such as overweight. The goal of wellness is in the ditch. Because, guess what folks? Skinny people get sick too!

Fri, 10 Jun '05 Syndicated editorial: Jay Ambrose: Amnest International: Another al Qaeda?

Response: Jay has out-Jaystered himself with this underhanded drivel.

Says the master of bullshit rhetoric, "If you play the rhetorical game with rules as loose as those used by Amnest International, you can say this...--that it is analogous to al Qaeda and that some of its spokesmen will say anything to make the US appear evil, just as Osama bin Laden would." Oh, what a piece of rhetoric within rhetoric.

We're to believe that suddenly, for some unimaginable reason, the acclaimed organization has decided to pick on poor little America and make us "look" evil. First of all, it's a certain element of the US government that is, in fact, evil (and that uses PR to gild its own lily), not the whole country. So Jay, making himself as ridiculous as he tries to prove Amnesty is, overstates the case. Of course, it is true that those who keep their heads in the sand and refuse to examine the facts, as presented by AI, for example, but other groups as well, aid and abet the evil.

Secondly, Jay says Amnesty's comparison of Gitmo to the Russian gulag is false, and that abuse there (the blueprint for what has gone on in Afghanistan and Iraq) is "few and far between" (if we are to believe the military's version, that is). But the comparison to a gulag is valid in the sense of unjustified incarceration under harsh conditions, which is what Amnesty intended with it's analogy. The excuse is that "most" of these prisoners are "enemy combatants," yet no proof need be tendered to that effect. It's just a claim made by officials who then have the power to toss anyone in on a whim and expose unconvicted people to classically twisted prison-guard mentality.Sort of a shoot 'em all, sort 'em out later mentality.

With no legal requirements to restrain them on collecting detainees, the BushCo criminals can make it look like they're accomplishing something. Further, the BushCo has refused to allow UN human rights monitors to visit Guantánamo.

The poster boy for "US good, everyone else bad" neothink, also fails to mention that 'terror' is largely under control of the elite, and has been generously financed by elite operatives, including with funds from internationally laundered drug money, as the BCCI scandal revealed. He mentions Osama, but forgets to mention that he's a CIA/ISI 'creation' who, as a number one wanted man, was visited by CIA in a hospital without being arrested (hope they brought flowers).

See, the elite NEED Osama and terror to demonize in order to perpetuate the phony war on terror, as pretext for violent interference and military presence all over the planet. It's similar to the game they play creating national enemies (Third Reich, Soviet Union) in preparation for war.

He fails also to report that Amnesty, who he calls. "lockstep leftist and anti-US biased" is not the only group to criticize American military and intelligence behavior. Well, if Amnesty is such, then Jayster is lockstep neocon rightist who defends ruthlessness and buys into the myth of major terrorism independent of clandestine support/control. Witness: 9/11.

He fails to mention strong US support for vicious rulers like Pakistan's Musharraf or even better, Uzbek dictator Islam Karimov who boiled a couple of people alive, and recently directed violent repression of a justified protest by businessmen (called "Islamic terrorists"), wherein at least 100 people died, with hundreds shot, and whose investigation the US is blocking.

And there is the story of the Afghani taxi driver who was beaten and tortured to death unmercifully for having simply been in the wrong place with his cab. For one thing, this unconvicted man was hung from a ceiling and his legs beaten until they would no longer bend. SO, if that's your loved one, torture events being "few and far between," even if true, gives little comfort.

The mad rhetorician says Amensty has gone wacko, extremist, making all sorts of unsubstantiated claims, like stories about secret prisons around the world which torture people. But there is something to that, in that "extraordinary rendition" has been reported, whereby prisoners are flown via "Air CIA" to countries that practice torture more openly.

Finally, the last "unjustified" Amnesty statement is that SecDef Rummy, along with other top-ranking officials, ought to be arrested and tried as war criminals by other governments if they step outside US borders. Well, this is so true, and Rummy's already wanted in Germany--can't even go there. Jay speaks in self-righteous terms about Amnesty 'trivializing some of the worst atrocities of the 20th century' (Russian gulags), but forgives, in passing, entire lie-scam atrocities such as Vietnam and the Iraq debacle, two war crimes perpetrated on false pretenses. But that's OK, Jay, because, as we know from your rants, war crime committed by the US is forgivable, indeed noble, war crime.

Check out related story: Bush Plays Politics with Guantánamo "Gulag"

Thu, 9 Jun '05 Syndicated editorial: The sequel to the 9/11 commission

Response: Ahhh, the second coat of whitewash.

In the spirit of the Warren and Tower Commissions, the Kean 9/11 Commission produced a report riddled with inconsistencies, omissions and distortions. The commission has now reconstituted itself in order to reinforce and perpetuate the PR BS it produced first time around--still trying to blame the FBI and intelligence in general, neglecting the undercurrent of planning/complicity by US officials and agencies.

But you wouldn't guess there's any questions from this glowing bit of spin by the indefatigable Scripps Howard. Here's a recent outing on just one aspect, albeit majorly important, on the building collapses.

Also interesting is that SH says the commish is "privately funded," but conveniently doesn't say by whom. Bet that's an interesting story.

The best way to get the perspective is to read David Ray Griffin's book: The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions.

Tue, 7 Jun '05 Syndicated editorial: A whole other kettle of fish

Response: Talk about raping the oceans--for tuna, of all things.

International fishing quotas have little to do with protecting fish, and more to do with the political pull of the commission that purports to protect them. It's been doing a good job, too, because, due to relentless demand, tuna populations are threatened. A bluefin "in Tokyo can fetch $50,000" (!).

But voracious, selfish tuna eaters get their due, because no food source is higher in mercury. I hope every uncaring self-indulger croaks a slow death-- a fitting sentence for the crime of earth-rape.

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