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Guns, Drugs, and Street Violence
29 Sept '04 - Unpublished

On Sat 8/14/04, Sentinel & Enterprise had a story about the overwhelming struggle facing police: street heroin and guns. But more force, bigger guns, and hard-line attitude aren't the answer.

Criminalizing personal choice just invites criminals in. Violence naturally follows. "War on drugs" is a dangerous game called "cops and robbers," a costly, ineffective merry-go-round. It's strategically questionable and historically a failure everywhere. Essentially, drug abuse is a societal symptom, not a fundamental problem.

Better to shift all resources to education, outreach, rehab and genuine health programs. There might be a temporary upsurge in use, but it would be peaceful at least, and liberate the overburdened police and courts.

Is there hypocrisy in pop-a-pill America, with its equally dangerous, but sanctioned recreationals--alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and sugar (yes, it is)? Are medical drug-pushers and our health-challenged lifestyle biochemically damaging people or causing deficiencies, thus facilitating criminality, violence, and drug abuse? Believe it.

Get-tough suppression oozes political correctness but doesn't address underlying issues, which may then worsen and surface even more unpleasantly.

Ever-greater enforcement could result in horrific gun battles on our streets. Even if we wanted that, financial resources for street war are being stolen by corporations via Washington, DC. Our obscenely bloated sacred-cow military dissipates nearly a half $trillion annually. We must control this hemorrhage.

Nor are we facing up to why and how heroin flows: "legitimate" people in high places. Easily a half trillion dollars in laundered drug cash flows through international banks and Wall Street annually. This cash-fix props up our debt-ridden, bubble economy. Street level enforcement is like sand-bagging the levee instead of fixing the ever-increasing leak in the dam.

The kicker: The Afghanistan "War" was staged to restore needed heroin flow interrupted by the Taliban. Unbelievable, but true. Waking up is hard to do.

Leominster, MA State Rep Candidates Debate on 9 Sept '04
10 Sept '04 - Unpublished

The State Rep. candidates were appreciated by the crowd on Sept 9. Most are sincere and had important things to say. But the general focus needs to be expanded.

Our major challenges do not originate locally, but are federal/international in origin--like the many billions of dollars being stolen from Americans via Washington, DC. The candidates focused on local/state action. This will not produce effective or lasting solutions.

The central issue is that the United States has long been run by a traitorous elite cabal that has put the financial power of the petroleum and pharmaceutical industries behind the lawless behavior of the government. Americans are thereby accessories to an array of crimes against humanity, including ourselves--as in health care.

The death of a good Representative had a lot to do with this particular race materialising. But the quality of America's health care has a lot to do with that loss. Candidates discussed only administrative aspects. None questioned conventional corporate-medical philosophy, which is greed-driven and dangerously flawed. It's why we lost Mary Jane.

9/11 has been exploited to rob us, destroy the Constitution, and promote endless war. We must support the call for a new, unrestricted probe. I urge all citizens, politicians, journalists, alternative papers, and community broadcasters to study the facts about 9/11. You will begin to get sick, but the awakening will be life-saving. Try

The blind spot of most Americans is that our corporate-driven behavior and foreign policy have long resulted in frequent murders of innocent people in other countries. The travesty is being intensified by acceptance of official 9/11 mythology, which projects hatred toward Arab peoples to obscure the fact that 9/11 was devised, executed, and continues to be covered up, by rich white men in Washington, DC.

Lesson from Vietnam America Hasn't Learned - 7 Sept '04

It seems the lesson America hasn't learned from the Vietnam war, which was contrived by elite corporatists for profit and power, is that most wars are contrived for those reasons--crimes made to look honorable--like the Afghanistan and Iraq attacks. Enemies demonized.

Most soldiers "serve"--kill/maim and get killed/maimed--with honorable intent, but the real "war crime" is that their honor is being ruthlessly exploited. Some say we shouldn't denounce Vietnam because many GIs died there. Dangerous reasoning. We should understand Vietnam as a glaring example of the ongoing chaos agenda. WW II was contrived also. Iran-Contra we know. Terrorism is also supported clandestinely by the elite. Let's learn, not deny.

Forget personal war records. Let's discuss David Ray Griffin's book "The New Pearl Harbor" and the raging internet controversy questioning the official version of the 9/11 attacks:
Ron Paul (R-TX)
Missing wings at Pentagon
General Review Site

Also compelling is Ashcroft-gagged Sibel Edmonds's documented evidence--FBI penetrated by a private spy ring connected to international drug dealing and money laundering. Investigations were purposely scuttled so 9/11 would happen.
Sibel Emdonds and Daniel Ellsburg (Pentagon Papers/Watergate)
Sibel Emdonds's Story--Several Links
Sibel Edmonds: Open Letter to 9/11 Commissioner Thomas Kean

At least four FBI agents have described internally stonewalled pre-9/11 investigation. One, John O'Neill (former head of FBI's antiterror division) is dead as a consequence. Book, video, and testimony, especially taken together, show the 9/11 "Omission" Report is a coverup of the BushCo 9/11 coverup. Yes--conspiracy! That cleverly discredited, politically incorrect concept.

The fundamental issue: The agencies and offices of the US government (and other governments) have long been usurped by corporatist traitors posing as patriots to achieve private criminal agendas. The flag-waving populace is brainwashed with patriotism and is sleepwalking; thus Congress becomes corrupt beyond belief and supports perpetual war.

Then we cry.

Crime, Social Violence and Drug Abuse - 1 Sept '04

Renewed community attention to crime, violence and drug abuse is encouraging. But based on locally reported solutions, we're shoveling something against the tide.

Social disharmony grabs attention, prompting politically correct responses. But a failure in perception is that a lot we take for granted as normal daily life is much more dangerous than what we're complaining about, and even underlies those issues.

If following parts of this letter sound like a change of subject, it could indicate the perceptional challenge.

Neither loser running for US president, nor any local official, talks about increasing subsidies for organic and sustainable farming practices or promoting local family farms--as opposed to maintaining our $25 billion annual subsidies to indsutrial agriculture. We reward the largest factory farms and cotton plantations for using unsustainable amounts of energy (including petrochemical fertilizers), water, and topsoil while bestowing us with health-robbing food, pesticides and genetically modified organisms.

A drug tip for police: By far, no contest, not even in the ballpark, the worst drug threat is prescription drugs. The "need" for these poisons is created, in part, by the worst school cafeteria food in any industrialized nation. We ignorantly poison kids with institutional (and domestic) ingestibles politely called food, then consciously poison them with "medicine" to mask the symptoms of earlier poisoning. Talk about crime.

Also, concerned citizens should read Harris L. Coulter's book, "Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain." It talks convincingly about the relationship between vaccinal neuro-poison and behavior, between pharmaceutical/medical greed and illness.

If we don't care what psycho/physical condition people are in as we attempt to suppress unacceptable behavior, then proceed as planned and hope no citizen patrolperson gets injured or even shot. Otherwise, we're well into failure mode. Unrecognized, health-threatening legal crime perpetuates chaos.

The Many Effects of Toxins - 26 Aug '04

What do drug addiction, obesity, abnormal menstrual cycles, antisocial behavior, crime, violence, acute lymphocytic leukemia, diabetes, depression, and attention deficit disorder have in common?

They can all result from toxicity (poisons) in the body. This consideration is absent from corresponding articles in the Sentinel & Enterprise, reflecting a lack of community awareness that confounds solutions.

While the "addictive personality" is recognized, the intimate relationship between biochemical status and personality is ignored.

