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Editorial 'Dailies'-2

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Any health information provided herein is for educational purposes only.

Wed, 9 Mar '05 Syndicated editorial, Scripps Howard News: The itch to regulate

Response: Once in a while, SH gets one right.

In this case, it's coming out against proposed extension of governmental 'indecency regulation' to cable and satellite broadcasts.

Man, I'm so sick of self-righteous, hypocritical, goody-two-shoe sentiment in this country that wants to control what people think and feel and the personal decisions they make. It's the same with the damn drug laws and the crying about gay marriage, as if that will cause the implosion of society.

Reality check people: society is already imploded, and it's mostly the 'decent folk' who've brought it about, with their overbearing hypocrisy that is appalled at seeing a femal nipple on TV, but which has allowed $20 trillion to have been spent on military murder machinery since WW II, that is now blowing the nipples off of women, along with arms, legs and everything else. Talk about obscenity.

And while I'm bitching here, I'd like to say there isn't a more immature, hung up, hypocrtical, spasmodic national psyche in the world regarding coming to adult terms with sexuality as the good ol' US of Neurotica. And we have what to thank for this, but the elite-mediated Judao/Christian tradition of guilt-ridden mind-control. Have no fear, though, the elite have also created psychiatry to deal with the effects of religious dogma and secular education.

So, a rare kudo to Scripps Howard, who notes that it is an abridgement of freedom to tell someone he can't purchase particular programming in a private transaction--as is the case with cable and satellite media.

Wed, 9 Mar '05 Article: Half-million throng pro-Syrian rally in Beirut as Syrian troop move begins

Response: Is Syria really evil?

Hezbollah, the militant party formed to resist Israel's (Zionaziville) colonialism and violence in the Middle East, staged a great rally giving thanks to Syria for helping them with troops. BushCo, president of the country that stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of military help and interference if foreign countries, hypocritically demands that Syria remove troops in the name of Lebanese "freedom," and that Hezbollah disarm.

Where has Lebanese resistance to Syrian presence been for 25 years? Only small voices, possibly Israeli/US instigated, have protested against.

What Dubya means is that both of his demands would leave Lebanon much more vulnurable, and reduce resistance to Zionazi agendas in the region. However, Lebanon is a complex situation. Here's one look.

By the way, who's the most anti-Semitic nation in the world? Israel, of course, if you use the correct definition of Semite, and don't fall for the erroneous expression created for political purposes by elite-servant Jews during elite-servant-Jew-facilitated WW II.

For the record--it's not "the Jews," or "the French," "the Americans," and so on, but the elite bloodlines within these that underlie most chaos in the world. Elite servants pose as this or that category, but it's just a convenient front, not heartfelt.

Wed, 9 Mar '05 Article: Investigation under way into Tylenol overdoses of two infants.

Response: More conmedical victims.

Brigham and Women's Hospital "apologized" to the parents and resolved to get to the bottom of why 4 cc instead of .4 cc of Tylenol were given to the infants post-circumcision. The boys are said to be in "good condition," but Tylenol causes kidney damage. Let's hope there's none of that.

But here are two more victims of conventional medicine, which kills around 130,000 people a year with its noxious medicaments. Of course, the real tragedy here is that the barbaric practice of clipping off the prepuce is allowed in a society that purports to cherish babies. It's a vile, cult-based practice that should be banned until the age of consent.

Tue, 8 Mar '05 Syndicated editorial, Dale McFeatters: What's the frequency, Vladimir?

Response: McFeatters inserts foot.

Subject is Dan Rather's retirement and Vladimir Putin's remark in response to Bush criticism of state-controlled Russian media, that he didn't criticize the US when it fired Dan Rather over the Bush National Guard story. McFeatters makes big noise about Putin's obvious misunderstanding of "the place of the press in American society."

McFeatters says Putin is naive. THAT naive, you think? Or does he have a better handle on things than McFeatters? What difference whether the state, or, as in the US, the corporately controlled state, controls the media? Oh, we get carrot-stick news, but the big mind-control game is virtually invisible.

McFeatters weakly redeems himself by noting the attempted jailing of two reporters in the Valerie Plame leak-scandal. But then he sells out by crowing about our 'free press,' and that, "Our government doesn't fire reporters." Not directly, perhaps, bu also perhaps effectively--and the elite can even have them killed if need be.

