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Mostly unsubmitted, hopefully timely (but don't hold me to it :-) responses to articles and letters in my local paper, the Sentinel & Enterprise (unless otherwise noted) or other pubs, deserving support or an alternative view. This won't be a 'daily' affair necessarily, but a fairly frequent one, as our corporate media does dish out nonsense with regularity.


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Editorial 'Dailies'-8

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Wed, 17 Aug '05 Article: Motorists paying through the nose

Response: And that's not the only way.

A truck carrying a foul mass of "cattle parts" dumped some of its load on MA Rte 140 when the driver stopped suddenly to avoid hitting a goose. One motorist ran through the mess, apparently permanently stinking up her car, which she can't even get near now, despite having it washed repeatedly.

The best part of this story is the revelation that this mass of foul crap is considered an "agricultural commodity" (the load was headed for Baker Commodities of N. Billerica, MA). If you know anything about the dead-animal-for-food biz, you know that such crap is put into huge 'rendering' vats and cooked up to become food for cattle and other farm animals. That's right, folks, the corporate ag greedmongers feed the cattle's shit, dead innards, and other extraneous parts to animals you're going to eat--if you're foolish enough to eat dead animals.

Hmmm, how about a nice yummy Porterhouse?

No, wait, or is the best part that the truck driver, carrying a truckful of putrid animal carnage, caused the mess by trying to avoid the death of a single bird?

Wed, 17 Aug '05 Article: Groton man arraigned for fleeing scene of fatal crash.

Response: He did a wrong thing, no doubt. But what about the kids?

With due respect to all concerned, I have only a few questions. What was a 16-year-old doing out after 1:00 AM on a Ninja motorcycle probably sporting over 100 horsepower? What was his now-grieving mother thinking? Did he have a full license, and was he cleared for night riding and for carrying a passenger? Even if so, the bike was a 2005 model, suggesting this was his first season riding it. Such a situation demands restrictive rules. He did crash into the car, after all, and may have been flying.

I ask these questions, because our good paper, the S&E, fails in its long story to report on such obvious possibilities, perhaps preferring instead the politically correct path of portraying the indignance and grief of the dead boy's family and friends, thus heaping all responsibility on the evil driver who left the scene.

Just guessing, but perhaps the judge, who released the driver without bail, to the consternation of the dead boy's family and friends, did ask these questions, the answers to which prompted his decision?

Tue, 16 Aug '05 Article: Oh baby: Infants among those caught up in 'no-fly' confusion

Response: You got it right: Homeland Security nailing babies at airports and preventing boarding because their names are "same or similar" to lists of the govt's possible 'terrists.' What more can be said...

Tue, 16 Aug '05 Article: Navy proposing high-tech destroyer with long-range guns

Response: Whoop-de-doo! Another improved death machine for the profit margins of war.

Get your wallet out, America. This little toy, called a DD(X), would cost a tidy $3.3 billion (subsequent ones would be "cheaper," says the Navy. The driving force behind this proposal: Navy ego, which wants a bigger role in inland wars.

This story is so full of human ignorance, there's no place to start. But how about this: A proposal to reactivate two WW II-era battleships, USSs Iowa and Wisconsin, because "their ability to bombard targets inland with their massive 16-inch guns is unmatched in the fleet." Oh really? Then why were they put to rest.

This asinine proposal has met resistance, not because of the underlying insanity of the whole process of more death-dealing, but because Navy officials say they don't want them, and there are Congressional proposals to turn them into museums. Should we laff or barf?

The old tubs just don't have the chutzpa either, being able only to shoot unguided shells 30 miles carrying 1900 pounds of high explosives. But the new Mama would have 155 mm guns that fire rocket-propelled rounds that can hit 68 miles, with a projected 96. No estimate given of the cost of each of those 'rounds.'

Another dose of ignorance: The Navy has reduced the requested number from 16-24 down to 8-12. This has "prompted fears that the military won't give shipyards enough work and force one to close..." Let's shoot ourselves repeatedly to keep the surgeons busy.

But it's the hi-tech jazz that has the Navy jazzing its undies: Talk about an "electromagnetic rail gun, possibly available by 2020, that can hit targets 350 miles away." Yowzaa man! And the DD(X) will be a highly automated stealth machine as difficult to detect as an attack submarine, and able "to pick out targets from along crowded coastlines," and need only a small crew.

Holy shit.

Mon, 15 Aug '05 Article: Bush will bike with Armstrong

Response: Bush bikes for PR, ignores grieving mother standing in ditch.

For his part, Lance will suck up to the little Bush, saying Dubya's all business on the bike. Lance says he's not taking political sides, but is against the Iraq war and thinks the money would be better spent on cancer. Well, that's some fancy fence-sitting; but then Lance is used to sitting on a narrow support.

Maybe he'll call up his buddy and get him to talk to Cindy Sheehan. NOT!

Sat, 13 Aug '05 Editorial letter: Robert G. Schoenberger, Unitil CEO: Explaining the high cost of energy

Response: Partially explaining the situation

See my submitted editorial response, which was not run—surprise!

Fri, 12 Aug '05 Article: Five years in prison for WorldCom ex-CFO

Response: A criminal who should be hung by the scrotum, worms out with his testimony.

Scott Sullivan gets 5 years for participating in a scam that cost investors billions and tens of thousands of employees their jobs. Sentence was lenient because he testified against the the company's CEO, and because his wife is diabetic and unable to care for their 4-year-old. What crap!