Toxic brain injury (encephalopathy) can easily result in obesity and menstrual problems by disturbing communication between the brain and the pituitary gland. This disruption can also affect the emotions of pleasure, sadness and aggressiveness, for example. People can feel violent and not even know why.

An excellent study in England shows that kids living near gas stations have four times the "normal" rate of leukemia. This suggests that toxins may underlie the "normal" rate also.

Is type 1 diabetes an autoimmune disease? Maybe. But autoimmunity is also a misinterpreted phenomenon. The un-exotic toxic factor is not mentioned. One toxin called uric acid can break down into one called alloxan, which directly attacks pancreatic beta cells. Toxins can also instigate desperate immune activity (not immune derangement), resulting in collateral damage to cells. Ninety percent of diabetes would stop if toxic imbalance were addressed.

On 18 August, a story on A3 recounted a heroin bust. Adjacent to it were big pictures of very young kids "cooling off" with ice cream. This foolhardiness is presented as cute; whereas, we should also have a refined-sugar bust--it's a drug analog. There's society's dangerous hypocrisy in a nutshell.

The really sad part: Although toxin removal usually reverses disease, we add toxins in the form of drugs, such as vaccines, antibiotics, psychoactives and chemotherapy. Solving the effects of toxicity with toxins? Plainly stupid. Profitable, but stupid.

Scripps Howard - Jay Ambrose Defends BushCo - 15 Aug '04

Poor Jay Ambrose, director of editorial policy for Scripps Howard News Service. His sorry lot is defending US NeoCon, Inc and marionette G.W. Bush. Mr. Ambrose uses (admittedly clever) balls of rhetorical yarn sprinkled with doublespeak and accentuated with gaping holes where information should appear.

A recent twisted tale on Friday, 8/13/04: "Bush's foremost achievement--no attacks." Bush deserves re-election for preventing terrorist attacks since 9/11, says the Jayster.

He credits this record to Bush's "tough-minded competence" and a friendship forged with Pakistan. Not mentioned is our CIA's prior long-term clandestine relationship with it's Pakistani clone/analog, Interservices Intelligence (ISI), which created the Taliban and installed President Musharraf via assassination.

Learning from CIA, ISI has become involved in heroin traffic (booming post-war), making enough money to become a virtual state within a state (like CIA). Like Saudi Arabia, the financial sector of elite terrorist support (Pakistan is tactical), Pakistan plays a dual game. Not that US NeoConInc doesn't.

Omitted also is that al-Quaida rolled into Pakistan through contrived US bombing patterns during the "war."

A second great Bush Success is the liberty-busting, unconstitutional Patriot Act, whose predecessor, Hitler's Enabling Act, was predicated on the known-to-be staged terrorist attack on the Reichstag. No matter that before 9/11, investigations that could have exposed it were purposely stonewalled inside the FBI. Four agents have said as much, and now Sibel Edmonds, with proof in hand, is being gagged by John Ashcroft.

Ambrose ignores the usefulness of terror to the elite corporatists, for whom it is the ideal protection racket. It looks like your anti-terror policy is succeeding when you're pulling the strings. Terror + BushCo = 9/11. "We'll protect you (from the threat we're helping create). Now, be good little sheep and go shopping--we'll be watching."

Who's watching the watchers?

Police Face Overwhelming Struggle: Heroin and Guns - 15 Aug '04

On Sat 8/14/04, Sentinel & Enterprise had a story about the overwhelming struggle facing police: street heroin and guns. But more force, bigger guns, and hard-line attitude aren't the answer.

Criminalizing personal choice just invites criminals in. Violence naturally follows. "War on drugs" is a dangerous game called "cops and robbers," a costly, ineffective merry-go-round. It's strategically questionable and historically a failure everywhere. Essentially, drug abuse is a societal symptom, not a fundamental problem.

Better to shift all resources to education, outreach, rehab and genuine health programs. There might be a temporary upsurge in use, but it would be peaceful at least, and liberate the overburdened police and courts.

Is there hypocrisy in pop-a-pill America, with its equally dangerous, but sanctioned recreationals--alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and sugar (yes, it is)? Are medical drug-pushers and our health-challenged lifestyle biochemically damaging people or causing deficiencies, thus facilitating criminality, violence, and drug abuse? Believe it.

Get-tough suppression oozes political correctness but doesn't address underlying issues, which may then worsen and surface even more unpleasantly.

Ever-greater enforcement could result in horrific gun battles on our streets. Even if we wanted that, financial resources for street war are being stolen by corporations via Washington, DC. Our obscenely bloated sacred-cow military dissipates nearly a half $trillion annually. We must control this hemorrhage.

Nor are we facing up to why and how heroin flows: "legitimate" people in high places. Easily a half trillion dollars in laundered drug cash flows through international banks and Wall Street annually. This cash-fix props up our debt-ridden, bubble economy. Street level enforcement is like sand-bagging the levee instead of fixing the ever-increasing leak in the dam.

The kicker: The Afghanistan "War" was staged to restore needed heroin flow interrupted by the Taliban. Unbelievable, but true. Waking up is hard to do.

Vaccine Articles One-Sided and Incomplete - 13 Aug '04
Published Fri, 20 Aug '04, Sentinel & Enterprise
(edited from this version)

Two vaccine articles recently appeared in the Sentinel & Enterprise. Like the article on birth control chided by Mark J. Rollo, MD in a letter on 11 August '04, both articles are also one-sided and incomplete.

At best, vaccination is a clever trick pulled on the body, abandoning wellness for a specific effect. Vaccines aim at boosting a component of immunity that is not primary, but a backup system.

Fitchburg pediatrician Dr. John McLaughlin fails to mention that the best way to boost immunity is not to toxify infants, but prepare the inner environment to be unfavorable to infection. Healthy mothers with a full complement of probiotic bacteria in their bodies pass this to infants via full-term breast feeding.

Doctor McLaughlin expresses displeasure with parents who have apparently acquired awareness in spite of pharmaceutical company propaganda about slamming babies with vaccines "before they can talk." However, babies can scream, a reaction that occurs often enough, as toxicity and neurological insult set in.

The piece extolling a new toxic insult in the making doesn't mention that the Frankenscientists don't have the understanding they'd like us to believe, but are arrogantly meddling with Nature. Abusing antibiotics, medicine has created vicious antibiotic-resistant strains. Oops, insufficient understanding.

No vaccine has been proven safe and effective with proper double-blind studies. Nor have the long-term effects of vaccines been studied. It's all a big crap game based on a half truth. We know that one batch of polio vaccine caused most of the cases in the decade following it's introduction. And if your child "loses" in a vaccine reaction, he loses alone, because the doctor waltzes away scott free [not to mention the vaccine company (24 Sept '04)].

Instead of the ancient principles of wellness, why is a contrived and artificial method of questionable effect and safety recommended by "authority"? Follow the money, boys and girls.

US Should Investigate al-Qaida's Ties to Saudis, US Oil
Published Sat, 24 Jan '04, Sentinel & Enterprise

The Fri, Jan 16/04 Sentinel & Enterprise editorial about terrorism "Vigilance the price of freedom" cautions people about becoming complacent. FBI Special Agent Kenneth Kaiser conveyed this warning during a recent visit to our area.

We might heed another FBI agent as well. John O'Neill died on 9/11 trying to save lives as head of security for the WTC, a post he assumed after resigning as the deputy director of the FBI's NY office.

As chief FBI counterterrorism agent, O'Neill had spent years tracking Osama and the Al Qaeda network, only to be thwarted by political interference when the trail led to the Saudis.

