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Student Searches
23 Oct '06 Published

The Sentinel & Enterprise editorial on 10/12/06, Justified school searches will keep students safer, supports warrantless searching of school students at teacher/administrator whim (called "judgment").

With deceptive rhetoric it cites three incidents as examples of cause for "tough measures." However, two don't even count: The perps weren't students.

Regardless, the policy represents the fascist tyranny sweeping America and shredding Liberty in the name of safety/security. And it presumes the unquestionable integrity and investigative skill of school staff to "justify" invasion of privacy. Can you say 'can of worms'?

The ill-conceived federal law underlying this should be denounced and rejected by states and local officials. In an authentic America, the law wouldn't even exist.

But in the NeoReich, Congress scorns the wisdom behind traditional legal protections, ignoring the principle that laws do protect the guilty in the process of protecting the innocent and the presumption of innocence. How long before Homeland Security swoops in, spiriting off students as Enemy Combatants?

In fear and cowardice we now jackboot that principle when the going gets tough? Oh, sorry, the euphemism is "concern." 

Deplorably, amid the barrage of serious threats to kids visited upon them by adult society, the sanctimonious chant about safety is excruciating hypocrisy. The medical-drug assault, toxic consumer orgy, and the disgraceful dead-food school lunch program come to mind--all interrelated, all maintained and endorsed by well-meaning but dangerously underinformed officials and politicians.

The editorial typically ignores society's contribution to creating brains that malfunction. But it's known that several young brains that snapped were deranged by Dr. Pharmastein's psychodrugs, such as Prozac. The youth shootings in recent memory (Columbine, RedLake, etc) share this common denominator.

But that's different! Drugging kids is good legal business, politically correct, and, like warrantless searches, "justified."

Watch out, kids--BigBro is protecting you!

Dino & Deval
10 Oct '06 Submitted

Deval Patrick's past interest in the LaGuer rape case--wanting to verify facts--should be the least of Leominster Mayor Dean Mazzarella's concerns about him (and it seems like grandstanding for the Mayor to make this public before talking with Patrick).

Of greater concern are attitudes suggested by Patrick's past corporate career with the known polluters and oppressors Coca Cola (in India) and Texaco (in Ecuador). Patrick's advocacy for operations that victimized and displaced poor and indigenous peoples suggests a troubling failure of conscience, despite outward appearances.

Of grave concern is Patrick's support of Israel and its violent aggressions. Sufficient evidence exists to prosecute for war crimes, absent blind or politicized support. Patrick seems to be herein aligned with BushCo, no stranger itself to corporate and war crime (on false pretenses to boot, and the banishment of our Constitution).

Despite a progressive-sounding plan, Patrick also falls short on health and health care reform. He apparently supports the fascist "reform" developed by the insurance industry and recently thrust legislatively upon us. It subjugates citizens, via penalty, to a medicopharma monopoly that has shown itself to be expensive, dangerous, deadly, and even malfeasant.

In this, of course, Patrick has huge company. Few (no?) politicians in Massachusetts, including Mayor Mazzarella (who thinks Leominster needs a new Walgreen's and traffic light), have the stuffing to broach this boondoggle publicly, despite having the pertinent information.

None of this is to imply that one should prefer Healey, who shows no more vision, awareness of deep politics, or resistance to corporate/fascist domination of our lives.

Regrettably, citizens now have little chance for significant change with the gubernatorial hopefuls, who, with the apparent exception of Grace Ross, reverberate politically correct rhetoric and offer conventional, stamped-out variations on the status quo. Whereas, we desperately need revolutionary leadership.

Revitalize Fitchburg
5 July '06 UNsubmitted

[Dear Jeff McMenemy] Your Sunday, 7/2/06 column, "Civic Days show Main Street's real potential," about revitalizing downtown Fitchburg, was quite entertaining.

Never mind that it might be described as a starry-eyed, sort of Stepfordian utopia: Mom and Dad America strolling Main Street with their 1.3 kiddie consumers-in-training and patronizing upstanding estabs.

And never mind that this bleached fantasy is unqualified by consideration of the energy, climate, pollution, waste-stream, overpopulation, megacrime, and human rights crises it's predicated on.

Never mind even that it recommends police footsoldiers to secure this unsustainable gilt-edged consumerism.

Quite troubling is the suggestion that above all we must banish "social services," because (gasp!) "soccer moms won't come to downtown Fitchburg if the social service agencies remain."

Let's see if I've got this, now: goodie-shoe socially condoned addicts want no sight of society's stigmatized failure disturbing their starched equanimity and shopping potential? Nothing but the squeaky clean, McMenemy-approved, superior monied caste allowed and seen in Holy NeoDowntown?

Most troubling, however, is the rhetoric that the soccer mom bit "may not be politically correct to say, but it's the truth."

In this case, political incorrectness becomes a euphemism for self-serving, compassionless, self-righteous elitism. Secondly, that a thing is true doesn't make it right, even if expedient. It's true that the consumer orgy poisons the kids for profit.

The paper pontificates about "drugs and crime." But if a person or group were behaving locally like the (editorially ignored) usurped US government does at home and abroad, a red-faced Jeff McMenemy would be arguing for their literal execution.

Ironically, the more growth, the more "unwashed" caste so universally despised. So I suggest you get used to it.

So, high Boston-way prices are herding Dreamchasers into our expectant embrace? But didn't the Growth-is-God philosophy already do there what is driving them here?

Illegal Immigration
27 Jun '06 Submitted

Some "legitimate" Americans like to take a tough stance on illegal immigrants, but a few considerations are missing.

Many illegals are victims of unbearably oppressive conditions maintained by multinational corporations, many of whom are US-based and in league with sleazebag governments America supports. These corporate fascists rape and poison the earth, steal resources, and enslave labor for fun and profit, providing the toxic consumer orgy now threatening our health (but worshipped by local officials).

Drummond Corp, an Alabama mining firm operating in S. America, is suspected of hiring mercenaries to kidnap, torture and kill peasant leaders attempting to unionize its slave-driving operations. Such mercenaries are frequently trained at one of the world's biggest terrorist training camps, the School of the Americas--now Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation--at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Also, we bornfree Americans are in effect accomplices of the folks who originally took the land by force ("The Land for Free"). Native inhabitants were mass-murdered, imprisoned on dustbin reservations and lied to religiously. So we're all virtual colonial invaders, and in that sense unjust (but legal) immigrants receiving stolen property and reaping the benefits of what we love to hate in Saddam and Osama. Only remnants of the real Americans remain.

We might want to try a little humility.

