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Symptoms of the Elite Agenda
Mainstream Alternative News

This page describes a major symptom of Elite influence and control. The operations (conspiracies) intended to advance the Elite Agenda of fascist, global dominion (supranational world government using business-dominated entities) comprise most of the world's major geopolitical, social, and financial chaos.

If you are new to the idea of the 'Power Elite' (aka 'Ruling Class,' 'Elite,' 'Illuminati,' 'Corporatocracy,' and so on), please see the introductory summary/description
Elite Agenda and M-O.

Here is a more extensive analysis [off-site link, new window/tab], though not quite as involved as it gets. Be aware that there are varying views on the nature and scope of the Elite. For example, the preceding link says they've been active for about a hundred years, whereas others say centuries, even thousands of years. I lean toward the latter view.

A look at the sordid history of the Elite and its ruthless manipulation and control of human societies in other areas usually eases the challenging shift in perspective. There are few, if any, aspects of our lives they don't heavily influence, and even control. The more you learn about them, the easier it is to see that this is so, and to see through many politicians and 'the news.'

The deprivation of information on deep politics in the news serves to advance the elite Agenda. Limiting or eliminating truth, and increasing misconceptions about how the world works and what's going on behind events in the news, is a major elite tactic. And true to form, they don't wait for 'opposition' to arise, but create it in order to control the 'damage.'

( is a popular news website that publishes daily news digests, among other things. Referred to herein as "TO." The following was posted on their Forum in the "Weekend Open Thread" early Sat AM 8/20/'05. Slight changes have been made and a few links added.)

Battleship Maine, Reichstag fire, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin incident: all known underhanded 'setups' (Pearl was allowed) for creating war. But boy, did people fall for these conspiracies!

In the Iran-Contra conspiracy, US 'patriots' stabbed our ally (Saddam) in the back to finance South American death squads, contributing significantly to the estimated 100,000 slaughtered during the reign of Ronnie Star Wars Raygun. The BCCI conspiracy scandal involved 'legit' people funneling laundered drug money to terror minions and to militants protecting drug lords.

That such deceptions happen repeatedly isn't surprising. That We-the-Sheeple, via the lapdog mainstream media, are so often suckered by them is alarming. However, there is another 'mainstream' media that progressives might want to consider. We might call it 'Mainstream Alternative' (MA) media, with its own limitations and deficiencies.

Like the other mainstream, however, MA represents itself as the genuine, no-holds-barred article. Comprising a big portion of the alternative/progressive/radical venue, it's probably as dangerous as the mainstream it purports to trump, because it has a controlling effect on where readers' attention is focused. This might be no accident.

It's just a bit naive to regard the setups mentioned above as isolated incidents. These historical models reveal how the power elite regularly operate to advance their ultimate Agenda: subjugation/replacement of nations by corporate regional/global governance serving the elite cabal. This is the essence of the world transformation we're living through, a process mediated by governmental corruption and criminality which are SYMPTOMS, not the basic problem. To the list of setups above can be added 9/11, the 'inside job' which TO is grossly remiss in ignoring.

Analogy: In the Holistic view of health, so-called 'diseases' are seen as symptoms of underlying imbalances (such as toxicity), which are routinely neglected (on purpose) by corporate medicine's flawed dogma and usual treatments. One purposes of this scam is to perpetuate underlying illness by changing its outward appearance with drugs. Of what interest is widespread wellness to an industry whose prosperity depends upon people being sick? The premise here is that a comparable scenario exists in the MA diagnosis and treatment of sociopolitics.

In other words most of the issues--daily news and events, chaos, threats, and challenges we encounter are direct or indirect SYMPTOMS of a pervasive underlying imbalance that is largely ignored by the MA news: the covert manipulation and control of society by a very old international cabal of obscenely wealthy, ruthless, power-wielding elitists, or internationalists, most of whom remain in the background.

For the most part, our anger and frustration are directed by MA news at elite operatives--expendable manipulators--who create the daily 'drama.' And this drama has an analog in theater: Players fulfilling roles outlined by writers and directors who are not on stage. Even though some operatives are high-end elites, such as the Bush crime family dynasty and the PNAC neocons, they would be sacrificed in an instant to cover up the larger matrix.

The elite agenda and M-O is not exposed widely or frequently enough for many folks who follow MA news to discern the 'model.' This is not to sell people short and underestimate them, but in scanning thru several threads in this forum, you often see a BushCo hatefest, as if BushCo is the problem, with the implied, sometimes stated, notion that the Democrats, or even the Progressive Democrats, are going to save us.