Shortly before his death, O'Neill told Jean-Charles Brisard, co-author of "Forbidden Truth": "All of the answers, all of the clues, allowing us to dismantle Osama bin Laden's organization, can be found in Saudi Arabia." O'Neill was correct, but there's more.

Brisard's research exposes the intrigue, money trail, and the businesses and activities that connect Osama to the greater bin Laden family, the House of Saud, other wealthy Saudi bankers and merchants, Pakistani Inter Service Intelligence, the bin Mahfouz family, Islamic charities, US oil tycoons, US elitist investment group the Carlyle Group, George W. and H.W. Bush, and Dick Cheney. Every patriot should read it.

Too many fortunes and "sensitive" relationships link to Al Qaeda, so we "dare not" take the direct approach. Much better to spread apprehension, jockey alert colors, spend billions on "security" and perpetual war, and surrender civil liberties. Much better to blast Afghanistan and Iraq than deal with the Saudis, Pakistan, and the factors that provoke terrorism. And very much better, as the media shamefully has, to ignore Ellen Mariani, the courageous widow suing Bush under the RICO act for complicity in 9/11 <>.

Vigilance on terrorism is indeed a price of freedom. But there's still more. Civic vigilance--what our Declaration describes--could dramatically reduce the need for Agent Kaiser's variety. It could expose and remove what FDR, Eisenhower and others warned about: corporate greedmasters and powermongers befouling and corrupting the processes of government, posing as patriots but playing a duplicitous role and paving the way for war, terror, war on terror, war on Mother Earth, war on sanity itself. We need REAL vigilance--and a little elective landscaping (to pull the weeds and bushites).

Heroin/Drug Issue Inaccurately Defined, Poorly Addressed
Published 14 Dec '03, Sentinel & Enterprise
(Was heavily edited at paper—full version here.)

News and comment about street drugs often include perilous misinformation, tiring political correctness, and shabby hypocrisy. Holier-than-thous looking down their nose at users; cops and politicians rattling about getting the "scum" dealers. But even those with sensible, compassionate views seem to pay insufficient or no attention to the basics.

No attention: The drug-flow game begins with "respectable" people in high places. Factual movies have shown investigators getting "too close" and being threatened or called off ("Deep Cover," "Above the Law"). Let's face it, this neatly-avoided ugly truth happens in real life.

No attention: The Central Intelligence Agency has been a major heroin profiteer for decades (cocaine too). Now strongly suspected: One reason the CIA/Mafia snuffed JFK was his stated intention to dismantle the CIA's heroin-running Air America in SE Asia.

No attention: Most heroin now originates in Afghanistan. The Taliban had destroyed poppy fields it controlled (our ally, the Northern Alliance, didn't!), taking a big chunk out of the $500 billion/year laundered cash that's shifted around, stabilizing big banks (recall BCCI scandal) and corporations, thus actually (biggest secret!) underpinning the US economy.

That cash crunch spawned desperate need for unjustifiable aggression (we must dog the truth of 9/11). Now the poppy fields flourish, heroin flows, and the economy's propped up (pro tem). CIA continues its clandestine crimes. Holy heroin, Batman!

Insufficient attention: America is the consummate spiritually challenged, health-ignorant, hypocritically drug-dependent culture, heartily embracing drugs for every pain and problem. Legality/illegality is irrelevant, except that legal drugs kill about 130,000 people/year. This assault is ignored, while the self-righteous stigmatize illegal drugs and users, exemplifying our prevalent disdain for the hallmark of a true Republic--individual rights.

No attention: Some of our favorite culture-drugs are not acknowledged as such, leaving them uncontrolled and quite dangerous. Refined sugar, politely called food, is decidedly drug-like--addicting and pathogenic. Parents who fret about getting Johnny to the drug-free zone, but load him up with (milk-sopped) frosted mini-flakes are, frankly, destructively ignorant. And giving sugar to a child before the age of informed consent is child abuse condoned.

Other adored drugfoods are white flour and coffee. Caffeine addiction is portrayed as being cute. Food junkies are also. The effects aren't as familiar and politicized as those of the "evil" drugs, but are just as bad, even worse, depending on dose. It all comes together in your popular donut and espresso shops. Just try to quit.

After impairing kids with sugar, white flour, chemically based consumerism, and conventional diet (including school lunch), we address certain resulting disorders by drugging with Ritalin—an accepted abomination. ADD/ADHD, and, I suspect, Asperger's, are usually correctible in safe, natural ways conveniently ignored by medical drug dealers. Holy hypocrisy, Batman!

Insufficient attention: One way to de-fang the legal-drug criminals is to focus on wellness, not "disease management"--the M.O. of profit-motivated corporate medicine, whose financial health depends upon widespread revolving illness, which legal drugs help perpetuate.

Insufficient attention: One way to de-fang street dealers and untouchable elite criminals (who love drug profits and the laundry cash-flow) is to decriminalize/legalize, control, and perhaps tax, the drugs, which are here anyway. The worst societal problems are caused by their very illegality.

Insufficient attention: Fundamentally, drug abuse is a spiritual and wellness issue, not criminal. Rather than address sociocultural failure, we support drug crime with the self-righteous "pompous assitude" that conveniently shifts blame to evil dealers and dirty druggies. A misguided, wastefully expensive, backfiring futility. Holy denial, Batman!

Cops chasing revolving dealers would be funny if not so despairing. Jail one, another pops up. OK, it's police job security, but needlessly clogs the legal system. Resources would best be applied to outreach, health awareness, education, and rehab, freeing good cops to go after shady cops, politicians and judges--a worse threat to Commonwealth, Country, and Planet than drugs.

Progress on the drug issue will not begin until the awareness, integrity, and activism of politicians, officials, and the public ramp up a notch or three. Holy mission impossible, Batman?

Defusing Terrorism
Published 20 Sept '03, Sentinel & Enterprise in "It’s My View" feature.

No doubt, many Muslims hate America. Why, is the crux of the al-Qaeda terrorism issue. Bush propaganda, willingly absorbed by angry, fearful Americans right after 9/11--that Muslims simply hate our freedom--doesn’t wash. It’s suicidally naive to base our posture and response, even in part, upon such nonsense.

Since the Ottoman Empire fell, interference and violent insult have been visited upon Muslim peoples, first by Britain, then the US. It is now perpetrated by a cabal of multinational corporations, primarily US companies, using unprincipled political leaders, clandestine agencies, and military force.

Terrorism is, in part, outraged, tactical response to imperial aggression. It is coming suddenly around a corner and bashing a bully gang leader with a pipe. A revolutionary war against a force unassailable by any other means. "Security" and "kicking butt" are useless. This machismo posture is held by Bush media lapdogs and the historically challenged. Killing people unafraid to die for good reason, with thousands waiting to replace them, is patently stupid delusion. See, we’ve long been killing people for phony reasons--that’s the problem!

Network terrorism would fade if:
1) the obscene wealth and power of the relative few were not predicated upon deadly interference with the affairs of the many;
2) the power elite’s clandestine support of terrorism ceased.

As they do other forms of chaos, like illness and drug addiction, the elitists love, instigate, and support terrorism. The duplicitous sheiks of Saudi Arabia (coddled by the elite, and connected to the Bush cabal) are the primary source of terrorist funding. And elitists use terrorism, and fear of it, to keep the world off balance--a variation on the protection racket.