But if we began, like the real Americans did, with loyalty to our source of life, Mother Earth, and to her children, including animals, wind, and water, rather than commercialism and the national pomposity that drives the hypocritical resentment of illegal-immigrants, we might end up with peace and justice, or at least the preservation of the future for the kids.

Otherwise, self-possessed obsession with chauvinism, profit, and "national security" might result in criminal government, loss of freedom, phony wars, unspeakable violence, and planetary mass destruction. Seen any lately?

Memorial Day (should be reminder to stop unnecessary war)
3 Jun '06 published

Memorial Day. We barbecue, watch the big game, party, travel, and shop. We also honor soldiers who have sacrificed all to preserve this way of life.

But set the 'WayBack Machine' for Feb. 15, 1898, destruction of Battleship Maine. Without proof of cause, Hearst papers jumped on bandwagon to promote war with Spain.

Feb. 27, 1933. Hitler burns down his own parliament, blames "Polish terrorists," establishes fascist Enabling Act, starts WW II.

Dec 7, 1941. A few Americans, FDR included, knew of impending attack on Pearl, participated in plan to push Japan into it ("Day of Deceit," by Robert Stinnett, USN Ret).

Aug 2 & 4, 1964, Gulf of Tonkin. US ships never fired on, but lie used to escalate Vietnam aggression. A few million innocents killed, ecosystem devastated.

Gulf War 1991: No Kuwaiti baby was taken from an incubator by Iraqi troops and left to die, but story of multiple occurrences was organized by PR firm and sold in the "news" by Poppy Bush and other liars. Around 450,000 American troops were poisoned (250,000 permanently disabled) by our depleted uranium munitions and by us blowing up [huge bunkers of—ommitted in paper -PT] biochem WMD we sold to Saddam.

Sept 11, 2001 (scam-in-process). Inside job 'justifying' invasion of Afghanistan to secure oil/gas pipeline rights of way and restore poppy fields destroyed by Taliban. Other motives: phony War on Terror, theft of freedom, domestic surveillance/control--Patriot (Enabling) Act.

We could ensure that soldiers aren't sent to kill and die on false pretenses. Ironically, we’re so busy barbecuing, game-watching, partying, traveling, and shopping, we fail our sovereign duty to protect our government and prevent the concoction of wars [by those who profit from them, stealing $trillions.—ommitted in paper - PT]

Memorial Day. Might we better honor soldiers by avoiding unnecessary need for it?d

Pizza Dough and Water
12 May '06 submitted

Of course it can't hurt to use pure water in pizza dough. And, despite the assertions of local officials, Leominster water is not safe to drink. Even if it began pure, chlorine is added, which is a serious health threat.

Beyond that, the official statement is merely a guess, because there are literally thousands of pollutants coming from our vaunted, plasticized and chemicalized way of life that are not tested for. Only a limited range of 'standard' poisons and organisms are tested for.

As for the rest, folks, welcome to Guinea Pig World. People's health could be getting insidiously compromised by municipal water, but if it happens they'll never know, because no one is trying to determine the connection. Instead, we walk, run, and ride for disease research.

As for pizza dough, well, it's already a chemical feast, what with pesticide residue, dough conditioners, alloxan (whitener, causes diabetes), fungicide residue, and fungal toxin residue present in all stored grains (because they can't spray enough fungicide in there to get all the fungus that grows on grains in silos).

Not to mention that white flour is an enzyme-dead, processed, devitalized, empty-calorie nonfood. It's said to be 'enriched,' however. This means that a few of the 23-odd original, naturally balanced nutrients removed by food 'scientists' are replaced with inferior, synthetic chemicopharma substances.

To top it off, another fungus, yeast, is added when making the dough, providing an additional source of toxins to the mix. And we won't even get into how nasty the toppings are, including the gut-clogging, hormone-residue cheese (which is frequently burned).

By the way, aren't those drug dealers the nastiest people?

We're All 'Illegal' Immigrants
Fri, 5 May '06 submitted

It seems that when "legitimate Americans" argue for a tough stance on illegal immigrants, a few considerations are missing.

Many immigrants are victims of unbearably oppressive conditions maintained by multinational corporations, many of whom are US-based and in league with sleazebag governments (including ours). These corporations rape and poison the earth, steal resources, and enslave labor for fun and profit, providing our Conehead consumer market.

Drummond Corp, a huge Alabama mining firm operating in S. America, is suspected of hiring mercenaries that kidnap, torture and kill peasant leaders attempting to unionize its slave-driving operations. These terrorists are most probably trained at the School of the Americas--now Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Policy--at Fort Benning Georgia, the biggest terrorist training camp in the world.

If it were not for intolerable conditions, how many people would abandon their home. Would you?

People who think themselves "legal" American citizens are merely accomplices receiving stolen property from the folks who took the place by force ("The Land for Free"). Native inhabitants were mass-murdered, imprisoned on dustbin reservations and lied to religiously ever since. So we're all virtual colonial invaders, and in that sense unjust immigrants, reaping the benefits of what we love to hate in Saddam and Osama. We might want to try a little humility. The real Americans were all but destroyed.

If we began with loyalty to our source of life, Mother Earth, and to her children, including animals, wind, and water, rather than the national hubris that drives the sentiment of illegal-immigrant haters, we might end up with peace and justice, or at least the preservation of the future for the kids.

Otherwise, self-possessed obsession with chauvinism and "national security" might result in criminal hypocrisy, loss of freedom, phony wars, unspeakable violence, and planetary mass destruction. Seen any lately?

Reader put blame for lapse on DEP, too
Mon, 21 Mar '06 published
[Note: Part in bold, a response to a long S&E column on allergy, was edited out.]

Regarding the lapsed certification of Leominster's resigned environmental inspector Marro: Yes, he and Leominster must take responsibilty, but where was state Department of Environmental Protection oversight?

DEP sets the standards and should be at least as culpable for not tracking this as City officials. I mean, try letting your driver's license lapse. This isn't particle physics!

In any case, one area of concern is bacteria, and herein lies a 'funny.' DEP spokesman Colletta said the water had insufficient chlorine (odd, I have the sense my tap water comes from the municipal swimming pool. It reeks.)

The 'funny' is that chlorine shouldn't be in drinking water at all! It's an indiscriminate killer that wrecks our essential intestinal bacteria. This is a major cause of immune insufficiency, bowel disease, poor digestion, and a mountain of illness (including allergy, Molly Bish Institute/"Health" Alliance. Yoo hoo, people!)

