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Societal Symptoms of the Elite Agenda
[[work in progress]]

Special "Rabbit Hole" Series

This series attempts to show that the influence upon society of the 'Elite' cabal is deeper than commonly thought among those who speak or write of it. The operations (conspiracies) that intend to advance the Elite Agenda of fascist global dominion comprise most of the world's major political, geopolitical, social, and financial chaos.

If you are new to the idea of the 'Power Elite' (aka 'Ruling Class,' 'Elite,' 'Financial Elite,' 'Illuminati,' 'Corporatocracy,' and so on), please see my introductory summary/description
Elite Agenda and M-O.

Here is a more extensive analysis [off-site link, new window/tab], though not quite as involved as it gets. Be aware that there are varying views on the nature and scope of the elite. For example, the preceding link says they've been active for about a hundred years, whereas others say centuries, even thousands of years. I lean toward the latter view.

The Manipulation of Human Society: How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole?

Part 1, Overview looks at multiple aspects of the manipulation of human society by a power hierarchy alternately known as the: 'Ruling Class,' 'Elite,' 'Power Elite,' 'Financial Elite,' and 'Illuminati.'
Part 2, Child Protection
concerns the satanic/pedophile network underlying family court systems in the US and abroad, resulting in horrific outcomes for children seized by the system, often without justification.
Part 3, Disease concerns the deliberate perpetuation and creation of illness by the system purported to cure illness—the conventional medical establishment, along with corporate adjuncts such as poison/industrial agriculture, industrial pollution, and the wireless industry.
Part 4, Economics discusses highly questionable aspects of conventional economics and its 'laws,' used by the Elite to steal the wealth of nations and the masses—including the criminality of 'legitimate' commercial/central banking, and the death trap of constant growth for a strong economy and prosperity.



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