See "Jeff Gannon" piece for insight into American media.

Tue, 8 Mar '05 Article: Kennedy's effort to raise minimum wage fails.

Response: Rational: decent wages cause inflation!

Here we are in the "greatest country in the world." The current minimum wage is poverty-level existence. The proposed wage, which still can't support a semblance of America's touted standard of living, can't be paid because "it will cause inflation." What utter bullshit, I'm sorry.

Simply put, inflation is caused, not by a living wage, but by the masters of finance manipulating the system for their own benefit. Part of the problem is multinationals and central banks creating enclaves of profit-maximizing slave labor around the globe, to which America exports its jobs. Inflation/debt is how they steal the people's wealth.

Sun, 6 Mar '05 Article: Harvard research institute finds itself at center of stem cell storm

Response: Dr Frankenstein lives in Harvard's bowels.

Story about Harvard SC researcher Kevin Eggan. This one describes the Frankensteinian process of creating an embryo-derived stem cells. The stem-cell rationalization (for the excuse to spend billions on technomasturbation) is that the research is being aimed at the ever-mysterious "genetic-based" diseases--as if they're different from all other symptomologies caused by human self-abuse and health unawareness.

For example, how much genetic damage has been caused by decades of scientifically untested and unproven viral vaccination? No one knows. The truth is, however, that those decades represent a massive, uncontrolled genetic experiment, brought upon the public by elite-servant Dr Frankenstein (aka conventional medicine).

Interestingly, this article says 'few ethical questions' are raised by Eggan's mouse experiments. Few, indeed, but there is human arrogance at its best: we condone mostly unnecessary animal suffering and exploitation to look for 'cures' for our own folly. Not only is this condoned, but reverently regarded as "modern science." It's mostly bullshit.

A lot can be said about a society by the way it treats animals. My favorite movie is the one where a superior race comes to Earth and makes lab rats out of humans.

Again, stem cell treatments, even if they 'work,' are not a cure for degenerative illness--only compensation for ignorance. Eggan's lab is described as being "in the bowels" of a Harvard building. Need I say, an appropriate place for it.

Please see letter to pols and paper.

Sun, 6 Mar '05 Article: Housing boom a drain on Leominster's water supply

Response: Is some light dawning at last?

Perhaps we've gotten carried away with housing development (vis-a-vis water--traffic-wise and almost every other way, we're well over the top)? There seems to be some differences of opinion, but it's good to see the concern and attention. The article says that 60% of our water consumption is now residential.

Conservation Agent Matthew Marro says we have a spare capacity of 250,000 to 500,000 gallons/day before hitting the redline. Not mentioned, however, is the effect of the unknown: a major drought that defies our historical pattern. My uneducated guess is that it wouldn't take long to initiate a serious crisis.

Water will be even more of a crisis issue in the next decade than oil. Water tables are increasingly becoming polluted. We may have plenty of water, but it's drinkability could become NOT.

One of the worst things done to municipal water is the addition of chlorine. Numerous poisonous compounds can result. Equally as bad, if not worse--and never mentioned--is that chlorine, because it kills bacteria indiscriminately, has a serious negative impact on the populations of the life-giving bacteria that are supposed to inhabit our GI tract. This is a major reason I won't drink the water coming out of my tap (the occasional brown slime doesn't encourage either). I wonder how many people do drink theirs.

Do people know that testing is done only for about 20 pollutants out of thousands, and that no further testing is done unless a 'problem' arises? Welcome to guinea-pig city.

Perhaps the stupidest thing we do with our water is mix human waste with it, and then spend millions trying to separate it again--with incomplete success. Countries that don't have water 'to burn' don't use flush toilets, but dry composting toilets. Such common sense could save us huge amounts of water, but of course might not sit well with the squeamish, convenience-driven American psyche. But I challenge anyone who champions flush toilets to drink a glass of effluent from the wastewater treatment plant.

Leominster Mayor "Mazzalini" makes an interesting comment in light of the residential consumption rate: "You'd have to build a hundred thousand houses to have any impact on water usage." Really, Dino? Is this why we have alternate-days bans in most summers?