Another common expression is that Bush wrecked the democracy. It's as if lying and contriving war is a BushCo invention. Folks seem to forget about WW I, WW II, Vietnam (the most obvious), and Kosovo. If anything, Bush has done us all a favor by showing us how derelict we've been, over the past century especially, in allowing the near-total corruption of federal politics and the existence of the KEY criminal Federal Reserve, while we've been pursuing The Dream and watching the Big Game. We can rail at Bush, but the mirror reveals who's been asleep at the stick in America.

I empathize with Cindy Sheehan and agree with the movement to get out of Iraq, but the general response to her situation is a renewed hatefest against Dubya, as if he's the problem, as if the Iraq war is the problem, as opposed to symptoms. Oh, it feels good to rail against Bush, and it would be quite helpful to oust the neocons. But they are just an extreme faction of a deeply entrenched corps of elite operatives. So we have international criminals like Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft--even GWH Bush, who called the neocons 'the crazies'--criticizing BushCo.

Another example: a 'freeway blogger' has posted a roadside sign "No one died when Clinton lied." Nothing could be further from the truth, beginning with the highly suspicious death of Vince Foster.

And it was during the Clinton watch that NAFTA was baptized in and Osama admitted to visit a hospital in Dubai, visited by CIA, and allowed to walk away. Those who think Clinton somehow a better president than Bush simply don't understand how the elite work, because the two are either on the same team or just rivals within the evil power structure.

In other words, no matter which party is in power, or indeed what political form a government even is (communist, fascist, republic, etc), the elite, who wield a significant portion of their power thru the major central banks (of which our criminal Fed is a scion), multinationals, and NGO groups, function perfectly well. After all, elite operatives were instrumental in creating the Third Reich and the USSR. From this perspective, what sort of government forms in Iraq is irrelevant. The real invasion was economic.

Iraq faces the formidable challenge of keeping the slimy tentacles of elite power off the agencies of government. Good luck. Motive for the military invasion? Probably several, but none is needed other than the bloodthirsty, ruthless, genocidal elite love of it and the profits generated thereby. Just the amount of fuel sold by OilCo, and the materiel consumed in war reveals sufficient motive. Some wars might even be practice runs and/or a means of using up equipment eclipsed by new technology.

Put the words of Will Pitt, railing at Bush, into this perspective:
"Though Bush clings desperately to his canned lines to defend his actions, the facts speak for themselves. This whole bloody enterprise has been a colossal, expensive, murderous failure."
Sure Will, just like 9/11 was an 'intelligence failure.' Here's a wild idea: the elite like the mess. There may have been no intention to create a 'democracy,' or there was a take-or-leave attitude about it. After all, of what interest is a stable, powerful Iraq to the Zionazis? Even in its debilitated condition, Iraq is cozying up to Iran.

The elite usually insinuate themselves into both sides of issues/conflicts (as in WW II, effectively selling arms to all sides), and into all political arenas. There are also viciously competing factions, and the world is the arena. THINK about it--if you intended to put the agencies of a government to selfish use, would you put your eggs in one party's basket? Or would you create what looks like political polarity and play both sides. So the Democrats have not, and will not, save us. We are served the illusion of a two-party system--sort of a bad cop/good cop routine, depending on which side people are brainwashed to support.

Bush-bashing plays into elite hands, because he's only a puppet of operatives. And all operatives know the rules going in: they are expendable. NO ONE will ever give away the deeper game. Furthermore, prosecutions/convictions/impeachments, though not entirely hollow victories, are much like cutting off the limb of a starfish, and simply appease the narrowly focused. An impeachment of the entire Bush Admin might be seen as victory, whereas, it would be a minor setback for the elite, if they didn't even turn it to advantage. In fact, even a Dubya assassination could serve them well, putting the junkyard dog in the seat.

Some revelations can be disruptive to cherished beliefs and sensibilities, and even rather frightening, such as the promotion of illness generally; slow genocide with orchestrated infectious epidemics (look out for the bird flu!); electromagnetic mind control, and White House/Congress pedophilia:
The Franklin Coverup The child sex ring that reached the Reagan (Bush) White House
Federal Occult Pedophilic Drug/Porn Ritual Murdering Elite Senator John DeCamp
Child sacrifices in London African boys being sacrificed.