Smoke Mother Nature, and you could get life. Steal a loaf of bread, 20 years. Justice in America.

A much better approach would be to threaten him with life unless he testified, then give him 20.

Wed, 10 Aug '05 Article: Iranian dissident says Tehran is capable of enriching uranium to weapons grade.

Response: propaganda piece to prepare minds for a BushCo attack on Iran mediated by its Zionazi controllers on behalf of the State of Rothschild (Israel).

Some anonymous "dissident" is putting the bad mouth on Iran ("sources within the Tehran regime"). The claims could not be 'independently verified.' Who knows, the story could be made up to keep the tension going.

This whole issue is such BS it's beyond belief. Fundamentally, it arises because nuclear power, the pursuit of the insane mind, is a given. Were sanity to rule, no more nuke power plants would be allowed--until the waste problem is solved (and not by making munitions out of it to turn into dust in phony wars). This would preclude anyone processing such material at all, and so the weapons question would disappear. Problem solved, world that much safer.

What should be getting worked on, instead of hassling Iran, is the dismantling of all current nuke weapons on the planet once and for all. All nations then chip in to send the crap into the sun. The many trillions of dollars stolen from the world's people over the centuries by the elite cabal could be used to finance this.

Wed, 10 Aug '05 Article: EPA proposes new radiation exposure limits

Response: Yes, folks, the insane people who inhabit the nuke power and weapons industry are lookin' out for you.

Here are some new radiation-exposure rules designed to satisfy a court ruling that would have scuttled the planned Yucca Mountain (Nevada) nuclear waste dump. The former EPA rules didn't address exposure limits after 10,00 years. Now we're all set from there to a million years, because the new standard increases allowable exposure from an "additional" 15 millirems annual up to 10,000 years, and then 350 annual after 10,000 years. Of course, the half life of the stuff is 4.5 billion years.

Here's a great note, the radiation will leak from buried waste "through groundwater or other sources." Wonderful. And the good part is, the 80,000 tons of current waste waiting to go there is only the beginning of the nuke waste stream.

Now, of course, what we need are more nuke power plants to meet our energy "needs" and more nuke weapons to meet our defense "needs."

I say again, pro nuke people, power or weapons, are insane--literally right out of their pinprick minds. Well, we probably won't have to worry about the radiation, because the real question is, at the rate we're degrading our source of life, will we be here even a 100 more years?

Wed, 10 Aug '05 Two adjacent articles: WorldCom official sentenced AND Inmate escapes courthouse after shooting

Response: We sometimes get unintended compare and contrast.

The WorldCom guy, former director of general accounting "Buddy" Yates, was fudging books (under orders from superiors) in the $11 billion fraud that bankrupted the company. After three years of expensive litigation following his guilty plea, Buddy gets a whole year plus one day in jail and a $5,000 fine. Naughty Buddy, naughty!

In the other story, a wife shot up the place as hubby was being moved from a courthouse to a transport vehicle. George Hyatte, who was handcuffed and foot-shackled still got away! He was doing 35 years for aggravated robbery and aggravated assault.

Granted Hyatte may be a nasty guy, but there's just something that doesn't sit right with me when I compare the sentences the two men got.

Mon, 8 Aug '05 Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: Shuttle orbiting stem cells

Resonse: Actually not a bad piece--for SH.

Here they compare the uselessness of the manned shuttle to embryonic stem cells (ESCs). Though manned flight is dramatic and we can squirt our undies over the 'heroes,' "There's little the shuttle can do that unmanned spaceships cannot." Even I might argue that point, but they also beg the question of whether we should waste so many resources in space at all when we can't feed the hungry, minister to the sick and homeless here on the ground, and stop the accelerating corporate devastation of our source of life.

ESCs have demonstrated no use whatsoever, says SH, and there are far superior alternatives, namely adult stem cells (ASCs) which have demonstrable benefit. ESCs, like the shuttle, serve only individual reputations and monster budgets.

Recently Bill Frist broke with Dubya on ESCs. SH gets downright feisty on this saying that we're told we should listen to Frist because of his rank and that he is a physician. The latter, says SH, "Makes him as much a specialist on stem cells as a plumber is on aquatic chemistry." RADICAL! You go, SH!

The trouble here is that SH instead comes up on the side of ASCs, saying that they're used in more than 250 current human trials and are being applied to "80 different diseases." Therein lie several rubs, not the least of which is that there are no specific diseases. For further reading on this, see Premise for Discusion of Health Issues, and Meaningful Health Care Reform.

The short of it is, too, if it weren't for the existence and domination of flawed medical dogma, the need for disease research of all kinds would be greatly diminished.

Sun, 7 Aug '05 Article: King Tut exhibit draws huge crowds

Response: All I'm going to say is, ain't it grand that people support those who clean up bigtime on hi-tech grave robbing and defiling of human dignity.

Sun, 7 Aug '05 Syndicated editorial: Ann McFeatters: Housing boom may be going bust

Response: There's no place else it can go.

I don't have time to analyze this one, which is not a bad piece if incomplete. But I jst wanted to quote a quote Ann includes from the Economist that hits the nail on the head:

Everywhere you look in modern America, in the Hollywood Hills or the canyons of Wall Street, in the Nashville recording studios or the clapboard houses of Cambridge, Mass., you see elites mastering the art of perpetuating themselves. Americs is increasingly looking like imperial Britain, with dynastic ties proliferating, social circles interlocking, mechanisms of social exclusion strengthening and a gap widening between the people who make decisions and shape the culture and the vast majority of ordinary working stiffs."