By the way, if we were not killing our internal bacteria and eating an arguably insane diet, our 'stuff' wouldn't stink to high heaven (not normal, as many believe, but Nature's warning of serious imbalance), thus reducing the associated squeamishness. If it were up to me, all new houses would require composting toilet systems, and eventually, all toilets possible would be converted.
Envirolet toilets
Phoenix toilets (residential and commercial)
BioLet toilets

Fri, 4 Mar '05 Article: 50 Cent: cost of controversy

Response: Misplaced concern by the politically correct

Rapper 50 Cent's new album is discussed. The chatter centers around the 'worthiness' of this 'artist' to young people and to society. The kids give pros and cons, but the big question is the old, banal, tired one, that should go the way of BushCo lies in the media, of whether the lyrics will incite violence.

There it is, folks, the society with a bigger military than the next 20 countries combined, that has spent $20 Trillion on wepaons since WW II, that has slaughtered uncountable numbers of people and been accessory to many other slaughters, is worried about some lyrics (not to mention the sight of a nipple at the Superbowl). One of the kids got it right, saying he's just describing our violent society.

Fri, 4 Mar '05 Syndicated editorial, Bill Press: Bogus reporting from the White House

Response: Yikes.

A phony reporter (James Guckert, alias "Jeff Gannon") working for GOP interests who is a gay male escort with military ambience gets past White House security for two years and into presidential press conferences to throw softball slow pitches to Dubya--with a FAKE ID. How's that for Homeland Security?

The worst thing is, the corporate ass-kissing press has simply let the whole thing go, as has Congress. If I hear the phrase 'liberal media' one more time... More on this story

Fri, 4 Mar '05 Syndicated editorial, Scripps Howard: A vote for democracy

Response: Politically correct palaver.

Egypt's leader, Mubarak converting the government to democratic elections. Ah, democracy is God.

It rarely occurs to people, especially panderers to conventional political dogma (like Scripps Howard) that it's not the form of government primarily, but how it's run that makes the difference. In other words a benevolent dictatorship is better than a colonial, fascist, secular, expansionist, genocidal. theocratic 'democracy' like Israel, for example. Especially when, as is the case with the US, the fascism is directed via business at other nations and peoples that had no hand in empowering the fascists (BushCo--but also ClintonCo, BushCo-1, and so on).

The US 'democracy' is a major terrorist state. Iran-Contra and the slaughter we (RonnyCo) supervised in El Salvador are prime examples of covert terror, while Afghanistan and Iraq are prime examples of overt terror. The elite MO is to propagandize crime as noble cause.

Wed, 2 Mar '05 Article: Trying to spare bases, communites bring in consultants to lobby, advise

Response: Too often , mainly the pimps make out.

For 'economic' reasons, states and cities with military installations are trying to prevent closures.

Yet another example of America's special paradox of being dependent upon suicidal behavior for survival. The planet, people's lives and health be damned--people need jobs, even if we don't need the base. To top it off a new industry has arisen, as firms provide 'teams' of consultants--people with connections in Washington, including--what else--former military brass, congresspersons, and even Cabinet members. Some of these folks used to work on closing bases.

Jeb Bush hired a lobbying team in 2004 that gets paid $50,000.00 dollars a month, taxpayer fine.

Wed, 2 Mar '05 Article: Cell phone 'bill of rights' suggested

Response: They worry about the wrong things.

Cell phone customers complain of service problems--spotty coverage, dropped calls, confusing bills and excessive charges

If only such trivial matters were the only trouble with cell phone use. But they pale in comparison to the physical dangers of bathing one's brain in microwave radiation--especially children. It's not only the phones, but the need to have the landscape sprinkled with tower emitters to achieve 'full coverage.'
EMR Network

Tue, 1 Mar '05 Article: Stem cell debate continues on Beacon Hill

Response: Much debate, wrong aspects of the issue

My email to:
Rep Daniel E Bosley 3/3/05 (slightly revised 4/17/06 for clarity)
Rep Barry Finegold
with CC to:
Rep Jennifer Flanagan
Senator Robert Travaglini
Senator Robert Antonioni
Jeff McMenemy, editor, S&E

Dear Representatives Bosley and Finegold,
I'm a Leominster resident, and so not your constituent; but I respectfully request that you consider some remarks about stem cell research. As a Holistic wellness consultant and health writer, I'd like to offer a perspective that may not have been, and may not be, aired in the discussions--not to presume anything.