Safe and effective oxygen systems are in use. What stands in the way of this for Massachusetts communities--Unawareness? Inertia? Incompetence? Politics? Malfeasance?

I might add that 'Leominster' was made aware of this on several occasions over the years. Also, people should know, there's a ton of harmful things that DEP never tests for--until enough people show unequivocal symptoms. Can you say 'guinea pigs'?

DEP says Leominster might be fined. In a sane world, the DEP would be 'hanged' for having required the poison chlorine, threatening everyone's health and life. I'd guess someone as smart and engaged as Matt Marro was aware of this, and if there was less chlorine on his purpose, I'd guess he was doing us a favor by adjusting for DEP's ill-advised policy and probable overkill.

Is Leominster's water safe to drink? "No question about it," says Colletta.

Is this official spokesperson unsafe to believe?

NED Plan
Fri, 17 Mar '06 submitted

I strongly disagree that the NED [New England Development, Inc] plan for yet another shopping plaza on Rte 117 is good for anything, with the exceptions of greed and dangerous self-indulgence.

It's quite darkly humorous that the similarity between drug addiction and the Conehead consumer orgy is apparently not understood.

More dangerous than drugs, the retail addiction is predicated upon earth in liquidation, slave labor, toxic consumer items, warfarism, exploding trade deficits, and the debt/inflation/growth merry-go-round. Plainly horrendous economics.

You embrace a system designed to make its master 'manipubators' obscenely rich, that tosses relative scraps to the leashed dogs that think they're free--and smart.

Lancaster is running out of water, threatening development that prevents huge fiscal deficits. Is the foolhardiness of thinking that reckoning can be avoided indefinitely not obvious?

The growth shot feels so good! But it deteriorates to the withdrawal stage. Another fix needed (no worry, Treasury will print it). The drug fix robs personal health; the growth fix, societal and planetary health. Both are suicidal.

Politicians, planners, developers, etc cannot/don't wish to see, or won't admit that unending growth is hurtling us at a brick wall.

Rather than rise up responsibly and address massive federal thievery: phony currency, unconstitutional Federal Reserve, astronomical debt and deficits, and intentional instigation of war (BOTH parties), communities skulk obediently along the Pavlovian path to demise, patting themselves on the back.

Troubling also is that with the impending potential collapse of our debt-driven economic house of cards, a big concern is long waits at restaurants. Nero had nothing on this frivolity.

And the "exhaustive market studies" speculated on are fatally misleading, because, until we fix the currency scam, it remains more profitable to accelerate toward catastrophic collapse through excessive consumption than to behave like a species that wants to survive.

[Great example of editorial skill]
On 30 Jan '06, I sent out a general email concerning the then-impending Supreme Court Alito nomination, in response to an S&E editorial, not a letter to the editor—to an email group of about 60 recipients, one of which was S&E Editor McMenemy. I was therefore surprised to see it appear in the Opinion section on Feb 2. I was not surprised, however, at the super job of editing it was blessed with. First, here is the letter as run, and below that, the original:

America is taking a dangerous, and fatal, direction
Sat, 2 Feb '06 published

I don't stand on partisan politics and say that Democrats have not played a key role in America's destruction, because they have. There is only the cor-porate party in Washington, with sub-party A the Republ-icrats, and sub-party B the Democans.

Any sharply defined theoretical differences are for the purpose of drama—putting on the show. We can see this in their lily-livered non-resporise to the grave questions ignored and unanswered by the 9/11 Commission—yet another whitewash like Warren and Tower. The people, and state and local politicians also share this neglect.

But the substance of Senator Kerry's recent speech on Alito is on the money, not because it's by a Democrat per se, but because it speaks to the dangerous and fatal direction America has taken.

Few to no politicians or mainstream reporters address the fundamental reform issues that Republican Texas Congressman Ron Paul has eloquently described. Politicians everywhere should note his courage.

Although the problem is a bit deeper, Paul identifies the mechanisms of oppression and theft of the wealth we look for to run our communities and live decently. The people, state and local politicians also share this neglect.

We're poised to surrender in cowardly fashion to self-serving power that which we ask our young men and women in uniform to kill and die to protect. In doing so, we don't deserve the benefits of their sacrifice.
Now the original:

Mon, 30 Jan '06 (not submitted as letter to ed)

Dear recipients,

Fitchburg and Leominter Sentinel & Enterpise (my local paper) editor Jeff McMenemy recently wrote an editorial (Sun 1/29/06) condemning Massachusetts Senators Kennedy and Kerry for opposing the Alito nomination to the Supreme Court.

And one can surmise in his tacit support for the present US administration, that he agrees with defiling the Constitution to support dictatorial executive power, and establishing the infrastructure of a police state, based on fear. Judge Alito supports the government's power to invade every corner of your life. Recently, the FBI stalked a peaceful group of vegetarians protesting meat eating, and even arrested on of them.

Mr. M has taken pains now and then to show us proudly how tough he is on crime. Little tolerance for lawbreakers. No sense of society's collective component of responsibility. No appeal for better programs to rehabilitate those who are symptoms of a sick society.

The above could be two reasons Jeff insults the senators' concerns and so adamantly supports Alito, a judge who supported the use of deadly force on a young boy trying to climb a fence with a stolen purse. Below is an excerpt from Senator Kerry's recent speech on the Senate floor, which outlines this incident. The speech is worth a read in its entirety.

I don't stand on partisan politics and say that Democrats have not played a key role in America's destruction, because they have. There is only the corporate party in Washington, with sub-party A the Republicrats, and sub-party B the Democans. Any sharply defined theoretical differences are for the purpose of drama--putting on the show. We can see this in their lily-livered non-response to the grave questions ignored and unanswered by the 9/11 Commission--yet another whitewash like Warren and Tower. The people, and state and local politicians also share this neglect.

And few to none here, in Washington or in the media address the fundamental reform issues that Republican Texas Congressman Ron Paul has eloquently described. Although the problem is a bit deeper, he identifies the mechanisms of oppression and theft of the wealth we look for to run our communities and live decently. The people, state and local politicians also share this neglect.

The substance of Kerry's speech is on the money, not because it's by him per se, but because it speaks to the dangerous and fatal direction America has taken, and is on the brink of setting in stone, and challenges Jeff's incomplete grasp of the situation he writes about--to give him the benefit of the doubt.