Halleluja! Amen, brother.

Sun, 7 Aug '05 S&E editorial: Move drug center out of Cleghorn

Response: OK, I'll say it: this pompous-ass attitude really pisses me off.

The lily-white, goody-two-shoe, other-drug addicted hypocrites have their shorts in a twist over the sherrif's dept move to remove corrections officers from a substance-abuse treatment and education center. They're afraid there might be more crime there.

Highly unlikely, but if there were, could it be any worse than the crime which is this self-righteous, not-in-my-yard state of mind?

But hey, these politically correct bandwagoneers shouldn't complain, even on their own terms. If crime does arise there, they can get their rocks off when the boys in blue go in and kick some drug-bum butt.

See some info on Drug War hypocrisy.

Fri, 5 Aug '05  Article: Trial begins for gold producer on toxin dumping allegations

Response: C'mon! Why pick on a company just trying to make a living?

Boy, you'd think a little pollution will killya. How can a simple, poor gold miner expect to squeak by every year if he can't dump his waste in the bay of Sulawesi Island in Indonesia? This is an American company, after all, and those darkies over there can afford to eat a little heavy metal tox--keeps 'em grounded better, and they can dive deeper.

Here's a great line: "Mining analysts say a guilty verdict could scare off multinational companies already anxious over the country's legal uncertainties, rising costs, and excessive red tape." Does that say it all about how the multies operate or what?

But this is great news. Pray for positive outcome. Seems like Indo has come a long way, baby, since the Suharto days, where Kissinger/Ford made a deal to let Freeport Mc-Mo-Ran, another US (Kissinger-invested) mining outfit, similarly rape the place in exchange for turning backs while Suharto mowed down 300,000 East Timorese with American-supplied weapons.

Fri, 5 Aug '05  Syndicated editorial: Scripps Howard: Oil industry's shameless profits

Response: And they're not the only ones.

In castigating obscene oil revenue ranging from 29 to 51 percent increases in second-quarter earnings, while cleverly modulating the obvious 'conspiracy' with a suggestion of incompetence, Scripps Howard is here putting on its "we're for honesty and the people" face. To blame they say are the "See No Evil Policymakers of this oil-friendly administration..." "Oil-friendly" you might have to say is a bit of an understatement.

Also to blame are the "Snooze-and-Lose Democratic Minority..." as if Dems are not also servants of elite power.

To its credit, however SH notes the mainstream media silence/downplay on this profit orgy. But SH itself is no less to blame for its wussy, shallow reporting all along, and as one that backed the Iraq genocide.

Others who register shameless profits also are 'defense' and pharma industries. One steals taxpayer money, the other our very health.

OilCo is bad, for sure, but people like to scapegoat it. While mentioning conservation as the solution, SH essentially fails to lay blame where it firmly rests: the selfish desire for cheap fuel in order to pursue our oblivious, earth-destructive Conehead Consumer American Way of Life.

Thu, 4 Aug '05 Article: Pedaling every mile in the pursuit of a cure for cancer

Response: Were good people ever more badly used?

While the riders in the Pan-Mass Challenge for the Jimmy Fund have their hearts in the right place, they're putting their money in the wrong one. The cancer industry is just that, and there's much more money in research and half-baked treatments than in any cure which might be found. Because it is based on flawed medical dogma, most conventional cancer research is not only useless, but stands in the way of progress.

But how do you tell folks this when there's all this emotion involved--the health-unaware family of the boy they're riding for is naturally inspired by, and immensely grateful for the dedication of the health-unaware riders. It's all about the great feeling of being "on a team." This is the 'hook' used by the profiteering corporations, research orgs, and event organizers to, well, hook people.

Unfortunately, the team is being duped.

As they say, in a bit of inadvertent truth, "The dedication that we put into this event is not even close to what is needed in the pursuit of a cancer-free society, but we're doing what we can."

True. What is needed in that pursuit is something completely different and unconsidered by these good folk: an understanding of how we're bringing this epidemic upon ourselves, with the skillful help of the corporate medical establishment, whose financial health depends upon people being sick, and who will not speak out against its brothers, the chemical, agricultural, pesticide, plastics, petroleum, and processed-food industries. Thus, no cure will be forthcoming from such research, but only the eternal carrot of promise to keep the lucrative wheels of research greased.

Since most cancer, like most symptomology, is significantly facilitated by environmental (inner and outer) toxicity, it makes perfect sense to Dr Frankenstein to add more toxic stuff (chemotherapy) for treatment, or to cut and burn the symptoms of poisoning. People who recover this way do so in spite of such treatment, not because of it (it is, admittedly, not a cure). Medicine regards tumors and cancer cells, which are symptoms of disease, as the disease itself.

Whereas the much saner approach is to detox the person and his close environment, restore a strong digestive tract, and provide outstanding nourishment. Oh, my god it's all too simplistic, and doesn't cost $millions. Can't be worth a rat's ass. That's not what JFK's personal physician, Cambridge Doctor Armao Brusch said, however, who cured thousands of cancer cases, including his own colon cancer, with a Native American herbal formula.