My premise is that "adult" versus "embryonic" is not the fundamental issue, but that stem cell research per se is the issue. Such research applied to many "incurable" diseases should be strongly curtailed because it is redundant, whereas application to injury and/or birth defects is much more justifiable, with one caveat. The difference in the two scenarios is one of conferring wellness versus crisis intervention.

Redundancy (not exclusive to stem cell research) arises because most of the chronic disease said to be in stem-cell's sights, such as diabetes, is already curable--outside the monopolistic constrictions of conventional medicine.

For more background to what's being said here, I've attached a PDF file with my Premise for the Discussion of Health Issues, which I use in my practice to facilitate client understanding of a holistic view. Please peruse it after reading this (it's not long). And please feel free to contact me with questions or for further information.

Incurable Diseases
I began studying health in the '70s. Toward the end of that decade, I began to come across more and more books and articles showing that something other than the intent to "cure" was at work in the medical system, and indeed was controlling it. Studying the history of medicine reveals that this influence was present from the inception of the American Medical Association, and was, in fact, the motivation behind its formation. In a word, that motive is profit.

Providing a foundation for executing the profit motive in conventional medicine is the medical paradigm, or guiding philosophy, which can strongly be argued to be flawed. It was solidified in the 19th century in France under the aegis of Louis Pasteur and the French Academy of Science, and has become gospel--even though Pasteur recanted on his deathbed.

The upshot is, the 'no cure' status is true only within a narrow limit of methods, within a carefully controlled definition of what is being cured, what is allowed to be called a cure, and what may be controlled financially by pharmaceutical interests and the corporate medical establishment.

There are numerous books and articles, many written by MDs, that document a century of organized resistance to, and suppression of, safe and effective treatments for disease--not to mention persecution of their discoverers. One example is the decades of arrogant rejection out of hand of the ancient art of acupuncture. Another is the clear conviction and reprimand of the AMA in 1989 for purposely trying to destroy the chiropractic profession.

The harsh reality is, there happens to be far more money in research and ineffective treatment (see "Premise...") than there is in any cure which might be found. What's more, most illness could be prevented in the first place--that is, we're spending billions looking for cures for the effects of our way of life and, in many cases, for the side effects of conventional medical practice itself. The most common denominator in both cases is 'simple' poisoning, or toxic damage to tissues and organs. At least 110,000 people are literally being killed annually by medical drugs.

Therefore, we should not be overly impressed with "technology and science" (see "Premise..."). Health is a lot simpler. I suggest that the push for stem cell research is driven much more by corporate interests than by the potential for cures. Furthermore, since stem cell treatment of diseases would not address the fundamental cause of diseases (see "Premise..."), it could result, as past medical 'wonders' have, in a new wave of serious illness.

Birth Defects
Caveat: The flaws inherent in conventional medical philosophy underlie many of society's habitual assumptions about health, and thus our behavior. This in itself gives rise to medical/health crises by undermining health awareness. For example, spina bifida was a great mystery until the folate connection was found. Here it's easy to see that a deficiency of one small fraction of a vitamin complex can result in a horrendous condition. Until recently, medicine traditionally neglected nutrition (dietetics doesn't count). Even today most doctors get 20 hours or less of nutritional training in school.

I also request you to look at this page as an example of dangerous health unawareness in a mother and brutalizingly unaware treatment by doctors, who were following medical protocol. All this ended in the death of a child, and could have been prevented.

Thank you for your time.
Yours in health,
Peter G. Tocci, BA, MT
Leominster, MA

Mon, 28 Feb "05 Article: Preserved fetuses could be remnant of research to curb infant mortality

Response: Dr Frankenstein strikes again.

Fetuses in jars have been dug up in Springfield, Mass behind a public housing complex. Somehow they got discovered during an investigation by feds into corruption within the local housing authority.

This is a real pisser of an article! It exemplifies a wide range of human folly.