We're poised to surrender in cowardly fashion to self-serving power that which we ask our young men and women in uniform to kill and die to protect. In doing so, we don't deserve the benefits of their sacrifice.
Peter G Tocci

Kerry excerpt:
    "In 1984, for example, Judge Alito wrote a Justice Department memorandum concluding that the use of deadly force against a fleeing unarmed suspect did not violate the fourth amendment. The victim was a 15-year-old African American. He was 5 foot 4. He weighed 100 to 110 pounds. This unarmed eighth grader was attempting to jump a fence with a stolen purse containing $10 when he was shot in the back of the head in order to prevent escape. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals found the shooting unconstitutional because deadly force can only be used when there is 'probable cause that the suspect poses a threat to the safety of the officers or a danger to the community if left at large.' That is what we teach law enforcement officials.

   "But Judge Alito disagreed. Judge Alito said: No, he believed the shooting was reasonable because 'the State is justified in using whatever force is necessary to enforce its laws' - even deadly force. That is his conclusion. That is the standard that is going to go to the Supreme Court if ratified. It is OK to shoot a 15-year-old, 110 pounds, a 5-foot-4-inch kid who is trying to get over a fence with a purse, shoot him in the back of the head.

   "Otherwise, Judge Alito believed that any suspect could evade arrest by making the State choose between killing them or letting them escape. That is the conclusion. Think about that. Judge Alito believed that the State could use whatever force was necessary to enforce its laws regardless of whether the suspect was armed or dangerous. Does the Chair believe that? Do the other Senators believe that? I don't think so. Do mainstream Americans believe that?

   "Lucky for us, we did not have to answer that question. Why? Because in 1985, Justice White rejected Judge Alito's position, and the court held that deadly force is not justified 'where the suspect poses no immediate threat to the officer and no threat to others.' The court stated unequivocally, 'a police officer may not seize an unarmed, non-dangerous suspect by shooting him dead.'

   "So Judge Alito is out of touch with mainstream jurisprudence with respect to the use of force in America."
Some mighty powerful editing there, no? :-)

Seat Belts and Squeaky Shoes
Mon, 30 Jan '06 submitted

Thu, 26 Jan '06 Sentinel & Enterprise (S&E) editorial: Enforcing the rules of the road.

Weak attempt to justify abridgement of liberty with the seat belt law.

The writer misunderstands the point about the right to do foolish things in this country, even to your own detriment: "Maybe we should start banning Big Macs and Whoppers," said State Rep Lewis Evangelidis. Valid point.

S&E: "But there's a big difference: State law already requires all drivers or wear a safety belt..." Well, gee, we know. That's the basic problem it would seem Evangelidis refers to, not just the new bill allowing police to stop people. Insult to injury.

Then comes the argument that seat belts save money on insurance claims and medical bills. One suspects this is Editor "Christian" McMenemy talking, because he promotes the death penalty to save money. Misguided.

How's this for an oxymoron: "We're firmly against governmental encroachment on our personal freedoms...but you're supposed to wear a seat belt by law." What part of "governmental encroachment" does the writer not get?

Speaking of personal freedom and oxymorons, what’s the logic for the paper’s obsession with street drugs? I mean, decent folk can have their damaging and addictive caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and sugar, etc, but others (the low-life BAD people) cannot have their choices. Self-righteous hypocrisy.

I for one am willing to pay a little more to maintain my freedom. But if the paper's concerned about saving lives and money, why do we never hear a peep about sending our sons and daughters to die, and to kill sons and daughters, on false pretenses likely to cost a $trillion or two (borrowed, of course)?

Well, of course: In status-quo logic, that money and carnage are being spent on... freedom.

Definition of Marriage
Wed, 12 Dec '05 submitted

In S&E Letters, 12/18/05), my good friend Bob Saudelli discusses the definition of marriage. He dismisses proponents of gay marriage (to whom he unabashedly claims not to be not talking) as slingers of epithets and wrecking balls of "common sense."

Here Bob addresses only "fellow Christians," who are "divided, confused, and misled." With Bob's Bible reference on the definition, however, all Christians will, or should, be brought to one mind.

Well and good; it's good if Christians agree. But what's the implication? That therefore society must be bent to that opinion? That when a majority agrees, it can deprive another of dignity via mob rule and unjust law? How UN-American.

Many people, Christians included, apparently find it impossible to simply live and let live; to understand that the authority to which they have surrendered is not universally accepted. By virtue of their surrender, many folks seem irritably intent upon controlling the thoughts and lives of others. Some even indulge the paranoia that "changing the meaning" of the "unchangeable," will abruptly disintegrate civilization. Apparently, everyone will just turn gay?

Homosexuality is as old as humanity, and here we still are, albeit wallowing in hypocrisy. Whether we actually have CIVIL-ization in the society that's more afraid of sex than terrorism; that forbids the sight of breasts on TV, but is apparently insufficiently horrified of blasting them in unjustifed and contrived wars, is another question.

But we'll move closer to being civilized by honoring people's right to live as they see fit.

People are just asking not to be discriminated against legally, based on narcissistic judgment, religiously based or not, of their nature and desired way of life. The definition should then become irrelevant, save for nurturing emotional comfort zones.

Sat, 8 Oct '05 submitted

The 4 Oct '05 Sentinel & Enterprise (S&E) editorial was: Boyarski deserves death penalty.

It's disappointing to see this fitful stumping for state murder.

A no-parole life sentence is deemed insufficient, because this was a "senseless and random crime..." If such a posture were valid, it might better be reserved for horrible non-random crimes.

Like the senseless, non-random (premeditated), ongoing, 15-year-old murder of Iraq, which (slightly greater) crime the S&E supported.

Eric Boyarski's behavior suggests a brain short-circuiting--a chemical imbalance perhaps, possibly one or more brain toxins. A brain can malfunction like any other organ. I wonder if he had taken any medical drugs that could share culpability, if not account, for this, as in Columbine, Red Lake, etc.

The editorial insists we shouldn't pay for the care and feeding of this lost soul. It's cheaper to off him and sink the Good-Christian society to the level it pretends to despise. A trademark premise of such vengeful sanctimony is that society bears no portion of responsibility for creating such a psyche. After all, society provides a flawless, health-promoting, nurturing atmosphere in which to be born, grow, and thrive.

Could we learn something by studying this individual instead of playing God?

Plying emotion to promote reciprocal murder, the editorial recounts how young, vibrant, and wonderful a person the victim was. Her death was absolutely unjust. The implication being that we should pass judgment on victims when establishing a sentence.

If so, a half million innocent children died, mostly of agonizing enteric dysentery from drinking feces-laden water following our Boyarski-like blasting of Baghdad's infrastucture in 1991, after Saddam was goaded into Kuwait. Who's guilty? Should the death penalty be applied? Do media people who failed to challenge BushCo lies and oppose this senseless, non-random crime qualify as accessories?