In this case, it's an 8-year-old boy with leukemia. A study in England showed that kids who live near gas stations have a 4X higher rate than kids living elsewhere. Of course, as we speak, BushCo is attempting to protect petroleum companies from any lawsuits that might arise from the poison gasoline ingredient MBTE.

The again, maybe the lad got some rocket fuel in his salad.

It's a wonderful life--if we'd only wake up to it.

Thu, 4 Aug '05 Article: Sherrif killed

Response: Not funny, but a riot anyway.

This story reveals how they handle politics south of the Mason-Dixon. One DeKalb County (GA) sherrif (white) calls for a hit on the sherrif (black) elected to replace him :-) The guy got shot 16 times right in front of his house. Apparently, they expect to get away with this stuff--must be living in the Old South of 150 years ago?

The dead sherrif's wife comes out during the 911 emergency call and says, "If Sydney (Dorsey, mad incumbent) did something to my husband, I'm going to kill him."

Somehow, though, they've got the sherrif put away, but haven't been able to nail the triggermen!? Two who were accused have been acquitted at the state level (but still face federal charges). This apparently happened when two other men were granted immunity by local prosecutors (apparently to nail the sherrif) and fingered the first two. The latter two are the real triggermen says the defense lawyer of the first two.

Oh! Ye stunning wheels of Justice!

Wed, 3 Aug '05 Article: Official: US mail may deploy meds in event of pandemic or bioterror.

Response: Yeah, baby! Create the threat, then hone the marketing technique.

This creative thinking from Mike Leavitt secretary of HHS. This, of course, is the preliminary propaganda to get everyone keyed up over the 'potential' epidemic. It's clear, he says, that the system of delivering medicines in the US is inadequate in the event of an emergency (this would be a flu pandemic or a bioterrorism attack). What crap.

Here's the best part: He said it was "in some ways an absolute certainty that a flu pandemic would occur. If it happens anywhere, then there's risk everywhere." Hmmm, what marvelous prognostication. Officials have been promoting this flu since the first couple of chickens were said to have it. So, all the satanic elite genocidists have to do is get the ball rolling anywhere, and then rake in the profits on vaccines and Tamiflu, an antiviral medication already in place to protect us against the surprise epidemic.

They win either way--if people don't get sick, the drugs will be credited. If they do get sick, well, what can you say about this evil virus that has already sickened a whole 109 people since 2004, and killed 55.

But wait, how are people going to administer vaccines to themselves? Mail packets with syringes in them? Well, there may not be enough fluvax, so maybe he means just the chemotherapy drug to be used after everyone gets sick that will further poison the already poisoned American public, who, if they are gullible enough to swallow this propaganda, will get what they deserve.

Why might there be insufficient vaccines? Because production capacity can't meet the combinative demand of pandemic flu and the plain old ordinary "annual" flu. NO mention of the fact the VAX is no way to stop the flu sypmtoms4.html.

The real question is, will the bureaucrats in gov't and public health invoke the emergency power to arrest and quarantine anyone who refuses to be assimilated into the program? It's possible. Get ready to be herded.

These insane elite operatives are even entertaining the idea of using firehouses as distribution points. Can you imagine that scene--a bunch of crazed, fearful sheeple jamming the street and descending on the place while a fire breaks out? You can't say these vampires don't have a sense of humor as they suck our blood.

Tue, 2 Aug '05 Syndicated editorial: Hilary Cosell: Writer remembers Westmoreland

Response: Soft spot in heart and brain for mass murderer.

Despite Cosell's (daughter of Howard) assertion that this recap of an interview she and Howard did with old Bill " not an apologia for General Westmoreland, for the lies he told the American poeple, for the huge part he played in that tragic, pointless war. Nor it is (sic) a simpleminded observation that everyone is a 'nice person when you get to know them a little,'" these are the impressions one is left with after reading.

She says : "Westmoreland was not a demon with blood all over his hands, but was a quiet, friendly old man." Right, and so are most elite servants retired in comfort. This mass murderer and war criminal was simply never prosecuted, because the US was never prosecuted but should have been, in the way the Nazis were. If we applied the same standards to ourselves that were applied for political expediency to Saddam Hussein, the US military arsenal would have been reduced to peashooters after 'Nam.

Here's a real beaut: "If you looked carefully into his eyes, you could see the bodies of our missing, wounded and dead still lying there." Oh PLEASE spare us this maudlin crap. Say, were there any of the couple of million people we killed still lying around in there? Was it not he who ordered 3,630 B-52 unjustifiable night bombing runs on Cambodia (about the size of Missouri) in 14 months? And whose decision/responsibility was it to poison the entire region with Agent Orange?

Cosell also fails to consider that not only was Vietnam tragic and pointless, but so are all wars, which are contrived into existence by those who profit from them and consolidate power by them. Good examples are WW 1, WW 2, the Cold War, Kosovo, Afhganistan, and Iraq.

In each case military commanders follow, unquestioningly or knowingly (Wesley Clark, for example), war plans that simply murdered people for financial, power, and political motives. It's just that Vietnam was widely exposed publicly for the scam it was, while the others have not been--yet. Which is why people still wax fondly over The Big One, because we went out and kicked "evil's" ass.

The truth is that "we," as part of a huge international cartel, first coddled evil's ass before we kicked it. The group planned and financed the war all the way from 1919, and put Hitler (a Rothschild Jew) in place (who then proceeded to burn down his own parliament building and blame in on "polish terrorists"). Sound familiar, 9/11?