Technology exists that can alter weather and climate, and use the planet itself as a weapon. So, such revelations are often simply denied or ignored in favor of a more comfortable level of awareness. This limited space, in my opinion, is where TruthOut operates (giving it the benefit of the doubt on being deliberately distractive), along with MoveOn and True Majority, for other examples. As long as they persist in roiling about at the drama level and playing truth-hero, these MA outfits will not save us either. That's OK, though. My gripe is with the savior posture, instead of admitting limitations and guiding folks who want it to the deep politics.

Again, good disinfo/gatekeeping uses accurate and revealing info to lead ultimately to deception and misdirection.

TO's director, Marc Ash, has told me not to email him any more. None of the TO gang with whom I've communicated, with the possible exception of Steve Weissman, will engage this subject. Ash also told me in the same breath "Tom Flocco is an idiot." Maybe so, but I can say Ash is an idiot as well. What does that prove? Apparently, Ash is too important and busy to back up his accusation--but I'm guessing it is becasue Flocco dares cover areas where TO 'fears' to tread. Ash's reaction arose when I sent around an email asking if people were having trouble accessing Flocco's site after he broke the story a couple of weeks ago that indictments have been handed down to members of the Bush Administration.

Flocco had it on good authority, he said, that US federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury convened in Chicago to indict Bush officials for perjury and obstruction of justice. According to Flocco individuals have been at work for over a year and a half on this matter.
And now, lo and behold, on the pages of TO:
FOCUS | Plame Prosecutor Inclined to Enforce Perjury Laws

This piece says Fitzgerald is only "considering" such charges, and it seems to be speculation based on Fitzgerald's past. So it's interesting. Flocco stands by his version, which he says is based upon trusted sources.

Even if you've read it, try re-reading the Mutual-Admiration-Society interview by Ash of Pitt with the perspective suggested in this post in mind, and see if it takes on a different tenor.
In the same way, check out the PDA "platform" as well.

All this is not to say that drama is of no consequence--of course it is. The elite count on it; otherwise throwing the Knights Templar, Hitler, Qadaffi, Noriega, the Shah, Marcos, Pinochet, Saddam, etc. at the world would have been of no consequence. But drama is also revealing as symptoms of elite manipulations of society, and it is helpful to keep that perspective. TO performs a valuable service in collating wide-ranging news events. But, lacking the deeper context, events can be deceiving, as they are often meant to be.

For example. I saw a Greg Palast investigative video about 9/11 that shows a house in Falls Church, VA where he says 4 of the '9/11 hijackers' lived. Overall, the video purports to fault the government, yet supports en passant the official mantra that 19 Arabs flew planes into buildings. Whereas, the government has never proved that tale, and much evidence refutes it.

Cindy Sheehan has also parrots the government line on 9/11.

People are kept in contentious states over drama and silly-ass labels like Republicrats, Democans, Liberals, Conservatives etc. This diverts anger and action while the disease rages beyond view. As noted, the elite often create opposition to their operations in order to better control damage by sidetracking energy. This allows Cousin Bones Kerry to 'stand up' to Bush on environment or whatever issue. And forget Howard Dean. It's possible that some MA outfits are exactly this damage control. The anti-war movement, such as the big September march, generally keeps ignoring 9/11 as well, and focuses on Iraq. Ya, so the peaceniks "stopped" Vietam. That was great. Where are we now?

Like the planning and execution of wars, major terrorism is an elite tool, or M-O, which creates the 'need' for the fascist, police-state, Homeland-Patriot protection racket. This M-O is called "Problem, Reaction, Solution." Secretly create the threat, then provide the Agenda-advancing solution. One has to be bending over pretty far to fall for the official line on terror. But a lot of people are, and a lot of them are in MA news. Another one that seems questionable is Democracy NOW, which also ignores 9/11.

The words of 'BushBlair' following the 7/7 London attack (followed by--surprise!--Patrtiot II) suggest the reason for the timing of that incident (G8 summit). Essentially it was, "See how good we Good Guys are? Solving the world's problems while the Bad Guys run around killing. Yes, fearful sheeple, we must pursue the never-ending War on Terror; and we brave, GoodGuy leaders will wage it for you. Just sacrifice your young men and women, surrender your Constitution and your $billions, and go Conehead Wally shopping with your National ID Credit Card."

"Seeing the civilian casualties and the horrible things that were done and the destruction we laid on that country, it seemed pretty clear to me that we never had the Iraqis' best interests in mind." - Michael Hoffman, US Marine

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