Skeptics and doubters are strongly urged to read "Forbidden Truth," by Brisard and Dasquie. "Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster" by David Icke provides a broader, well-documented history of corporate intrigue, and explains why the official 9/11 story is a monumental lie.

Strong parallels exist between the rise of the Third Reich and current events. From the staged terrorist attack on the German Reichstag, to 9/11, to the theft of freedoms by Hitler’s Enabling Act. Neo-Nazis now populate our government (Rove, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld...). High-level planning/complicity in 9/11 will be exposed--soon enough, it is hoped, to avoid America’s subjugation to fear and tyranny.

To defuse terrorism, Americans must show the world the stuffing to apply the Declaration of Independence and exorcise Washington's corporate demons. We don’t even have to blow ourselves up, like some revolutionaries, but only dismantle--impeach--Bush & Co., or at the very least, un-elect President Never-Elected. America should then issue a global apology for being so long distracted by comfort, back-yard barbecues, sports, entertainment, and the All’s-Well Myth of America-the-Great, that we have neglectfully abetted the foul usurpation of government.

Most importantly, we should avow that the process of lifting the yoke of greed-driven oppression has begun, and that we will systematically expose and curtail corporate agendas that supersede the self-determination, human rights, dignity and the very lives of other peoples. I have no doubt this would take the steam out of al-Quaeda, and we are the world's hope in this.

Want to honor 9/11 victims and heroes meaningfully? Supplement the now self-sorry, self indulgent passivity of "mourning" and "remembering" with investigating and exposing the truth about this treason. Then we’ll have earned the right to "never forget." As it is, we're shamefully letting them all down. Begin:

Failing this approach, when terrorist-killing patriotic zealots blindfolded by Bush and the flag finally decide to peek, they won’t find a semblance of America amid the neo-fascism already attempting to strangle the world.

Peter Tocci is a freelance writer and editor from Leominster.

CIA/Niger Uranium/US Hypocrisy in Iraq
Published 1 Aug '03, Sentinel & Enterprise
(Edited at paper—full version here.)

To anyone but the very naive and/or historically challenged, it's rather obvious that if CIA Director George Tenet stands up and takes the fall on the Niger/uranium faux pas, he'll be "taking a bullet" for Bush.

To be fair, it must be said Bush wasn't, and isn't, aware of a number of critical things. After all, his marionette strings are nearly visible. So, it could be that he didn't know of the bogus intel. By no means, however, does this irrelevancy mean that people all over high places were unaware.

Such conclusion comes easily once you understand that the puppet-master power-elite were not concerned one iota about weapons in Iraq, other than as a fulcrum for leveraging the war. Maybe Bush's masters felt he'd sell it better in ignorance.

Least of all were the elite concerned, as suggested in "An intelligence breakdown," a Sat, 7/12/03 Scripps Howard (SH) editorial, about "the legitimate reason that (Saddam) was a murderous despot whose continued existence was a destabilizing influence on the entire Arab world and a constant distraction in the war on terrorism." This pathetic hypocrisy is another distraction from the real motives: control of a dwindling world oil supply, elimination of a potential threat to regional Israeli military superiority, huge profits for war-mongering corporations in both the blow-it-up and fix-it-up phases, and plain genocide.

A major destabilizing influence in the Arab world has been decades of British/American imperial interference. In this regard, no one who proffers the "murderous despot" excuse for the war crime in Iraq mentions that the CIA backed Saddam's rise, and explains why, during the despot's worst moments, our rich Uncle was patting him on the behind and scuttling attempted uprisings.

Nor has any such excuse-maker explained the laundry list of despots the democracy-pushers have nurtured historically, or by which parameters they determine which despot to kill and which to kiss (China brutalizing Tibet, for example. Athough ready Chinese slave labor partly explains our tolerance). "Practical" matters are rarely hindered by morality or integrity in such decisions.

A recent blatant hypocrisy is cozying up to Uzbekistan's Islam Karimov, a dictator who incarcerates political prisoners, tortures them, and has even boiled two people alive, according to a forensic report commissioned by the British embassy last August. But, thar's oil 'n' gas out thataway.

Nor were the warmasters concerned about terrorism, which is a convenient tool of the elite and heavily funded by an important partner of it—the Saudis.

Ironically, the SH editorial unintentionally reveals a truth: Saddam was indeed a "distraction in the war on terrorism"—i.e., the expensive, phony war on terrorism, intended to deflect attention from the ongoing Saudi/Al Quaeda financial connections discovered by American authorities in 1999 through the bin Mahfouz family charity network. Osama is married to a bin Mahfouz. Intelligence breakdown?

Remember the Bank of Commerce and Credit International (BCCI) scandal? For the historically challenged, it showed how terrorism is also funded by laundered drug money, whose flow, by the way, is greatly facilitated by the elite's faucet we call the CIA (the Afghanistan War was motivated in large part by restoring heroin flow choked off pre-9/11 by Taliban destruction of poppy fields in Afghanistan).

There was no justification for war even if Saddam had WMD, or they're found (or planted) closer to the 2004 election. The second inspection team would have finished the job nearly completed by Scott Ritter and the first team. And unimaginable suffering and destruction would have been avoided and many thousands of innocent lives spared.

The SH editorial also blames "intelligence breakdown" for the current loss of British and American lives in Iraq. Preposterous. Pre-war opponents saw this coming a mile away, no multibillion-dollar intelligence needed. But don't be fooled, and don't fool yourself, into thinking the elite are the least concerned about human life. Like our government, our military is just another tool for their ruthless agenda--why people fear and hate America.

Iran Deja Vu - 25 June '03

"It’s deja vu all over again in Iran," asserts Ann McFeatters’ editorial in the 6/21/03 Sentinel & Enterprise. She refers to the recent unrest, revolution and anti-American sentiment in that Mid-East "cauldron." We can forgive the redundancy in "deja vu all over again" ("deja vu" means "over again"), but not the rest of her analysis, which, even with two deja vus, misses the real ones.

She mentions the infamous hostage crisis during the Carter Administration. To understand this and other unrest in Iran, you need to be aware of the extent of US meddling (cauldron stirring) in Mid-East affairs and nations.

For one thing, Saddam was assisted to power and supported by the CIA. Who was CIA director at the critical moment of Saddam's enthronement? Why, GHW Bush. One of Saddam's "jobs" was to get into a war with Iran and destroy it, for which we armed him. Also, the hostage crisis was covertly manipulated by none other than Daddy Bush to discredit Carter and potentiate the much "tougher" Reagan/Bush ticket.

Prior to Iran becoming our enemy, we supported a friend (lapdog) in the brutally murdering Shah. But the Shah got out of hand by overstepping the economic/industrial development prescribed for his country. Iran is oil-rich (virtually trashing dreams of political autonomy for such nations).

Naughtily, the Shah wanted to fully industrialize Iran and become a major trading partner with Europe. His plan for the biggest petro-plastics factory in the world was a major step in that direction. Very powerful interests didn't want such industrialization, however. Iran, like Iraq, was designated an oil colony on the elitists' map, a supplier of fuel and little else--perhaps a weapons customer.

So we brought in the Ayatollah Khomeini, who had CIA connections while he was in exile—in Paris, I believe. It was obvious to keen observers (except our mainstream media) that the Shah, with his army and well-armed, murdering secret police, could never have been overthrown by a bunch of rag-tag students—unless his support got the order to stand down or desert.

Then the Shah was escorted away, escaping justice. This angered his oppressed and criminally brutalized people, whose hostage demand was the Shah's return for trial. These aspects shed a different light on Iranians "demeaning the US flag" as Ms McFeatters facilely relates. It might dismay some self-righteous folk, but people don't just hate America arbitrarily.