Mon, 1 Aug '05 Article: Material hanging from Discovery's body has NASA scrambling Sunday

Response: When will we 'discover' sane priorities.

Oh, it's 'fascinating' to 'see what's out there.' It's just that moments like these demonstrate how a 'two-dollar' part, or some faulty component can send hundreds of millions of dollars up into smoke in what is really an unnecessary pursuit at this point. Especially when we can't take care of our veterans, feed the world's children, or clean up the massive industrial/military pollution killing us all.

The shuttle Columbia broke apart on re-entry on Feb 1. 2003. Loose insulation foam from the fuel tank struck the wing heat shield at launch 16 days before, causing a hole that allowed superheated gases to penetrate and destroy the shuttle when it descended into the atmosphere.

NASA spent 2 1/2 years and $1 billion on safety upgrades after Columbia. Now videos show loose tank foam at Discovery's launch last week.

And the better we get at traveling up there, the better able will the military be to realize its sick dream of space-based weaponry.

Not to mention that the space program, like most hi-tech pursuits, is poisoning us. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed in 2003 that there are alarming levels of rocket fuel pollutants in the nation's supply of lettuce. And of course it's reaching the water supply as well.

But, what the hey, it's all good business, right?

Thu, 28 Jul '05 Article: Antonioni to bike part of Pan-Mass. Challenge

Response: The good MA state senator prefers political mileage to travel on the road to genuine health reform.

This bicycle ride raises money for the Dana Farber Jimmy Fund, which sends money down the useless sink-hole of medical cancer research, and into the pockets of corporate mavens and "scientists" floundering in their hi-tech dogma brainwash.

Senator Antonioni should, and probably does, know better, but apparently prefers to peddle his butt on Beacon Hill, pedal his bicycle for a photo op political maneuver, and play along with the Big Lie: Cancer research is a noble pursuit; and the Big Coverup: Conventional research, based on a flawed concept (namely, that the cancer tumor is the disease, as opposed to a symptom of a wider condition), is set up to fail.

The great news for Doc Frankenstein is that even if he gets the symptom to go away with his exquisite poisons, his sharp knives, and his cancer-causing radiation, he hasn't made you well, and so the medical system is assured of seeing you later on for the next so-called disease and the next round of profit.

Tue, 26 Jul '05 Article: Phones dial up kids' interest

Response: The utmost hypocrisy and yet another serious threat to kids in the Conehead-consumer society.

The kids are all excited about the new Firefly mobile phone--a device aimed insidiously at kids that will bathe young brains in microwave radiation, to which kids are exponentially more susceptible than adults. And, of course, the newspaper and most parents are excited with them. But all researchers who warn against the physical dangers of microwave note the increased susceptibility of kids, due to their lack of complete physical development.

But we're all awash in ever-increasing amounts of this radiation from all directions, including the towers. So microwave is a threat to everyone. And I won't even get into the mind-control aspect.

An overweight, bespectacled kid showing allergy puffiness around the eyes, happily holds up her brain burner, declaring that she is "addicted" to two games she can play on the phone, which her apparently health-oblivious parents got for her so they can stay in "constant contact" when they're at work and she's at school. Yikes A'mighty. How amazing is it that concern for kids' well being can be so misguided.

The contact and emergency issues are the "positive" values for many people in getting these phones for kids. If use were absolutely restricted to such applications, one might excuse it, but kids will want to ge well beyond that. I wonder how positive parents will feel when the kid ends up with a brain tumor.

Mon, 25 Jul '05 Article: New Target hits the mark

Response: Oblivious ignorance of the global impact of Conehead consumerism on slave labor and Earth rape.

Ooooh! Everyone, including the corporate-pandering Sentinel & Enterprise, is all a-twitter about the orgy of consumables in the new Target store aisles. Americans seeking emotional fulfillment by spending can shop happily for price and be happily oblivious that they support child and adult sweat shops and keep inflating the trade deficit, in order to get those "cheap prices."

The true cost of items in these obscene retail outlets is kept neatly out of sight.

And people can also happily ignore the pre-consumer/post consumer waste stream we are burying ourselves in.

Worse, this story repeats the tired old lie that such retail biz, with its mostly menial jobs, boosts local economy. The main way such low-paying jobs improve quality of life is as a basis for going into debt to satisfy the Conehead hunger for stuff people can't afford.

"We needed another store," says one sheeple, because people were going out of town to shop and spending their money elsewhere. Another says "the commerce and the extra jobs" will benefit the area. Brainwashed. The same pundit said this was "well over due," and that it's good to see the area grow as much as it has.

How misinformed can you get? How can anyone believe that much of the money hauled in by these big boxes stays around here? It's a pittance, and belief in that pittance is testimony to the effectiveness of corporate propaganda.

Come on, people, we have to get past the idiot/lemming stage if human society is to survive and thrive.

Mon, 25 Jul '05 Article: Nurses at a crossroads

Response: Payed well, but overworked/understaffed.

It's such a funny thing. Doctors turn into millionaires. Medical supply and medtech industries flourish. Pharmas turn into trillion-dollar money machines. Somehow, all this cash escapes the hospital scene, where people are overworked, rather than money being spent on sufficient staff.

There's plenty of money being made overall in the system. To make things work for everyone, however, overall revenues being scooped in by the greedmongers would have to be shared more equitably in the system. Fat chance of that, of course.