Greed and corruption are obvious. Really good is the glimpse into the history of American Doctor Frankenstein, and the attempt to solve infant mortality by cutting up fetuses.

But the best part is the statement in the article that they were trying to "...achieve something we now take for granted: safe childbirth." Excuse me while I howl with laughter and tears, consdering the US is about 14th in the world in infant mortality. You've come a long way, baby.

There is perhaps no better example of the effect of conventional medical health ignorance than the nationwide appeal for fetal specimens by researchers at Johns Hopkins MedSchool beginning in the late 19th century. Ah, yes, the late 19th century--just when sciomedicine went careening off the track by adopting as gospel Louis Pasteur's half-baked germ theory of disease, along with the 'specific-disease' doctrine and 'victim' mentality. All very lucrative, if nonsensical, nonscientific notions.

The 'excuse' for this operation is stated, " the early 20th century, there were lots of diseases that could affect a woman's pregnancy [I'm glad they qualified that, as opposed to a man's pregnancy] and the rates of miscarriage were very, very high." No doubt, but could that be because the elite had grabbed control of medicine and were seeing to it that the principles of wellness were buried, like those fetuses, under a pile of conventional medical dogma designed to perpetuate illness?

A short while after the onset of this macabre crusade, the brilliant Antoine Béchamp, Pasteur's contemporary, who spoke of illness in terms of ecology (holistic), and who was scientifically assassinated for it, died in virtual obscurity after a long and productive career.

And to ice the funny parts of this thing, the doctor who pioneered this misguided adventure? Dr. Mall (is there a greater symbol of American superficiality?)

Mon, 28 Feb "05 Article: Student aid for higher education declining as costs continue to rise

Response: Another BushCo-whack.

Well, what more do we need to know to qualify Bush-era politics and blatant hypocrisy? Plenty money war, bombs, tanks, blow limbs off kids, poison land with radioactive dust. Little money education, housing, health, shelter, food. Ugh.

Fri, 25 Feb '05 Letter to editor: Fitchburg man urging people to participate in March 20 'Meat Out'

Response: Excellent letter and idea

Meat eating is negative in almost every way thinkable, except for the addictive pleasure it brings would-be carnivores. The best factoid in this letter is the part about the food and water wasted to grow cows: to produce a pound of beef, it takes 15 pounds of food, 2,500 gallons of water, and the energy equivalent of a gallon of gasoline.

What do we get for this outrageous expenditure of resources? A pesticide and hormone-laced, acid-forming, mucoid-forming, fiberless piece of partially rotted (aged by fungus) dead animal. Meat eaters deserve every bit of it too, considering the horrors to which industrial-ag farmed animals are subjected.

Author Steve Price doesn't mention it, but if the government did not welfare the ag-corps with our tax dollars for the cost of the water involved, hamburger would be around $50 per pound. There goes Mickey Dee's.

Lay off the dead animal (mammal, bird, and fish), and get with the organic greens. Your liver'll love ya for it.

Fri, 25 Feb '05 Syndicated editorial: Wealthy nations focus on poverty

Response: "Wealthy" nations making overtures about relieving poverty.

John Perkins has revealed in his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man just how wealthy nations create poverty in the first place, and stated on a 4 Mar '05 PBS 'NOW' broadcast that the process continues. Forgiving debt, as the editorial mentions, is a good step, but will the oppression stop? Highly doubtful, since capitalism itself is predicated upon thievery, and cannot function without it.

Fri, 25 Feb '05 Article: Maine task force to target cell phone 'dead zones'

Response: Listen to the propaganda...

"Quality cellular coverage is vital to the public safety of our citizens, as well as necessary service that will attract new business blah, blah, blah," says the Gov Baldacci.

Yea, brother. It makes no difference that studies show that dousing ourselves constantly in a sea of electromagnetic radiation has dangerous, negative effects on people (and probably all life forms). It's good for biz, and if the dead zones turn to be in people's brains, so be it.

As for public safety, just how did we ever get this far in society and evolution without the little microwave brain-burners? Some magic, I guess. This is how we infuse nonsense into our lives that become 'necessities.' The damn things are dangerous, especially for the young, to whom they're mercilessly marketed. And the industry is in denial and covering things up with phony science. Thalidomide and Vioxx were 'safe,' no?
Grave cell phone dangers
If mobile phones were food...
Hands-free may increase radiation.