Chavez Nearly Nails It
Sat, 17 Sep '05 submitted

The 9/11/05 S&E ran two examples of highly questionable perspective on the 9/11 incident: Article: Cadet-son of firefighter killed in Sept. 11 attacks ready to fight terror; and: Jeff McMenemy: Today marks the anniversary of 9/11 attacks.

Before continuing, it's instructive to note that on 9/16/05 at the UN summit, Venezuelan President Chavez called the US a terrorist state. Americans suffering misunderstandings similar to Jeff's and the cadet's might react indignantly. But everything Chavez said was met with LOUD applause. That should give pause.

Yet, Chavez didn't quite nail it, either. It's not extremist groups, supported by the clandestine agencies of corrupted/intimidated governments like Axis-of-Evil US/GB/Israel (throw in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia). The Terrorists are obscenely wealthy internationalists, a 'ruling' elite whose family bloodlines go back thousands of years.
They operate now primarily through the world's central banks, which system has corrupting tentacles in all major nations (Federal Reserve). They orchestrate the protection racket called terrorism. These same elite blood lusters also secretly plan and execute wars (they threw Hitler at the world).

Jeff thinks we're not safe yet. But what if we're only as safe as the elite decide? Because they nurture and control most terrorism and/or make 'terrorists' fall guys (German Reichstag fire and 9/11).

The soldier, whose firefighter dad was lost on 9/11, is chomping at the bit to "kill terrorists" (Jesus will pin a medal on him). Ironically, he's unknowingly working for them, and terrorism can't be stopped militarily. Ironically also, NYC firefighters recently stood at Ground Zero protesting 9/11 official lies. They know it was an inside job and the tower collapses were controlled demolitions.

You and I can stop terrorism. First two steps: Wake up. Then rout the D.C. hen-house wolves.

Drugs in School
2 Sep '05, submitted

"National study: 62 percent of high schoolers say drugs used, kept or sold in their school." Sounds awful enough, but does it convey how awful things are? Some of the worst threats to kids are routinely ignored in favor of riding but one aspect of society's multifaceted threat.

Generally, aren't we talking about the danger of substances to the health and safety of kids? If so, why do the newspaper, city officials, police, etc keep harping on "drugs," ignoring equal or worse threats brought by OTC and prescription chemicals (killing easily 106,000 people annually).

Or the numerous poisons getting into kids, from conception forward, that underlie our precious American Way of Life? Or the health-threatening junkfest we call the school lunch program? Or the "food" court at The Mall? How about all the poisons coming from the universe of plastic doodads and hoopla technology.

No person has ever died directly from the effects of smoking pot. Nor does it create violent psyches. Whereas, aspirin has killed thousands of people, and prescribed psychotropic drugs cause murder sprees and suicides. What, these drugs are fine because there's no high?

Also never mentioned: Our legal and condoned wave of poisoning predisposes kids biochemically to 'naughty-drug' use and addiction. This is frequently blamed on pot, with the ominous warning: "It leads to other things." Sorry, folks; that influence is built right into the framework of this society.

Now comes the ostrich syndrome, because--oh my God! we might have to look critically at our way of life and comfort zones, and how we poison the kids for economy, jobs and wealth.

Meanwhile, pundits, officials and concerned citizens, who are also getting poisoned and many of whom are unhealthy, continue pounding the goody-two-shoe on the podium and deflecting culpability to dirty drug dealers and teen foolhardiness. How convenient.

The Cost of Energy
18 Aug '05, submitted

On Sat 8/13/05 a letter/article appeared, "Explaining the high cost of energy," by Unitil's Robert Schoenberger. It had some good things to say, but ommitted very important considerations, not the least of which is that old rules may no longer apply.

Theoretically, high prices reduce demand, then prices drop. The trouble is now, no one knows how much oil is left on the planet (and we can't really afford environmentally to burn it anyway). Thus, there's every chance that reduced demand, if it can be significantly achieved before depletion, won't lower prices.

Reducing personal demand is only part of a complex picture that includes obsessive consumerism, the economic growth conundrum, poison industrial agriculture, and, particularly, our runaway military. What's needed now goes way beyond what Mr Schoenberger suggests, and even beyond the needed surrender of convenience, comfort, and consumer addiction.

The "American Way of Life" has become imminently fatal.

Military fuel consumption is staggering. For example, An M-1 Abrams tank gets 252 gallons per hour (GPH). An aircraft carrier, 5,628 GPH, a B-52, 3,612 GPH. The F-16 sips along at 1,052 GPH. The consumption in just our last four false-pretense wars is unimaginable.

In peacetime (very short-lived, because profiteers are busily creating war behind the scenes) the military uses enough fuel in one year to run the entire US mass transit system for 14 years.

Entirely petro-dependent, industrial ag is a huge waste in every respect (and an enormous waste of water). Without taxpayer subsidy, hamburg would be $50-60/pound. Petro pesticides and fertilizers are nasty pollutants, as are feedlot emissions.

Another energy sink is the Conehead consumer orgy--from the driving to shop, big-box energy consumption, plowing, petro-based consumer products including plastics, commercial transportation including importation, to hauling mountains of waste. The big dilemma: consumer addiction, which drives the economy, is suicidal. (The solution, of course: widen Rte 12 and increase retail development.)

We must nurture local economies, especially the sustainable production of energy and staples. Promote and develop much more local organic farming and preserving. Demand and purchase organic food and clothing.

But Santa's List for energy customers would be: Jailing the criminal cabal of oily elite operatives that corrupt Washington, repealing the corporate-welfare energy bill, and getting out of Iraq; putting a serious cap on our insane military spending, resource consumption, and environmental assault; getting out of NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, WTO.

Failing these changes, we could soon wake up to America the Third World, getting what's long been inflicted on the central bankers' resource colonies--widespread poverty, disease, starvation and death. Remember during the '70's crisis, people were ready to shoot each another for a gallon of gas? Wait 'til it's also food, water, heating fuel.

A nasty scenario could easily develop quickly--on its own or elite-contrived. A shortage-driven oil-market panic would quickly skyrocket prices. Gasoline prices could rise 500% in a few months; food, over 300%; medical easily the same; unemployment to 30% and more, with currency crash and bank failures.

This scenario applies to the US of 2005 and 1929 (a picnic by comparison), Soviet Union of 1989, German Republic of 1924, Cuba of 1960, Argentina of 1986, Iran of 1979 and the Czarist Russian Empire of 1917, to name a few. Behind these crises: elite manipulations and theft of wealth.