The nurses have legitimate complaints of being overworked. But they do have a union and are payed well. However, one nurse said that if demanded overtime is refused, one's license can be pulled. How fascistically brutal and outrageous is that?Such retribution should be a serious illegal offense.

Now consider the rest of hospital staff--janitorial and tech staff. Without a union, these folks are swinging in the breeze of administration whim. Administrators, who are much better payed than nurses, and who are charged with keeping expenses down, take it out on the staff. The support staff people don't get raises commensurate with inflation/cost of living increases. Some administrations, Health Alliance included, rely increasingly on people desperate for work and/or living check to check, threatening them with being fired if they protest too loudly.

Even though there is pay involved, one could call this indentured servitude without too much exaggeration.

But the bottom line, once again, is that the entire system of conventional "health" care is corporately corrupt from the top down, motivated by profit, not the desire for wellness. In fact, illness is preferable to wellness--no real money in the latter.

The question arises: Of what interest is widespread wellness to an industry whose financial health depends upon widespread illness? If we had genuine health care reform, resulting in a healthier population, fewer sick people would mean much less demand on facilites and stress on staff.

Fri, 22 Jul '05
Article: City council candidate condemns bombings

Response: Muslim American as deceived as most Americans.

Hours before the second London bombing on 7/20, Fitchburg (MA) City Council candidate Bashir Mehmud spoke out against bombings. Not to be too cynical, but what could one expect from a Muslim American running for office?

Anyway, he's happy and proud to be an American, and has the trappings to prove it--"crisp American flag" posted next to his front door, and various flag stickers on his car. Gee, all the signs of a cell-based terrorist--just kidding!

He says the right things, i.e., that Islam does not glorify suicide attacks, and that this behavior is a disgrace. It seems little does he know he's in the belly of the beast that works to disgrace his religion: Terrorism is a tool of the elite--created and fomented by them (like wars), and designed to discredit Islam and set the tension.

Already the Internet is alive with info that the London bombings were staged for effect--just like 9/11.

And, as if to prove this, on the same day in the paper is an article: House votes to extend Patriot Act. There's the protection racket in a nutshell, folks! Of course the sheeple see it as the 'proper response' to the terror threat. But the media, rather than expose the fraud, goes along with it. It sells the propaganda that Patriot and anti-terror initiatives have averted attacks on our soil, but the THREAT has not receded... yada yada yada, so says House Judiciary Committee Chairman Elite Operative James Sensenbrenner.

Baby, do they love that THREAT out there--a perfect example of the elite tactic of fear-based mind control working under the Problem/Reaction/Solution M-O. It appears in different clothes, such as the corporate/banking creations known as the Third Reich and USSR and the production of illness. But it's the same crowd of Old Boys behind the scenes creating the chaos and being on both sides of political conflicts.

The truth is, we're so vulnurable to an attack it's pathetic (the Southern border is a sieve, for one thing). And the main reason there's been no more attacks here is that the elite are saving the big one. Others who facilitated the criminal attack on Iraq, such as Spain and England, must have their day, just to spread out the load and make it look good.

Thu, 21 Jul '05 S&E editorial: Solving the energy crisis begins at home

Response: Praise for the better-late-than-never Leominster (MA) Mayor Dean Mazzarella (who I affectionately call 'Mozzarella'--Leominster's Big Cheese :-) for proposing windmills--hopefully not for tilting at.

Common sense, vision, imagination, knowledge, savvy, concern for Mother Earth--none of these things seem to have played a role in this proposal, according to this editorial. What is the motivation for what we should have seen a decade ago easily? "Oil and gas prices are soaring," and this will make "hostages" out of city and school officials. Geez, what noble motivation.

The funny part of this piece is the self-righteous position assumed by the paper: "Some officials say it is simply too hard or too expensive to switch to alternative fuels. We say enough is enough. We've been hearing these same excuses for 20 to 30 years..."

WHAT? I've been reading this rag for at least that long, and have never seen the paper champion this cause--especially when you compare this to the extensive wailing the paper recently did over the politically correct street-drug issue. Enough may be enough for the S&E, but political mileage is political mileage also

True, the paper did make a half-hearted plea for alternative energy as the good folk of Fitchburg, with the help of their Mayor Mylott, scuttled an attempt to make a 'wind farm' in that city. But that's been it. Otherwise, the paper has backed every major energy-stupid development the planning boards could come up with, and has been completely dumb on the energy issue--until prices disturbed the slumber.

And the paper was at the public hearing on the very Wal-Mart/Rte 117 development where I stood before the planning board calling attention to this--3 years ago. I might point out, the paper failed to report on this issue at the time. John Souza, the big chairman, had the temerity to shut me up. Why? Energy was just not a legitimate issue for the "planning" board, and/or the development would have minimal impact on energy consumption, anyway, he said. The real reason Mr Souza and no other official wanted to yank their heads out of the sand on the energy issue--too much political/economic weight riding on the deal.

Also, who is "we?" Who writes these editorials? Presumably, the editor, maybe the publisher, perhaps both. Asa Cole has been around for a long time, but editor McMenemy is a relatively new addition. So, if he wrote this one, perhaps there is an 'editorial we' in a way similar to the 'royal we,' because he certainly has no claim to "20 to 30 years."

Smartest statement in the piece: Mass Gov and Bush Admin need to get with the program and provide tax breaks.

Dumbest statement in the piece: Nuclear power should be put back on the table.