The Ayatollah was charged with the mission of taking Iran back to the relative Stone Age. He did his job well, derailing industrialization under the cover of radical Islam. Saddam's Iraq also had a modernization process going. Many bombs, sanctions and facilitated lootings later, however, and that has been stonewalled as well. Both operations further the long-term agenda of Israeli military superiority in the region, to which we taxpayers happily donate about $165 million/day.

Rememer that web of lies, the Iran-Contra affair? That was a Reagan/Bush covert follow-up to the secretly arranged hostage resolution, selling missiles to an enemy government with whom our ally, Saddam, was at war and using the money to arm the Contras for genocide in Central America (the Contras were terrorists; but they were our terrorists, so we called those death squads freedom fighters).

Terrorism, or other (trumped up or instigated) "offenses," can be seen as excuses to bring blame and war and fire down on the head of any nation that attempts to defy its mandates, set by the international banking power elite. Particularly ironic is that these ruthless elitist thugs usually manage to find and hire corrupt citizens within the victim countries to assist their dirty work (to our great detriment, this is nowhere more true than in America).

Iran seems once again on the road to modernization. Also, alleged nuclear weapons buildup. Harboring terrorists. Even before the recent vicious, unjustifiable Iraq slap-down, peace activists and knowledgeable investigative journalists were saying Iran could be next. Deja vu, all right.

Media Ownership/Jay Ambrose - 13 June '03

In "Limiting freedom for the public good," (Sentinel & Enterprise, June 10, 2003), Jay Ambrose smugly assures us that monolithic corporate ownership/control of the media is good for America. He scoffs at concerns that this could result in news coloration or suppression, saying never have there been more information outlets than we have now.

As he is wont to do, however, Mr. Ambrose makes statements which sound true, but are beside the point; and he omits pertinent aspects that work against his preconceived conclusions.

Yes, there are many information outlets. However, the mainstream ones are now owned and controlled (in certain ways) by only a few companies. With FCC corporate bootlicking, this scenario darkens considerably. But we are to believe this is improvement, and media owners always put public good ahead of special interests, stockholders (such as Saudi oil sheiks) and the global agendas of corporate America. Excuse me while I roll on the floor laughing—no, crying.

Let's say a huge defense contractor owns a major media outlet (GE/NBC, for example). Can we be sure there's no top-down influence keeping a lid on the covert machinations of the war/reconstruction profiteers? You have to be completely naive, sleepwalking, or have your head deep in the sand to say you're sure...and you'd be wrong.

The chief absurdity in the concern about journalism, Ambrose says, is a proposed alternative to leave much of it in the hands of the federal government. If true, this is a bad idea primarliy because, due to decades of a flaccid mainstream media, the American people, to whom the media should belong, have relinquished ownership and control of the Government to...let's see—oh, yes—huge corporations.

Neglected by Mr. Ambrose is the dismal failure of the mainstream media to uncover the sordid details of America's scandals in timely fashion. For example, the JFK assassination was ignored for 30 years—not in the independent media, however. The Bush/CIA/Mafia looting of the S & L banks in the 1980's has never been reported, nor has the damning evidence (presented in the book Forbidden Truth by Brisard and Dasquie) about secret flirting with the Taliban for an oil pipeline right up to 9/11.

The mainstream obediently demonizes figures the establishment wants to make convenient enemies of, but who they often play with behind the scenes. No better examples exist than the Taliban, Osama and Saddam. Global CIA drug-running, which is supported at high political levels (and renewed in Afghanistan after the Taliban had destroyed the poppy fields), has never blazed across the front pages.

I've never seen a piece in the mainstream about the criminal unconstitutionality of the Federal Reserve system and its influence by international bankers. Nor did the mainstream even begin to expose Bush Administration lies and manipulations regarding Iraq. On the contrary, with crafted, media-borne PR, the Bushites got people believing that Saddam was behind 9/11 and that he had Al Quaida connections. All poppycock.

Where do revealing stories appear? Mostly in books; in certain periodicals; in the "underground" press, such as the old "Covert Action Bulletin," "The Spotlight," "In These Times," "Idaho Observer," "American Free Press," and so on.

To be fair, to give the impression of truly investigative work, the mainstream does present information on corporate/government scandal, crime and conspiracy. But articles are scattered, usually too shallow, and rarely pursued in continous fashion to conclusion (one exception is the story designed to distract people, such as the Clinton follies). The "new" news then comes along to occupy and re-program Americans' short attention span. Thus, there is not only subject matter control, but control of the method of its presentation.

Apparently, all Mr. Ambrose allows to impinge on his senses is mainstream output. His position on this issue seems therefore colored by acute unawareness that fascist corporations are taking over America with renewed vigor. I'm waiting to see a mainstream exposé of a new wave of this process—touch-screen voting machines, whose programming is "proprietary" (sounds like "national security").

Scripps Howard /WMD - 8 June '03

Once in a while, Scripps Howard News Service publishes an editorial with a progressive political theme, although usually leaving out pertinent factors, so as not to shine with too "liberal" a light, apparently. Such is the case with "Show us the weapons," in the Thurs, June 5, 2003 Sentinel & Enterprise.

Scripps Howard (SH) is now bravely questioning, better late than never, Bush Administration pre-war prevarications about weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Directed by Jay Ambrose, who recently castigated the European Union for rejecting genetically modified organisms marketed as food (words he will be someday be forced to eat also), the SH editorial arm, which usually swings a rather self-righteous, neo-conservatively oriented bat, wants Congress to "begin asking the hard questions."

Given the stumping for Bush and the "war" SH did leading up to the Iraq debacle, it must have been a painfully begrudging admission, if only by implication, that perhaps SH should have listened more closely to peace activists before the second wave of Iraq's destruction. They were yelling at the top of their lungs about Bush lies and criminality, while SH was prattling on about evil Saddam and looking down its nose at protesters.

Omitted from this piece is that people from the intelligence community are coming out saying that Bush-ites and the Pentagon skewed and "cherry picked" intelligence reports to worsen Iraq's image. Omitted is the fact that even if Saddam had chemical and biological weapons, they are not WMD, only so classified for convenience. Ignored is American covert assistance to Saddam's rise to power, our weaponizing of him, and that he played the vicious role expected of him according to plan.

SH also avoids the responsibility of stating directly that without WMD "revelations of mass graves, torture chambers, and the sheer evil..." were emphatically not enough to justify pre-emptive war. These realities were regularly well-tolerated, even wanted, by Washington elitists during the Reagan, Daddy Bush and Clinton eras (essentially the same underlying administrations) when it was convenient.

Furthermore, based upon the murderous regimes America has supported, even created, over decades, the destruction and death in Iraq on those bases would have been worse than intolerable hypocrisy, and still prohibited under the Geneva Convention.

Also omitted is that, with clever spin, Bush-ites gradually convinced a large portion of the sleepwalking American people that Saddam was behind 9/11 and that he had terrorist connections, when it is Bush-ites themselves with the connections, and who, as strong evidence now indicates, played significant roles in bringing the towers down to further the war and global-domination agendas.

SH quotes Dick Cheney's assertion in March 2003 that Iraq had "reconstituted nuclear weapons," but omits that two months later Rumsfeld blurted at a hearing of the Senate's appropriations subcommittee on defense, May 14, "I don't believe anyone that I know in the administration ever said Iraq had nuclear weapons."