As the elite see it now, however, the problem isn't too little oil, but too many "useless eaters" as Kissinger called us. They could stage events, such as phony 'terrorist' attacks, that trigger population-reducing crises.

Global industry could have a seizure, currencies implode, nation-states break down (the elite plan). Attempts by many people to feed themselves, stay warm and get clean water could be in vain. Climate/eco crises alone could do this.

The least fossil- and infrastructure-dependent, most self-sufficient communities would survive best. These 'backward' areas and nations would finally be emulated by scrounging survivors in the 'developed' world--a paved-over, toxic landscape--to whom the land has become a commodity and who have lost touch with it.

The London Attacks
2 Aug '05, submitted

Battleship Maine, Reichstag fire, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin incident: all underhanded 'setups' (Pearl was allowed) for creating war. But boy, did people believe at the time!

With Iran-Contra, US 'patriots' stabbed our ally (Saddam) in the back to finance South American death squads, contributing significantly to the estimated 100,000 slaughtered during the reign of Ronnie 'Raygun.' The BCCI scandal exposed 'legit' people funneling laundered drug money to terrorists and militants protecting drug lords.

That such evil deceptions happen repeatedly isn't surprising. That We-the-Sheeple, via the lapdog media, are still suckered by them is pathetic, not to mention alarming.

It's just a bit naive to regard such contrivances as isolated incidents. These historical models reveal how the power elite constantly operate to advance the ultimate agenda: subjugation/replacement of nations under corporate regional/global governance serving the elite cabal. This is the essence of the world revolution we're living through, a process driven by governmental corruption and criminality. To the list of setups can be added 9/11.

Major terrorism is an elite tool. Chaos creates the 'need' for the fascist, police-state, Homeland-Patriot protection racket: Secretly create threats, then provide the lucrative solution. The only Al Qaeda cell ever uncovered was a Mossad front. One has to be bending over pretty far to fall for the official line on terror.

From this perspective, the words of 'BushBlair' following the 7/7 London attack suggest the timing: Essentially, "See how good we Good Guys are? Solving the world's problems while the Bad Guys run around killing. Yes, fearful sheeple, we must pursue the never-ending War on Terror; and we brave, GoodGuy leaders will wage it for you. Just sacrifice your young men and women, surrender your Constitution and your $billions, and go Conehead Wally shopping with your National ID Credit Card."

The Wal-Mart Syndrome
7 May '05, unpublished

The Wal-Mart/development discussion has missed some general ideas maybe worth considering. Consumerism is a sacred cow, capitalism God. But how many understand their true nature?

Consider money: basically an entitlement against labor. But is monetary value based and standardized upon labor? No, it's a crooked, sliding-scale confidence game, created and manipulated by banks, designed to enslave people and steal wealth via debt-inflation-growth.

Consider capital--the earth's abundance, freely given for all by our beautiful Mother, who the capitalists have foreclosed, raped and despoiled (developed) by controlling money, brainwashing the consumer congregation, and standing on the backs of labor.

Capitalism is predicated on subjugation, theft, waste, and pollution. It has never functioned, nor can it, without external, non-capitalist input. The British empire happened by colonization: exploitation of more "primitive" economies and their resources, and by military plunder. American capitalism was built using slave labor and military expansion into indigenous land, murdering at least 7 million Natives (an unpoliticized Holocaust). Land (of the) free, indeed.

Today, we comfort ourselves that our SUV-infested roads, malls crammed with seductive commodities, and warehouses bursting with food are natural features of a superior social system.

We don't readily see the connection to the subjugated places--the exhausted legions, many living in pre-industrial, pre-capitalist societies, and the besieged land (enormous unpaid debt to Earth)--which underwrite our licentiousness. America is the worst, but obviously not alone.

Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, Lowe's, developers--all earth-rapers standing on the backs of labor. The degree of theft depends on labor conditions (why greedmongers outsource), and environmental license, or impact. So when we unthinkingly indulge our conditioned consumer addiction and lust for "cheap" prices, some poor bastard somewhere pays the price of his life and land. He often appears to us as an immigrant.

Attention, shoppers! The blue-light special is on...

Impounding drug cars (latest version)
13 Apr '05 (as "Drugs"), unpublished

Some folks want to impound cars in drug/prostitution arrests. Heil, the evolving fascist state! The excuse for this Constitutional insult of city/police becoming court? It WORKS. But overall, is the forceful approach to these issues ideal?

Overzealous political correctness obscures truth: drug abuse and prostitution are psychospiritual/health issues, not criminal. The worst problems associated with them, especially accessory crime and violence, arise from their very illegality.

Officials might also want acknowledge (publicly) that the global market is run by "legitimate" people in high places (like Wall St/CIA), who count on the illegality to scoop the half $trillion annual naughty-money, which serves all manner of corporatist hijinx—-supporting terror, clandestine "black ops," and propping up the economy.

Does anyone think the half trillion is laundered by local credit unions? Big banks and Wall Street play major roles. Recall the BCCI scandal.

Drugs can't be stopped locally. Enormous tax-free profit creates an infinite supply of dealers of an infinite supply of drugs infinitely demanded. Illegality supports that profit and a self-perpetuating, court-choking, hugely expensive, violent, futile merry-go-round.

A biting irony is that many legal drugs are far more dangerous and abused. Where's the corresponding outcry? Apparently nowhere, amid the hypocrisy of the Land of the Pill Poppers. Prozac and its siblings are implicated in 'unexplained' mass shootings like Springfield, Oregon and Redlake.

It costs $25,000 to $50k annually to 'house' a prisoner. Shifting resources squandered on repression into education, outreach and rehab--is the humane approach. Not street war.

Fascistically, however, the best approach is to skip that messy innocence presumption and due process crap, and clap arrestees directly into Gitmo--like the criminal federal government does. It works. Or fly 'em to Syria via "Air CIA" for torture. Hey, just shoot 'em on the spot. That really works.

Impounding drug cars
10 Mar '05 (& three times since), unpublished

The idea of impounding cars in drug arrests has made news. Heil, the evolving fascist state! The excuse for this Constitutional insult of city/police acting as court? It WORKS. But is the real problem an ill-advised, chest-thumping approach to drugs?

Myopia induced by overzealous political correctness obscures truth: drug abuse is a psychosocial/health issue, not criminal. But the worst problems associated with drugs, especially accessory crime/violence, arise from their very illegality.

Nor will drugs ever be stopped locally. Officials might need to face up to the fact that the global market is run by "legitimate" people in high places (like Wall St/CIA), who count on the illegality to scoop the half $trillion annual naughty-money, which serves all manner of hijinx, like supporting terror, criminal clandestine ops, and saving corporate bottom lines.