Thu, 21 Jul '05
Headline: Target store gives a sneak preview

Response: Gee, a pilot "shopping session," or, how to prepare to worsen the trade deficit, enslave foreign labor, pollute the planet, waste energy, and magnify the waste stream.

Tom Perkins, Target representative is quoted as saying a lot of people are very excited to see this store open (Orchard Hill Park in Leominster)--"even at the mayor's office." Even? The mayor has championed this nonsense. Not that there are not necessary items in such a store, but way too much is addictive excess.

The privileged few who got to experience the Conehead glitter even got store maps and carts to push around. And one highlight was something new: scaled-down Starbucks and Pizza Hut locations "stationed by the registers." So, not only can one come away with all kinds of landfill-bound consumer drivel, but he can nicely poison himself with drugs and processed food before or after the shopping orgy.

Ah, the sheeple are so well led. Can we be any more 'lemmingly' stupid?

Wed, 20 Jul '05
Article: Study: Cost of health care rising at 4 times the rate of inflation

Response: Well which one are they lying about?

The government tells us there is no inflation, or very low inflation. This is, of course a huge lie. So, the rising cost of health care, while significant, may not be 4 times that of inflation.

Secondly, we discover that the title is misleading, because it's the cost of insurance that has gone up, which is, strictly speaking, different from the cost of health care itself. But let's be generous and say that insurance costs are in direct proportion to actual medical costs.

The symptom is, we don't have genuine health care, but corporate disease management, within a system controlled by the avaricious pharmas and medical supply industries. Conventional medical philosophy and its system of illness perpetuation underlies the issue of cost. We now have WHO/Codex Alimentarius breathing down our necks (PRAY that CAFTA does not pass) that could spell disaster for health and health freedom.

I've attempted repeatedly to get the paper to deal with this. It refused to run my piece on meaningful health care reform:

I submitted a piece on "alternative" medicine 2 months ago which has still not been run. But I don't think my words alone, even if printed, can carry the issue forward--for one thing because the paper cannot run articles frequently by the same person. I've tried for years to get a health column to no avail. Thus, this subject needs the attention and support of public servants to get repeated attention.

We're wallowing around in the mud and complaining about getting dirty, instead of getting out and rinsing ourselves off.

Mon, 18 Jul '05 Article: 'Power'ful motivation: Leominster mayor says he is considering wind power for the city

Response: The sleeping giant awakes--is it soon enough?

After ten or so years of writing about this stuff to the paper and the mayor, it's gratifying to see some attention finally being payed to this issue. Up to now, it's been kissing the ass of every developer who wants to shower us with energy-intensive development--"upscale retail" condos, more roads, and traffic jams. Appeasement to the gods of suicidal "economic growth and development." The Holy Grail.

The Mayor's motive? Cutting costs. Oh hooray. Not out of the box yet, but the lid is cracking open. The motive, dear Mayor, is to move the region toward self-sufficiency. Energy is only one thing. Food, clothing, and so on, should also be high priorities, not goddam soccer and baseball fields.

We must be grateful for the dawn, even if it comes in a haze.

What really kills me in this piece is the report that some idiot-citizens have actually called their representative (in this case Emile Goguen of Fitchburg, a staunch reactionary pol-in-the-box) to express their "frustration" with price hikes. What arrogance! The poor folks are frustrated. These morons ought to have a 500-pound bomb dropped on their street, have no electricity for months and be drinking feces-laden water like the Iraqi people, if they want to know some "frustration." Idiots.

I'm not sure that anyone but Americans could be so completely stupidly and selfishly oblivious!

The smartest person quoted in this piece is one Steven Strong, founder of Solar Design Associates of Harvard (MA). The paper, to it's credit, was smart enough to do the pull quote: "It's easier to save a unit of energy than it ever will be to produce it." While this may not be scientifically valid, the point is well taken. Here's a guy selling solar equipment saying he'd rather see people improve the energy efficiency of their home than install solar panels. Kudos to this man.

But a major part of the problem is this: IDIOTAMERICANS ARE LOATHE TO SACRIFICE ANYTHING. The question is always how do we meet our "demands," our "needs," instead of how do we significantly reduce same. IdiotAmericans still want to drive around for pleasure. They're just pissed it isn't cheap any more. Those who can afford, will still do it, until there ain't a drop left.

Sun, 17 Jul '05
S&E editorial: Jeff McMenemyGas prices out of control

Response: No, just getting to where they should be.

It's amazing how spoiled people can whine when they have to face reality. Selfishly and obliviously, we've been sucking up energy like there's no tomorrow for decades. Stupidly, we've built our life and survival around it, taking it for granted.

At 6% of world population, we've been consuming 25% of global energy and producing 40% of pollution. What many countries have received in return for this gluttonous behavior is oppression from the most powerful corporations in the world. They are kept down so we can waste and consume and be Coneheaded idiots.

So, I'm glad to see high gas prices. Three years ago, I stood before the Planning Board in Leominster when they were considering the insanity of 24-hour Wal-Mart, saying that such a plan was madness in the current energy situation. Now we have another such beast on the way, carrying a Target store and a number of other "great retail" businesses that have the Coneheads licking chops.

Unfortunately, most people, officials included, do not see this behavior in the same light as a nasty heroin addiction, But that's what it is. The difference is that this behavior is more deadly by orders of magnitude--just slower and not as obvious. It seems now that perceptions may be getting ready to change.