In a bit of pathetic back-pedaling, SH says that if the weapons don't turn up, "the American people were at best badly misled, and at worst lied to." Badly misled? Boy! I'm just going to have a hissy fit if I was misled, especially badly. Only partially and obliquely does SH suggest that the vicious chicanery and criminal conduct of the Bush Administration continue unabated.

SH should have been exhorting Congress to ask the hard questions before America gave sanction-induced, slow agonizing death to well over a million people (50% children) in a decade and allowed the Cradle of Civilization to be raped. And now it's back swinging the pro-Bush bat with regard to North Korea. Make your words soft and sweet, Scripps Howard, for you may have to eat them (again)--even if it's only another forced nibble.

GMO/Ambrose: "Killer Policy" - 2 June '03

With "A killer policy on foods in Europe" (Sentinel & Enterprise editorial on Fri, 5/30/03), Jay Ambrose, director of editorial policy for Scripps Howard News Service, has provided yet another contrivance of lies and omissions. He asserts that GMOs, or genetically modified "food," is good for us, the planet, the economy, and starving Africans, who the European Union (EU), he says, is killing with its stance on the issue.

I worry about the mental state of anyone who doesn’t immediately see the insanity of crossing a tomato with a fish. And hunger is caused, not by lack of food, but by denying people access to food already available. It is worsened by financial rules of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund imposed upon many Third World nations, that force agricultural products to be exported to service debt.

The United States artificially depresses the world food supply to keep prices up: tons of surplus grain sit in storage, and the USDA subsidizes farmers to keep production down. And every year, the United States disposes of 48 million tons of food.

Listen to Ambrose's clumsily preposterous complaint about the EU: "...they embrace hopeless superstitions about modernity." Well, informed modern people don’t even refer to transgenics as "food," but Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Contrary to Ambrose’s special-interest soapboxing, far more economic and empirical evidence exists to show that GMOs are a disaster than that they’re safe.

The fight has intensified globally, as reported and updated daily on the website A truth carefully avoided by Ambrose is the convenient dumping of GMO corn on impoverished nations. With all this rejected non-food lying around, the U.S. says to the Africans, "Eat this or starve." Nice, eh? But starving Africans refuse the "Frankencorn," and not for the politico/economic reasons proffered by Ambrose (he doesn't mention that many more countries than the EU fear this stuff).

Consumer concerns over food safety, nutrition, and environmental sustainability have reached an all-time high. There is increasing distrust of "industrial food" and GMOs, and growing wisdom for organics.

The lie that the transgenic organisms are safe because people here have been unknowingly eating them, yet everyone’s fine, is beneath even Ambrose. No appropriate human studies have been done. Many diseases have unknown origin, so how does he know what he’s saying? He doesn’t. But studies have shown that, when faced with a choice, animals instinctively choose real food over the GMO.

Ambrose says GMOs haven’t even caused indigestion. Many things that sicken and kill people don’t cause indigestion (wait--the idea of GMOs does make me sick to my stomach). Independent scientists, every organic-consumer organization, and many environmental groups have been issuing warnings. If it weren’t for big money buying the FDA, scientists and politicians, there would be no GMOs.

Only seed patent holders like Monsanto benefit. Such giant Frankenseed companies have manipulated the law so that if their pollen drifts and changes your crop from real to GMO, you must either destroy your crop or pay a royalty that will all but eliminate your profit--because you are in possession of their patented DNA. Nature has become intellectual property.

The ability of these organisms to corrupt normal plants reveals one goal of GMO pursuit: to monopolize markets for biotech seed companies. Then, the GMO will stand up to even more poisons the petrochemical industry wants to dump on farmlands by the millions of tons every year. Ahhh, the benefits of "modernity."

Ambrose says Europeans have "dodged the truth" because more "eco-fanatics" have "wormed" their way into political power there than here. Naturally. The biggest bloodthirsty biotech seed companies are here, their pockets stuffed with sleazy and spineless politicians. GMOs can exist only in a milieu where the real cost of food is many times greater than the retail price because of government gifts to agri-giants.

Eco-fanatics? Oh, yes; people with the common sense and integrity not to be bullied or bought by special interests promoting life-threatening technology. Speaking of worms, no self-respecting earthworm would, or even could, live in lifeless soil contaminated by GMOs and poison chemicals.

Not to worry, though! Here comes corporate puppet Mighty-Bush to save the day, lodging a formal complaint against EU with the World Trade Organization. That servant of corporate global empire-building draws protests wherever it meets, and is well worthy of them.

I’m surprised Ambrose doesn’t have "I Love Monsanto" stamped on his forehead. Maybe it’s stamped someplace else.

Physician Responsibility - 8 May '03

This responds to the 4/24/03 Guest Commentary ("Reducing physician liability will benefit all") by Drs. Charles A. Welch and Svend W. Bruun. Their Commentary responded to an April 15 Sentinel & Enterprise editorial ("Checks, balances work both ways"). The main issues are medical malpractice insurance costs, patient safety, and proposals to reduce physician liability. Several aspects warrant comment.

Medicine's basic tenet is "First, do no harm." A system of preventive reportage by doctors and nurses to head off patient damage might be helpful. Hospital personnel see where "trouble" is, but the taboo on speaking up allows it to fester. Without internal "policing," elimination of the cap waiver on noneconomic jury awards is ill-advised, and could worsen problems by relieving pressure.

A corollary might be a system similar to car insurance. You have an "accident," your premiums soar, not others’. The Commentary asserts (open endedly) that the "State Board of Registration has vastly improved its record of disciplining errant doctors." Disciplining? I say, one serious incident, you’re up for a major review. Two, you’re flipping burgers.

Even if only 5 percent of doctors account for all malpractice payouts, the fact looms that U.S. doctors kill around 200,000 people a year--130,000 with drugs (figures vary). This approximates the death toll from three jumbo jets crashing daily. Can the lonely 5 percent be doing all this, or is more involved? Is malpractice definition deficient, or is a lot going unrecognized or unacknowledged?

One unmentioned problem is a major, inherent dilemma: Of what interest is widespread wellness to a corporate industry whose financial health depends upon widespread illness? This conflict traps patients, and, to a considerable extent, the economy under a trillion-dollar juggernaut. No shortage of intrigue demonstrates the subjugation of health to profit. Books abound on the subject of industry malfeasance--many written by doctors themselves. A medical education has been described as "the warping of unsuspecting, immature minds into a meticulous system of commercial superstition.."

Cozy relationships (including investment) between doctors and greedy pharmaceutical companies lead to overprescription. Drugs cause damage, sometimes insidious, that might never erupt as a malpractice issue, or is not considered such--even though it is.

Paradoxically, conventional medicine is not predicated upon wellness, which threatens income, but upon symptom manipulation and disease management--where the real money is. Many doctors have good intentions, but are trained and function in a system heavily controlled by the private interests of the pharmaceutical and medical-supply industries.

Painfully, there is far more money in research and ineffective treatment than in cures. Thus, we will be regaled with another summer of rides, walks, runs, hops, skips, and jumps for phony research on multiple sclerosis and breast cancer, for example, when these are already being cured unconventionally.

Conventional wisdom insists that "diseases" are primary entities, as opposed to secondary symptoms of underlying imbalances, that can be "cured" by toxic chemicals (drugs) and/or surgery. These methods are sometimes excusable in crisis intervention (medicine's strong point) but are generally not conducive to wellness. The mandate to apply them routinely is a form of de facto malpractice which makes conventional medicine too dangerous.