Thu, 24 Feb '05 Article: Vaccines to be tested as bird flu warnings spread

Response: Watch out! The nasty bird virus might be comin' to getcha!

Pardon me if I can't help laughing, crying and vomiting over this crap. I'm grateful for this piece, though, as it provides an excellent working model of the bullshit scam that is vaccination.

The first bit of nonsense is that "antiviral drugs are being stockpiled." Antivirals are chemotherapeutic drugs--intense poisons. But the deadlier the so-called disease, the Frankenstein Gospel therapeutic index allows correspondingly more deadly drugs to be used, so that when the person dies from the drug, the cause is masked by the deadliness of the disease.

Second bit: 2 million doses are being stored in bulk form for possible emergency use. Well, the article states further on that so far the virus, which is present in 8 Asian countries, is being "caught" directly from chickens, and not passed among humans. The worry is that the virus will mutate into a form that can be passed between humans. If it mutates, what good is the very strain-specific stored vaccine going to be? Zero.

Third bit: UN officials warn that the Asian bird flu outbreak poses the "gravest possible danger" of becoming a global pandemic. Oooohhhh! Love that fear. Did you ever wonder where the "disease" breaks out of? Where do these viruses hang out until they decide to travel the globe and kill everyone? Couldn't be a biolab somewhere, I don't suppose. Is this another SARS scam?

Fourth bit: An experimental vaccine is being prepared and is going to be tested for safety. Are they going to test it for "safety" on chickens? People? They're also going to test for the correct dosages for "the elderly, children, and healthy young people." How are they going to do this?

"The elderly, children, and healthy young people" really means a crapshoot. Are all elderly, children and healthy young people identical? And what of unhealthy young people? Or the unhealthy elderly? Or unhealthy children?

No vaccine has been proven safe and effective in the past. Studies claiming to show short-term safety testing have been junk science, bought and paid for by the industry. No long-term safety studies have ever been done. No one even knows how long to test for. Do we think they're going to start now, or, if so, that they have the time, given the "gravest possible danger" of a global pandemic?

Fifth bit: They're going to store the 2 mil bulk doses to see if it can be produced in advance and stored. How many holes in this. Preservatives are already used in vaccines, one of which is the poisonous thimerosal, a mercury derivative which is being removed from some vaccines. But whatever preserving method is used, it's hard to imagine they don't already have a sense of shelf life after a century of vaccine manufacture.

Involved in this operation is Anthony Fauci, one of the major creators of the AIDS scam, now director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease. Vaccination is voodoo science. So, it's true, we are in good hands with The State.

Thu, 24 Feb '05 Article: Gov't will pay half of US medical costs within a decade

Response: Symptoms of futility

More symptoms of the futility of trying to fix health care with administrative reform alone.

The sin of it is the scam we are being suckered into buying. No sense in re-inventing the wheel: see Meaningful Health Care Reform.

Thu, 24 Feb '05 Article: Goguen continues to seek removal of Justice

Response: Removal of justice is correct.

Rep. Emile Goguen of Fitchburg, MA perpetuates his crusade against the court ruling on same-sex marriage. He seeks removal of four Supreme Judicial court justices who overturned the state's ban on same-sex marriage.

So, all we have to do is change the J in the headline to lowercase, and that's says it all. I saw in the paper that Emile's going in for inguinal hernia surgery. Wonder if the docs have an operation for that brainal hernia he's suffering from as well?

Thu, 24 Feb '05 Article: Mylott says Fitchburg winning war against crime and drugs

Response: Gilding the lily is too mild an expression.

Did Mayor Mylott's state-of-the-city speech gild the lily? Is the 65% increase in drug arrests he cited adjusted against the crime rate? Police chief Cronin's non-committal response said that the speech conveyed a "sense of optimism."

Same day in the paper (kudos) an editorial letter by Bernard Landry presented facts of crime incidence that question the "optimism." I believe him, but he's also missing the point.

Collective myopia induced by righteous political correctness obscures a better approach. The worst problems associated with drugs stem from their very illegality. Like the poster says, "Keep Your Laws Off My Body," meaning hypocritical, un-American legislation in matters of personal choice should end.