Does anyone think the half trillion is laundered by local credit unions? City of London launders about $200 billion annually.

Huge tax-free profit creates an infinite supply of dealers of an infinite supply of drugs infinitely demanded. Illegality creates a self-perpetuating, court-choking, expensive, violent, futile merry-go-round that insults freedom (but massages ego). Legislation in matters of personal choice is un-American.

A biting irony is that many legal chemical drugs are more dangerous, but there's no corresponding outcry. On the contrary, we're dying to get 'em from Canada (pun intended).

Decriminalizing/legalizing, regulating--even taxing--drugs, then putting resources squandered on cops-and-robbers games and prosecution into education, outreach and rehab is the peaceful, humane approach.

Fascistically, however, the best approach is to skip that messy innocence presumption and due process crap, and clap arrestees right into Gitmo--like the criminal federal government does. It works. Or fly 'em to Syria via Air CIA for torture. Even better, just shoot 'em on the spot. That really works.

Economic Growth
8 Feb '05, unpublished

A glimmer of hope concerning community growth has appeared. "Officials calling for smart growth" (6 Feb '05 S&E), presents views on Fitchburg's situation. This is most welcome, but important considerations seem missing.

The worship of perpetual "smart" growth defies common sense. Local officials struggle within the framework of an imposed economic system designed and manipulated to make its perpetrators obscenely wealthy at the expense of the planet and the people.

That is, growth is the "drug fix" that eases the inflationary pains of rigged, debt-based economics (exacerbated by enormous theft of people's wealth via the federal level by corporations controlling the system). Our economy would collapse if our source of life were not in perpetual liquidation. In that sense, there's never been smart growth. There's certainly no such thing now. The first step to salvation is this confession.

Or, let's answer this: If prosperity depends on perpetual growth, but space and resources are finite, what do we do when space and resources literally run out? Do we think we can zone and plan our way out of this dilemma? Are we passing on a disaster?

We're addressing local challenges of non-local origin with old, suicidal methods. Zoning laws must be changed so we can "just say no." Local and county officials must think outside the box, then stand up publicly to the corporate/federal juggernaut (State too). The general goal should be local/regional self-sufficiency.

A Leominster Planning Board member admitted to me we're being targeted (pun intended) by greed-driven outside interests (pandered to by local ones). They are overrunning and destroying the area. We're getting defensive damage control at best, not wisdom.

Based on the miserable traffic and impending energy crunch, we may be teetering on destruction. I know, let's widen Rte 12 and get some upscale retail...

VIOXX and the Pharmas
7 Feb '05, not submitted

On Friday, 1/7/05, PBS's "NOW" told the VIOXX story and reprised the FDA/pharma-companies scam. Unfortunately, PBS truncated the story--the drug disaster is not fixable by consumer tactics or administrative reform (there's even a "How To Be Drug Smart" page on the PBS website).

Pharma-medical philosophy rests on a fundamental conceptual flaw institutionalized in the late 19th century, when lucrative half-truths were gospelized against warnings of wiser scientists.

Toxins play a major role in most diseases (so-called)--especially those of "unkown cause"). Toxins by definition, all drugs are dangerous to varying degrees. All have side effects and stress the liver and other organs. The idea of using one toxin against another is preposterous on its face, yet informs the credo of a multibillion-dollar entity that feeds on unawareness, fear, misery, and a legally enslaved populace.

Drugs forcefully make symptoms disappear. This is called treating diseases, but ipso-facto prevents wellness. The patient is cured by definition, not actually. Most drugs cure nothing, but merely change appearances while operating behind a flawed definition of disease that controls the law and people's minds.

Drugs have their place, but are monstrously abused. For example, aspirin, Motrin, Advil, Tylenol, and statin drugs cause kidney damage. Pfizer and Eli Lilly also recently announced drug dangers--Celebrex for one.

Pharma-medicine plays a form of Russian roulette with people's lives called the Therapeutic Index--a ratio between the likelihood of the intended effect and the negative effects, including death. The more calamitous or deadly the symptom picture, the deadlier the drug can be. Stir this ratio into an unprincipled, greed-driven corporate cauldron, and voila! VIOXX.

A medical education has been defined as the warping of unsuspecting, immature minds into a meticulous system of commercial superstition. Cleverly sold and sufficiently widespread, aberration can become a cultural mantra.

Three Pieces on Iraq in 28 Jan '05 S&E
Published 6 Feb '05, Sentinel & Enterprise.

Three related pieces about Iraq appear in the Sentinel & Enterprise: a former veterans' agent is concerned about soldiers being easy targets. Ted Kennedy's worried we're into another Vietnam tactically. Scripps Howard News Service (a stumper for the war) bemoans the astronomical cost.

None of these "analysts" even mentions the insane, unspeakable criminal horrors perpetrated against Iraqis and the planet. But even that's not the point.

Completely ignored is the intrigue whereby wars are connived into existence. This goes for almost every war, including The Big One, which people recall with nostalgia and pride. We defeated evil, right? Nonsense!

We defeated a mad elite servant thrown at the world from behind the scenes by evil, then supported by an evil corporate cartel. Saddam was no different! The real kicker: Elite "Jews" (and many "Christians" including Prescott Bush) knowingly financed Hitler and the Holocaust to gain the global psychological advantage. Typical, ruthless, elite Satanic operation (9/11 another).

This is not to disparage courage, service and honor. But we inflict and suffer such enormous pain because we citizens have failed our civic duty to keep reins on the government. Instead, we pursue "the dream," gush about America the Great, shop madly, drive selfishly around, burn dead animals on the barbie, and gear up for the big game. What priorities.

Meanwhile, we're spoonfed a bolus of propaganda concocted by elites who profit from war and stifle exposure by controlling the media. Somebody tell Scripps Howard that following that $300 billion might lead right to the perps.

It's almost as if America suffers from a collective masochism decoratively adorned with platitudes about freedom, patriotism, democracy. These ideals have become manipulated propaganda mechanisms having the opposite effect. You can't help thinking, if only politics were a sport... attention deficit over? Lesson learned?

The Hospital's "Biggest Problem" - Uninsured Patients
Published 8 Jan '05, Sentinel & Enterprise.

Headline: "Hospitals say uninsured their biggest problem" Right, and the drug addict's biggest problem is he can't get his fix. It's not the real problem, just a nasty inconvenience.