Often enough, treatment forces the disappearance of symptoms, giving the impression of a cure. Medicine thereby avoids responsibility for different symptoms (new "disease") arising later from the same, unresolved, underlying imbalances. Malpractice?

As a Holistic wellness consultant and 20-year student of health and the history of medicine, I've seen both patients and doctors hurt by this system. Problems will not abate until we end this arrogant, legalized, lucrative monopoly-go-round. I suggest “regime change”--the widespread adoption, dissemination and practice of long-established, much safer, non-invasive wellness principles--with freedom of choice and third-party support.

"It is time to act so that we can preserve the quality of health care we have become known for throughout the world," says the Commentary. But, after a century of this "quality," disease is rampant; and "we" have long been shamefully deficient, comparatively speaking, in many areas--infant mortality for one.

Beyond Antiwar Protests - 28 April '03

On Sat 4/5/03, the Sentinel & Enterprise ran the story, “A pacifist wants to move beyond antiwar protests” which stated that protests should have stopped after the Iraq war began, and anti-war activists should have begun addressing the psychological needs of Americans afflicted by the war. Prayer vigils that welcome military family members, and efforts to counsel and console sufferers were suggested. Worthy suggestions. But activists should also augment another function--public education.

Some people think we should have avoided the Iraq violence; others don’t. The difference seems based upon a difference of information people have at hand. Vietnam protests helped prevent more suffering by bringing pertinent information out of the media shadows. Unfortunately, to be well informed, we can’t just sit back with the evening news or a couple of mainstream news publications. For example, defense contractor General Electric owns NBC. There are heavy oil (Saudi) investments in Fox. The other networks are similarly tainted. We must actively seek alternatives.

Questions each of us might consider are: do private interests who stand to profit enormously covertly encourage and even contrive threats in the first place? And what if they also control the government?

Quite sufficiently, covert treachery is historically proven. And if there’s even the slightest chance going forward, doesn’t each of us owe it to our young men and women to investigate? Many protesters invested tremendous time and effort, sometimes in the bitter cold, when they could have been relaxing at home. Most honor our soldiers, but worry that their devotion is criminally abused. Granted, such ruthlessness isn’t an easy thing for many Americans to face up to or want to understand. Some deny or reject it out of hand (condemnation without investigation).

Proven treacheries: Battleship Maine--a scam that fomented war with Spain; Gulf of Tonkin--a lie that led to the Vietnam War, which was CIA instigated; JFK assassination--a CIA/Mafia operation covered up by the Warren Commission; Iran-Contra--weapons sales to the enemy of our supported friend, Saddam; BCCI scandal--CIA people and Saudis supporting arms dealers, laundering drug money, and financing terrorism; CIA/Mafia/Daddy Bush & Sons orchestration of the S&L Scandal in the 1980s. And strong evidence now points to homeland treachery in 9/11.

Consider the Carlysle Group, US-based international arms broker and investment group: President: Frank Carlucci, former CIA deputy director. His sidekick, James Baker III, Secretary of State under Daddy Bush. Overseas representatives: John Major, former British Prime Minister; Daddy Bush, former CIA director. Carlysle financially manages the Saudi Binladen Corporation (Osama’s family) which helped George W. make millions at Harken Energy. Osama’s brother was represented on Harken’s board.

When government becomes infiltrated by such ruthless elitist manipulators, patriotism and military courage become exploited commodities. Private war agendas are woven into purported noble ones. This is the "hook"--a con-game variation on the "protection racket." We end up fighting for corporate conflict-makers who consider soldiers expendable tools. Right after Congress passed a support resolution for our soldiers in Iraq, the House voted to cut veterans’ benefits by nearly $25 billion over ten years. A revealing, (and disgusting) travesty.

The U.S. is the most dangerous infiltrated government, with a military budget equaling the total of the next 28 nations, and bases in 120 countries. That means a huge citizen responsibility, and demands vigilance, investigation, and involvement with representatives.

Key point: the government is NOT the country (Constitution). Soldiers are sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution "...against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC." But it’s also a primary civilian duty to protect the country from the government, when, in the course of human events...

Carrying signs goes only so far. The peace movement and activists can play an important role in continuously expanding public awareness. Trillions of dollars, the environment, and the lives of soldiers and innocents are at stake.

Hatton Response - 1 April '03

David Hatton's 3/31/03 letter (Those who disagree with U.S. military action in Iraq are unpatriotic) in response to Anthony Lorenzen's 3/22 letter is emotional, chauvinistic drivel--a pompous sixth-grade ramble full of misinformation and omissions. I'm sure Mr. Lorenzen is capable of his own response, but I want to add my support.

Hatton says that UN Resolution 1441 stipulates use of force. It does not, but uses the phrase "serious consequences." Those thirsting for conflict and blood would interpret that as meaning Shock and Awe.

He admonishes Lorenzen to get the facts. Here's some: Former Chief Inspector for UNSCOM, Scott Ritter, has stated over again that the first wave of inspections was achieving major success until it was aborted prematurely at the behest of the U.S. government, apparently in anticipation of the need for an excuse for the current war. The lie was that Saddam "kicked the inspectors out." This was around the time that Halliburton was doing all that business with Saddam, an acknowledged enemy of the U.S. What do we call this? Oh, yes—treason.

Hatton is indignant that anyone should question our "military members." They are angels beyond reproach, while he ignores the ones who have come out against this war. He says top officials such as Tommy Franks have said they'll find chemical weapons. A possibility, since we sold them to Saddam (not to mention West Nile virus) in criminal violation of international treaty. Hatton says that Iraq has already launched weapons "they don't have." All Iraqi weapons in use, including missiles, have been defensive ones allowed by Res 1441.

On the other hand, the "humane war" is once again being fought with radioactive munitions. In 1991, the Allies fired 944,000 Depleted-Uranium rounds, poisoning our own soldiers and leaving at least 320 metric tons of DU on the battlefield (a Pentagon admission). A UK Atomic Energy Authority report said that some 500,000 people will die before the end of this century, due to radioactive debris left in the desert. Can you imagine the moaning from Bush if Saddam had committed such a war crime? Now, three British soldiers in action have protested the war and how it's being fought, increasingly endangering civilians. That's courage and integrity.

Hatton praises our "elite government intelligence agencies," such as FBI and CIA. They cannot lie, be mistaken, or be servants of money and power. FBI whistle-blower Colleen Rowley (a Time Magazine person of the year) exposed her supervisors, who prevented field agents from looking into Zacarias Moussaoui's computer. He was arrested before 9/11, but only later was the plot exposed. In other words, 9/11 could have been stopped. The supervisors were promoted. Forgotten in a simliar scenario is John O'Neill, the former director of antiterrorism in the New York office of the FBI, who resigned in protest of official obstruction he faced when investigating Saudi involvement in terrorism.

And it has been shown that the Warren Commission covered up the conspiracy to assassinate JFK, in which the CIA took part. Forgotten is Iran-Contra, where CIA was selling weapons to Iran while Saddam was fighting it with our support and blessing. Anyone who trusts implicitly the CIA and our secrect agencies is either brainwashed or on the stupid side of naive.

Hatton notes the more than 40 countries who support the war effort, but fails to note that in the overwhelming majority of them, the people are majorly opposed. It's only the more knowledgeable and trustworthy leaders, possibly browbeaten, bribed and sucking up, who have come along for the ride, maybe sent a wheelbarrow along. Let's face it, it's the U.S. and Britain, with some Aussies.