Mr McMenemy, who has all along cheered the development insanity, is now saying we're heading for economic disaster. That's putting in mildly. But, unmentioned, environmental disaster seems to be on his back burner. His lament bemoans our dependence on foreign oil, saying "we're doing what all the people in the Middle East want us to do, staying slaves to their oil" (and price whims).

This is a naive view of geopolitics. The elitists behind Standard Oil and the central banks had complete control of ME oil from day one. It's foolish to think they relinquished it. The ties between American and Saudi businesses are deep, complex, and virtually inseparable. We are imprisoned by "our own." To demonize the Saudis is childish.

"They are laughing at us as they count their billions..." This is just as true of Exxon-Mobil as it might be of the Saudis. Jeff also says we're fighting their wars for them. Where does he get this stuff? If we're 'fighting' in Iraq for anyone, it's Israel, not Saudi Arabia. We invited Saddam into Kuwait as part of a master scenario to assault the ME. The elite brought down the WTC in order to have the Afghanistan war and create Patriot/Homeland, Mr. McMenemy went right along with the protection-racket scam that followed.

Deceived by our own ego and blinded by the flag, we deserve exactly what we're getting. NO, in fact, we deserve much worse for the misery inflicted all over the globe to sustain our self-centered extravagance, waste, and environmental destruction.

Fri, 15 Jul '05 Article: Under heavy security, France celebrates Bastille Day

Response: A symbol of the people's resistance to tyranny has become an obscene energy-wasting fealty to military excess. Typical human endeavor.

Chirac reviews forces standing at attention, the Republican Guard on horses prancing aside his jeep, hundreds of planes repeatedly soaring overhead, the French Army Choir and the Republican-Guard symphony orchestra (!) Hey, even seven Brazilian warplanes flew by to mark the ties between France and Brazil. So, they must have been brought over by aircraft carrier.

Of course, why not? There's no energy crisis, air pollution, global warming, poverty, or tax money going down the military sink-hole to elite pockets.

With fuel becoming more scarce and prices rising, here's a feel for what militaries consume. An aircraft carrier gets 5,628 gallons per hour, while a B-52 uses only 3,612 GPH. The F-4 fighter-bomber averages 1,640 GPH, but the F-15 sips along at 1500...until the afterburner cuts in, when it goes to 14,400 GPH. it's bigger brother, the F-16 is the economy flying champ at 1,052 GPH. An An M-1 Abrams tank gets 252 GPH. Hey, man, your SUV is lookin' good!

Another perspective: During "Desert Storm," more than 300 F-16's were stationed in the Gulf with four carrier groups, and an additional 725 assorted jets were in Saudi Arabia.

"During peacetime (which, thanks to Wall Street and the corporatists, we never get) the US military uses enough fuel in one year (not including it's space program) to run the entire U.S. mass transit system for 14 years.

Thu, 14 Jul '05 Article: Egypt asks UNESCO for help in securing return of Rosetta Stone

Response: Tough one: in this world, that which is plundered by imperial colonialism will usually remain stolen.

Many stolen artifacts now reside in the British Museum, the Louvre, two German museums, and Boston's Museum of Fine Theft (ooops, Art). Well, you see, unfortunately, these pieces of stolen property have become big tourist draws now, so any country so abused will have a long slippery hill to climb in the quest for justice and restitution.

shifting resources from one bit of foolhardy nonsense to another.

Like most local pols, planning boards, and pundits, Congressman Olver is unable or unwilling to see what a trouble comes from infrastructure "improvement" that paves the way (pun intended) for further corporate rape of the area with such things as big-box and "upscale" retail, as well as chain-based outlets for poisonous, earth-raping, and disease facilitating industrial agriculture.

Jobs are menial, energy is consumed in ever-greater quantity, trade deficit worsened, environment savaged and polluted, child and adult slave shops supported, and the waste stream exponentially increased. But this is all good because it's "community and business growth."

Right. Euphemism for a bunch of mutually self-justified addicts getting their fix and having their orgy.

Tue, 12 Jul '05 S&E editorial: City should stop rooming houses

Response: Blatant snobbery proudly displayed.

Oh, those awful rooming houses, they just attract the "wrong kind of people" to our clean, upstanding, goody-two-shoes, all-American neighborhoods! After all, our property values are more important than poor and life-battered people having a place to live. See, other people won't buy our property because they have hypocrite-snob values similar to ours, and that's the good, God-fearing Christian attitude--not part of the problem at all.

The problem is the poor, the disadvantaged, the troubled, the desolate, alone, and horror of horrors, perhaps even drug addicted--these are the ones we must purge from our midst before they dare disgrace us with their presence.

The problem is also that this venue attracts criminals. Well, then, if that's the logic, let's be consistent and get rid of the three structures that attract the most ruthless and deadly criminals of all: governments, corporations, and the mainstream media.

"City officials should be working to encourage home ownership through the city," because home owners have a "bigger stake" in their neighborhoods. I wonder if the snobs can really hear themselves through the din of their mental noise. How is a poor person going to leave his one-room living space and go out and buy a home? But, cleverly, the "other solution" is to get landlords to "offer high-quality housing for people who do rent, not rooming homes."

What really hurts is that such blather is being proffered with a 'straight face.' And, once again, bobbing like a buoy head and shoulders above the politically correct waters of unmitigated self-righteousness is Fitchburg's own reactionary, Councilor Matthew Straight.

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