One real problem is that, somehow, not enough of that naughty trillion dollars annually spent on conventional medical 'care' finds its way to hospitals, hospital workers, and nurses. It's willfully piling up in the pockets of the medical supply industry and the drug dealers--doctors and the fat pharmas.

Another real problem is that conventional medical philosophy is lucratively flawed, so the system can be organized primarily around 'disease management' via dispensing toxic drugs. This is a ticket to ride on Our Merry-Go-Round of Perpetual Illness. Make symptoms 'go away' then wait for the next 'new' disease to arise.

In this atmosphere, doing right and insuring everyone plays further into corporate greed, while getting many folks fatally flung off the merry-go round: Conventional medical 'care' kills at least 225,000 people a year, and destroys quality of life for thousands who survive the medical tsunami.

Where's the outrage, people? Certainly doesn't seem to be behind the desks of any of our supposed protectors, aka public servants, who seem obediently uncritical in their echo chambers of political correctness.

The biggest real problem: Of what interest is widespread wellness to a raging corporate bull whose financial health depends upon widespread illness? Ask yourself that question--repeatedly if need be. Then ask it--repeatedly if need be--of the Mitt-ster and other politicians, who are "stepping up to the plate" and "bringing all the players in" to solve the financial crunch at hospitals.

Players indeed. We're going nowhere in health care until we remedy the parasitic greed feeding off the system. Here's one thought: not-for-profit, single-payer, national health care insurance, with freedom to choose practitioner/method.

Welcome to Topsy-Turvy Land
16 Dec '04, Unpublished

Welcome to Topsy-Turvy Land: medicine corrupting health, law corrupting justice, government destroying freedom, education corrupting knowledge, media corrupting information, religion confounding spirituality.

Armed vigilante chases drug dealers. Fretting about street drugs while 130,000 are killed annually by legal ones. Doctors/pharmas deal the most dangerous drugs by far.

Security: more laws, control, restriction--for safety, we're told. Safety and freedom: incompatible. Safety and comfort-zone conehead consumerism, fearful submission to fascist control, Homeland Security National ID cards with DNA markers: eminently compatible. Elite protection racket.

Plenty of money for international death-dealing, new presidential helicopters. Insufficient money for veterans, police, schools, soup kitchen, even removing sewage from the water. New Bush/EPA rule proposes raw sewage emission (like BushCo output). Hey, we're ahead of that curve!

Debt-yoked, over-populated, over-developed, pollution-spewing, landfill-bulging, planet-busting, Frankensociety lurches onward. Imminent: major energy crisis and economic collapse that could make 1929 look like a picnic. Energy-intensive "economic growth" remains the holy grail. Prosperity's historically contingent upon liquidating our source of life, battlefield Earth. Developers bitten by greed; myopic, complicit politicians and media promote a self-destructive system. Wal-Mart, Target, widening Rte 12: suicidal Pavlovian foolishness.

Shoppers! Compare value: local food, clothing, energy; small-scale; organic; cooperative; slower-paced; human-oriented; diverse and ecologically sustainable? Naaaa! Upscale retail will save the day.

Self-appointed, auto-repressed moralizing sentinels whine about threats to family and "decency." Indignant outcry over female breast becoming visible (shudder!) while we splatter human bodies, families, entire cities in Iraq (ho hum). For freedom and safety, we're told. Righteous Judeo-Christian splattering: censored, not videocast by the stenographic media. Should our troops who execute corporate agendas in the malodorous swamp of our popular delusion and patriotic apathy awake from their mind-control training-hypnosis, what will be their psychoemotional status?

America, opening the barn and chasing horses while the house burns down, Merry Christmas.

Paul Sullivan's Election Summary
Published 12 Nov '04, Sentinel & Enterprise

Sentinel and Enterprise editorial columnist Paul Sullivan seems more concerned with cleverness and wit than substance, which is entertaining I suppose, except that it usually reveals a disturbing lack of political savvy.

Since there isn't space allotted to the "loyal opposition" of the paper that the paper gives itself to convey its neocon editorial leanings, I'll take just one case, Mr. Sullivan's 4 November election "summary"--trivial banter about various peoples' reactions to the presidential election, such as Michael Moore and Saddam.

Sullivan apparently doesn't understand that both presidential candidates are elitists, and the "election" a drama staged to give the impression of democracy in action, whereas the elite agenda has proceeded across all administrations, especially in the last century. One irony is that Sullivan tells Kerry-supporter Michael Moore, who also doesn't seem to get this, to move to France. How's your French, Paul?

Sullivan also doesn't understand that, like Bush, Saddam was a mad elite servant. He was assisted to power by the CIA to run the war against Iran (while we secretly sold Iran weapons to finance elite criminal/genocidal operations in Nicaragua). While there wasn't justification for Saddam's Iran aggression, there was for Kuwait, which cleverly became turnabout excuse for the BushCo war/sanctions-party for empire, oil, and Israeli regional military hegemony.

The best example of Sullivan's political myopia is his apparent satisfaction with BushCo spin on the cause and nature of terrorism. Perhaps he doesn't know that the best terrorist training camp in the world is at Fort Benning, Georgia. Perhaps he doesn't see that a group of scrappy fighters called Minutemen were 'rebels' and 'insurgents' and would be called terrorists today by imperial corporate terrorists such as Big, Bad Bush and his power-drunk, greed-driven, bloodthirsty, traitorous, Neonazi string-pullers posing as patriots.

Federal Reserve
Published 26 Sept '04, Worcester Telegram & Gazette

The 18 October '04 editorials page presented George Will's "President anticipates second term." This palette of BushCo propaganda contains a statement revealing Will's elitist leaning--that one of Woodrow Wilson's great achievements was the creation of the Federal Reserve. A monumental lie.

Wilson later said he felt betrayed by the secret deal on Jekyll Island to wrest control of our money system from Congress, where the Constitution places it. The Fed is not federal, but a privately-held corporate cartel tied to the central international banks, which manipulate markets and world economy for their own benefit, and that of the super wealthy. They systematically steal the peoples' wealth by creating a system of debt.

Despite Constitutional prohibitions, the Executive prints funny-money (debt, actually--there has been no money since 'certificates' were replaced by 'notes'), then sells it to the private cartel for the cost of the ink and paper; then borrows back the fiat money at face value at an interest rate determined by the cartel; then taxes the labor of citizens via Gestapo/IRS to pay the interest. Congress acquiesces to this criminal process of wealth transfer, which is probably the worst problem America faces.

$7 trillion of debt, indeed. Is this any way to run a business? The Federal Reserve Act should repealed.

Ed-Lett TOC

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