I'll give Hatton the point about flag burning not being patriotic, but add that flag burners and blind flag wavers like him both miss the point: The flag stands for the country and the Constitution, not the government. If "following the Constitution and dissenting doesn't make you a patriot," then how does violating it and bending obediently to corrupt "authority" do so? The Constitution and the Declaration make it a solemn duty of each citizen to protect the country and the Constitution from the government with constant scrutiny, questioning and even dismantling if needed. I submit that such need has never been greater in U.S. history.

Bin Forgotten - 25 March '03

I congratulate the Sentinel & Enterprise for the "Osama bin fogotten" editorial on 3/24/03. It notes that the Bush administration never mentions Osama bin Laden unless directly questioned, and that it omitted the mention of his name from a progress report on the war on terrorism recently sent to Congress by Bush. It's suggested that "the White House doesn't want to dwell on the fugitive terrorist still being at large." This is plausible enough, if a bit obvious; but we need to look at plausible motives for the obvious.

Many independent investigators believe that it goes deeper than the implied embarrassment over "losing" him. This matter is extremely important, especially to the 9/11 families, and needs further investigation and coverage by the media. Over 400 members of the families are suing the US government, not just for prior knowledge, but for complicity. Their lawyer, Stanley Hilton, former senior adviser and counsel to Bob Dole, claims to have solid evidence highly incriminating to the U.S. government.

Some of this has also come out here and there in mainstream news--but only in pieces. The families have been in a lonely and difficult struggle with this, and I believe they deserve strong public support. It's critical because the war on terror, and the current sacrifice of life in Iraq are predicated on the official line.

Osama is not "bin forgotten" at the White House, but it might be pleased if the rest of us forgot about him and the questionable circumstances surrounding the Tower attack. The official 9/11 Commission has been stonewalled in two important ways. First, only $3 million have been allocated to investigate the worst attack on the U.S. since Pearl Harbor. Compare that to the $70 million spent investigating the sexual dalliance of Bill Clinton. Secondly, Bush has appointed two highly suspect individuals in a row to head the Commission, the second one being a business partner with Osama's brother-in-law. If the Warren Commission could obscure the truth about the assassination of its own government's president, what can, or would, a commission not cover up? And allowing Bush to pick the chief investigator smacks of the fox guarding the hen house.

Furthermore, elements in the government have been sabotaging investigations. FBI whistle-blower Coleen Rowley (a Time Magazine person of the year) exposed her supervisors, who prevented field agents from looking into Zacarias Moussaoui's computer. Moussaoui had been arrested before 9/11, but because of the stonewalling, only later was the computer data on the 9/11 plot exposed.

In other words, the attack could have been stopped.

The supervisors were promoted. Too soon forgotten also is John O'Neill, the former director of antiterrorism in the New York office of the FBI, who resigned in protest of official obstructions he faced when investigating Saudi involvements. He died in bitterly ironic fashion--in a Tower courageously trying to rescue people.

It looks very much like members of the Bush administration (some of whom have been in positions of power for over 25 years) are deeply complicit in the attacks on America. These corporate elitists are internationalists--fascists posing as patriots. They advise, influence and control the government that sends our young people to battle to serve selfish and ruthless agendas. They establish, coddle and dance with dictators, and they work to create "reasons" to wage war and rescind our civil liberties. This is all coming out with increasing momentum. Once it breaks, it will gel America into solidarity, as we see who and where the enemy is and in what way it regards human life and the Constitution.

War Editorials Answer - 21 March '03

Two Sentinel & Enterprise editorials on Friday, 3/21 deserve special comment: “This War is Justified,” and “Why should the U.S. invade Iraq? It’s simple,” by Jay Ambrose. Both “Psy-Ops” pieces attempt apology for the notion of Liberation Through Obliteration as an acceptable form of international politics. Both are so ludicrous that it avails little to address their canned, sound-bite rhetoric directly.

In light of past government and corporate scandals, it’s amazing that some people allow no possibility of anything other than noble motives for a brutal attack on a living city of about 5 million people. Nothing underhanded can be going on, right? Nothing worth questioning, anyway.

Even though widely-exposed scandals are relatively few compared to what actually goes on in the world, they serve as windows to what happens in big business/politics/intrigue. Examples include the JFK assassination and coverup (GHW Bush/CIA/Mafia); Watergate and the Pentagon Papers; Iran-Contra; Pacific Gas and Electric’s willful poisoning of its employees and its entire host community (Erin Brockovich story); the Karen Silkwood story (willfully exposing people to radioactivity), the vicious Union Carbide incident in Bhopal, India; and the vinyl chloride assault, wherein chemical companies knowingly poisoned employees and the American people.

These examples provide a common lesson. Where big money and/or special interests are at stake, human life often comes last. These incidents represent only millions of dollars for which corporate types have proven they are eager to subvert inalienable human rights. It would be naive, if not purely stupid, to regard them as isolated or specialized incidents. What can we imagine the incentive to be when the stakes are in the multiple billions or even trillions, as with oil, weapons, war and re-construction?

After WW II we rebuilt Germany and Japan. Who are “we”? The payers were the taxpayers while the profiteers were those who reaped billions from both sides of a war they contrived behind the scenes. The elitists must roll around on the boardroom floors laughing at the gullibility of the people, who repeatedly fall for the ruthless, bloodthirsty, blow-it-up/fix-it-up, good-cop/bad-cop con game in the name of freedom and justice. (Most terrorism is also a “protection racket.”)

Similarly, after Desert Storm, Bechtel, Inc., whose government servants were its execs Caspar Weinberger and George Schultz, got the Kuwait reconstruction contract. Pre-war speculation about rebuild profits never materialized because the damage, though significant, wasn’t as great as anticipated. That tactical error has been corrected with Shock and Awe. And even before the first “liberation” bomb was dropped, Halliburton (which sends a $million/year to Dick Cheney) had lined up $billions in reconstruction contracts in Iraq. Mr. Ambrose is correct. It’s “simple,” all right--a simple matter of accounting.

Baghdad is now in flames and rubble. This is somehow “justifiable” and “simple?” Such target practice to get one man who might someday have weapons he could use to attack the U.S. (once he convinces the Saudis to finance his future terrorist group instead of al-Qaeda)? When non-violent disarmament could have been accomplished with persistent inspection?

This horrific, unconstitutional, unprovoked attack on a dense urban area in violation of the Nuremburg Charter is a monstrous terrorist act. It makes 9/11 (Saddam had nothing to do with that) a walk in the park. The Bush Administration's criminal resort to limitless violence in order to achieve its objectives is hypocrisy and cowardice in the extreme: the most powerful military in the world waging a first-strike attack with advanced weaponry against an impoverished country on the pretext that it may someday possess a mere semblance of such weapons.

Meanwhile, with over 60 unresolved UN resolutions (one as old as #342), longtime invader and occupier of neighbors’ lands, chronic ethnic cleanser, possessing nuclear weapons, and with a high living standard, Israel gets $14 million/day of our tax money string-free to buy high tech weapons and armored bulldozers to level buildings and peoples’ homes and any women in the way. Oh what rhetoric we’d hear if Saddam ran over someone with a bulldozer. Truth be told, Israel needs liberation far more than money.

The world has entered a new phase. The Bush Administration seems hell bent on bullying defiance. The attack on Iraq suggests that raw military power will be the means to a newly brazen corporate empire, possibly with an Israeli/American facade. The authors of the editorials should rejoice in the accomplished goal: Saddam is no longer the butcher in the world’s eyes. George Bush and America are.

Peter G. Tocci is a Holistic wellness consultant and health writer dba Associated Health Services in Leominster, Massachusetts.

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