Drug abuse is a sociological issue, not criminal. Decriminalizing/legalizing and even taxing drugs, then putting resources squandered on task forces, cops-and-robbers, and prosecution into education, outreach and rehab is the peaceful, humane approach (I can hear the indignant gasps).

The mayors, crimebusters, and most people don't seem to get that the global drug market is run by "legitimate" people in high places (such as our CIA), who count on the illegality to take advantage of the half trillion naughty-money it brings annually, which can be applied to all manner of corporate hijinx, such as supporting terror and criminal clandestine ops. Does anyone think the half trillion is laundered by local credit unions? City of London bank launders an estimated $200 billion a year.

Drugs won't be stopped locally--there's too much profit tempting an infinite supply of dealers. The law is creating a self-perpetuating, expensive, violent, futile merry-go-round that insults freedom. The biting irony is that many legal chemicals and drugs are more dangerous, but there's no corresponding outcry. On the contrary, we're dying to get 'em from Canada (pun intended).

Wed, 23 Feb '05 Syndicated editorial, Dan Thomasson: Enforcing secret government

Response: Good one.

Special counsel investigating the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame has set its sights on two reporters who told the story only after it was released by Robert Novak. The two reporters face jail, while Novak seems to be off scott free. This is American justice in the BushCo era at its best.

Wed, 23 Feb '05 Article: Snow removal costs piling up

Response: Same old sob every year, nothing learned.

Gee, and we haven't even had the big energy crunch yet, for which entrepreneurs and pollyticians are preparing with huge retail developments, condo developments, and, best of all, widening Rte 12.

Wed, 23 Feb '05 Boston Globe article: The lure of bio-weapons

Response: Too obscene for words, but here goes.

The Pentagon has targeted Boston University/Roxbury, Mass. as the location of a high-security bioweapons research lab.

Letter to my State Rep, Senator, and Governor Romney:

Dear Recipients,
The Pentagon/BU's planned, high-security bioweapons lab reflects a sickness of mind and a major threat to mankind that should be resisted with everything we've got. The premise of the thing is preposterous, absolute nonsense--that they can anticipate every engineered biothreat and engineer a defense against it beforehand. Despite the extensive traditional coziness of academia and the government/military, this an exceptionally inappropriate use of the University.

The astronomical cost, in both money and energy, of building such a facility is beyond obscene, and one question is, how much will it cost to make it absolutely earthquake-proof. We sit on a major fault line in NE. Even without a quake, the lab is every bit as threatening to us as what it falsely purports to thwart: The Pentagon has stated that its goal is to develop genetically engineered biological weapons in order to discover defenses against them. If you believe that, you must still think there are WMD in Iraq. Do we think other nations will accept this at face value?

Bioweapon creation of this caliber cannot be undertaken without huge financing. No cave-dwelling terrorist or cell network is going to create such a threat on their own. But it could be supported behind the scenes by the Frankensteinian technomasturbators of the industry who enjoy these sick games and want to play their protection-racket card. This is an old corporate game that got into motion in WW I.

We should all read "A Higher Form of Killing : The Secret History of Chemical and Biological Warfare" by Harris and Paxman (that could read "sordid history"). Another instructive text is "Death in the Air," by Len Horowitz. Both books reveal that global industry influence has more to do with instigating these threats than people realize (moreso than governments). Both also reveal clandestine bio-experiments on a hapless American public.

Pentagon insanity has spun out of control, and is itself the biggest threat to America and to the planet, with all its massive environmental insults, including knocking off whales with sound waves, lacing the skies with poison chemtrails, and disposing of nuclear waste in weaponry. Pentagon also wants to bypass State and send Special Operations commandos into any country to kill suspected terrorists.

Like bunker-busting and 'limited' nukes, along with most of the other trappings of the so-called War on Terror, this is another BushCo scam that fattens corporations and researchers while wasting resources that could be applied for a positive future. Roxbury, the target community, should be up in arms against this monstrosity, and we all should be there with them.

Peter G Tocci

Archive of Editorial Letters

Peter G. Tocci is a Holistic wellness consultant and health writer dba Associated Health Services in Leominster, Massachusetts.

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